Subtitle: Dr. Wood made it clear that the U.S. Navy accepted the radical, Godless New Age viewpoints of Peter Schwartz.  He then outlined the possible course of future events, being alarmed by 'Believers', defined as fundamental religionists.

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  1. Framework Established by Peter Schwartz
    1. Must work within the system
    2. Systemic Projections change within the system
    3. Discontinuities
    1. Exogenous -- Exists outside the body
    2. Endogenous -- Originating from within an organ, possibly a part. Existing deeply within
    1. Types of reactions to stimuli
    1. Wait and see what will happen
    2. Act now on projections
    3. Develop new capabilities
    4. Change the future by acting proactively
  1. Improving Foresight
    1. Take new information, deeply understand it and then act
    2. Diverse projections -- clash of opinions welcome and healthy
    3. Simulations -- need to be accurate down to the smallest degree. But, very helpful in training and testing hypothesis
    4. Must see the world as it is, not as we would like it to be
  1. Clash of Futures Between Cultures and Countries
    1. Post-modern -- West -- Scientific technological utopia
    2. Modern -- China -- Moving rapidly into the modern era
    3. Ghetto Countries -- Third World driven by ideology, youth, and anger
  1. Group Typologies -- Different types of groups within Western society [Covered initially by Peter Schwartz
    1. Elites -- Connect and control. Must control everything
    2. Pragmatists -- Less control and more realistic as to what can be done.
    3. Believers -- driven primarily by religious fervor. Very idealistic
    4. Marginal -- people on the fringe
    1. Left out and indifferent about it
    2. Left out and very angry about it. Such people pose a real threat to world peace, especially in the Middle East
    1. Global Media amplifies the power of a few people, as it gives them a global instant reach that can influence others way out of proportion to their numbers
  1. Navy 2010 and Beyond
    1. Global trends
    1. Differential context and Impact of Globalization
    2. Interdependence breeds winners and losers. Conflicts occur between haves and have-nots, leading to instability. Gap between winners and losers grows ever larger due to technological changes and globalization.
    1. Multi-plex Global Environment Leads to Conflict
    1. Information Age competition between leading states
    2. Asymmetric methods must be used
    3. Ethnic, tribal, and religious conflicts are increasing and can only be expected to dramatically increase. Must keep lid on.
    1. Differential Context and Impact of Globalization -- Critically Important Factors
    1. Access to Oil must be guaranteed
    2. Global Economy is a fact and will continue to affect way Navy is employed
    3. New Threats will arise that no one can foresee right now
    4. State systems will be challenged. The traditional independent, sovereign state will come under increasing pressure to submit to global systems
    5. Terrorism will continue to be a threat to U.S. citizens
    6. Demographics will continue to be a source of conflict or potential conflict. Must find a way to keep the exploding numbers under control
  1. Great Powers of the 21st Century
    1. United States of America
    2. China
    3. Russia
    4. Europe
    5. Japan

There is an emerging threat from China and Russia separately. If they combine forces against the U.S., we have a major problem. Japan will continue to be a U.S. ally, but will gradually diminish her dependence upon us.

  1. Structural Changes
    1. Expand international structural changes, including alliances, regimes, and international organizations. [NOTE: This sounds a lot like the current effort by the Clinton Administration to build up international organizations like the United Nations]
    2. Improve Cohesion of American Society [NOTE: Dr. Wood did not specify what he thought we could do to accomplish this goal. The Elite leadership usually means that we need to reduce the amount of dissent, especially from the "believers" portion of our society. That group would be the Fundamental Christian]
    3. Maximize Brain Power [NOTE: This means drawing more "wisdom" from the Think Tanks and other like individuals. This group was so sold on its own collective brilliance, they could be manipulated into believing the New Age rhetoric of Peter Schwartz]
    4. Maintain a Diverse and Flexible Military Force Structure
  1. United States' 2010 Security Issues
    1. Defense of Homeland against following threats
    1. Against Weapons of Mass Destruction [WMD]
    2. Social Stability is critical, as instability could lead to an enemy thinking he could exploit our economic weakness
    1. Maintain Viability of the United States. Issues that threaten:
    1. Proliferation of WMD and related technologies producing exotic weapons
    2. Defend forward. If the US Navy is down to one ship, it must be deployed forward, ready to defend US interests.
    3. Prepare for Unilateral Agency -- Unilateral Action
    4. US Navy must be shaped in such a way as to protect the World Order that supports global commerce and trade.
    5. Maintain US Technological Superiority
    6. World will continue to have lower level regional conflicts from the A, B, and especially C, lists.
    7. Our involvement must be prudent
    8. We must place more emphasis on diplomatic conflict resolution.
  1. U.S. Must Develop New International Structures To Diffuse Crisis
  2. Size and Shape of the US Navy 2010+
    1. Increase number of ships -- Dr. Wood noted that the overwhelming majority of participants agreed that "numbers do matter".
    2. Build more submarines but at lower rates
  1. Impediments To Designing the Right Projection of the Future
    1. Loaded Experimentation
    2. Historical Analysis
    3. Bureaucratic Structure Frozen In The Past
    4. Familiar Terminology traps us with loaded meanings, and keeps us from breaking through to extremely new thinking.


1.  Dr. Wood shocked me when he proposed that the world needed a "Unilateral Agency" that could take "Unilateral Action"!  Of course, he could be referring to none else than the United Nations, armed with the only military that possessed a "monopoly of military violence".

2.  Dr. Wood also was very blunt when he proposed that the U.S. Navy should protect the New World Order, especially its commerce.  Very few current political leaders would dare be so bold.

3.  Dr. Wood was also very transparent when he proposed that America should endeavor to expand international structures that could "solve" the various problems facing mankind.  As we have learned from Scripture, the Tower of Babel incident revealed that God's plan for mankind is for many nations, none of which would be allowed to control the world; however, Satan's plan for mankind is to unify all nations into one global government!  Most people, even brilliant thinkers like Dr. Wood, understand this simple concept, because they are Godless and Biblically ignorant.

4.  Most speakers also took note of the peculiar threat posed to our nation by terrorism.  High technology was called upon to solve this problem, allowing authorities to detect and disarm terrorists before they could strike.

Dr. Wood struck the predominate theme that the world needed a global government to "solve" the problems mankind faces.  While not specifically saying so, he also inferred that the U.S. Navy should defend such global structures.  We are very close to the implementation of a global government and the introduction of its global superman, Antichrist.

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