Subtitle: Chaired by U.S. Navy Secretary Richard Danzig, this panel of both civilian and military leaders set the stage for the Navy of the future. 

Remarks contain critical elements of the New World Order Plan. Our military and civilian leadership is totally committed to the New World Order.

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  1. Participants
    1. Seminar Panel -- Participants
    1. Honorable Richard Danzig, Secretary of Navy
    2. A. Coll, Policy and Strategy Dept. in State Department
    3. J. Volpe, ADM, Navy Warfare
    4. K. Watman, National Security Decision Dept of State Department
    5. Col. W. Gibbons, Marine Corps
    6. L. Modisett -- Director of Naval Warfare
    7. G. Pickett, Electronic Sensors Division, Northrop Corp.
    8. R. Wood, Dean, Naval War College
    1. Honorable Richard Danzig, Secretary of the Navy -- Closing Remarks
  1. Opening Statements By Richard Danzig
    1. What are the consequences of what we buy?
    2. What are the specific issues we feel so strongly about that we are willing to invest a lot of money in them, even if we have to give up other things in order to get them.
    3. It is not difficult to get people to embrace the old concepts, but it is very difficult to get them to give up portions of the old and familiar, and the historically profitable.
    4. Topics of Discussion
    1. Future Prediction -- Must take Peter Schwartz seriously. He is fundamentally correct when he said that no one could accurately predict the future. The elements of unpredictability outweigh the predictable.
    2. US Military has endured long because it is not strongly sensitive to predictions about the future. It designs its force to meet the needs perceived to exist, and if that means changing technologies and tactics, then that is what the Military has historically done.
    3. Identify Ranges of Possible Changes
    1. G. Pickett spoke up. Corporation planning is based upon Schwartz' premise that you cannot predict the future. Options are the approach most likely to be taken. If you cannot predict the future, I want to structure my company so it can respond to changes in the future. I want my company to be especially able to respond to mistakes in a timely and resilient manner.
    2. K. Watman spoke up. I agree that the future cannot be accurately predicted. We must build forces that are adaptable and that can be optimized for adaptability. Further, we must ask ourselves the question, 'Why is the future so unpredictable? Is there something about the future that is unknowable? Or, do we suffer a failure of our imaginations?' We need to meet to review why our predictions went wrong.
    3. Secretary Danzig responded. "The future is unpredictable because of such a huge amount of variables."
    4. L. Modisett -- Predictions are difficult. We must have flexibility to:
    1. G. Pickett -- "Institutions need to be created to go into the future with brand-new and shocking innovations. Do not charge the existing departments to take you into brand-new future. You need to create a brand-new department to take you into the future. Example of doing this right: In 1912, the US Navy made the correct decision to create a new department of Naval Air Carrier Warfare. Example of doing it wrong: RCA's decision to have the vacuum tube department design the approach to semi-conductor future. The vacuum department had a vested interest in protecting its own future and so totally misread the real world impact of the semi-conductor. RCA was left completely behind when the semi-conductor business exploded and the vacuum business died."
    2. G. Pickett -- You can use symbols to communicate messages. In most cases of corporate failure, it is their own fault. The defeated the agents of change within their organization and this is a harbinger of impending failure. Example" IBM made Microsoft successful because of an error of judgment within the Corporate hierarchy to either accurately predict the future or to react to unfolding events that demonstrated that their original assumptions about the depth of the Personal Computer market were wrong." The IBM V.P. that made such a bone-headed decision that the Personal Computer market would not amount to much is now unemployed while Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest men in the world.
    3. J. Volpe -- "Invest in better people, give them the best equipment and resources and let them adjust to changes coming in the future."
    4. L. Modisett -- "The Navy is under more scrutiny than most corporations. It must be transparent in admitting the chance of failure."
    5. Question from audience -- Member of the Navy League -- "The Navy today is an unsustainable organization, because we are cannibalizing parts and losing key people to rapidly. Would the Navy secretary be able to address this issue?"
    1. Major Topic #2 -- "We must have a national strategy that defines America's needs and interests in the future. This concept is misleading:
    1. Such definition takes adaptability out of the equation.
    2. Core competency of Navy and Marine Corps is their flexibility that allows them to be used in a broad range of operations, many of which were unforeseen.
    3. The Seas is a constant factor no matter where in the world it has to operate. The Army, on the other hand, needs to plan and to invest in different types of theaters of operation, from desert to jungle, and to wooded terrain."
    1. G. Pickett -- "There is a difference between a strategy of brilliance and a strategy of implementation. Usually, a strategy of brilliance has to give way to a strategy of implementation. Then, once proper implementation is under way, a strategy of brilliance becomes important again.

An example is Henry Ford.

    1. Strategy of Brilliance -- People would demand a car if they could afford it.
    2. Strategy of Implementation -- Ford devised a new method of assembling cars more quickly and less expensively.
    3. Strategy of Brilliance -- Setting on precise price of $500 per car
    1. Dr. Wood -- We cannot design a force against a particular enemy or threat.
    2. Sec. Danzig -- Asked to comment on Objectives
    1. Square 1 -- "Building the Navy and Marine Corps is like putting money in a bank. When I put the money in the bank, I do not know exactly how I may spend that money. Likewise, I build a Navy and Marine Corps like putting money in the bank. I do not know how I may have to use it. I need to build a force that gives America the greatest range of operations."
    2. "Coupons are used to shift customer's preferences, once you knows what their current preferences are. As a customer buys something, coupons can be given at the register that will shift their future preferences to the new product on the coupon."
    3. "Do we have an unsustainable Navy? We are running too hard and are not sustainable. But the problem will not be solved entirely by more money. More efficiencies will deliver more impact for less money. We also act as though our manpower is free. We are phenomenally wasteful of the time of our sailors. We are still using paint that chips in just 3-4 years. Why don't we use automation more? When we promote someone into a position that requires additional schooling, we make him wait several months before a class can be formed; in the meantime we make him a cook. Can you imagine Microsoft act like this? You tell a man, 'Congratulations! You are being promoted to Software Development, but for the next three months, you will be a cook."

We need to solve these types of systemic problems if we are to truly make the US Navy the best it can be.


1.  Navy Secretary of the Navy, Richard Danzig, once again reiterated his support for the conclusions and concepts of Peter Schwartz.  As earlier noted, Schwartz is one of the most radical New Age leaders and thinkers living today.  He is also Godless in his thinking, proclaiming that science had rendered religion obsolete because it had conquered death.  Therefore, America's leadership is equally as Godless as Schwartz.

2.  Danzig also reiterated his support for the globalism trend sweeping the world today.

3.  Danzig also admitted, finally, that the current Navy is "unsustainable" because it is running too hard, wearing our equipment out, without replacing it as need by spare parts.  His proposals to fix such problems sounded good, but are in the distant future, while the problems posed by such a disastrous state of mind are very much in the immediate future.

4.  This group of civilian and military leaders comprising this 1999 Current Strategy Forum is no doubt full of brilliant men and women.  They come to this Forum smug in their belief that they are brilliant; while at the conference, they are told repeatedly that they are brilliant; now that they believe they are brilliant, they listen to what they are spoon fed by our civilian and military leadership and accept it without applying critical thinking skills.  I saw this clearly in the Seminar to which I was assigned.  We had vice presidents and one CEO on this panel, and yet they could not see the inherent danger of having a global government and a military that had a "monopoly on military violence".

But, we who know our Bibles know that Satan captures the minds and hearts of brilliant men very easily.  He simply compliments them, and they become putty in his hands.  Listen to what the Bible has to say about the brilliant, referred to in Scripture as the "wise" men of this world.

"... God selected -- deliberately chose -- what in the world is foolish to put the wise to shame, and what the world calls weak to put the strong to shame.  And God also selected -- deliberately chose -- what in the world is lowborn and insignificant, and branded and treated with contempt, even the things that are nothing, that He might depose and bring to nothing the things that are; so that no mortal man should have pretense for glorying and boast in the presence of God." [1 Corinthians 1:27-28, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

These men consider themselves to be one of the national treasures of this country, and they were continuously complimented to that effect during the Current Strategy Forum.  Yet, they are Godless, so this country will not be saved by their supposed brilliant minds and collective "wisdom".  Rather, Satan will use the collective brilliance of these men to further entrap this country into following the path to the national destruction foretold in Scripture for this country.

These men are the types who applauded the Godlessness of Peter Schwartz.  They will be the ones who will collectively applaud the Rapture of the Church, as it will single-handedly remove tens of millions of people whom they seem to fear the most, the "Believer".

As I listened and took notes in this Forum, I got an extremely strong sense that the Kingdom of Antichrist was much closer than even I dared think.  All our leaders, both civilian and military, are on board with the global goals of the New World Order.  The End of the Age is very near.


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