Subtitle: In an effort to enable you to better understand the issues presented in this Forum, we have reprinted the biographies and/or short messages from some of the key participants.  This material is taken from a booklet handed out at the Forum.

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"It is a pleasure to welcome each of you to the 1999 Current Strategy Forum as a participant in the golden anniversary of this important annual year.  The theme of this year's Forum, 'Discerning the Future:  Implications of Global Change for Military Force', is a prescient reminder that we continue boldly, in government, military, and industrial leadership, and in so many civic and private ways, to determine our Nation's security needs in an increasingly complex world.  The dawn of a new millennium serves to heighten our expectations that, along with the inherent difficulty of such a notion, we remain optimistic enough to try; that, if nothing else, our own bold attempts to see the future translate into action in the present.

"For fifty years, the Current Strategy Forum has helped to articulate the call for bold action, bringing together leading professional, industrial, and opinion leaders from throughout the United States, as well as senior military officers and students at the Naval War College, to explore the important issues which subsequently shaped the course of events in history.  The seminars have proven especially useful, and I look forward to the energy and enthusiasm that you will bring to this year's Forum seminars as we contemplate new solutions and challenge others.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to participate with such a distinguished assembly of leaders and thinkers.  I know that you will enjoy the free and objective exchange of ideas during this year's Forum, as we seek to enhance our Nation's security."


Richard Danzig



"On behalf of the Secretary of the Navy, I am honored to host the golden anniversary of the Current Strategy Forum.  I can promise you a thought provoking and rewarding three days of addresses by exceptional speakers and discussion among all participants on our theme, 'Discerning the Future: Implications of Global Change for Military Force'.

The Forum is the capstone event of the Naval War College's rigorous curriculum and an extraordinary opportunity for exchange of views among outstanding thinkers from across business, industry, government, and the military.  The addresses by distinguished speakers are certainly a significant part of the Forum.  But, I hope you will take full advantage of seminar sessions in which you are invited to interact freely with your seminar members on the addresses heard and your own perspectives with regard to our topic.  I challenge each of you, over the course of the Forum, to accept as a possibility at least one idea that you might ordinarily reject.  A great leap in thinking need not always be straight ahead; it may be off to the side given new interpretations.

I have no doubt you will find the Forum intellectually stimulating and Newport and most welcoming community.  If we can be of any service to make your participation in the Forum or your visit more enjoyable, please let us know."

A. K. Cebrowski



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