Subtitle:  The hoofbeats of Antichrist can be heard in the distance, to the person whose spiritual ear is attuned.  The three planned crises designed to set the stage for his appearance are reaching for that crisis level , and are doing so in conjunction with one another.  All in your Daily News.

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As we have stated in many articles in the past three years, the final stage of the New World Order Plan to produce their King, their Christ, the Biblical Antichrist, envisions three (3) crises exploding, possibly simultaneously.  The cumulative effect of these three crises shall be so exceedingly powerful that the peoples of the world will be panicked into accepting the claims of "Peace and Safety" which this Christ will promise when he arises amidst great power and exhibiting tremendous "signs and wonders".

Today, as we approach the end of 1999, these three crisis centers are heating up simultaneously.  The three planned areas of war are as follows:

1.  Middle East -- The Arabs are planning to attack Israel.  This war was envisioned by Albert Pike's demonic vision of 1870, and was called the Third World War [Read NEWS1015 for full details].  Literally, out of the smoke and ashes of this war, Antichrist will appear.  He will appear East of Jerusalem, clothed in white and re-creating Palm Sunday. The NWO Plan envisions the annihilation of the Arabs, and total victory for Israel [Peter Lemesurier, The Armageddon Script , p. 231].

2.  Korean Peninsula -- North Korea will attack South Korea, probably using Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Certainly,  they will use nuclear weapons, but may use chemical and biological weapons as well.  This war is described as "a hair-raising nuclear confrontation" that will occur "at the end of the period" and will "threaten man's very survival". [Ibid., p. 223]

3.  Chinese Takeover of Taiwan -- In NEWS1282, we detailed the Illuminati Plan of 1952, which envisioned that Taiwan would be given back to Chinese control.  The actual takeover will be part of the planned crises that will produce Antichrist.

Let us now review these three areas in the world today, to see how each of them is cooking gradually to a boiling temperature.

1.  Middle East -- NEWS BRIEF:  "Arafat Refuses To Meet With Barak", Arutz-7, August 8, 1999.  "U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has decided to postpone her trip to the Middle East for several weeks, in light of the crisis in the talks between Israel and the Palestinians.  Yassar Arafat has so far turned down Prime Minister Barak's invitation to discuss the impasse with him. Yesterday, for the second time in a week, Arafat emotionally called upon his Palestinian listeners to "march to the walls of Jerusalem."  At a gathering in Gaza, he called upon "every child to wave a Palestinian flag on the Temple Mount."  Unlike last Tuesday, however, yesterday he did not use the term Jihad [holy war ]."

Experts in the Middle East were stunned when Yassar Arafat publicly used the term, "Jihad", which means "Holy War" to the Arabs.  Such rhetoric deliberately heightens the diplomatic tensions closer to the boiling point, because Arab citizens respond very aggressively to calls for  "Jihad" against the hated Jew.  In a Jihad, any Arab killed in the conflict is "promised" immediate Paradise for eternity.

Arafat's use of such emotional words, including his call to "march to the walls of Jerusalem" and children waving the Palestinian flag on the Temple Mount, represent a new and higher level of tension in this region.  Arafat knows very well that Orthodox Jews will react very aggressively to any call for Arab control over the Temple Mount, because these Jews have made elaborate and expensive preparations to build the next Temple.  However, their Orthodox leaders have made the decision that only Messiah can actually build this third Temple, thus setting the stage for the foretold deception of the Jewish people.

All war preparations have been made on both Jewish and Arab sides in this conflict, including Arafat's concrete bunker 40 feet underground, a bunker capable of withstanding anything except a direct nuclear hit.

The Middle East is primed to explode.

2.  Korean Peninsula -- NEWS BRIEF:  "Planned missile test starts war of words:  Warnings from the United States about North Korea's plans to test a long-range missile could begin a war, according to the ruling party's newspaper", The Providence Journal, Tuesday, August 10, 1999, p. A-5.

"SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- Already-high tensions in the Korean peninsula rose a notch yesterday with North Korea accusing the United States of trying to start a war in the region by insisting the Communist country put off a missile launch. Emotions have been running strong since reports surfaced recently that North Korea plans to test the long-range missile, despite warnings from the United States, South Korea, and Japan ... In Geneva, the latest round of peace talks between the Koreas, China and the United States ended late yesterday with little apparent progress."

"The Pyongyang [North Korea] government's Korean Central News Agency carried a report of a commentary in the ruling party's newspaper, which implied that U.S. warnings to the North to drop any plans for a missile launch could lead to war. 'The frantic U.S. maneuvers going on in the Far East ... prove that the next war may break out on the Korean peninsula', the Rodong Sinmum newspaper said. 'In the Balkan war, the U.S. tested a Korean War scenario'."

I never considered that the United States had conducted the Balkans War as a test scenario for a possible Korean War, but it is possible given the similarity of mountainous terrain in both countries.  However, the fact is that New World Order author, Peter Lemesurier, noted that a nuclear confrontation would occur 'toward the end of the period", would be hair-raising, and would "threaten man's very survival".

This planned war seems to be heating up.  Several months ago, the Joint Chiefs of Staff notified the Senate that North Korea had moved most of its army right up to the DMZ.  South Korea is also on high alert, and the U.S. has moved Naval and Air Force units into the area. 

A war of words many times immediately precedes the actual conflict.

3.  Chinese Takeover of Taiwan --

A. NEWS BRIEF:  "CHINA has the technology to make neutron bombs", Electronic London Telegraph, Friday, 16 July 1999, Issue 1512.

"CHINA has the technology to make neutron bombs, it declared yesterday, stepping up the war of words with Taiwan and sending a blunt signal of defiance to America. Neutron bombs kill with intense radiation but have lower explosive power, leaving infrastructure relatively intact. Although Americans have suspected that China possessed an "enhanced-radiation device" since a secret test in 1988, this is the first official confirmation. It puts intense pressure on Taiwan, which America is committed to defend against attack."

If Communist China truly has the Neutron Bomb, then Taiwan stands helpless against the Mainland.  Since Taiwan only has 22 million citizens, compared to China's 1 billion people, China would not think twice about annihilating the entire Taiwanese population in order to take the island back.  Then, China would repopulate the island with some of its excess population.  After all, the Neutron Bomb destroys human life without damaging buildings and infrastructure.  

You can also forget about that last statement that "America is committed to defend" Taiwan.  President Clinton has already sent strong signals to the Communist Chinese that he would not come to the aid of Taiwan.  Further, if the Coummunists suddenly annihilated every man, woman, and child on Taiwan, Clinton could make the case that there is nothing left to defend.  

B. NEWS BRIEF:  "FOCUS-Worst blackout in decades hits Taiwan", By Jeffrey Parker, http://news.excite.com/news/r/990729/16/taiwan-power, July 29, 1999.

"TAIPEI, Taiwan (Reuters) - Taiwan suffered its worst electrical outage in decades on Thursday, an island-wide blackout that pounded key industries, but authorities quickly ruled out any link to a tense sovereignty dispute with China. After several hours, some lights in parts of the island of 22 million were flickering back to life, but much of the usually neon-bathed capital Taipei remained cloaked in darkness in the early hours of Friday."

The United States has leading edge technology that would knock out electricity on the territory of a combatant.  Given the propensity of the Clinton Administration to give or to "sell" such high technological weaponry to the Communist Chinese, I would not be surprised if the Chinese possessed this type of technology today.

Furthermore, you can discount the statement by the Taiwanese government that this nation-wide blackout had nothing to do with their dispute with the Mainland.  I have learned that in Intelligence, when a person gives a disclaimer before a claim is ever made, that disclaimer is usually a lie. When NATO was attacking Belgrade, they used such technology to knock out the power supply, just before their warplanes reached their targets.  While back-up generators immediately kicked in, restoring power, all the computers that were tracking NATO's incoming airplanes were knocked off-line for a few minutes, and then had to go through a resetting sequence to get back online.  Since the power outage was triggered just seconds before NATO's warplanes got within target range, the temporary disruption of power was devastating to the Serbian military trying to defend Serbia. They simply lost the tracking ability in the critically few seconds before the airplanes got to their targets.  The Serbs might as well not even had their sophisticated computer network they were so ineffective!

Communist China could very well have just sent an extremely strong message to the Taiwanese high military command, telling them that they possess leading edge technology that could neutralize Taiwan's ability to defend itself.  China has already warned Taiwan that they might use the Neutron Bomb against them, against which there is no defense.  Now, Taiwan knows that China possesses another non-conventional weapon they can use against them.

C. NEWS BRIEF: "Subject: China on high alert: Chinese forces on highest alert', Sonrise Marketing, August 3, 1999.

"HONG KONG: Sections of China's People's Liberation Army stationed on the coast facing Taiwan have been put on the highest level military alert, a report here said Tuesday, heightening the row over Taiwan's claim to statehood. 'Some key departments have been put in level-one,' China's highest state of military preparedness, the Beijing-backed Ta Kung Pao said, citing an unidentified military source."

"The troops were based along the Taiwan Straits coast in south-east Fujian province, the report said. Other PLA forces in the region were on level-three, the lowest of China's three-tiered military alert system. `PLA
missiles were also deployed in the front in Fujian, and it is predicted large-scale military exercises will take place,' the newspaper said in a dispatch from the Fujian capital Fuzhou, quoting other unnamed sources."

" 'If Taipei refuses to take back its opinions concerning separating from the motherland as early as possible, our PLA forces will not be able to bear it anymore,' the military source who revealed details of troops on a level-one alert said. 'The ball is in (Taiwan President) Lee Teng-hui's court. It all depends what his next move is.' ''

Pay close attention to the words of finality from the Communist Chinese:

"The ball is in Taiwan's court". 

"Our PLA forces will not be able to bear it anymore".  They did not say, "may" not be able to bear it; rather, they said, "will not" be able to bear it anymore.  This sentence is also made to sound like the outcome of a war is inevitable given the "grave" provocation of the Taiwanese.

"If Taipei refuses to take back its opinions ..."

A war of words many times is the immediate prelude to conflict.  History records many such instances, so much so that, when I emailed Colonel David Hackworth last month to ask him what evidence would be conclusive that would predict a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, Col. Hackworth responded, "A war of words that escalates".

Thus, Taiwan is in immediate dire danger: 

1.  She faces a Communist Chinese invading force that is armed with a Neutron Bomb which Taiwan does not have, and against which there is no defense.

2. She faces a Communist Chinese military that is armed with latest leading edge technologies such as the ability to knock out the power of an enemy just before its bombers arrive.  If China possesses this type of leading edge technology, Taiwan must assume she possesses other types as well.  The only thing Taiwan can count as concrete is the proven fact that the Chinese Communist government has a very, very friendly and cooperative American President in Bill Clinton.

3.  She faces an enemy that has been greatly upgraded in this past 15 years, using profits from massive American business contracts that have filled Chinese government coffers to overflowing.

Thus, it appears that this 250-year-old Illuminati Plan to stage the appearance of their Christ is about to conclude.  Like a good novel, all the seemingly disparate elements are coming together to produce a great and exciting climax at this End of the Ages.  In NEWS1260, we reported the very secret plan of the Illuminati to stage the appearance of Antichrist on March 6, 2000, following a 13-week period of crises and terror that is to begin on December 6, 1999.  If God does not specifically step in to keep this from happening, the Illuminati will carry out their timetable.

It seems that these three planned crises may just be following this timetable.

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