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NEWS BRIEF:  "Earth Ascending: World Summit On Peace And Time. Summary Review And Conclusions", June 22-27, 1999 held in Costa Rica at the University For Peace, as reported at the Internet address, www.earthascending.com/core/bolon2.htm , 8 July, 1999.

"The matter of calendar reform has now been dealt with by representatives of the people of the Earth ... The people have now had their way affirming the scientific need for a Calendar that is in harmony with the cycles of nature and which is perfectly represented by the thirteen [13] moon 28-day Calendar of Peace."

Changing the calendar, as you shall soon see, is changing the "times"  foretold of the Kingdom of Antichrist in Daniel 7:25.  Listen to this prophecy:  "And he [Antichrist] shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times ..."  Thus, we know that the people who are advancing the Kingdom of Antichrist shall want to change the calendar, as the Bible foretells it.  A corollary to this fact is that, when we see a specific proposal to change the times [the calendar] when it occurs in conjunction with many other signs of the End of the Age, we can know for certain that the Antichrist is near. 

We shall examine just such a proposal to change the calendar in this article.  As we study this proposal, we shall point out to you many evidences of occult [Satanic] belief and doctrine.  We shall also see that this group of New World Order leaders are following the tenants of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. But, before we get started studying this calendar change, let us first look at the movers and shakers in the world behind this change, for only then can you truly appreciate the political power behind this change.

1.  The Vatican, lead by "His Holiness" Pope John Paul II -- Truly, evidence continues to mount that the Pope is the False Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18, but we shall study more about this later in this article.

2.  Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations.  The U.N. was originally established as the baby global government of Antichrist, so we should not be surprised to see its leadership on this issue.

3.  Federigo Mayer Zaragosa, Secretary General of UNESCO

4.  "HH the Dalai Lama".  The occult spiritual power of the Dalai Lama has always been powerful.

5. Jonathan Granoff of the Lawyers Alliance For World Security.  Once again, we see the issues of Peace and Safety raising their heads during these many world-changing plans. 

6.  Dr. Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, World Bank Special Environmental Representative to the U.N.

7.  Lama Gangchen of the United Nations Spiritual Forum

8.  Maurice Strong, President of the University For Peace.  Strong has been a consistent mover and shaker in the New Age Movement with many high contacts in politics.

9.  Dr. Jose Arguelles, who originated the Visualization For World Peace in the late 1980's.  This article states that both Mr. and Mrs. Arguelles have taken pagan names, one more sign of the blatant Satanism of this movement.

10.  Dr. Ashok Gangadean of the Global Dialogue Institute

11. Robert Muller, Former Assistant secretary-general of the U.N. and Former Chancellor of the University For Peace

12. Moammar Qhadafy, President of Libya.  I was shocked to see that this criminal was participating in these proceedings.  Now we know the deep down criminal nature of this New World Order Plan.  However, since Libya is prophesied to march against Israel from the south in the Russian-led invasion of Ezekiel 38-39, perhaps we are witnessing the inclusion of Libya into the global plans of Antichrist.


First of all, why would anyone want to change the present calendar, which seemingly has been successfully followed for many centuries?  The answer seems to be three-fold:

I.  God instituted the 12-month calendar, based upon the Moon, and is therefore hated by the occultists of the New World Order..  The Jewish month was lunar (Genesis 1:14; Psalms 104:19), "as seen from the observance of the day of the new moon by special offerings to the Lord (Numbers 10:10), the Passover season coinciding with the full moon.  It will be noted ... that the months were twenty-nine and thirty days, but ordinarily a month was reckoned at thirty days." [The New Analytical Bible , KJV, John A. Dickerson Publishing Co., Chicago, 1964, .p. 1463].  Since the Kingdom of Antichrist is an imitation, a counterfeit, of the Kingdom of God, we should expect a slightly different calendar based upon the Moon.

We should note here that, while the Gregorian Calendar currently in use does not follow God's Jewish Calendar precisely, it does retain the 12-month concept, and the differing numbers of the days of the months.

II. Our current calendar is part and parcel of the hated Old World Order, whose destruction is planned by the Satanic proponents of the New World Order.  The Old World Order is primarily Western since the West has dominated the last 2,000 years of history, and is based upon general Christian principles.  The New World Order is designed to destroy the Old and institute open, public Satanic worship and ritual.  Occult writers refer to this as "bringing the Mysteries back to public expression".

III.  The Kingdom of Antichrist must have a calendar that reflects is occult, Satanic nature.  As we describe this planned calendar to you, we will point out the many references to the occult nature of the calendar.


Listen to the wording of this declaration, as it captures the essence of the dramatic change in world systems about to occur.  "Whereas in 1962 the Vatican II Council issued a 'Declaration of Calendar Reform', being unopposed to a new perpetual civil calendar, we, the delegates of the World Summit on Peace and Time, on behalf of all the people's of the Earth regardless of race, creed, or religious belief, and on behalf of the biosphere, the terrestrial life support system, in order to assure peace, freedom, equality, justice and a new beginning in a new time, do hereby abrogate the use of the Gregorian Calendar, and authorize its immediate replacement as the common world standard, the biologically accurate measure of the perpetual, 28-day thirteen moon calendar, henceforth known as the Calendar of Peace." www.earthascending.com/core/bolon2.htm, p. 4]

We can note the following critically important elements within this declaration:

1.  The Roman Catholic Church is taking the lead in instituting this pagan, Satanic calendar system.  Once again, we are confronted with the reality that the Roman Catholic Church is the False Church of Antichrist and its Pope is the False Prophet.  Of course, the New World Order Plan named the Roman Catholic Pope as the top religious leader of the New World Order Religion back in August, 1991, during the House of Theosophy Seminar which I was fortunate enough to attend as a delegate, a guest of a former member, who had recently become Born Again.  I heard this declaration with my own ears, and wrote it down with my own hand! [You can read the full text of this seminar in NEWS1052]  Of course, this declaration indelibly brands the Pope as the False Religious Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18, and the Roman Catholic Church as the Whore Religious System of Revelation 17.  All Roman Catholic adherents have got to stop kidding themselves as to the deceptive Satanic nature of this system and get out, get to their knees, and get their sins forgiven the Biblical way.  The Salvation Page link is at the end of this article.

2.  This Calendar Reform is being advanced as the only way for the inhabitants of the world to achieve final "Peace and Safety".  In fact, the entire Kingdom of Antichrist is being advanced through the New World Order as the only way for the world to achieve "Peace and Safety ".  Of course, this fulfills Biblical prophecy that states this will be the mantra of the world's people during the time of Antichrist, and its appearance will herald the beginning of destructions foretold during the Kingdom of Antichrist.  Listen to the prophecy:

"But as to the suitable times and the precise seasons and dates, brethren, you have no necessity for anything being written to you.  For you yourselves know perfectly well that the day of the return of the Lord will come as unexpectedly and suddenly as a thief in the night.  When people are saying, 'All is well and secure', and 'There is peace and safety' then in a moment unforeseen destruction, ruin and death will come upon them as suddenly as labor pains come upon a woman with child; and they shall no means escape for there will be no escape." [1 Thessalonians 5:1-3, Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary, Emphasis added].

The more we research this coming Kingdom of Antichrist, the more shocked we are as to the precise ways in which this New World Order is fulfilling Bible prophecy concerning the Last Days.  In fact, if you were to think of the collective picture the Bible paints as to the conditions of people, nations, institutions, and religions of the Last Days, then the writings of the New World Order can be thought of as the precise negative that will produce this positive Biblical picture!

3.  The paganism is very obvious in this declaration and points directly to the New World Order Plan. Several clearly Satanic elements are very obvious:

     a.  The thirteen (13 ) month calendar points to the number of rebellion assigned to this number.  The Bible clearly states that the number 13 is a number of rebellion.  As such, even Satanists have come to view it as their number.  In NEWS1260, we reported the Illuminati timetable by which Antichrist will be successfully staged.  In this timetable, we see that the Illuminati has planned for there to be 13 weeks of preparation for Antichrist to arise -- world and regional war, financial collapse, terrorism in the cities, natural disasters, and perhaps even  Y2K.

Doc Marquis reports that 13 is the Satanic Number of rebellion.

    b.  This calendar is exactly 28 days for each month.  We find this very interesting because the Satanist views this number as meaning "eternal life" [Ibid.].  Thus, the combination of 13 and 28 as the basis of this calendar means -- to the Satanist -- that this calendar will herald a New Age of rebellion and depravity for eternity!

     c.  We can see that this calendar reform is being instituted in order to "save" Mother Earth, the favorite goddess of the New Age Movement.  We can only think of the false issues being raised to panic the people -- such as Global Warming [which started out in the late 1970's as Global Cooling], Ozone Depletion, Rain Forest Depletion, poisoning of our air and water, pollution of the oceans, and other false issues -- so that they will support the dismantling of our current civilization and the imposition of the dictatorship of Antichrist.  What was it that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion said?

"5. When we come into our kingdom, our orators will expound great problems which have turned humanity upside down in order to bring it at the end under our beneficent rule.


The kingdom referred to in paragraph 5, above, is the Kingdom of Antichrist also known as the New World Order.  Since the New Age Movement went public in 1975, their orators have continuously expounded "great problems" which are threatening to turn humanity -- and our habitat, Mother Earth -- upside down.  What is the stated purpose of this deceptive oratory?  The purpose is to "... bring it at the end under our beneficent rule".  The "beneficent rule" being spoken of is the global dictatorship of the Antichrist. In America today, Vice President Al Gore and President Bill Clinton are leading the way in this false and inflammatory rhetoric designed to panic the peoples of the world into accepting radical changes that are designed to destroy and dismantle our current civilization. It is all part of the Plan.

This entire plan for calendar reform is based upon saving Mother Earth and returning her inhabitants to a style of living that is in sync with her ancient wisdom and earth cycles.  In other words, our current civilization has to die in order for the inhabitants of the world to live in harmony with Mother Earth [Read NEWS1106, "Intense Hatred Toward Our Civilization" and NEWS1186, "Our Present Civilization Has To Die"]

The entire document of Calendar Reform is filled with similar examples of pagan worship and the reinstated mystery religions that have existed in pagan Babylon and Egypt 5,000 years ago.  Black Magick Satanists will recognize this effort as the one needed to finish moving the people into the actual worship of their man, Antichrist.

The very fact that New World Order leaders are actually implementing a change in the calendar, just as Daniel foretold would occur during the reign of Antichrist demonstrates just how close we are to his staged appearance. Remember Jesus' Words:  "So also when you see these signs, all taken together, coming to pass, you may know of a surety that He is near, at the very doors." [Matthew 24:33]

The signs are all coming together for the first time in world history, beginning with the rebirth of the nation, Israel in 1948.  The End of the Age is truly near.

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