Subtitle:  Too many Catholics today are considering Pope John Paul II as an "Anti-Pope", having stolen the Vatican from the Beloved Historic True Church.  From the vantage point of a knowledge of the occult, we demonstrate that the Traditional Church has been practicing "Good" witchcraft since the institution of the Mass. This article is excerpted from a speech at Friendship Baptist Church in Warwick, Rhode Island, Tuesday evening, November 9, 1999, entitled, "The False Prophet:  He Has Been Selected".

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In the past several years, we have seen many anguished Roman Catholics email us, in response to our articles exposing the blatant Black Magick Satanism being propagated by Pope John Paul II and Pope Paul VI.  These fine people have agreed with us that the Vatican is now controlled by the dark forces of Satan, but they insist that these Popes are the Anti-Popes of which they had been long warned, and that these two Popes have succeeded in wresting control of the Beloved Historic or Traditional True Roman Catholic Church.  This view is becoming more and more common in Catholic circles every single day.

While we appreciate the willingness of these sincere Roman Catholics to recognize that the current Pope is a practicing Black Magick Satanist, we feel specially burdened to educate them about the truth of the historic "Mother Church".  Remember, this ministry examines the entire scene of the End Times Kingdom of Antichrist [New World Order] from the vantage point of the occult .  Occultists and Mother Earth worshippers have no difficulty understanding that the Traditional Roman Catholic Church is nothing more, nor less, than the practice of powerful White Magic Satanism.  The definition of White Magic Satanism is that practice of the occult which uses the power of the occult for the "good", or "benefit" of mankind.  From this standpoint, traditional Roman Catholicism was pure White Magic Satanism.

The Book of Daniel, Chapter 10, reveals something very interesting about spiritual warfare.  In this chapter, the Prophet Daniel has asked God for special enlightenment concerning the future of Israel.  The angel does not come with an answer for three weeks -- 21 full days.  When he does come, he tells Daniel that God heard and answered his prayer on the very first day he prayed, and gave the answer to this angel.  However, this angel was prohibited from getting to Daniel because he was attacked by a very powerful demon, identified as the Prince of Persia [10:12-13]. 

Finally, as he was unable to defeat this demon by himself, he asked Michael the Archangel, the Guardian Angel of Israel, for assistance.  With Michael's intervention, this angel was finally able to get to Daniel. Then, the angel told Daniel, when he returned to the Heavenly sphere, he was going to aid the fight for the Prince of Persia, and later, the Prince of Greece [10:20].
In this chapter, Daniel is speaking about a little-understood aspect of spiritual warfare -- the battle between Satan and God for the mind and heart of key national and spiritual leaders all throughout history.  The Bible states that Satan conspired against God before the Foundation of the Earth [Isaiah 14:12-14], when he rebelled against God and took one-third of the angels with him in his rebellion [Revelation 12:4].  Then, in the Garden of Eden, Satan spoke to Eve through the serpent, again conspiring against God's Plan.  All throughout human history, Satan has been battling against God's forces for the heart and mind of key human rulers of nations and religions of every era.  The powerful demon assigned to the particular human leader of each nation in every era whispers his plan into the mind of the leader, while God's angel assigned to the same ruler works to counter the demonic influence and ensure that God's Plan is accomplished.
While God is Omnipotent, and could win every one of the battles, God elects not to win sometimes.  In some instances, in some eras of time, God elects to allow Satan to win the victory.  I do not understand the complexities of God's decision-making, having faith that, in the End of the Age, God will win the final battles that will return the rulership of the Earth back to Jesus Christ.
As we discussed in earlier articles, Satan must have one of his most powerful demons working with the key human leaders of the United States, especially since Satan chose this country in the 1740's to be the leader of the nations in establishing the Kingdom of Antichrist, now known as the New World Order.
But, how about the Roman Catholic Church?  Does Satan have a specially empowered demon working to move this Church to the side of Satan?  You can bet he does.  The ultimate aim of Satan is to deliver all mankind to the worship of his Superman, Antichrist.  Since the Bible declares that the Antichrist will practice Black Magick Satanism [Daniel 8:23, "Understanding Dark Sentences"; King of Fierce Countenance"; and causing "craft to prosper in his hand"], we should expect that he would want a church so powerful and large as the Roman Catholic Church to turn, at the End of the Age, toward Black Magick Satanism.  We have proven that Popes Paul VI and John Paul II are currently Black Magick Satanists, and we shall examine that truth again at the end of this article.
However, the demon assigned to the Church of Rome could not, in the early part of the Church Age, move the Church directly into Black Magick Witchcraft.  Rather, he would more likely be successful if he moved the Church of Rome first into White Magic Witchcraft, disguised as Christianity . Then, after a very long period of practicing disguised White Magic Witchcraft, he could then move Roman Catholicism into the same Black Magick brand of Witchcraft as Antichrist will practice.
Now, please keep your minds open long enough for me to prove this concept to you. 

If I were the demon assigned to the Church of Rome, what changes would I make in the practice of Catholicism that would move the Church into witchcraft, all the while disguising what I was really doing from the masses of the people? 

I would make several changes. 

First, I would create a centerpiece of worship that violated Jesus Christ as much as possible, while deceiving the people into thinking that they were honoring Him.  I would set up a service that could be repeated daily that would "strike" Jesus again and again, putting Him back on that cross daily.  You see, the Apostle Paul clearly told us that the Messiah was to be only struck once, and that the reason Moses got into such trouble with God was that he struck the rock the second time, rather than speaking to it the second time.  Jesus was that Rock [1 Corinthians 10:4], and so when Moses struck the rock the second time to get water, he not only disobeyed God who told him to speak to the rock, he struck Messiah twice. 
All the way through the Book to the Hebrews, the author speaks of the "once and for all" sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Jesus died only once on the cross, and then went to the right hand of the Father.  We see that the sacrifice was so excellent and so accepted by the Father, that it need never be repeated again. In fact, we are prohibited from ever repeating it again. The writer to the Hebrews boldly states, "... we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all." [10:10]

Mass Jesus on the Cross

Therefore, if I wanted to violate God's mandate the most severely, I would create a ceremony that sacrificed Jesus Christ again and again and again, that could be repeated daily all over the world, all the while deceiving the people into thinking they were glorifying Jesus Christ.  Of course, I am speaking of the Mass , which does exactly this.  The Mass, according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, duplicates the sacrifice on the cross.  Quoting directly, "The Mass is the same sacrifice as the sacrifice on the cross, because in the Mass the victim is the same, and the principal Priest is the same, Jesus Christ." ["My Catholic Faith", p. 286]

Further, I would write the Mass in Latin, the language of the original Pagan Romans, in such way that would derive great witchcraft power.  Doc Marquis, a former Black Magick Satanist, says unequivocally that the Mass, when it is said in Latin, contains great occult power!  Black Magick witches in the early 6th Century discovered that the Roman Catholic Church had created a powerful White Magic ceremony in the Mass; therefore, they tried to capture this power for themselves by creating the infamous Black Mass, said backwards.

Traditioanl Crucifix

Then, if that were not enough damage done to the finished, once-for-all sacrifice on the cross, I would create a symbol that would keep Jesus on the cross permanently.  This symbol could hang on the walls in people's homes and in their offices, and hang in their cars, constantly keeping Jesus Christ on the Cross where I wanted Him to be, not at the Father's Right Hand in Glory.

Now that I have kept Jesus on the Cross, both in the Mass and on the Crucifix, do you have any idea what kind of spiritual victory I have achieved?  I have just prevented Salvation from being possible , for anyone who practiced the Mass and revered the Crucifix!  How is this impossible, you ask?  Listen to the writer to the Hebrews, speaking under the authority of the Holy Spirit. 

"If they then deviate from the faith ... it is impossible to bring them back to repentance ... as long as they nail up on the cross the Son of God afresh ... and are holding Him up to contempt and shame and public disgrace." [Hebrews 6:6, Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Holding Jesus Christ continuously up to contempt and public disgrace is exactly what the Mass and the Crucifix accomplishes.  In fact, Catholics are encouraged to contemplate daily the supreme sacrifice Jesus suffered on the Cross. 

Next, I would attack the all-perfect sacrifice for sins which Jesus' death accomplished.  Even though Jesus' last words on the cross were, "It is finished" [a Greek commercial word, "teleo" which means "Paid in Full"] I would whisper to Catholic theologians that Jesus did not fully discharge the sin debt.  I would whisper that, while Jesus' sacrifice opened the way for mankind to ultimately reach Heaven, it did not remove all the stain of man's sin.  Men and women must remove as much of this sin stain as possible throughout their lives by doing good works, attending Holy Days, participating in the Sacraments, and even causing pain to oneself.  Thus, I would make Salvation in the Catholic Church a matter of Faith plus Works , a matter against which the Apostle Paul struggled mightily in the early Christian Church.  As Paul said succinctly, "For it is by Grace ye are saved, not by works ..." [Ephesians 2:8]

Now that I have effectively sealed off the entire congregation from Salvation, I would next attack the sufficiency of the Bible itself.  I would whisper into the ears of the Catholic theologians and the Pope that the Bible was written by men -- mere men that have the same passions as all men have [James 5:17] -- so that it has to contain error. Knowing the Bible by rote the way I do -- as one of the chief demons of Hell -- I know what an anchor of the soul a belief in the inerrancy of the Bible provides a saint of God.  Therefore, I attack it.  I further whisper that the Bible is so difficult to understand that the average layperson cannot hope to understand it without "interpretation" by the priest, or official edification from the Vatican. Finally, I would forbid anyone to read it on their own, lest they happen to read a verse like, "Saved by Faith, not by Works", or they might read the Book of Hebrews and be able to instantly see what I have done.
After sealing off the True Word of God, it is now time to introduce a false word of God, which I shall call the Traditions of the Church or the Traditions of the Fathers.  I remember how very angry Jesus was with the Pharisees and Sadducees because they had created an Extra-Biblical body of writings, which they called the Traditions of the Fathers.  These Traditions were presented to the people as an explanation of the Word of God, and as genuinely trustworthy as the True Word God had originally given.  Actually, over the centuries, these Traditions were gradually changed so that they led a person away from the True God, effectively sealing off true Salvation.

Further, I am quite aware of the prohibition God has placed on the practice of "Adding to" or "Taking away from" His Holy Bible.  I tell you, this Hellish practice drives God into angry fits of rage every time someone "Adds to" or "Takes away" from His Word.  But, having made this decision to change God's Word, what kind of verses do I want to add, and what kind of verses do I want to take away? 

First, I will want to add verses and doctrines that will move the Roman Catholic Church seamlessly and continuously into the practice of White Magic Witchcraft; after all, we want very much to use the powers of the occult for the "good" of the people!  This means I will have to decide which Pagan doctrines I want to bring in, dressed up with Christian names, allegories, and good old-fashioned Bible stories, all with my little twist of course.  I am very excited about this prospect, as paganism from the past 4,000 years offers such a rich variety of Satanic beliefs and practices from which I can choose; however, I must be careful to bring in only those which can be deftly disguised as "Christian".

One of the first doctrines I will bring in will be praying to dead people and worshipping at an idol made in their supposed likeness.  This is one of the oldest, and most effective, means to move people into Satanism, and I can easily disguise it as Christian.  I will continuously make the Virgin Mary into a God-like figure that can hear the prayers of untold millions of people worldwide simultaneously, ultimately declaring she was born without original sin and never died, being miraculously assumed into Heaven.  Then, I will make all the dead "saints" of the Church God-like in their ability to also hear prayers from all over the world simultaneously.
But, wait, if I am going to bring in old Pagan idol worship into the Church, I need to do something about that First Commandment which clearly and unambiguously forbids making and worshipping idols.  How can I take this away and still have 10 Commandments?  It will be too obvious to only have 9 Commandments.  I know!  I will take the 10th Commandment, which is a long one about coveting, and I will break it into two commandments, thus preserving the number 10.  I can safely leave the First Commandment in the Catholic Bibles, since no one is going to read it anyway, changing only the Catechism teachings.
I tell you, my plan began to work perfectly, beginning with the introduction of the Mass, where I put Jesus Christ back on Calvary every day this old world is in existence.  Further, in the way in which I have written the Mass in the old original Pagan Latin language, great occult power is produced.  Those practitioners of Black Magick Witchcraft are going to be really jealous over the great power with which I have imbued this Church.  In fact, as we progressed through the 7th Century, Black Magick occultists created the Black Mass to try to capture the occult power of the Catholic Mass for themselves.  And, they actually created their own Crucifix.  They took the cross, bent it inward at all four corners, and placed an emaciated, totally pathetic figure of Jesus on it, hanging Him so He really looks like a loser.  They called this Crucifix the "Twisted Cross", and decided to make it their symbol of their future Antichrist, the Antichrist of Revelation 13.
Which other Pagan doctrines can I now bring into the Roman Catholic Church?  I tell you, it is proving to be so easy, I am beside myself with joy. Since establishing the Mass in the powerful Latin language in 600 A.D., I have been given carte blanche authority to bring in truckloads of Pagan doctrine, provided I never blow my Christian cover.  Of course, as I go through the centuries, each succeeding generation of people becomes easier and easier to deceive.  I have decided to bring in the following doctrines from Paganism, in addition to what I have described already:
1.  Give the Pope both Religious and Political Power -- 754 A.D. -- No one will remember that Jesus said, "My Kingdom is not of this world." [John 18:36].  This move will give the Pope the power to overcome any and all opposition to this new, occultic powerful Church.  In fact, those Black Magick Satanists are kicking up quite a fuss lately.  If I give the Pope the Political power of the kings of Europe, he can force the Inquisition on these Black Magick people, killing them and forcing them underground. If anyone can expose the Catholic Church for the White Magic folk they have become, it is the practitioners of Black Magick.  Thus, I began the Inquisition some 800 years before that traitor, Martin Luther.
2.  Worship of Relics, especially of the Cross and of Images -- 788 A.D. -- Since all Pagans love to worship the Creature rather than the Creator [Romans 1:25], I know it will be really simple to bring in this Pagan practice.  I will whisper into the minds of respected Church theologians that people should adore objects that are supposedly parts of the Cross, of dead saints, and of anything the Pope wants to "bless".
3.  Fasting on Fridays and observance of Lent -- 988 A.D. -- Lent is a totally Pagan observance, so I can bring it in wholesale.  Fasting is a neat thing to bring in, because Jesus taught it under certain circumstances, and because "abstaining from meats is one of those "doctrines that demons teach" [1 Timothy 4:1-3].  Furthermore, since Friday is the 6th day of the week, it has always been a favorite among Satanists.  Therefore, I will teach that no one can eat meat on Friday.  Perfect !                           

4.  Celibacy of Priests -- 1123 A.D. -- I just could not wait to bring this doctrine in, because it goes so dramatically against the natural constitution of man.  That awful Apostle Paul identified celibacy as one of the "doctrines demons teach" [1 Timothy 4:3] and he warned that a person can be tempted to sexually sin if they do not have proper sexual relations with their wives [1 Cor 7:5]  But, most importantly, I know that, over the centuries, this unnatural denial of the normal sex drive in priests and nuns will allow my compatriot demon leader from Hell, Larz , to do his work mightily within the Church.  You see, Larz is the demon Satan has made responsible for sexual lust, homosexuality, bisexuality, adultery, and other such sexual pleasures [Read NEWS2416, "Satan's Seven Divisions of Hell" for full details].  Over the many centuries since I persuaded the Pope to declare absolute celibacy, the fires of sexual sin have been able to sweep repeatedly through the ranks of clergy, destroying their lives, and the lives of many young parishioners as well.  Celibacy is one of my greatest triumphs!

Priests will begin to prey on both young women and married women within the confines of the Confessional. And, of course, homosexuality will sweep through the priesthood, causing them to rape little altar boys at will. The Roman Church will never be the same. Countless millions will have their souls so twisted and tortured they will never find the true path to salvation.

5.  Praying the Rosary -- 1090 A.D. -- Since Jesus forbade praying repetitious prayers, that is exactly the kind of praying I wanted to establish in the Catholic Church.  Fortunately, the Satanic Babylonian Mysteries offered the perfect example.  They invented and perfected the use of the Rosary, especially devotion to the Babylonian "Sacred Heart" worship.  I can also take some of the pattern from ancient India, Tibet, and China ["Two Babylons", Hislop, p. 188].  In the Mass and the Crucifix, I have sealed off the way to true Salvation, and now, through the Rosary, I have ensured God will not hear their prayers, even though they may speak many words.
6.  Sale of Indulgences -- 1190 A.D. -- I whispered into the ear of the Pope that he was the guardian of "the celestial treasury" of the saints who have lived before and whose meritorious works are ready to be dispensed to earnest living Catholics for some Good Works they have done.  I told the Pope he held the keys to this Treasury and could dispense the "spiritual wealth" to whomever he chose, for whatever reason he chose.  The power this lie gave to the Papacy was enormous.  Crusaders were given heavy indulgences to fight the Infidels in the Middle East.  Later, the Pope was able to sell indulgences for money, for all sorts of contrivances:  Offering for Masses; from candles to statues; heavily-indulgenced societies; and hundreds of other religious items Catholics can purchase in order to receive indulgences.  This pagan doctrine has done much to enrich the Church and give the Pope tremendous power over the people.
7.  Purgatory Proclaimed -- 1438 A.D. -- Satan loves the doctrine of Purgatory, and has propagated its lie throughout all pagan religions in every era.  But, Purgatory is especially delicious for Lord Satan when it is applied to "Christian" doctrine.  Purgatory detracts from the fullness of Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross, denying that His sacrifice purchased complete pardon for individual sin. We talked above about the all-perfect sacrifice for sins which Jesus' death on the cross procured for each person who would ever live afterward.  To make sure we understood how perfect this sacrifice was, Jesus said, "It is finished", using a Greek word that means "finished", but was also used during that era to mean the "Debt Is Paid In Full "!  Purgatory denies the debt was paid in full, and denies the continuous cleansing His blood gives to all saved people who need continuous cleansing [1 John 1:9, continuously cleansing is in view here].

Purgatory holds that all men must go through a cleansing process to be "pure enough" to enter Heaven, even though God the Father has recognized Jesus' sacrifice as all-sufficient, perfect, unto all eternity [Hebrews 5:9; 9:11; 12:23; 13:20].

But, doctrine aside, Purgatory has always made the coffers overflow of the pagan religion that taught it.  Purgatory opens the door wide to all kinds of priestly extortions.  Priests as far back as the Satanic Mysteries of Egypt learned that prayers for the dead could not be "effective" unless the priests intervened, and every person knows the priest cannot intervene unless he be specially paid  first.  In every land, in every era, Pagan priests have used this doctrine of Purgatory to seize great riches for themselves, as they learn to prey upon the tender feelings of loss of loved ones, promising to pray for that departed poor soul, to make his stay in Purgatory shorter.

Thank Lucifer for the fact that we earlier established the notion in their heads that the Bible is not to be trusted, and is too difficult to read on their own!  Otherwise, they might realize how false this doctrine is.  They might read Jesus' words to the dying thief on the cross, who asked Jesus for forgiveness of sins, recognizing Him as Messiah.  They might read Jesus tell the dying thief, "Today, you shalt be with Me in Paradise".  Man, do I love Biblical ignorance!
8.  Invention of Scapulars, Medals, and Edible Religious Stamps -- 1600 A.D. -- People are so eager to think they can obtain eternal salvation without having to change their hearts and minds through Jesus' Blood.  And I can think of no better way to provide false "assurance" of easy salvation than through Scapulars, Medals, and Edible Religious Stamps.  I love the scapular.  Listen to its "assurances" to the gullible pagan believer.
"Whosoever dies clothed in this Scapular shall not suffer eternal fire." [Mary's promise to St. Simon Stock, July 16, 1251]

 And how about this easy promise of eternal salvation.

"Our Lord taught us to say the Our Father.  Mary taught us the value of the Scapular. When we use it as a prayer, Our Lady draws us to the Sacred Heart of Her Divine Son.  It is well, therefore, to hold the scapular in the hand while addressing Our Lady." [The Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima, Washington, NJ 07882, ImprimaturL +Thomas M. O'Leary, D.D. Bishop of Springfield]
How I have loved the Sacred Heart lie!  It has worked so well since I invented it in Babylon so many years ago.
9.  Infallibility of the Pope -- 1870 A.D. -- I am especially proud of this invention.  As a demon in the service of Lord Satan, I am wholly dedicated to the eventual appearance of our Spiritual Superman, Antichrist. He will be assisted mightily by the False Religious Prophet, whom we know will be the Roman Catholic Pope [Read NEWS1052].  Therefore, to prepare for this wonderful occasion, when the Religious Prophet will exercise global dictatorial control [Rev 13:16-18], what better plan can we execute than to make him an Absolute Spiritual Dictator within his own Church .in the latter part of the 19th Century?
Once again, I am so glad I discouraged Catholics from reading the Bibles on their own.  Otherwise, they may read of the time when the Apostle Paul challenged Peter, telling him he was doing wrong!  [Galatians 2:11-21]  It would not do to see our supposedly First Pope -- Peter -- being withstood to his face by Paul, and admitting that he had been wrong in his treatment of the Gentile Christians.
As you can tell, by the 1200's,  I had the Roman Catholic Church practicing powerful White Magic Witchcraft.  The invention of the Mass said in Latin was the key, as it produced tremendous spiritual power.  But, I was lacking a human sacrifice, and Lord Satan was not happy about it.  You see, all witchcraft requires sacrifice, and Satan wants it to be human.  Even White Magic people who sacrifice animals, or who do not sacrifice anything, are not aware that someone, somewhere, is sacrificing humans on their behalf.  Where in the world could I get a human sacrifice system operating in the Roman Catholic Church and still maintain my fig leaf cover as a Christian Church?
Ah, I have the answer:  I can invoke the magical properties of a priest performing a "Mystery "!  All pagan priests in every era have wowed their adherents with the idea that he can perform a "Mystery" that no one else can even conceive, let alone do.  Let me see how I can work this out.  I will need a body, preferably that of Jesus Christ, and I will need blood, again preferably from Jesus Christ.
I have it!  I will propagate the lie that, at the time of Communion, the wafer becomes the body of Jesus Christ, and the wine actually becomes His blood.  [Transubstantiation] Then, there is no difference between the "Mystery" ceremony the Catholic priest mystically performs, and the real sacrificial ceremony a Satanic priest really performs.  In the supernatural realm, there will be no difference, and I will have my human sacrifice!  Once again, I can keep sacrificing that hated Jesus Christ again and again, and again, endlessly!  How wonderful this concept truly is!  The people will think they are doing great honor to Jesus, when they are really sacrificing Him at Satan's altar.
Finally, since all true pagans eat the flesh of their sacrificial human victim and drink the blood, after the sacrifice is over, I will have the Catholics eat the wafer and drink the wine after the priest is finished with the symbolic sacrifice. Perfect!
Suddenly, out of nowhere, mortal enemies appear!  In the 6th Century, A.D., Black Magick Satanists realize what I am attempting to do, and they realize the great power I have given the Roman Catholic Church with the Latin Mass.  In an effort to capture this power, they create the Black Mass and the Twisted Cross Crucifix.  But, that is not what I am worried about.  I worry that, as fellow occultists, they can alert the people as to what I am doing to the Catholic Church and blow the whistle on me.  Then, my efforts would be in vain, and I would be prevented from bringing the Catholic Church all the way into Black Magic Witchcraft.
Therefore, I will instigate an Inquisition against the Black Magick Satanists -- also known as followers of the Hermetic Tradition.  Pagans treat their mortal enemies in exactly this way.  Whereas Jesus told His followers they could not call fire down from Heaven to punish those who would not repent and would not listen to the Gospel [Luke 9:54], pagans vigorously pursue their enemies wielding the sword with malice and hatred.  As soon as I realized Black Magick Satanists could let it be known what the Church of Rome had become, I whispered into the mind of the Pope that he needed to pursue, torture, and kill any of this enemy he could find.  The Inquisition had thus begun, and it was marvelously successful.  I ensured that Rome's Magic was the dominant Magic in the land.
Then, in 1515 A.D., the most heinous of all events occurred.  Catholic priest, Martin Luther, suddenly had his spiritual eye opened by the Holy Spirit of God, and saw that men are saved by Faith alone, not by any works he might do, or works that the Church might ascribe to him.  The Spirit of God was mighty and Protestantism flourished, to a startling degree in many countries.  Some nations in Europe, especially France, seemed in danger of losing their Catholic majority.
Luckily, the machinery of the Inquisition was in already place and was effective.  I whispered into the Pope's mind that he should unleash the Inquisition against these upstart Protestant Christians.  The Pope did my bidding, and began a 300-year reign of terror and bloodshed that resulted in the death of over 70 million Protestants ("The Great Apostasy, Identical With Papal Rome"; Or "An Exposition of the Mystery of Iniquity, and the Marks and Doom of Antichrist", by Joseph Berg, (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1842) pp. 139-140, 167).  To this day, the graves of these 70 million Protestants stand as a startling testimony to the raw power of Hell that can be unleashed against anyone who dares cross a Satanist or his Church.
Symbols are exceedingly important to the practice of any kind of Satanism.  "The true magic symbol is an image which hides an inner meaning. This meaning is usually cunningly hidden behind a form which most people think they can understand ..." [Magic Symbols , Occult Book, p. 6]  We demons absolutely love symbols in all types of witchcraft.  Of course, Black Magick and White Magic witches use many of the same symbols.  To imprint my fingerprints on this transfer of the Roman Catholic Church from a true Christian Church to one practicing White Magic Witchcraft, I whispered in the Pope's ear in the early 7th Century that he could import occultic symbols, "Christianize" them by saying a prayer over them and then use them in Catholic practice.  This is one of my favorite tricks, and it is made easier when people like the Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, and priests are woefully ignorant of the Bible.  In the Old Testament, God would never allow the Israelites to use pagan symbols under any pretense, ordering they be destroyed in every instance, and never allowed them to "cleanse" any pagan symbol or object by any means whatsoever.

God Himself has defined Paganism as "worshipping the Creature rather than the Creator [Romans 1:25], and He is "right on the money".  We demons are constantly trying to get men to worship something other than the One True God.  We have been successful in getting man to worship Nature, Animals, Trees, Bees, Birds, Reptiles, the Sun, the Stars, and just about everything God has ever made.  But, the easiest thing to get man to worship is sex .  This is why we have created the 8-Fold Path to Enlightenment, with the circle in the middle.  This circle represents the female vulva in our spiritual teaching.

The obelisk was created by the demon Prince of Egypt, one of the most powerful demons in Hell.  He whispered in the mind of the Egyptian leaders that the Spirit of their Sun God, Ra, resided within the obelisk.  The Egyptians were told to "face the obelisk" at least once per day, and thrice if possible. The obelisk is the perfect symbol of the Male phallus.

Thus, the obelisk was the Male phallus, while the circle represented the Female vulva.  Whenever we wanted to represent the Great Sex Act, we merely inserted the phallus of the obelisk into the vulva of the circle.  It was slick and it was easy.
 Once I persuaded Popes to "Christianize" obelisks, the Roman Catholic Church went whole-hog crazy over obelisks.  They virtually stripped Egypt of its plentiful supply, shipping them to Rome, and erecting them everywhere.  I persuaded the Pope to buy the most famous Egyptian obelisk of all time, Cleopatra's Needle.  When he had brought it into Rome, I then persuaded him to design it so it would sit right in the middle of the 8-Fold Path of Enlightenment, right in St. Peter's Basilica.  In this way, the Pope is in perfect position to "face the obelisk" daily, as many times as we want him to.
When we persuaded the Pope in the 7th Century to recreate the Great Sex Act in St. Peter's Basilica, I had not yet moved the Catholic Church into forcing the priests into Celibacy.  That innovation would not occur until 1123 A.D., nearly 500 years later.  But, in the 7th Century, I knew I was going to bring Celibacy into the Catholic Church, and I laughed heartily every time I thought that the moment would soon come when the world's most powerful promoter of Celibacy would have the symbol of the Great Sex Act right in front of their Pope every time he came out to speak to the faithful in the square.
From the beginning, I had orders from Lord Satan to ultimately move the Roman Catholic Church into Black Magick Satanism, since that is going to be the religion of Antichrist [Daniel 7:23-25] and of the False Prophet [Revelation 13:12].  We knew that, if I was successful in establishing Black Magick within the Catholic Church, the Pope would be the logical choice for False Prophet.  The plan was set and the pathway sure.  Only the timing was uncertain, since that was not in our hands.
Finally, in the late 1950's, I received my orders from Rege, the General of the Occult.  "Choose your Black Magick Pope now".  I chose the man who was to become Pope Paul VI.  He was wise and proficient in the ways of the Craft and he would listen carefully to our instructions.  He was elected Pope in 1962.
As soon as he arose, I wanted to flash a signal to the entire world of occultists that the change in the Roman Catholic Church for whom they had been long awaiting had finally occurred.  Therefore, I whispered into the mind of Paul VI that he should immediately show forth the Twisted Cross that Satanists in the 6th Century had created.  He immediately thought this was an excellent idea, so he began to use the Satanic Crucifix, this ultimate symbol of Antichrist.  In 1978, the new Pope, who had taken the name, John Paul II, also began using this Crucifix.
How delicious it is to me, and to Lord Satan, that every time the Catholic faithful assemble to hear the Pope speak, they bow down to THE symbol of Antichrist, without even knowing it.  We are constantly amazed how easy it is to deceive human beings, as they are so desperately sinful they want to be deceived.  Moving the Roman Catholic Church, first into practicing powerful White Magic Witchcraft, and then into practicing Black Magick, has not been too difficult, and it has been a whole lot of fun.


Truly, Black Magick practitioner, Karl Marx, was so right on when he created these words, as they so accurately portray the attitudes of all the demonic host toward pathetic human beings.

"Yet I have power within my youthful arms
To clench and crush you [humanity] with Tempestuous force,
While for us both the abyss yawns in darkness.
You will sink down and I shall follow laughing,
Whispering in your ears, 'Descend, come with me, friend."

 Now, at long last, the time is near for the appearance of our Superman, Antichrist.  Soon, he will ride out of Heaven on his white horse, and appear East of Jerusalem according to the Occult Plan.  I have accomplished my mission of positioning the Roman Catholic Church to assume the leadership of the global church of Antichrist.  It has been fun, and it has been rewarding.  Soon, the ultimate victory of Lord Satan over that other Lord, Jesus Christ, will occur at Armageddon.  Then, my Lord shall climb up to Heaven itself to depose God and rule forever.  This is the ultimate Plan, and I will be a large part of it.


This has been an account of a fictional report from the powerful demon assigned to the Roman Catholic Church for centuries, as he moved the Church steadily, first into the powerful practice of White Magic Witchcraft, and now into the Black Magick Witchcraft of the Antichrist.  All the evidences are there, from pagan doctrine to the symbols we have shown you, above. Satanists and Mother Earth practitioners, have no difficulty at all in seeing the Roman Catholic Church for the pagan institution she is, and they respect and fear her pagan power.  I realized this, with steadily increasing horror, as I studied the occult.  What I have shared with you is true, and is accurately based upon occult knowledge.

We hope and pray that you will read this account with an open heart and mind, for your precious eternal soul is at stake.  We pray that you will now obey the words of our Savior, "Come out from her ... so you may not participate in her plagues." [Revelation 18:4]

Now that the Roman Catholic Church has moved into the practice of Black Magick Witchcraft, we can know positively that the appearance of Antichrist is very soon. 

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

Finally, we would love to hear from you.

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God bless you.

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