Subtitle:  President of Venezuela Seeks To Relocate People Away From Devastated Coastal Regions of Venezuela! We will depict you United Nations maps that will show you that the U.N. considers the coastal region of Venezuela to be one of the global "Hotspots" that need the immediate attention of emptying of people, permanently!

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Venezuela Seeks to Relocate Flood Victims Inland:  President Faces Crucial Challenge; Some Prefer to Stay", by Thomas T. Vogel, Jr., Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal, Monday, January 10. 2000, p. A18.

"CARMEN DE URIA, Venezuela -- Massive landslides last month left a huge gash running through the center of this town on Venezuela's northern central Caribbean coast and killed more than 2,000 residents. But Domingo Azocar, 67 years old, and wife, Laura, have no intention of leaving.  Government officials 'came to talk to us about leaving, but how can we'?, asks Mr. Azocar. 'We have our lives invested in this', he says, pointing to his modest three-story home.  Mr. Azocar's home suffered no major damage but most of Carmen de Uria is in ruins.  Almost all of the 7000 people who once lived here are either dead or have fled."

When I first read this article, I felt my heart jump into my throat, for I was actually reading a most draconian part of the New World Order Plan being implemented in our Daily News!  Ever since we first began to issue warnings about the terribly Satanic plan to eliminate 66% of the world's population, and clear over 50% of all the land from human habitation, [Read NEWS1031 for full details] most people could not believe me.  And, when I spoke of the plan to force Americans off 50% or their land, people went into mental shock, and disbelief.  If this is your reaction to these most unpleasant facts, I invite you to examine this map, of a United States in which the United Nations' Biodiversity Treaty has been fully implemented.

If you look closely at the map, you will notice that the red areas denote areas where "little or no human habitation will be allowed", and the yellow denotes corridors called "Buffer Zones, Highly Regulated Zones". Blue areas denote "Normal Use".  Notice that the entire West is going to be either set aside for human habitation or be highly regulated.  Then, notice that the California coast is shown red, laced with yellow corridors, meaning that millions of people are going to be forcibly relocated.  Virtually the entire West coast is set aside, forbidding human habitation. 

Now, let us look at another map, first of the entire world.  The red lines showing are the "Red Hotspots" in the world.  In other words, these areas are those areas in the world in which the ecosystem is in severe danger.  Let us listen to one U.N. organization explain what a "hotspot" is:  "... some areas, particularly the tropics, harbor far greater concentrations of biodiversity. CI recommends that these threatened hotspots receive international attention ... The primary difference between hotspots and wilderness areas is the degree of threat they face."  [http://www.conservation.org/Hotspots/strategy.htm]

In other words, a "hotspot" is an area in the world in which the biodiversity indigenous to that area is in extreme danger of being destroyed.  Once a "hotspot" is identified, the next step is to declare it to be a "reserve", which will be eventualy set aside from any human habitation.  Look up to the USA map again, noting all the "reserves" depicted in red; in the near future, no humans will be allowed to live in those areas. 

In the mentality of the United Nations, the most desirable designation is a "wilderness" area.  These are the areas that have been saved from devastation.  A "reserve" will soon turn into a "wilderness" area after the humans are moved out.  If you doubt this, listen to the description of a wilderness area:  "wilderness areas claim at least 75 percent undisturbed natural vegetation, with a human population density of no more than five persons per square kilometer." [Ibid]

Now, take another look at this Hotspot World Map, above. Notice that this map designates California to be a "hotspot".  Then, check the ultimate plan for California in the USA Biodiversity Map, above.  You can see that the ultimate goal of dealing with a "hotspot" is to set that area off limits to human activity and habitation in a "reserve" and "corridor" system.

Now, look at South America in this world map.  You can see that much of the coastland, and some inland, areas of the entire continent have been designated at "hotspots", i.e., areas in so much environmental danger they need to be set aside as reserves.  Notice that almost the entire coastal area of Venezuela is designated a "hotspot"!  In other words, the ultimate plan for the coastal area of Venezuela is to declare it to be "reserve" in which no human habitation will be allowed!  The designation of "hotspot" seems to go as far East of Caracas as the Gulf of Paria.

"The worst-hit area was a 60-mile stretch of Vargas a popular holiday area for middle-class residents of the capital and home to bustling beaches until the turquoise seas of the Caribbean were turned brown with mud." [http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/19991222/ts/weather_venezuela_30.html; Yahoo News, Dec 22, 1999]

Let us examine a map of just South America so we can see the hotspot designation a little more clearly.  As you can see, virtually the entire coastland of Venezuela is designated a "hotspot".  The next declaration will be that this coastland of Venezuela is now a "reserve".  If the ultimate plan is to declare this entire area of Venezuelan coastland -- now designated "hotspot" -- a "reserve", then the plan must exist to move the human beings out of habitation in that area. 

Now, you can see why I was so shocked to read this article in the Wall Street Journal!  The President of Venezuela is asking people to relocate to the interior! Let us return back to our feature article.

"Mount Avila, which separates Carmen de Uria from Caracas, the capitol, is streaked with muddy solopes where vegetation and boulders the size of a house once stood.  Civil defense officials say the threat of landslides remains too high here and in other flood-damaged spots across Venezuela to risk rebuilding. So the government plans to convert the city into a memorial to the 10,000 to 30,000 people who died in the floods and landslides that caused up to $20 billion in damage.  President Hugo Chavez wants the Azocars and owners of as many as 100,000 other homes in flood-ravaged regions to move to sparsely populated regions inland.  He has promised to build homes for them there, to provide investments in agriculture and tourism and to improve transport, sewage and power systems." [Ibid]

Let us repeat this sentence fragment once again:  "... to move to sparsely populated regions inland."

This sentence fragment IS the core United Nations' Plan of "solving" the Biodiversity "crisis".  We encourage you to go back to the USA Map, above, where the final Reserve Plan has been published, and contemplate the kinds of changes necessary to implement the map.  This Plan will not be implemented until our present Industrial Civilization has been brought down.  Or, perhaps the mere implementation of this Plan is what will bring our Industrial Civilization down [Read NEWS1106, "Hatred Toward Our Industrial Civilization" for more details]. 

When the move to implement this United States' Plan is ready to be implemented, enormous storms will begin to devastate certain areas of the country, especially on the coastlands.  But earthquakes, tornadoes, drought, flooding and hurricanes will all be used to deliver the blows necessary to set the stage for the forced relocation of entire sections of human population. 

After many such storms have delivered their devastation, the President of the United States will appear on television to declare that these devastating storms have occurred because Mother Gaia is highly upset over the "unsustainable development" which has occurred because of our current civilization.  The President will declare these storms have occurred because Mother Gaia is beginning to "cleanse" the earth in order to return "balance" to Nature.  Therefore, the President will declare that, henceforth, certain areas of the country will be designated as "Reserves" in which no human habitation will be allowed.  These Reserves will be surrounded by "Corridors" in which humans will be allowed to travel, under tight control, but will not be allowed to live there.  The areas in which human habitation will be allowed to exist will be tightly controlled and will be an agricultural economy.  What they do not tell you is that this scenario can only occur after the Illuminati has achieved it's goal of reducing the population by two-thirds.

Listen to Ruth Montgomery describe this process.  Ruth is a world-renowned medium and channeller; indeed, I believe all her books are Automatic Writing, which are written by demons channelling through the author. Ruth describes this process in her book, Herald of the New Age, channelled in 1986.  Listen to Ruth's demonic host describe this process of Mother Gaia forcibly cleansing the earth.

"This global catastrophe, the Guides claim, will cleanse the earth of pollution and evil people and will usher in the long-awaited New Age of a thousand years of peace." [p. 234] What the Guides do not say here is that this 1,000 years of peace will be the reign of The New Age Christ [the Biblical Antichrist].  The Guides also do not say that the numbers of "evil people" to be "cleansed" will total two-thirds (66%) of all mankind.

"What lies in wait for the future ... is a global catastrophe that Ruth's Guides foresee as more massive than anything this planet has undergone in many thousands of years.  The long-awaited shift of the earth on its axis cannot be avoided, they stress, since natural forces that have brought about imbalances will trigger this compensating movement in order to return it to stability." [p. 254]  The incessant propaganda trumpeting that mankind's current Industrial development is "unsustainable" is leading directly to this very point, that Mother Nature [Gaia] will have to take action through extremely powerful storms, in order to return the forces of the earth to "balance".

Ruth Guides then turn to a discussion of "Walk-ins" coming to this earth in huge numbers in order to help mankind make the adjustments necessary to avoid a total annihilation of the human species on the planet.  A Walk-in is a high-minded, disembodied soul in the Reincarnation Cycle who wants to be incarnated into an adult human body now, rather than having to be born as a baby again.  This is also called "Soul-transfer" in New Age linguistics.  Usually, a person gets to the point in their life when they just do not want to keep on living, because of sickness or extreme difficulty in their life at that moment; when this extreme depression sets it, the Guides cause a "switch" in which the soul of the discouraged person is taken out of the body and sent into the Reincarnation Cycle, while the high-minded, advanced soul comes into the body.  The Bible calls this for what it truly is, demonic possession.  Nevertheless, New Age adherents call it "Walk-in".  Listen to Ruth's Guides speak of the role Walk-ins will play in the coming time of upheavel and turmoil, remembering that Herald of The New Age was channeled and published in 1986.

"During the next decade and before the shift of the earth on its axis, the Guides told Ruth, a Walk-in will be elected President of the United States.  Walk-ins, as they explained in Strangers Among Us, are high-minded beings who, having attained sufficient awareness in previous incarnations, are permitted to return to earth-life as adults, taking over unwanted or dying bodies, if their purpose is to serve humanity.  Arriving in ever increasing numbers, Walk-ins are working quietly to help earthlings prepare for the troubling years ahead. The Walk-in whom the Guides say will be elected President is already in a position of trust and his special talents are gradually bein recognized, but he is not one of those being touted right now as a possible candidate in 1988." [p. 262]  Right, Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas at this time, and was not touted as a 1988 Candidate for President in 1988.  I find it interesting that Ruth claims to have met several Walk-ins at a conference in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas, in 1981 while she and her husband were spending a month at a spa. [p. 209]  Was Governor Clinton one of those whom she saw, arranged by her Guides?

Listen to Ruth continue to describe this Walk-in President.  "He is a good man who is already in a position of some prominence and will be elected in the 1990's." [This must be Clinton, since he is the only one who will be elected in the 1990's as President who did not run in 1988].  "He will work with scientists and others to probe the extent of possible disaster and will have a calming effect on those who realize a shift is imminent.  With his advisors and helpers, he will map out those geographical areas that will be safe from the massive tidal waves and sinking of vast land areas of the United States and will also dispatch notices of dangerous and safe areas to the leaders of other nations." [p. 263]

Montgomery's Guides continue discussing the role of this Walk-in President immediately prior to the beginning of the natural disasters.  "... he will deal with the spots of famine and the floods and turn people's attention to the potential shift of the earth.  he may not call it by that name, since he will not wish to frighten the people ahead of time, but he will be openly discussing safe geographical areas and sponsoring projects in those sections of the country so that people can move there and find employment ... These are necessarily inland areas ..." [Ibid]

Then, Ruth's Guides speak as to the time frame such an effort of relocating human populations would point to, when they say, "The approaching planetary calamity ... will set the stage for the long-prophesied coming of the Antichrist." {p. 264]  In other words, when we see human populations being relocated, we can know that the coming of the Antichrist is very close!

President Clinton given to projects that are setting aside huge areas of countryside from human habitation.  He has used the Heritage River Project and the Antiquities Act to set aside land as National Monuments.  Additionally, the governors of many states are cooperating in this plan by setting aside lands for a variety of environmental reasons.  Soon, we shall stand at the brink of the planned environmental disasters designed to move to the Kingdom of Antichrist, also known as the New World Order.

Now, let us get back to our discussion of the Venezuelan flooding of their coastal area just East of Caracas.  As we have noted before, this area is part of the designated United Nations' "hotspots".  How important are the coastal areas in connection with the coming unparalleled natural disasters?  Listen to Ruth Montgomery's Guides once again:  "Practically no coastal areas will be safe during the shift because of the tidal waves." {p. 265}

We have proven in previous articles that American and Russian military can control the weather and can use devastating storms as weapons anywhere on the globe [Read 'Weather Control' by clicking this button on our Home Page and reading these articles as background before continuing here].  Since the Illuminati can create and control devastating storms, and since they have this hidden agenda of moving people away from the coastal areas, plus the very hidden agenda of reducing the population of the earth, is it such a stretch of the imagination to believe that the flooding of Venezuela was deliberately caused so as to provide the first trial run experiment in moving people away from the coast?

Remember the maxim that the Illuminati does not ever do anything on a large scale until they have tested it out first on a small scale.  Before the Illuminati would carry out this relocation program on a large scale, they would likely test it on a small scale first.  Such an experiment would necessarily identify all the problems such a relocation effort would create, so the Illuminati would now how to proceed when the effort gets underway for real.


If you go to our Home Page, at www.cuttingedge.org and then click on the button, "Weather Control", you will see how our military -- and that of the Russians -- do, indeed, have the capability to control the weather and to create horribly devastating storms anywhere on earth they desire.  Basically, scientists have discovered Nikolai Tesla to be correct in the early part of this century when he found the exact frequency by which the weather of the world operated.  This frequency was Extremely Low Frequency, and Tesla built the first radio transmitter that could send out beams of energy at precisely this frequency.

Dr. Begich, Angels Don't Play This HAARP, p. 199

Today, a huge radio transmitter called HAARP is located in Southern Alaska with several other locations throughout the world.  In the past 20 years, scientists have further discovered how to focus this beam into the ionosphere, reflect it off the ionosphere, and then aim in back down to earth any place they want it to go. As you can see from the drawing, extremely powerful signals in the vicinity of 10 Gigawatts can be aimed at any place on the earth the scientists want it to go.

The immense flooding began in Venezuela on 12/15/99.  We see that the HAARP activity levels were very much elevated [from +400 to -1000] starting on 12/13, at 0600 GMT [11am Eastern] and ended at 1800 GMT [11pm Eastern] on that day.  The flooding began less than 48 hours later.  If this beam were focussed to the spot on earth it would need to be focused to create this enormous storm, it seems likely that such a delay would seem reasonable.

Further, we have also discovered that a HAARP antenna field is located in the Caribbean just north of the very spot in Venezuela where the terrible storms erupted. As you can see, location "A" is located somewhere just north of the exact spot in Venezuela where the flooding occurred.

However the scientists working for the Illuminati created this storm, and which facility they used to create it is immaterial.  The fact, is, they probably did create this storm, even though a United Nations' Treaty outlaws such a practice.  Certainly, the end result of relocating human populations is entirely according to the Plan called the U.N. Biodiversity Treaty.


Since Venezuela lies on the 66th parallel Longitude, [CIA Factbook] I think it highly likely the Illuminati would choose it to be the site of their very first test of human population relocation.  As we stated in NEWS1350, Venezuela lies right on the North-South line of the hexagram.  We think it highly likely that the Illuminati has chosen Venezuela to be the first instance of forcibly relocating people from the coastal region to the sparsely settled inland areas.  These 30,000 people died so that the Illuminati could advance its terrible agenda.

If this is true, then we know from Montgomery's Guides that the appearance of Antichrist is very, very close. 

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