Subtitle:  Christian mathematician Ivan Panin proves the Bible Is Divinely Inspired Using the Incontrovertible Science of Mathematics and Its Corollary Study, Laws of Probabilities

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Truly, the vast majority of people are discovering new reasons to doubt the existence of God and of His Holy Word, the Bible.  Liberal "Christian" churches are leading the charge to cast serious doubt upon God's existence, His Eternity, His Omipotence, His Omniscience, and His Word -- more commonly called the Bible.

Colleges and universities are also leading the charge in casting doubt of these matters in the minds of their young pupils.  Of course, by the time our young people reach college, they have already been pre-programmed to disbelieve in God and His Bible.  Truly, we have never seen such an instance of such widespread dis-belief in the God of the Bible.

But, God will not allow Himself to be sneered at, nor will He allow Himself to be without witness in this world.  Therefore, we see that leading edge sciences such as Genetics is casting all theories of Evolution out the window, while other scientific discoveries showing the Bible to be right whenever it speaks to a scientific issue.

Now, God has spoken through a Christian mathematician, Ivan Panin.  Panin proves the validity of God's Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures using Mathematics and its corollary study, Laws of Probabilities.  In this article, we shall allow Mr. Panin to demonstrate scientifically how man can know for sure that the Bible is Divinely inspired.  We encourage you to read this material all the way through, for you will be shocked. We will be quoting from Ivan Panin's book, "Verbal Inspiration of the Bible Scientifically Demonstrated". 

God is truly right when He said, through the Apostle Paul:  "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead ..."  [Romans 1:20]  You will see God through mathematics, and you will truly appreciate the fact that our God is THE Master Mathematician in all the universe.

Mr. Panin clearly demonstrated that the numerics upon which the Bible is constructed proves design -- an elaborate design.  And, where you have an elaborate design, you must have a sophisticated Designer.  "The Bible numerics of the Scripture ... are only discovered by scientific and scholarly investigation:  like the arithmetic of the musical scale of the human voice; like the arithmetic of the solar system; like the arithmetic arrangement of chemical atoms in the molecule.  The discovery of this wonderful distribution of arithmetic in the phenomena of nature has been a great factor in the overthrow of atheism, which has been so complete that atheists are now rare; agnosticism being the present day refuge of the opposers of a God." [p. 22]

This same argument can be made against the proponents of Evolution.  Science generally, and Genetics specifically, absolutely demolish the arguments of the proponents of Evolution.  The ridiculous theory of Evolution simply will not stand up to any degree of honest investigation, whether slight or great.  Truly, God will never allow himself to be without a powerful witness in the world.

As Panin discovered that both Hebrew [Old Testament] and Greek [New Testament] books of the Bible were constructed according to the same heptadic [7's] structure, he thought it best to check with Greek scholars to see if Greek itself might be so constructed.  Panin said:  "We once requested a professor of Greek to take some Greek prose classic and ascertain if he could make Panin's theory work on it.  But we have not heard from him on the subject." [Ibid.] 

Truly, God miraculously constructed His Bible based upon the structure of '7', multiples of '7', and extensions of '7' like the number '11' [7 + 4].  ALL the authors of the Bible demonstrate this heptadic structure, from Moses to the last Apostle to whom a book was revealed, which is the Apostle John.  This writing occurred over a period of almost 1,700 years, through about 60 authors, and yet the same miraculous heptadic [7's]structure prevails! 

In Psalm 110, Panin discovered that the number of Hebrew words in this Psalm is '63', which is 9 x 7 or '9 sevens'.  Then, he proceeded to uncover thirteen more features of 7 within this one little Psalm.  Using the Laws of Probabilities, we discover that "the chance for even these 14 features of sevens being accidental, undesigned, is only one is sevn multiplied by itself 14 times:  one in 678,223,072,849, or less than one is some two thirds of a million millions ... not a paragraph in the whole Bible .. is constructed similarly; its authorship by ONE MIND, AND A SUPERNATURAL MIND AT THAT, alone accounts for the presence of these phenomena in the Bible." [Ibid., p 13; Emphasis in the original]

Now, let us examine some of the evidence Panin put togther.  The information below is but a small culling of the information in this 94-page book. Further, Mr. Panin wrote volumes of work, in which he demonstrated the heptadic structure of the Bible, verse by verse and section by section.


God has decreed in His Scripture that the Number 7 is His number of perfection.  Man is God's highest earthly creation, to whom God has assigned the number 6, one less than perfection.  The highest man in all history will be the Antichrist, to whom God has assigned the triple intensification number, '666'.

Conversely, Jesus the Messiah is considered above creation, even above Perfection, which is why His Name equals '888' in the numerology of the Greek.

However, for the basis of our study in this article, God considers the number '7' to be His number of absolute, complete perfection.  Therefore, we should not be surprised to learn that God has built His Bible upon: the foundation of '7', multiples of '7', and extensions of '7'.  We shall study both God's original organization of Scripture, the organization of books, names of people, and specific instances, all based upon '7' and multiples of '7'.  An 'extension' of the number '7' is demonstrated in the two instances below:

*  God has also built much of His Word upon the number '11', which is an extension of '7', in that it is derived from adding God's perfect number -- '7' -- to the number of His created world -- '4' -- to reach 11.  The number '4' is God's created world -- we have 4 directions, and 4 seasons throughout the year.

*  God also uses the number '13' in His Scriptures.  Thirteen is gained by adding God's number of perfection -- '7' -- to the number of man -- '6' -- to reach thirteen.  Thirteen is also assigned to Satan and his rebellion. We shall not examine instances of the usage of '13' in Scripture, although Mr. Panin does in his book, quoted above.

Let us now look at the way in which the Bible is created on the basis of 7 and 11; but, before we can proceed, we need to understand that the organization of the books of our Bible today is not the original way in which they were organized.  We are not sure of the exact time in which the organization was changed, but we can be sure that, when they were changed, Satan was able to immediately hide much of God's Numerics which underly the organization of the Bible.


  1. Genesis                                      40. Matthew
  2. Exodus                                       41. Mark
  3. Leviticus                                    42. Luke
  4. Numbers                                    43. John
  5. Deuteronomy                            44. The Acts
  6. Joshua                                       45. James
  7. Judges                                       46. 1 Peter
  8. 1 Samuel                                   47. 2 Peter
  9. 2 Samuel                                   48. 1 John
  10. 1 Kings                                     49. 2 John
  11. 2 Kings                                     50. 3 John
  12. Isaiah                                        51. Jude
  13. Jeremiah                                   52. Romans
  14. Ezekiel                                      53. 1 Corinthians
  15. Hosea                                       54. 2 Corinthians
  16. Joel                                           55. Galatians
  17. Amos                                        56. Ephesians
  18. Obadiah                                   57. Philippians
  19. Jonah                                       58. Colossians
  20. Micah                                      59. 1 Thessalonians
  21. Nahum                                     60. 2 Thessalonians
  22. Habakkuk                               61. Hebrews
  23. Zephaniah                                62. 1 Timothy
  24. Haggai                                     63. 2 Timothy
  25. Zechariah                                64. Titus
  26. Malachi                                   65. Philemon
  27. Psalms                                     66. Revelation
  28. Proverbs
  29. Job
  30. Song of Songs -- Song of Solomon
  31. Ruth ]
  32. Lamentations
  33. Ecclesiastes
  34. Esther
  35. Daniel
  36. Ezra
  37. Nehemiah
  38. 1 Chronicles
  39. 2 Chronicles

You will discover that God placed much of His numerics within this original line-up of Books.  When you see references to the Number of the Book, you will know Panin is speaking of the number of the Book according to the above list.  Therefore, 2 Chronicles is Book 39 - and has a value of 39 - instead of Malachi.

The last thing you need to understand before we get into our study is that the Hebrew and Greek languages differed from English in that each of their basic letters was assigned a numeric value. 

The languages of the Bible, the Hebrew and the Greek, have no separate signs for numbers, like our [Arabic] figures, 1, 2, 3, etc. The letters of the alphabet are used instead, and each letter is also a number, called its Numeric Value. The sum of the Numeric Values of its letters is the Numeric Value of the word of which it is made up. Each Hebrew or Greek word is thus a sum in arithmetic as well as a word. Thus, the Hebrew Jehovah has 26 for its Numeric Value; the Greek Iesous, Jesus, has 888.

The numeric values of the names of the persons to whom the Bible books ascribe themselves are:




























































This total number, 7,931, is 11 x 721. Or, to look at it another way, 7,931 is 7 x 1133. You see many instances throughout Scripture where God arranges numbers in such a way as to have double fulfillment, just as He does in many prophecies.

Now, let us examine the way in which God has written and organized His Word in such mathematic precision as to absolutely prove His existence and His Divine inspiration of the Holy Bible.  Truly, you will agree with David in the Psalms when he exclaims that God is too high for him to understand Him!


Bible divided into 7 great divisions

  1. Genesis [1] to Deuteronomy [5] -- Law
  2. Joshua [6] to Malachi [26] -- Prophets
  3. Psalms [27] to 2 Chronicles [39] -- Writings
  4. Matthew [40] to John [43] -- Gospels
  5. Acts to Acts [44] -- Acts
  6. James [45] to Philemon [65] -- Epistles
  7. Revelation to Revelation [66] -- Revelation

* Add up the order number of these books and you get 407 which is 37 x 11. The number of God is 37 and/or multiples thereof.

Prophets and Epistles have 21 books each or 3 x 7

Epistles are divided thusly:

  1. Pauline Epistles total 14, or 2 x 7
  2. Non-Pauline writers total 7
  3. Seven (7) Epistles are address to, or connected with, churches
  4. Fourteen (14) Epistles are not addressed to, or connected with, churches 2 x 7
  5. Paul's epistles that are specifically addressed are as follows
    1. To individuals: Timothy, Titus, Philemon
    2. Christian bodies: Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians [7 church bodies]
    3. The total order numbers of the above books equals 504, or 72 x 7

In seven (7) Epistles, Paul mentioned associates expressly by name with him in the address: 1 and 2 Corinthians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, Philemon. The order number of these Epistles is: 53, 54, 57, 58, 59, 60, 65 = 406 or 58 x 7

In 1 and 2 Thessalonians, Paul mentions two person instead of only one, as in the other 7 Epistles; the order number of these two books is 119, or 17 x 7

Only in Galatians does Paul mention associates that are with him, without naming them. Galatians is Order Number 55, which is 5 x 11

However, Galatians is a neighbor of Book Number 56, which is 8 x 7

Paul mentions three associates in the addresses of his Epistles: Silvanus [Silas], Sosthenes, Timothy. Their names occur in the New Testament, respectively, 16, 2, 24 times, for a total of 42 times, or 6 x 7.

Of the 66 total books of the Bible, every 11th number is: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66. Their sum is 231, or 33 x 7. It is also 21 x 11.

Old Testament writers named in the Bible as authors of special books are: Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, the 12 Minor Prophets, David, Solomon, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah -- 21 total, which is 3 x 7.

The names of these seven writers occur in the Old Testament 2,310 times, 330 x 7.

Of these 2,310 occurrences, writer whose name occurs most, David, 1,134, or 162 x 7.

Old Testament books belonging to expressly named authors of more than one book are: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes: 7 in number. The sum of their order numbers is 105, or 15 x 7.

Of this above number, Moses has 14, 2 x 7; Solomon has 91, 13 x 7.


New Testament writers occur thusly: James [Jacob in Greek] is found in 11 books, Peter found in 8, Jude in 8, Paul in 15, John in 7; in all, 49 or 7 x 7.

The order numbers of these books are 45-47, 51-65, with their sum 1008, or 144 x 7.

Numeric values of which Old Testament begins and ends -- B'RAYSHITH and V'YAAL -- are 913 and 116, respectively. Their sum is 21, or 3 x 7. [Adding 9+1+3+1+1+6= 21]< /P>< /P>< /P>< /P>< /P>< /P>< /P>

These two words occur in 42 books [6 x7] and the sum of the book's order numbers is 1,575, or 225 x 7.

The total sum of the Old Testament book's order numbers is 77, or 11 x 7.

Every 7th N.T. book is: 1 Peter, 1 Corinthians, 1 Thessalonians. Numeric values of their authors are 755, 781, 781. Sum of these figures is 49, or 7 x 7.

First verse of Genesis is seven (7) Hebrew words and 28 [4 x 7] letters [Heptadic structure ]

Story of the birth of Jesus Christ in Matt 1:18-25, has 77 words , 11 x 7

Story of John Baptist in Mark 1:1-8 has 77 words , 11 x 7

Story of the first church deacons in Acts 6:1-7 has 77 words , 11 x 7

The story of the Birth of Jesus Christ in Matt 1:18-25 is good example of using numerics to prove or disprove textual differences. The number of words in verses 18-25 are 161, or 23 x 7; their Greek vocabulary has 77 words, or 11 x 7; their forms have 105, or 15 x 7; the numeric value of the entire passage is a multiple of seven. But, if you omit the name of "Jesus" from this section -- as the Roman Catholic Communion does -- the entire numeric pattern is totally destroyed. [Heptadic structure ]

Numerics can settle questions of interpretation. In Luke 23:43, some modern versions have placed a comma after the word, 'today', implying that Jesus' was telling the thief he was speaking to him "today". Place the comma before the word, 'today' and the meaning changes dramatically. With the comma before the word, 'today', the heptadic [7] numeric structure holds perfectly; however, if you place the comma after 'today', all the heptadic numeric structure disappears, every bit of it.

What did Jesus say? " For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." [Matt 5:18]

Numeric structure can even correct spelling errors found in manuscripts. If the word is mis-spelled in a copy in the original Greek or Hebrew, the numeric structure is destroyed.

"So frequent is the number 7 that its presence anywhere may be taken as a signal that elaborate Numerics are about", p. 81.

The sidereal year of the Earth is 365 days, 6 hours, 9 minutes, 9 seconds, or 31,558,149 seconds, which is 4,508,307 x 7.


Mercury turns on its axis in 86,730 seconds, which is 12,390 x 7.

The diameter of the Moon is 2,163 miles which is 309 x 7.

The mean diameter of the earth is 7917 miles which is 1131 x 7.

The diameter of Venus is 7630 miles, which is 1090 x 7.

The diameter of Mars is 4998, which is 714 x 7.

The diameter of Jupiter is 89,769, and of Saturn is 73,044. Added together, they equal 162,813 miles which is 23,259 x 7. Jupiter turns on its axis in 35,721 seconds, which is 5103 x 7.

The Moon is the sole satellite of Earth. Added together, the sum of their diameters is 10,080 miles, which is 1440 x 7. This would not be notable, except that the interval between the Temple dedication in 3024 and the Crucifixion in 4032 is 1008 years.

Further, the Numeric Value of 'Aaron' in Greek is 1008, or 144 x 7. This is the first earthly high priest, with his access behind the veil -- the type of the One Heavenly High Priest now within the Veil for His people [Jesus Christ].

Now, let us examine some of the instances where the Bible is either based upon '11' or its organization is so based.


The order of the books of the Bible, where Genesis equals 1 and Revelation equals 66, is 2,211, which is 201 x 11

Number of Books of the Bible is 66 which is 6 x 11

Number of Books with Anonymous Authors is 22 or 2 x 11

Number of Books with Specified Authors is 44, or 4 x 11

Of the 44 Specified Authors, number of writers of more than one book is 22 or 2 x 11

Of the 44 Specified Authors, number of writers of only one book is 22 or 2 x 11

Number of Epistolary Books is 33 or 3 x 11. (Books either are letters written to individuals or churches or which contain letters)

Books divided in Seven Divisions

  1. First five divisions total 44 books or 4 x 11
  2. Last two divisions total 22 books or 2 x 11

Purely Narrative Books of the Bible

  1. Genesis through 2 Kings equals 11 books
  2. Esther through Acts purely narrative and equal 11

Not Purely Narrative

Isaiah to Ecclesiastes are purely prophetic and equal 22 books or 2 x 11

Order Numbers of the Epistles equals 1,155, or 105 x 11

Order Numbers of the Non-Epistles equals 1,056 or 96 x 11

Adding up the order numbers of the 7 Great Bible Divisions equals 407, which is 37x11

Seven (7) Persons are named in New Testament as writers of Old Testament books. These writers have the following order numbers for their books:

  1. Moses -- 2, 3, 4, 5
  2. Isaiah -- 12
  3. Jeremiah 13
  4. Hosea -- 15
  5. Joel -- 16
  6. David -- 27
  7. Daniel -- 35

The sum of these order numbers is: 132 or 12 x 11

Five (5) authors named as such in the New Testament: James, Peter, Jude, Paul, John. The names of these 12 Bible writers named in the New Testament occur in the total Bible 2,871 times or 261 x 11.

Two (2) Persons whose names occur in the New Testament, but not as Old Testament writers are Jonah and Solomon. Jonah wrote book #19; Solomon wrote Book Numbers 28, 30, 33. Add these order numbers together and you get 110 which is 10 x 11.

Of this figure, Old Testament writers are mentioned in the whole Bible 2,310 times or 210 x 11

New Testament writers are mentioned a total of 561 times, or 51 x 11

Moses, the first Bible writer, is mention ed 847 times, or 121 x 11

The seven (7) Old Testament writers occur in the following books:

  1. Moses is found in 31 books
  2. Isaiah is found in 12 books
  3. Jeremiah is found in 8 books
  4. Hosea is found in 7 books
  5. Joel is found in 7 books
  6. Daniel is found in 6 books
  7. David is found in 28 books

The sum of these occurrences is 99 or 9 x 11

The sum of the First, the Middle [4] and the Last [7] equals 66 or 6 x 11

The sum of the rest [2], [3], [5], and [6] equals 33 or 3 x 11

The name of Moses occurs 847 times. In some books, it occurs more than 100 times; in some books, its occurrence takes on two digits to express it, i.e., Joshua, 58 times; In Revelation, Moses is only mentioned once. Thus, the entire sequence of 11's would have failed had Moses' name not been mentioned this one time. Moses' birth to Revelation is 1,666 years, from 1571 B.C. to 95 A.D. a time period of 238 x 7. Number 238 itself is 34 x 7

Moses is mentioned once in 21 books for a total of 77 times -- 7 x 11.

Moses is mentioned more than once 10 books for a total of 770 times -- 11 x 7 x 10

Non-Epistle books mention Moses 825 times, or 75 x 11

Epistle books mention Moses 22 times, or 2 x 11

Of the 66 total books of the Bible, every 11th number is: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66. Their sum is 231, or 21 x 11. It is also 33 x 7.

The Numeric Values of the authors of Scripture is, 7,931, or 11 x 721. Or, to look at it another way, 7,931 is 7 x 1133. You see many instances throughout Scripture where God arranges numbers in such a way as to have double fulfillment, just as He does in many prophecies. [See above table of the order values of the Books of the Bible]

The first writers of the 7 Bible Divisions are: Moses, Isaiah, David, James, John. Their total numeric values are 2,662, or 11 x 242.

Bible begins with B'RAYSHITH -- In the beginning; it ends in Greek with HAGIOHN. The instances of the two appearing in Scripture is 286 times, or 11 x 26.

Numeric value of B'RAYSHITH is 913, which is 11 x 83.

The total sum of the Old Testament book's order numbers is 77, or 11 x 7.

Bible data give eight dates as ending the great Periods of its history:

1. Adam to Flood to Year 1656

2. Flood to First Covenant 2107

3. Covenant to Exodus 2537

4. Exodus to First Temple 3017

5. Temple to Captivity 3446

6. Captivity to Restoration 3516

7. Restoration to Jesus' birth 3999

8. Birth of Jesus Christ to the Cross 4032

The sum of these dates is 24,310, or 11 x 2210

In determining these dates, every passage bearing on this subject was studied. There are 245 dates that are obtainable only from the Bible. The number, 245, is 35 x 7.

As we show above, these 8 major dates added together equals 24,310, or 11 x 2210. However, the numbers occupying the odd places, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 equal 11,638, or 1058 x 11. The numbers occupying the even places equal 12,672, or 1152 x 11.

The number of the books of the Bible -- added together -- equals 2211, which is 201 x 11.

This equation may also be expressed as 11 x 67 x 3. Similarly, the days of other planets, i.e., Earth, Mars, four moons of Jupiter, and Venus all have the number '67' in their equations as well. This leads Panin to say that, "the number of the books in the Bible may have thus been planned with special reference to the distances of the planets from the Sun!" [p. 88]

After giving numerous additional examples of the same Bible Numerics found in Astronomical data , Panin declares: "... the enumeration of the Astronomic relations so far given is only a mere earnest of teeming multitudes & The Architect of the Heavens is in every detail not only the Writer, but also Artificer of His Book, which is an Edifice as well as a book: a Temple in fact, made indeed with hands, but also without. The heavens do, indeed, declare the Glory of God. But the writer [Panin] deems himself specially blessed in its being given him (unworthy of the least of His mercies) to be the one to point out that in precisely the same manner, with the selfsame numbers even, does the Bible also declare the glory of God." [p. 92]


The number of the vibrations of the air in Middle 'C' is 264, or 24 x 11.

The intervals between the notes of the musical scale is always in multiples of 11.


We hope this little study has given you a scientific basis for your belief in the Divine Authorship of the Holy Bible.  In today's doubting world, the average person needs to understand the scientific validity underlying all of Scripture.  We have printed articles in which we have demonstrated that, when God chooses to reveal scientific truth in Scripture, He is always correct.  Now, we demonstrate that God has chosen to create His Bible on the basis of mathematics.  What a wonderful God we serve!

The time is coming when our faith will be tested by the mighty winds of Satan, blowing straight out of the Pit of Hell, all in support of his man, Antichrist.  Many of us also may also be called to go through the fires of martyrdom for our faith in Jesus Christ.  Now, you have a huge edge on all the Christian martyrs who have gone before you; now, you have scientific proof that God exists, that He wrote His wonderful Word, and that anyone can see the evidence of the wonderful mathematics for himself.

Truly, the end is coming, but we now have scientific evidence of Divine Authorship of the Scriptures.


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