Subtitle:  Since the planned economy for the global New World Order is Fascist -- not Capitalist nor Communist -- Americans and American businesses, need to be conditioned to accept Fascism.  Using confrontational tactics, the Clinton Administration is attacking Microsoft, even though Bill Gates is fully in line with the Plan. Conditioning, conditioning, and more conditioning.

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"Microsoft readies counterproposal:  Plan would keep company in one piece", by James V. Grimaldi, The Washington Post, reported in The Sun Chronicle, Attleboro, Sunday, May 7, 2000, p. A7.

"WASHINGTON -- Microsoft Corp. is drafting a counterproposal to the government's breakup plan that involves limits on its business practices, such as giving computer makers more flexibility to alter Windows software and offering versions of Windows without access to the company's Internet browser, people familiar with the plan said Saturday.  The company's proposal is meant to show U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson that there is a remedy directly addressing the court's verdict -- that Microsoft broke federal antitrust law -- without going to the 'radical' extent of breaking the company in two, sources close to the company said."

"The Justice Department and 17 states last month urged the judge to break Microsoft into two companies:  one that would sell personal computer operating systems, the brains that run personal computers; and another company that would focus on selling software applications, Internet services and other Microsoft products."

To a very large extent, this government suit against Microsoft goes against the grain of every conservative economist in the world, as it seems to punish Microsoft for its resounding success.  And resounding that success has been!  In modern history, no company has gone from zero to Hero in such a short amount of time.  Just a couple decades ago, Bill Gates was beginning his company, operating out of his garage.  Today, Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar corporation, that has made Bill Gates one of the world's richest men.

Gates stepped into the computer market at just the right time, when computers and their operating systems were beginning.  He created a  line of products that operated better than any other systems of like kind.  Gates also pushed the envelope greatly in creating software products that did things no one had dreamed computers would ever be able to do.  Gates created an unbroken success story, demonstrating that a person with the right combination of ideas, technical expertise, and correct business decision-making, can achieve mightily in our society today.

In the process, Gates created a monstrous company that was obscenely profitable.  Microsoft's bottom line profits equal nearly two-thirds of its gross income, compared with industry standards of less than 5% of gross income.  This bottom line profitability was achieved even after paying Gates and his top lieutenants billions of dollars in income.

Why was Microsoft able to achieve such unparalleled success?  Gates and his top employees seized a vision of what could be scientifically possible with computers; they then were capable of transforming that vision into reality, at a cost so low that they were able to place retails on their new product  seemingly reasonable to the consumer, even though these retails were delivering unparalleled profitability to Microsoft.

Furthermore, Gates and his top management were able to avoid making costly mistakes in judgment, even though other top companies -- such as IBM -- were making just such costly mistakes in judging what the future held for computers and software.  IBM felt that the "saturation point" for personal computers would peak at less than one million units!

Clearly, Microsoft has reached the stratosphere in terms of gross income and bottom line profitability. 

Gates was also able to extend his economic clout to the political arena.  From September 28 to October 1, 1995, Gates was one of the invited guests to the extremely important New World Order planning session held in San Francisco.  Former Soviet dictator, Gorbachev, was the originator and instigator of this planning session. The objective of this meeting was to further plan how to move the world into the global economy, religion, and political machine called for in the New World Order Plan.  You can read all about this meeting in NEWS1020 and NEWS1021, entitled "Gorbachev More Dangerous Than Ever", Parts 1 and 2 respectively.

This was an extremely important planning session, and Bill Gates had been invited.  Thus, Gates is on board with the plan to produce the global system of the New Age Christ.  Bill Gates is one of the privileged insiders .

Then, why is Globalist Bill Clinton using the immense power of his Federal Government to "attack" and break apart the company owned and operated by fellow Globalist Bill Gates?!  Obviously, something is operating  below the surface that is invisible to anyone not familiar with the New World Order Plan and its tactics.

I smell the Dialectic Process at work here.  We chronicle the outworking of the Dialectic Process in NEWS1007, "Thesis x Antithesis = Synthesis".  We encourage you to stop right now, click on this article, and read it so you can understand what is about to follow.

The basis of the Dialectic Process is:  "Conflict brings about change; controlled conflict brings about controlled change".

Obviously, we are looking at the outworking of a Dialectic Plan to achieve controlled change by engaging in a controlled conflict.  Please allow me to explain.

There are three types of economies in the world today.

First, we have Capitalism controlling the major Western-style economies of the world, led by the United States.  Capitalism is defined as that system in which the Means of Production (Mines, Factories) are controlled by private individuals or privately owned corporations.  Critical decisions as to what price to charge for products created resides within the owners or operators of these private companies. Critical decisions as to what to produce, when to produce it, and how much to produce, also reside within the private company.  The role of the government is limited ; it is to step in only to prevent unfair practices on the part of one company against another.  Because Capitalism is closely in-tune with the ultimate purchaser, the right products are made at the right price, at the right amount to satisfy the demand, and at the right time.  This is the basic reason Capitalism has consistently produced the highest standards of living in world history. Capitalism also encourages innovation and risk taking, with huge rewards for the person taking that risk.  Capitalism has never put a cap on what a person  can earn.

Secondly, Socialism/Communism still controls a significant part of the world.  Communism is defined as that system in which the Means of Production are controlled by the "community", hence the name, Communism.  All critical decisions referenced above are made by the bureaucrats working for the government.  The role of the government within the economy is so huge as to defy the imagination.  The economy literally cannot work until the bureaucrats make the critical decisions.  Since bureaucrats are not closely in-tune with the ultimate purchaser, the wrong products are made, at the wrong price, at the wrong amount to satisfy the demand, and at the wrong time.  This is the basic reason Communism has never, ever been able to provide even a basic standard of living for its people; in every country gone Communism, that country very quickly goes from an exporter of food and material goods to an importer.  No Communist country has ever been able to feed its people.  All innovation and risk-taking disappears in a Communist economy, since no one is rewarded for extra work or for new ideas.  When Communism promises to "correct" injustices of income in the economy, what they really do is to plunge everyone into the lowest subsistence levels.  Remember this the next time you listen to the class-envy rhetoric of the Socialist Democrats and Liberal Republicans.  Remember, also, that Communism always couched their most terrible plans in the most flowery, promising language.  They always tell the people they "feel their pain" and want to right the supposed injustice in the existing system.  Without exception, the exact opposite has occurred once Communists get into power.

Thirdly, Fascism controls the economy of Japan, and has done so since World War II.  Before allowing rampant investor speculation to bring this economy to its knees, Fascism worked so well many people during the 1980's thought the Japanese system would take over the world.  Fascism is defined as that kind of economy in which the Means of Production are controlled by private individuals or privately owned corporations.  However, the federal government steps in to decide how many competitors will produce the same type product.  The government further decides the price that can be charged.  Decisions as to what to produce, when to produce them, and in what quantity they should be produced, resides within the private company. 

Communist China has now completed the changeover from a Communist economy to a Fascist one.  The results in the past 15 years have been spectacular, as factories are hiring huge numbers of workers to produce the goods the West is demanding.  Fascist economies work.  However, the government of Fascist economies also severely restricts the individual freedoms of the people.  Our Freedom of Religion, of Speech, of Free Press, of Gun Control, and on and on, is targeted for extinction.  Fascist economies deliver the goods and services to a people who are tightly controlled by the government.

Fascism is the planned economy of the global New World Order.  This economy delivers goods and services almost as well as Capitalism does, while having the huge advantage of the federal government being a major partner in the production, distribution, and ultimate sale, of the products manufactured.  Since the government controls competition, AND sets price, the private individuals that own the companies are assurred of becoming exceedingly rich. 

Thus, from the beginning of the New World Order Plan in 1776, Adam Weishaupt, the political force, was supported by the banker Rothschild.  In fact, some evidence exists that the entire concept of global control politically and monetarily was conceived by Rothschild in 1773, who then took the plan to Weishaupt who brought it to full completion in 1776, when he established the Master of the Illuminati, stepping on to the world stage with a fully mature plan for global takeover.

Americans generally, and American politicians specifically, have been loathe to adopt this kind of system.  Fascism flies in the teeth of the American entrepreneurial style.  In America today, a bright, energetic, hardworking person with a great idea can become exceedingly rich.  In Fascism, that kind of rapid rise to the top by a person not an insider is made nearly impossible.

How does the Illuminati best proceed to convince Americans it is in their best interest to go into Fascism?

The government needs to make an example of its ability to force a privately-held company to fall in line with regulation.  If Microsoft can be made to do the bidding of the government, then other companies will know that, when the government comes knocking at their door, they cannot resist.  Fascism will then be inevitable.

Government control over the economy and the companies which drive it, is absolutely essential if the brave new world of the New World Order is to succeed.  As we have stated in the past, Antichrist cannot fulfill the Bible prophecies required of him unless he utilizes high technology, and unless the people have supreme confidence in such technology.  This fact is one of the major reasons it made no sense to us for the Illuminati to allow Y2K to bring the economy down.  Antichrist needs a strong economy and its high technology to allow him to fulfill all Bible prophecies.  Further, the Illuminati is correctly convinced they need a prosperous people if Antichrist is going to be accepted.  A prosperous people feels no need for God.  In the 120 years before Nebuchadnezzar conquered and slaughtered Israel, acting as God's "servant", Israel was increasingly more and more prosperous.  When Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Israel, Israel was the economic supernation of the world.  People could not believe the warnings of God's prophets, as they felt that, if God was that upset with them, He would not allow them to enjoy such material prosperity; Americans feel the same today.  Israel was wrong then, and Americans will discover, to their horror, they were wrong today.

Make no mistake about the fact that the Illuminati has plans to destroy our economy eventually, replacing the Industrial Economy with an Agricultural one; however, those plans will not begin until Antichrist is accepted by the vast majority of the peoples of the world.  I suspect this planned destruction of our Industrial Economy is planned to begin after Antichrist forces the Mark of the Beast upon everyone.  Such an event will be well into the first half of the Tribulation Period, and maybe precisely at the half-way mark.

Watch this action against Microsoft carefully.  If the government wins the case, and if Microsoft is forced to split into two companies, you know the government will similarly begin action against other large corporations, until the entire economy is regulated by the government, with ownership retained by private individuals and/or corporations.  At this point, you will know that the End of the Age is exceedingly close.


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