Subtitle:  Consistent with the established New World Order Plan to substitute emotion for critical thinking skills, the Gun Control debate has entered a new phase of emotion. This effort is likely to succeed where others have failed.  American liberty is in real trouble.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Our Family Will Never Be The Same:  Two shots from a gun, a mother's eternal grief", by Joanne Marciano, Journal Staff Writer, Providence Sunday Journal, May 14, 2000, p. A-1, 14.

"This morning, JoAnne Bishop will drive from Hyannis to Providence, a trip she has taken too often during the last 16 months. But this time, the 76-mile journey will be different. It has to be.  This time, she won't be on her way to the hospital, her heart pounding with fear for her son's life ... This time, she won't be wondering what the two teenagers who shot and killed her son look like ... This time, she won't be praying that a judge will send his killers to prison for life ... The last time JoAnne crossed the George Washington Bridge into Providence, three months ago, she brought with her a collage of family photographs.  Life with Cuff. Life without Cuff." 

"The teenagers who killed her son were being sentenced that day.  In the courtroom, JoAnne, Amy and Jim and their father, James, took turns reading from the victim's impact statement they had spent hours preparing ... When one family member was overcome with grief, another took over.  'As Cuff's family, we can't begin to describe the hurt, sadness, and frustration we carry with us day to day since he was taken away from us 13 months ago.  It still hasn't quite fully sunk in that we will never get to see, touch, or hear our son or brother again.  Our family will never be the same, our everyday lives torn apart and changed forever.'  Superior Court Judge Robert D. Krause sentenced [the teen killers] to life in prison."

"Today -- Mother's Day and also her birthday -- JoAnne Bishop will drive again from Hyannis to Providence. And, this time, the trip will be different ... She will, again, hold in her hands a type-written statement she spent hours preparing.  But this one will call for stricter gun control.  She will speak once more of the pain she feels every day, as her family listens nearby. But this time, they can't take over for her when tears make words impossible." [Page A-14]

This emotion is a real as any can ever be, it is heartfelt to the very core of the victim's families, and it cannot be made to go away by anyone who disagrees with her belief that stricter gun control would have saved her son's life.  I do not mean to minimize the personal loss - the terrible grief - that accompanies the loss of a loved one to a gun crime.  If I were to lose a loved one to gunshot, I know my feelings of loss would parallel the loss felt by this particular family.  The feelings are real; they are harsh; and they can devastate the lives and emotions of the survivors.

However, these poor survivors have no inkling that they are being used, being played like a piano, for the benefit of the coming global dictatorship called the New World Order.  These poor survivors do not realize that this Plan to take away our guns started at least five decades ago in this country.  When this mother was in public school, she had no idea she was deliberately receiving a defective education, an education designed to produce emotion rather than critical thinking .  Listen to the wording of the New World Order Plan:

"STRATEGIES TO ACHIEVE SOCIETAL CONTROL -- Keep the public undisciplined and ignorant of basic systems principles on the one hand, while keeping them confused, disorganized, and distracted with matters of no real importance.  This is achieved by:  1) Disengaging their minds; sabotaging their mental activities; providing low-quality programs of public education in mathematics, logic, systems design, and economics, and discouraging technical creativity; 2)  Engaging their emotions, increasing their self-indulgence and their indulgence in emotional and physical activities by:  a) Unrelenting emotional attacks by way of constant barrage of sex, violence and wars in the media -- especially TV and newspapers; b) Giving them what they desire -- in excess -- 'junk food for thought', i.e., Tabloids, Soap Operas, plus endless and mindless TV.  3)  Rewriting history and the law, and subjecting the public to the deviant creation [Evolution], thus being able to shift their thinking." [William Cooper, Behold A Pale Horse , p. 57; Emphasis added]

I draw your specific attention to the most important objectives of this defective planned education -- "disengaging their minds, sabotaging their mental activities ... Engaging their emotions ..."

For the past 50 years, all facets of Mass Media -- in conjunction with Public School Curricula -- have been mightily striving to produce just this kind of citizen, in as large numbers as possible.  To this end, they have produced a citizenry that does not critically think their way through a problem, but instead tries to solve their problems by following their emotions, not realizing their emotions can be easily kindled on wrong issues, and easily steered in the direction desired by the Media. 

And, throughout this entire process, the victim does not realize he or she has been manipulated!

Have you noticed that, in the mid-1980's, television and newspaper journalists began asking "How do you feel", rather than "What do you think" about the issue at hand?  The New Age Movement has played a huge part in this transformation also, because they place such an emphasis on feeling that they urge their members to "trust" their emotions!

These Mothers against guns are asking the great big, bad, hungry wolf to more strictly control the possession, and purchase of guns of all citizenry, even though the wolf is ravenously anxious to sink his teeth into the meek flock of sheeple.  But, of course, you would never be able to convince these good-hearted Moms of this, for they believe in Big Government.  They assume the Big Government they have created and are seeking to empower for the eventual take-over of guns will always be benevolent, always out to seek the greatest good of its citizens.

Why would so many good-hearted Moms NOT fear an all-powerful Big Government, especially since our Government has been trying to establish global dictatorship for the past 50 years?  Our current Big Government is anxious to establish what the Bible has been predicting for 2,500 years at the End of the Age:  the most repressive, murderous global dictatorship in human history. It's name is the New World Order.

But, why can't these Moms see this?  To understand the answer, you have to go back to the planned inferior education, as quoted above.  One of the quoted purposes of the gradual slide into an inferior education is to "Rewrite History".  Our history books have been rewritten  so that our students have not been taught the terrible lessons history should be teaching them.  They  have not been taught that history is really the story of man's wars, separated by a few years here and there of peace.  They actually believe man is inherently good.

They have not been taught that Communism kills because of its philosophy that man is inherently good; in fact, polls have shown that the students of today do not think there is much difference between a Communist governed country and ours.  Because they believe this lie, they will not think twice about sending young Elian Gonzalez back to Communist Cuba; since they believe this lie, they will not fear what our government might do to them, once they have disarmed the public.

Because none of these Moms have ever been taught history, they cannot appreciate the fact that every repressive, dictatorial government in mankind's bloody history has disarmed the people immediately upon taking power.  Do you think Stalin could have murdered 20 million of his own people before World War II started, had these people possessed 100 million firearms?  But, the sad fact is that these Moms do not even know that Stalin killed 20 million of his own people.

During the entire length of this long article, no mention was ever made of exactly what kind of law might have prevented these two teens from killing her son, Cuff.  In point of fact, no law can change the hearts and minds and this is the only change that would have prevented this murder.  Had these two teens not been able to get their hands on a gun, they likely would have used a knife, because they had murder in their hearts long before they set their sights on young Cuff. 

How many more murders with guns will have to occur before the rest of our unthinking citizenry will rise up to demand that guns be seized?  I fear that the time is soon coming when the majority of Americans will demand guns be seized.  Another Columbine shooting might do the trick.

Watch the current debate on gun control before Congress.  I bet you see all sorts of bills proposed that will further infringe upon our rights as citizens and upon our privacy.  There are members of Congress who might have otherwise voted against any further erosion of our freedoms that just might vote in favor of something, so they can go to their constituents to say, "I voted in favor of more 'responsibility' in the ownership of guns." Since this is an election year, a lot of Congressmen and Senators might be inclined to vote for "something", and that is the big fear.  History warns us that early registration and regulation of guns has almost always resulted in eventual confiscation, as the government then knows exactly who has how many guns and where they are located.  Registration and regulation creates a detailed road map when the government actually moves to confiscate.

Do not be deceived, good-hearted Moms against guns:  the very Big Government that is urging you onward in your crusade against guns will be the first one to send heavily-armed men to your door after guns have been confiscated.  What will your reaction be when you see that your good-hearted actions have just resulted in a total loss of freedom for all Americans?  Will you be "sorry" then?  Will you even then realize the end result of your efforts now to more regulate guns?

Listen to the final statement of the New World Order Plan as it speaks, above, of how to achieve Societal Control:  "The female element of human society is ruled by emotion first and logic second.  A woman with a newborn baby is too starry-eyed to see a wealthy man's cannon fodder or a source of cheap labor.  A woman must, however, be conditioned to accept the transition to 'reality' when it comes, sooner or later." [Cooper, Behold A Pale Horse; emphasis added]

Moms marching against guns are too starry-eyed to see that their genuine grief over the loss of a loved one by gun violence is being turned against them by the Clinton Administration and the Media, to further the dictatorial aims of the coming New World Order.  As a point of fact, your very participation in this Million Mom March is conditioning you, and many other women in America, to accept the premise that the government needs more laws.  Conditioning, Conditioning, Conditioning.

Truly, the End of the Age is very close.

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