Subtitle:  Once you understand Leftist Liberal thinking about the needed "balance in global military preparedness", you will understand how Clinton could give secrets away, sell them away, and allow them to be "stolen".  We deserve this frightening scenario for electing such a pro-Communist Liberal as President.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Foes, allies tracking antimissile system test:  Critics fear the missile-defense system, if pursued by President Clinton in the fall, would upset the balance of international power", by Elaine Sciolino, The New York Times, as printed in The Providence Journal, Saturday, July 8, 2000, p. A-1, 6.

"WASHINGTON -- Protestors took to the seas, scientists voiced their doubts and Pentagon planners monitored weather patterns last night as the United States prepared for a high-altitude test that is expected to determine whether President Clinton approves a plan to build a shield of missiles aimed at protecting U.S. soil from attack.  The test lasts only 30 minutes; it costs $100 million.

"The test last night is being watched around the world.  Not since 1983, when President Ronald Reagan envisioned a defense based in space that would render nuclear weapons obsolete, has an issue of military technology seized the imagination of U.S. policymakers and politicians and alarmed America's friends and foes.  The issue has also entered the presidential campaign, with Vice President Al Gore endorsing a limited version of the plan and Gov. George W. Bush backing a more ambitious plan that could be deployed in space.

"And it has raised a chorus of criticism from a sizable swath of scientists in the United States, some of whom argue that the proposed $60-billion system is not feasible and that the tests are rigged ... 'Hitting a bullet with a bullet', is the way one Pentagon official described the hoped-for collision. 'Steel on target', said another. The test follows two previous test attempts to intercept a target, part of a series of 19 planned tests.

"But the administration has been hit by a storm of criticism from prominent scientists, arms-control experts, former officials, and the General Accounting Office over the cost, technology and effect on relations with other countries ... In an attempt to stop the test, Greenpeace, the anti-nuclear organization, said that a small team of missile-defense opponents entered the grounds of Vandenberg Air Force base on foot. Equipped with survival gear and supplies for several days, they intended to stay inside the area as long as they could ... In addition, the Dutch vessel Arctic Sunrise threatened to enter one of the hazard zones designated by the Pentagon in the shores off Vandenberg ... At a news briefing in Washington, a group of business leaders and scientists weighed in with eleventh-hour criticism of both the test and the entire plan ... Even within the administration. a debate was raging among intelligence and Pentagon officials and policy analysts over the nature and extent of the potential threat from countries like North Korea, Iran and Iraq that is the official justification for building a missile shield ..." [Ibid., p. A-1, 6]

The quotes I want to focus this article on today is "... the administration has been hit by a storm of criticism from prominent scientists, arms-control experts, former officials, and the General Accounting Office over the cost, technology, and effect on relations with other countries .."  Also, "upset the balance of international power".

While I have no quarrel with an argument over the technological feasibility of this missile defense plan, or over the cost, I have a huge difficulty with the argument that we should not build a missile defense plan because our potential adversaries might object!  What a nonsensical debate! Such a line of debate should never enter the mind of a reasonable person.  But, this is the mindset of a typical Leftist Liberal.

Let us back up a few years so we can understand this Leftist Liberal mindset.

During the Eisenhower years, the President and the Pentagon adopted a strategy of responding to a possible nuclear attack from Russia; dubbed M.A.D.D. for Mutually-Assurred Defensive Destruction, this strategy called for an immediate, massive counter-attack once our radars and computers had determined that a Russian attack was under way.  This massive retaliation would be carried out by every weapon at our disposal; nothing would be held back. 

The fact that we had no effective defense against intercontinental ballistic missiles made this strategy necessary.  The thinking was that the Russians would be deterred from attacking if they knew they would be annihilated as well.  This line of thought is similar to the understanding of the mind of a criminal who is contemplating carrying out a robbery; he wants to enrich himself at your expense, but he does not want to die.  Statistics have repeatedly shown that criminals move on to someone else to rob if they have any reason to expect their potential victim is armed or can otherwise defend themselves.

I supported this strategy, as it fit the thinking pattern of a reasonable man.  The huge majority of the American people also supported this strategy.  And, one might reasonably argue that M.A.D.D. was effective, as it prevented nuclear war during the entire time of the Cold War [The fact that the Cold War itself was staged is the subject of other articles, most notably NEWS1007]

However, the Leftist Liberal railed repeatedly and very loudly against this plan.  Their spokesmen made speeches, wrote articles, were interviewed on all sorts of radio and television talk shows, and generally made life miserable for everyone.  They repeatedly stated that this strategy would result in the very annihilation by atomic warfare that it sought to prevent.  We were subjected to all sorts of exceedingly frightening scenarios by this group of Leftist Liberals.  Fake organizations were even set up with impressive names to serve as the front organizations of this group.  I learned early on to examine with skepticism the claims of an organization protesting our defense establishment even though they had names that sounded very impressive and impartial.  The same tactic has given rise to many organizations fighting the Extreme Environmental battle today.

What was the solution of the Leftist Liberal to "correcting the errors" of the M.A.D.D. strategy?  They advocated Unilateral Disarmament!  They really advocated that, if America disarmed first, the Russians would naturally follow.  How ridiculous this concept truly is, and fortunately, they garnered not even close to enough support to get any presidential administration to adopt their plan.

But, I was astounded by their plan, because it does not come from any reasonable line of thinking.  However, I did understand that their defective reasoning did have one solid basis:  the Leftist Liberal thinks that man is inherently good, not evil as the Bible states.  As radical as this belief might seem to some people, it is one of the basic foundation stones of Communism, and is the reason Communism kills so many people when it takes over a country.

You see, Communism teaches that, while man is inherently good, he is corrupted by his environment. Therefore, if you want to build the "perfect" society full of inherently good people, you have to change the environment in which their citizens will live. In changing the environment, Communists advocated immediate and drastic action in order to immediately root out the dastardly influences that corrupt the young citizens.  What are these terrible influences that Communists feel ruin a young person?  Clergy and anyone of strong religious belief, educators in the traditional system, anyone successful in business, and anyone over the age of 50, qualify for the "immediate, drastic action" of removing them from society.  Of course, the way in which this immediate removal is accomplished is to kill such individuals.  This is the main reason Communism kills so many people when it takes over a country.

Therefore, when a Leftist Liberal believes man is inherently good, he thinks far differently than you or I about defense.  They believe that the impediment to peaceful relations on a global scale is the weaponry itself, not the naturally evil hearts of the men controlling them.  While reasonable men understand that mankind is inherently evil, and seek to control that evil by creating and maintaining the kind of military force that would deter any enemy from even thinking about war, Leftist Liberals assume mankind is inherently good and would react positively to a unilateral disarmament by disarming themselves!  Then, mankind could march into the Sunset arm-in-arm happy forever as we celebrate our mutual goodness.

This nonsensical argument continued for over three long decades, wearying many Americans.  Then, in the early 1980's, President Reagan made his famous speech about the kind of technology that would make nuclear weapons obsolete.  He proposed a defense shield that would be so effective no missiles could penetrate, thus rendering an attack meaningless; this defense system came to be called Star Wars. [We believe this country already has a missile defense shield in place that will deter 100% of an attack; it is called HAARP.  You can read the articles about it by clicking the button, Weather Control on the Home Page].

I was ecstatic about this new technology that would properly defend us, and I was 100% positive that  Leftist Liberals would join in support of this system.  After all, it was passive, not active; it would prevent a war from starting, rather than threatening to start such a war; it would be far more cost-effective than continually bringing new weapons systems on line.  Such a defensive system threatened no one!  While we were building it, the traditional M.A.D.D. strategy would prevent anyone from launching an attack.

But, was I ever wrong!  When the leading Leftist Liberals of the time were interviewed, they attacked the Star Wars system with the same fervor with which they had attacked weapons systems over the previous three decades!  They said Star Wars would 'destablize' the entire global structure, and would cause a country to launch an attack before we could get such a weapons system set up and finalized; I could never understand why the Russians or the Chinese would be so eager to be annihilated, but then I was never allowed to personally conduct the interview with any of these Liberals.

As I struggled to understand the mentality of opposition to both active weapons systems and the passive defense systems, I discovered a fact that literally blew my mind.  Since the believe man is inherently good, they also believe no one wants to start a war, and no one wants to conquer any other country; therefore, the best way to achieve peace is to enable the Russians and Chinese to have exactly the same weapons we possess!

Let me repeat that, just in case you did not get it:

The best way to achieve peace is to enable the Russians and Chinese to have exactly the same weapons we possess!

Leftist Liberals argued this line of flawed thinking all through the Reagan era, as President Reagan sought his defense system dubbed Star Wars.  This line of thinking is comparable to a man who is threatened by a new neighbor, threatened with death.  Rather than calling the police and lodging a complaint that might have restrained the neighbor, the Leftist Liberal takes other actions.  First, he offers to throw away his gun that he might use for self-defense, believing that his aggressive neighbor would throw his gun away also.  When that did not work, the Liberal would then buy his neighbor the exact same gun he had, believing that, if they both owned the same gun, peace would be restored.  I guess this poor Liberal never thought that the neighbor might lie in wait to catch him off-guard so he could kill him with the very advanced weapon he had been given by his stupid Liberal neighbor.  Come to think of it, I bet no Leftist Liberal ever, ever would have thought to take this kind of action on a personal level; but, they surely do advocate it globally, as a policy between nations.

While I totally disagreed with this line of thinking, I felt secure in the thought that Americans overwhelmingly rejected this terribly flawed line of thinking, and therefore, would likely never elect a President who agreed with them.

Then we elected President William Clinton, the quintessential Leftist Liberal Vietnam War protester. The portent of things to come with this president should have been obvious to Secret Service personnel during the first few days of the Clinton transition to power.  As former FBI Agent, Gary Aldrich, recorded in his book, Unlimited Access, "... the Secret Service's attention was captured by a Clinton Advance Team member wearing a red Lenin lapel pin." [p. 10]

Had I known this back in late-1992, I would not have slept very well for years.  Enough indicators were present back even before the 1992 presidential election to tell us that Clinton was extremely pro-Communist.  We did not need to wait until last year, for Mr. Nyquist of WorldNewsDaily Daily to publish his expose' of how the American Communist Party had selected Mr. Clinton way back in the late 1970's to be their "Stealth Marxist President" [Read NEWS1315, "Mr. Clinton Is Not Just A Communist; He Is An Illuminist"]

Thus, we can know certainly that President Clinton [former Vietnam War protestor Leftist Liberal] has this same stupid mindset that the best way to secure our future is to share our latest weapons technology with the Russians and Chinese, on the flawed assumption that an absolute parity in weapons will produce an absolute parity in relations, and produce that perfect peace between nations. This flawed thinking is the basis for the Clinton Administration giving secrets away, allowing some of them to be purchased, and in so changing the security system at Los Alamos and other weapons labs so that both the Chinese and Russians could gain access to our most important, and advanced, weapons technology. [The fact that Clinton is pursuing a "missile defense" system that is already outmoded by HAARP technology should tell us that our Illuminist leaders need this type of testing for some other reason, to perfect some other type of technology]

But, of course, we Christians know the opposite will happen, because man is inherently evil [Jeremiah 17:9].  We know this insane thinking could lead to our destruction, just as foretold in the End of the Age.  Truly, having the fox guard the chicken coop could very well lead to our destruction.  Having an Illuminist Communist as President might very well be our undoing yet, which is why we titled our series of articles on the witchcraft of the Clintons, "Clinton's Fatal Leadership", accessible from our Home Page.

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