Subtitle:  The Israeli leftist citizen, who had been duped into thinking they could ever coexist with the Palestinians, has been radicalized by the tremendous outpouring of Arab intense hatred and violence since Rosh Hashanah.  Arafat has lost his Israeli support.  He cannot get anything more from the "peace" table; he must now go to war.


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NEWS BRIEF:  "Idealism turns to doubt among left-wing groups", by Lee Hockstader, The Washington Post, October 10, 2000.

"JERUSALEM, Oct. 10 - Today's program at Givat Haviva had been scheduled long ago. One hundred and twenty high school students, half Jews, half Arabs, were to meet for an all-day encounter, a cross-cultural dialogue meant to promote peace, understanding and maybe even friendship.  ''If they can call their children to fight, there is no peace process. Maybe we're really at war and it's only us stupid jerks on the left who don't know it.' - TALI AMNON, Graduate student, Tel Aviv University ... the program was cancelled."

As we shall demonstrate, this expression of despair with the Palestinian Peace Process  is so wide-spread in the Israeli population right now that Arafat has lost his ability to negotiate with Israeli politicians.  You see, Arafat knew he had two natural allies in Israel that would give him all the support he needed to gain concessions at the negotiating table.  First, Arafat knew the polling data as well as any Israeli politician; he knew that almost half of the Israeli citizens sincerely believed the Palestinians wanted peace and coexistence with Israel.  These citizens believed that, if the "genuine" Palestinian "grievances" were properly addressed, and if Israel gave the Palestinians the land within Israel they were demanding, then peace was an attainable goal.  Even though these Israelis were physically living in Israel, their minds seemed to be on another planet.  Even though evidence continued to hit them almost daily that the Palestinians really hated their guts, and really wanted them dead, they continued to hold this false Utopian belief.  These citizens hold these Utopian peace dreams no longer.  They have seen the unbelievable hatred pouring from the very Palestinians they honestly thought wanted to be their friends.

Secondly, Arafat knew he had the bottom line support of the Arabs living within Israel that had applied for, and received, Israeli citizenship.  These Arab Israelis voted for leftist candidates in almost a 100% bloc.  They provided margins of victory  in many an election, ensuring that the Israeli government felt the pressure to cut a deal with Arafat. In fact, this voting bloc of Arabs with Israeli citizenship had become so strong, they actually elected some of their own in the Knesset, Israel's parliament.  During this latest round of violence, many of these Arab-Israeli MK's incited ordinary Palestinians to violence.  Many of these MK's have actually called for Israel's destruction.  Thus, these Arab-Israeli MK's have shown their true colors, alienating the leftist Jewish citizen even more.

The bottom line as of this hour is that Arafat has now lost his natural constituency that enabled him to sit down at a negotiating table with Israeli prime ministers.  At this hour, we see that Prime Minister Barak -- who has been the most accommodating to Arafat -- has been the most leftist, and the most "peacenik" of all previous prime ministers, but has now set the most devastating military force against the Palestinians during this past two weeks.  In fact, Barak has even given permission for the Temple Mount Faithful to lay the cornerstone for the Third Temple, an action quite out of his secular -- and peacenik -- character.  It seems as though Barak has gotten the message.  [Of course, since Barak is thoroughly Illuminist, he has been just playing a part].

But, the stark fact for both the Illuminati and for Arafat, is that the leftist citizens within Israel have become so radicalized by the intense hatred and violence since Rosh Hashanah that no Israeli politician can dare go back to the "Peace" table with Arafat.  For that matter, Arafat could not return to the "Peace" table with an Israeli politician, or risk losing the support of his citizenry.

Therefore, there is no return to the negotiating table, and both sides know it.  The only alternative is war.


1.  "Asked how she now regards her work of recent years, Ozacky-Lazar responded succinctly: 'Complete failure,' she said, snapping off the answer before the question had quite been put to her. 'All the things we've done so far didn't work at the crucial moment, from both sides. When I saw these Arab youngsters throwing stones on the main road I've been going on for the last 15 years back and forth to work - and many of them maybe were involved in our project - and when I saw the Jewish riots last night, and when I saw the police shooting at civilians - after working with the police department for many years and lecturing them about the meaning of Arab citizens in this state ... the first reaction is: 'What am I doing here?' "

2.  "If the response of left-wing Israelis toward the riots and bloodshed has been emotional, it is no great surprise. Peace and war, left and right, are not subjects only for scholarly debate in Israel. They are opposing
camps and strongly held identities that define families, towns,  neighborhoods and institutions. That the pro-peace left is discouraged and in disarray does not mean simply that it may be losing an argument. It means, for some, questioning their role in Israeli society in recent years.  For some peace activists, it was a rude awakening to observe the depth of hatred among Palestinians, especially in the Palestinian media, which have
called on Arabs to attack Israeli army positions and sacrifice their children's blood if necessary."

" 'Something in me snapped. Something in me broke," said Tali Amnon, 26, a graduate student at Tel Aviv University. "If they can call their children to fight, there is no peace process ... "

I have always likened the naivete of the Israeli leftist with the same amazement as I have always had toward the Liberal Democrat in this country.  Both peoples display an incredible amount of almost childish belief in the "inherent goodness of man", and have always assumed that, if only they would extend a hand of fellowship out to their enemy, the inherent goodness of that enemy would overwhelm them, and they would seize our hand of fellowship, recognizing how wrong they had been all these years.  Thus, peace can be gained by continuously extending that hand of fellowship, even if no reciprocity is immediately given.  "Just give peace a chance", such a Liberal would intone.  Such a Liberal would also ignore all evidence to the contrary and would actually believe that a Conservative fellow-citizen trying to warn them that they were on the wrong course, were actually the enemy.

Now, the Liberal Jew in Israel has seen first-hand how very wrong they have been all these years.  I wonder if the Liberal American will realize how very wrong they have been, before mushroom clouds sprout up like weeds.

3.  "Danny Baruch, 49, a Jerusalem contractor, has covered his car with stickers, including one that says, 'The majority votes for peace'. This month, though, he finds himself reassessing his core beliefs and political
convictions. 'I would vote for Sharon these days because he's tough,' he said, referring to the right-wing opposition leader, Ariel Sharon, whose visit to a Jerusalem shrine holy to Muslims and Jews on Sept. 28 helped sparked the riots that erupted the next day. 'The peacemakers will come later. Keep the closure [on Palestinian territories], impose curfews, shoot until they lose enough people that they'll [negotiate]. ... God, I never thought I'd feel this way'."

4.  "Some peace activists are asking themselves if they fundamentally misjudged the Palestinians, as well as the Arab citizens of Israel with whom they worked. The rioting among Arabs in Israel, in particular, came as a rude awakening to many people here. Some had believed, perhaps unrealistically, that long exposure to Israel's democracy, civil society and modern economy had fostered a more or less content Arab community. Arabs make up 18 percent of Israel's 6.3 million people. Although spared the travail of their Palestinian cousins in Gaza and the West Bank, they have long complained of being treated like second-class citizens, cut short on government expenditures in their towns and relegated to dead-end jobs."

Thus, Liberal Jews who held this view, believed that, if the Palestinians were exposed to the wealth-producing Industrial economy of Israel, and if they were made first-class citizens, they would begin to want to coexist with the Jews so as to preserve their economic gains.  Little did the Liberal Jew realize this could never, ever happen, because the Palestinians want 100% of all Jews just as dead as Adolf Hitler wanted them dead 60 years ago.  This cause is a war of the Muslim religion fighting against the Jew, a religious war in the strongest sense of the word.

5.  " 'I feel like a total failure," said Nava Izan, 55, who heads the Adam Institute, a conflict resolution center based in Jerusalem. 'I've been involved for 10 years now. ... What have I done? It's like a very thin skin that was covering so much hatred [among Arabs]. I don't know, I'm very disappointed with myself'."      

6.  "Mimi Ash, 47, an American-born peace advocate who has been in Israel for 20 years, has devoted much of her time to coexistence projects - discussion and education groups of Jews and Arabs who thrash out problems and perspectives. She has learned a fair bit of Arabic and cultivated Arab friends. But now, she said, she is doubting some of the ideals that guided her. 'People are saying, 'I told you so,' " she said. "Even in the best of times, when I tell people what I do they laugh and say I'm naive and this won't help. I argue and say we're trying to work on the grass-roots level. But there's this big gap between what's going on and what we've been trying to do. ... It all seems so futile in a way." 

It was futile, from the beginning.  How does a man negotiate with a hungry tiger?  No matter how one may wish and hope, and deceive themselves, they cannot transform a hungry tiger into a human. No matter how any Liberal may wish they could transform the Palestinians into a human, they will always remain a hungry tiger as far as their feelings are concerned toward the Jews.  Remember what God promised 4,000 years ago:  "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee" [Genesis 12:3]

But, then God warned the Arab living at the End of the Age:  "I will gather all nations and will bring them into the Valley of Jehoshaphat [generic term for Middle East] and there deal with them and execute judgment upon them for their treatment of My people and of My heritage Israel." [Joel 3:2; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary] 

Therefore, God takes it mightily personal when the Arabs blow up a bus, killing many innocent Jewish men, women, and children.  God takes it personally when Arabs stab and beat to death Jewish soldiers as they did today.  But, you have to understand that Arabs have been treating Jews like this off and on for the past 3,500 years.  The End Times is the era in which God finally metes out judgment for all this mistreatment of His Chosen People, Israel.  God is even very clear how He is going to mete out judgment.  Listen:

"Behold, I will stir them out of the place to which you have sold them and will return your deed of retaliation upon your own head ."  [Joel 3:7, Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary; Emphasis added]  

"... yes, they shall drink, talk foolishly, and swallow down the full measure of punishment, and they shall be destroyed as though they had not been ... the House of Jacob shall be a fire, and the House of Joseph a flame but the House of Esau [Palestinians] shall be stubble; they shall kindle them and burn them and consume them and there shall be no survivor of the House of Esau, for the Lord has spoken it." [Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]  

This prophecy brings us back to our current situation in Israel.  Apparently, we are at the point where all-out war will erupt between Israel and the House of Esau [Palestinians].  When the Palestinians are 100% annihilated, you may know that God has just exercised His promised Judgment upon them for the way in which they have been treating the Jews for the past several millennia, and certainly since 1948.

Yassir Arafat has now no option other than to go to war, in a futile attempt to annihilate the Jew, to drive them into the sea, as he has so often stated as his goal.  Truly, the End of the Age is upon us.  

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