Subtitle:  At the last possible moment, Israeli government of Barak cancelled their previous authorization for the cornerstone of the Third Temple to be laid, and for the military escort that was to protect the procession and ceremony.  World War III is averted temporarily.

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NEWS BRIEF:  ""Temple Mount Faithful Banned From Temple Mount", by Etgar Lefkovits, The Jerusalem Post, Monday, October 16, 2000.

"JERUSALEM (October 16) - In light of the tense security situation, Jerusalem police will not allow members of the Temple Mount Faithful to ascend the Temple Mount today on their annual Succot march. The nationalistic group had scheduled a ceremony to anoint a "cornerstone for the Third Temple. Citing reasons of public safety, the police will allow the group to hold a gathering only at the Western Wall plaza."

We received this electronic article literally just hours before the Temple Mount Faithful were scheduled to begin their procession up the Temple Mount, to place the cornerstone for the Third Temple.  Earlier, the Barak Government had given permission, and had agreed to provide a military escort to protect the procession, a protection that would have been sorely needed.  Without such protection, the Jews trying to lay the cornerstone would have been slaughtered, as the reaction from the Palestinians was predictably harsh and warlike.

NEWS BRIEF: "Statement on the Jews’ attempt to lay down the foundation stone of the alleged temple tomorrow on the date of the notorious Sharm Al-Sheikh summit, Hamas, The Islamic Resistance Movement, http://www.palestine-info.net/hamas/communiques/comm_text/2000/15_oct_00.htm, 15 October 2000.

"Our Mujahid Palestinian people: Our Arab, Islamic Nation: In a fresh hostile and provocative step the Zionist enemy’s authorities agreed to build the so-called “Temple Mount” and allowed the laying down of the foundation stone of the alleged temple near the honored Dome of the Rock. The Jewish temple mount trustees’ group had purchased more than five tons of marble to use one stone of them as the foundation stone at the construction site and use the rest in building the foundations. The construction will take place tomorrow at the same site under protection of Special Forces of the enemy’s army to coincide with the convening of the ill-famed Sharm Al-Sheikh summit between chairman of the Palestinian Authority and the criminal terrorist Barak with the aim of aborting the holy Aqsa Intifadha."

If this procession and the ceremony had occurred, Islam would have exploded as one people, all one billion strong.  In the past struggles with Israel, no unanimity has ever been achieved by the Arabs against Israel.  One or  more of the Arab states has always found reasons not to join in the battle against Israel.  What Arafat needs is a spark that would instantly ignite the Arab world, making them ready to fight as one billion strong against the tiny 6 million Jews.  That is current Arab thinking, and they are ready to sacrifice two-thirds of their entire population in order to annihilate the 6 million Jews of Israel.

This communication from Hamas urged the Palestinians to fill the streets around the Dome of the Rock, the Dome itself, and its surrounding courtyards, to resist the ceremony with walls of human flesh.  They stated their determination to defend the Dome of the Rock "with souls and blood".  They also called this ceremony an "act of war ", and indeed, it would have been.  However, the Barak Government knew this before they approved the Temple Mount Faithful for this ceremony.

Therefore, you have to ask yourself why the Barak Government approved the plan in the first place, only to back down at the latest possible moment?  I can see several possibilities:

1.  "Cooler Heads Finally Prevailed"  -- I know this will be the Conventional Wisdom.  Yet, we know that the firm New World Order Plan is to destroy the Dome of the Rock and to erect the Jewish Temple on the Holy of Holies.  The Dome of the Rock is built on the old Court of the Gentiles, not on the Holy of Holies as the Arab builders originally intended.  Truly, God protects His own!  This means that the Third Temple can conceivably be built without disturbing the Arab Dome.  However, as the above Hamas link makes perfectly clear, the Palestinians do not recognize Israel's right to even be up on the Temple Mount at all, as their terrible explosion on the Rosh Hashanh visit of Ariel Sharon to the Temple Mount demonstrated.  The Palestinians will consider any Jewish activity on the Temple Mount to be an act of war. Therefore, the Palestinians have to be eliminated, and this is definitely the plan.

2.  The Illuminati wanted to see what kind of reaction they would get from the Palestinians if they allowed the cornerstone to be laid. The reaction was extremely predictable, but maybe they wanted to see for themselves how the Palestinians would react.

3.  The Dialectic Process called for this kind of scenario.  In the Dialectic Process so beloved by the Illuminati, controlled conflict brings about controlled change.  Therefore, the continuation of conflict is sought at all costs, and is continued whether it makes for good theater or not.  Further, the Dialectic Process calls for progress to be made in a crooked line, not a straight line.  For example, if the Illuminati tried to go directly for Point Z from Point A, in a straight line, their enemies would too easily see what they are trying to accomplish, and would mount a counter-offensive to prevent them from reaching their goal of Point Z [Global Government, Economy, Religion, all under their Antichrist].  But, if the progress is made from Point A to C to F, and in a jagged, back-and-forth motion, the people would be less easily convinced that what is happening is going to be injurious to them, and so would be less likely to believe. 

Sometimes this Dialectic Process is described as "Three steps forward, and Two steps back, Five steps forward, Three steps back."  As Soviet Premier Kruschev once remarked, when Communsim is in its "two steps backward motion", it will look to the casual or skeptical observer like Communism is in retreat.  In reality, all that is happening is that Communism is pulling back the hammer to prepare for another blow, another three step advance.

The Dialectic Process is definitely being used here, as the three steps forward progress is followed by a two steps backward.  Christians are not used to thinking in such devious and diabolical methods, but the Illuminati certainly thinks that way.  This retreat from laying the cornerstone of the Third Temple is definitely the two steps backward routine of the Dialectic.

Do not be deceived, or lulled into thinking that we were wrong about the planned Third World War.  We are definitely close, as all the signs indicate.  I am excited that, for the first time ever, the Barak Government recognized the legitimacy of the desire of the Orthodox and Observant Jew to rebuild their Temple.  We are definitely closer to that rebuilding than we were before this episode.

Finally, do not be deceived as to the true general direction of world events.  God definitely foretold that, after He brought Israel back as a nation, He would stir up the nations to come to the Middle East for Judgment [Joel 3], and that this gathering would be for war, and for End of the Age annihilating war [Joel 3 and Obadiah 15-18].

The Apostle Paul further warned that all talk at the End of the Age of "Peace and Safety" will be false, misleading, and would finally result in the destruction of the nations in Judgment [1 Thessalonians 5:1-3].  We are still in this moment in history where the world is definitely headed in this direction, but we have not yet arrived at the final destination.

Be patient, and wait for God's timing, keeping in mind that the world is moving into the final stages of the End of the Age.  Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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