Subtitle:  This entire Middle East conflict is about to enter a new, more decisive phase in which Jews throughout the world will be getting killed by Arabs living in the same vicinity.  Americans and Christians have also been targeted in the same manner.  That Arab person walking toward you on the street just might become your mortal enemy.

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"Palestinian Television continued over the weekend to re-broadcast excerpts from a Friday sermon in the Zayed bin Sultan Aal Nahyan mosque in Gaza.  Translation supplied by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI):

'The Jews are Jews, whether Labor or Likud...  They do not have any moderates or any advocates of peace.  They are all liars...  they are the terrorists.  They are the ones who must be butchered and killed, as Allah the Almighty said:  'Fight them: Allah will torture them at your hands, and will humiliate them and will  help you to overcome them, and will relieve the minds of the believers...' "

The inflammatory language contained within this "sermon" is incredible!  Even Adolf Hitler could not have packed so many explosive action verbs aimed at human beings as you find in this paragraph.  Look at the terribly inciteful verbs used in this statement.

1.  Butchered -- this word is extremely explosive when applied to human beings, because butchering is the process by which animals are killed and prepared for food.  Therefore, by using this word in explaining what Allah himself wants the Palestinians -- and all Muslims worldwide -- to do to the Jew, Allah is really saying that the Jews are really nothing more than just animals.

Further, the process of butchering involves cutting up the body into many pieces so humans can eat them in the various ways in which they are accustomed to eat that particular type of meat. Once again, we see the Muslims expressing the same type of hatred and slaughter mentality as Hitler displayed during the entire time he was killing 6 million of them.

No word in the language expresses more outrageous connotations than "butchering" human beings, and God's Chosen People are the targets.  However, as you will see later, this Muslim cleric expanded the targets to include Americans generally and Christians specifically.  Do not be deceived on this point:  the Muslim intends to put the entire non-Muslim world under their sword, just as they have done in the past when their military forces were victorious.

A Christian missionary recently reported that he saw a sign spray painted like Graffiti on a wall in Eastern Jerusalem.  This sign ominously said:  "Today, we take care of the Saturday people; then tomorrow, we shall take care of the Sunday people."  The radical Muslim hates the Jew first, and then the Christian, and Americans overall.

When the Dome of the Rock is blown up, you will see a demonic force sweep out of the Pit of Hell that will startle you beyond belief in the impact it will make on the Muslim masses of people.  Muslims who were not observant of their religion before are going to be transformed instantly into the same type of radical now observed along the fringes of the Muslim world.  The average Arab who has never exhibited any overt hatred for the Jew, the Christian, and the American, will suddenly be filled with an outrage that can only be described as coming from Hell.  Americans who thought they knew and understood their Arab friends are going to be tremendously shocked, and some will become the first victims, as the suddenly transformed Arab lashes out to kill the Jew, the Christian, and/or the American in their sphere of influence.

2.  Killed -- please do not be deceived into thinking that the Muslims want to peacefully co-exist with the Jew in the Middle East.  They most assuredly do not.  What they want is to kill every last Jew off the face of the earth, beginning with Israel.  They may talk peace temporarily, but their goal will remain Jewish genocide. When they enter into any "peace"  conference or agreement, they are simply pulling the hammer back so they can deliver another blow.  The Muslim understands the Dialectic Process as well as anyone, and are following its precepts closely.

3.  Torture -- As if killing and butchering the Jew is not enough, now Allah wants the Muslim to torture the Jew beforehand. Remember that the context is clearly a call to all Muslims throughout the world to lash out in their sphere of influence to kill the Jews.  Now, Allah says he wants the Muslims to torture the Jews in their neighborhood or work place before they deliver the merciful blow that kills them, and puts them out of their misery.

Torturing an enemy is more than proving your mastery over him, and more than getting rid of him.  Torturing is used either to extract information from your enemy before killing him, or to release a pent-up hostility that has been burning within your heart for a long time.  If any Jews, Christians, or Americans are tortured before they are killed in many places throughout the world, you can rest assured that the Muslim will experience a release of hostility exceedingly powerful. 

4.  Humiliate -- Allah is supposedly going to guarantee a type of victory that will not only conquer the Jew,  not only slaughter/butcher them, not only torture them, but will humiliate them.  You know, I can understand the desire of the Arabs to want to humiliate the Jew.  After all, since the recreation of Israel in 1948, the poor Arabs have not been able to defeat an enemy they outnumbered 400 to one!  In 1948, 1956, and 1967, the Arabs possessed both overwhelming military numbers, and also a qualitative and quantitative military edge.  When one billion Arabs cannot defeat 6 million Jews, but instead get thoroughly beaten time and time again, I can understand how the level of humiliation and frustration builds up so high within the heart of the Arab that, when they contemplate their final victory, they envision a mighty dose of getting even.

This declaration for all Muslims throughout the world to lash out to kill, torture, butcher, and humiliate Jews, Christians, and Americans wherever the individual Muslim finds him or her, is simply a revealing of the kind of hatred that has always existed within the heart of the Muslim.  This kind of hatred has been seen in history, when victorious Muslim armies set out to slaughter Jew and Christian alike.  In fact, in the city of Fez, Morocco, Muslim troops slaughtered so many Christians in such a short period of time, that the blood of the victims ran like rainwater down the street gutters.  At one point, a Muslim warrior gleefully took off his white turban-type hat, dipped it into the blood flowing down the street, and the placed it back on his head.  Many other Muslim soldiers followed his example, and very soon, most of the white turbans of the soldiers were dripping red. 

This historic tradition is today maintained a kept alive by Freemasonry, as they proudly wear their blood-red Fez hats.  This sorry spectacle is simply one more instance of how Freemasonry secretly hates the Born Again Christian in their invisible, inner circle, even as they hide this fact from the 95% of all visible Masons in the world.

We urgently warn all Jews, Christians, and Americans throughout the world that they must take this worldwide Muslim call very seriously, especially after the Dome of the Rock blows up.  This people of this pagan religion have long hated, persecuted, and killed the two peoples of the Holy Book -- Jews and Christians.  God is evidently ready to deliver the End of the Age judgments pronounced on all Arabs, and Muslims, based upon the way they treated God's people [Joel 3:2]  Once the Dome of the Rock explodes,   a demonic spirit is going to sweep this entire world, inflaming passions in Arabs and Muslims of all nationalities and backgrounds.  Even the Moderate, and Secular Muslim will suddenly be filled with the utmost rage and genocidal thoughts.  They will begin to lash out at people around them -- Jews, Christians, Americans -- co-workers, girlfriends, boyfriends, casual acquaintances, and sometimes absolute strangers.  New Age author Bill Cooper says that the Illuminati Plan envisions Arab terrorists attacking American and European cities, some with mighty big explosives, some with biological and chemical weapons.  Cooper specifically says that New York City will be devastated by an Arab attack using an atomic device.  This Muslim cleric calling for worldwide attacks on Jews, Christians, and Americans, is simply following the Illuminati Plan.

We are already seeing some of these kinds of attacks, but nothing like what it will be once the Palestinians blow up their own Dome of the Rock, blaming it on the Jew.  Consider this story:

NEWS BRIEF:  "Anti-Semitic acts grow around world in wake of Middle East Violence, by Alfredo S. Lanier, Tribune Staff Writer, Chicago Tribune, Saturday, October 21, 2000, p. 11.

"More than 200 anti-Semitic acts of violence have been reported in major world cities, including Chicago, since the outbreak of fighting between Israelis and Palestinians. 'We haven't felt this kind of violence for at least a decade, since the peace process started', said Mark Weitzman, direct or of the Task force Against Hate of the Los Angeles-based Simon Simon Wiesenthal Center.  'We had hoped the peace process had stopped the demonization of the Jewish people.  No one had expected this kind of violence or for it to be worldwide'.The Wiesenthal Center is keeping track of actual or threatened anti-Semitic acts of violence. So far the list includes most of the world, from London to Canberra, Australia, and from Chicago to Sao Paolo."

Muslims around the world have already heeded the cleric's call for global attacks on Jews throughout the world.  As shocked as the Jewish community is because of this outbreak of violence, you have not seen anything yet. 

However, news coverage from the world's mass media has been largely against Israel and the Jewish position.  The press ignores the flagrant violations of the Oslo Peace Accords committed by Yassir Arafat and his Palestinians, and are further eager to give prominent position to the lies of the Palestinians that they are the victims of unprovoked aggression from the Israelis.  The fact of the matter is that the average Jewish citizen truly wants to live in peace with the Arab, working and existing side-by-side.  These Jewish citizens did not understand that this vision was not shared by the Muslim until the explosion of Palestinian outrage on Rosh Hashanah over the visit to the Temple Mount by Ariel Sharon, as he was merely worshipping, an act supposedly given to all Jews and all Arabs.  Once these vicious attacks began to occur, Jewish citizens were shocked by the outpouring of unmitigated hatred from the very Palestinians they have come to believe really wanted peaceful coexistence.

The press continues to slant their reports and even commentary on the side of the Arab.  Later in this News Brief, we see this unbalanced reporting being discussed in the reporting of the personal attacks against Jews and their places of worship throughout the world.

"Rabbi Marvin Hier, the head of the Wiesenthal Center, said that the attacks have been largely ignored by  government and political leaders as well as by the U.N. 'If 60 mosques in Canada were attacked, I could assure you that the Arab governments would bring it up at the U.N.', he said."

Thankfully, Christian leaders throughout the world are not standing idly by, nor are they being silent about this matter.  "Christian religious leaders in France denounced the rash of attacks and admonished the French for tolerating violence against Jews and synagogues.  The anti-Jewish acts have a particular resonance in France, where 76,000 Jews were sent to their deaths during the Holocaust.  'How could the French tolerate this?  Do the French have such short memories?', read the statement by the religious leaders.  A letter to French President Jacques Chirac signed by 14 Jewish families and organizations have reported sharp increases in harassment at school, at work, and on the streets since the outbreak of violence in the Middle East."

These locations where Jews are feeling the increased attacks are precisely where the Muslim cleric called for attacks to occur!  Increased harassment is being felt in the following places worldwide:

1.  At school

2.  At work

3.  On the streets

Once the explosion truly erupts after the Muslim Dome of the Rock is exploded, Jews, Christians, and Americans will begin to immediately feel harassment, and even attacks, in these same places.  I greatly fear the number of Christians, Jews, and Americans, or combinations thereof, who are married to Muslim spouses, who are dating Muslims, or living with them.  These folks could be killed with ease within their own homes.

Truly, the Time of Jacob's Trouble -- the 7-Year Tribulation Period -- is coming upon us soon. 

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