Subtitle: This shocking secret maneuver to hand control of all Federal and State land to the United Nations  is proof positive that we have a Single-Party leadership focussed on forcing this country into the Kingdom of Antichrist and his global government, the United Nations.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "New U.N. Treaty Ratified Quietly", by Henry Lamb, WorldNetDaily, 12/9/2000, http://www.worldnetdaily.com/bluesky_lamb/20001209_xchla_new_un_tre.shtml

"The U.N. Convention to Combat Desertification was ratified by the U.S. Senate on October 18, but few Senators yet know that it has been ratified. Senator Craig Thomas (R-WY) introduced a package of 34 treaties, all of which were ratified by a show of hands -- no recorded vote ... This treaty was signed by the Clinton administration in 1994. It has been locked up in the Foreign Relations Committee since. Normally, treaties of such monumental importance are debated in committee and then forwarded to the Senate floor for further debate and disposition."

"Not this time. The treaty appeared in a package of 34 treaties -- most of which were single-issue treaties with single nations, dealing with stolen vehicles, criminals, and the like. The Desertification Treaty, however, is not a single-issue treaty with a single nation. This treaty is one of several environmental treaties that emerged from the 1992 U.N. Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. One of those treaties, the Convention on Climate Change, was ratified in 1992. The Convention on Biological Diversity failed ratification in 1994. The Convention to Combat Desertification was skillfully maneuvered through the Senate to avoid the public reaction which killed the Convention on Biological Diversity. "

Before we go any further into this most shocking of all stories, let us digest what we have heard so far.  The Ultra-Liberal, Ultra-Environmentalist Clinton Administration signed this terrible treaty in 1994, and sent it on to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where it has languished ever since.  And it is no wonder that this treaty has "languished", because its provisions give up sovereignty of fully 70% of our land to the United Nations!  And, as we shall see in a few moments, the United Nations has the authority to control even private property! 

I find it highly outrageous that our Republican Senate leadership could betray the trust given it by the voters of the United States by "skillfully maneuvering" this nefarious treaty through the Senate in such a manner as to pass it without the Conservatives in this country being aware that the treaty was even up for vote on the Senate floor!  As the last paragraph quoted above, states, the Senate leadership wanted this bill to pass, but realized that, if it received the public scrutiny that the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity received, it would also fail.  Therefore, this most important surrender of our national sovereignty was passed in a package deal where 34 international treaties were passed as a single unit, without any debate being allowed, and by a voice vote so that no Senator could be on record as voting for this treaty!

My blood is absolutely boiling!  I cannot conceive that we could be so completely sold down the river by the very body we felt was acting as a counter-weight to the Ultra-Liberal Clinton Administration. 

But, do you know what makes me even more angry about this whole disaster? The Conservative Republican leadership of the Senate provided the leadership necessary to pass this treaty! 

  In fact, the Republican Party is acting in the role of the Thesis Force, defending the Status Quo, while the Democrat Party is acting in the role of the Antithesis Force, attacking the Status Quo with the objective of overthrowing it.  The constant battling between Republican and Democrat Parties, with not one party destroying the other, will lead to a new system called Synthesis, that is neither Thesis nor Antithesis.  In fact, this Synthesis has a name, i.e., the New World Order, that global system controlled by Antichrist.  The process I have just explained is called the "Dialectic Process", and has been repeatedly used since the early 1920's.

In this article, I said that, on occasion, you could see cooperation between Republican and Democrat that made no sense on the surface, as it seemed one party or the other was betraying its bedrock principle by cooperating with the other party on a particular issue.  The Vietnam War was one excellent example;  NAFTA was another.  But, the best example of all was the Impeachment of President Clinton.  Even though Clinton was clearly guilty of high treason in his dealings with the Communist Chinese, his Republican Independent Prosecutor, Ken Starr, ignored the really damning issues that would have certainly caused Clinton to be impeached had it been made public, and instead, focussed the entire impeachment on Monica Lewinsky and Oral Sex in the White House.  Polls had clearly shown that Clinton could beat an Oral Sex rap.

But, then, Republican Senate leadership, led by Freemason Senator Trent Lott, acted to ensure that Clinton would not be impeached.  When it was quite clear that the House impeachment managers did not know that the "fix" was in place, and were protesting the fact that the Republican Senate leadership was "selling them down the river",  Senator Stevens of Alaska quipped, "Henry, I don't care if you prove he raped a woman and then stood up and shot her dead -- you're not going to get sixty-seven votes [to impeach]." [Read NEWS1439 for full details]

When House impeachment counsel, David Schippers, heard this outrageous remark, he asked Senator Stevens, "Senator, I just watched one hundred Senators raise their right hand to God and swear to do equal and impartial justice. I'm only a Democrat from Chicago, but are you telling me that the Senators are going to ignore that oath also?' Without batting an eye, and without hesitation, Stevens shot back, saying 'You're [blank] right they are'." [Page 23]

Now you know the truth.  Republican leadership is working hand-in-glove with the Democrats on key issues that will deliver this nation and this world into the dictatorship of the coming Antichrist; and he will work through his United Nations government.  This treaty issue proves this fact beyond doubt, as supposedly Conservative Republican Senate leadership packaged this unbelievable sovereignty sell-out treaty into a package with 33 other international treaties, and caused them to be voted on as a whole, without any debate or dissent.  Since 67 votes out of the 100 Senators is needed to ratify a treaty, most of our favorite Conservatives were part of the plan. 

And, no one, but no one, ever sounded the alarm to the Conservative community in America that we were being sold down to the pits of Hell.  If one Senator, or one Congressman, had sounded the alarm, tens of millions of Conservatives would have mobilized instantly.  Congress would have been so besieged it would have had to run for cover, and this treaty would have been defeated just as we defeated the equally dangerous U.N. Biological Diversity Treaty.  Where were the Conservative Congressmen and/or Senators that could have alerted us to this maneuvering?

Now that we know that the United Nations now controls 70% of all land in the United States, let us go back to our article to see further how we are going to be affected.

"The Desertification Treaty claims jurisdiction over 70% of the earth's land area ... Moreover, this new treaty creates a structure through which all other environmental treaties are supposed to be integrated under a common United Nations implementation regime. A companion treaty is now being developed by the U.N. Commission on Water for the 21st Century. The United Nations is, in fact, creating the structure in international law and, through its extensive bureaucracies, to control the use of all natural resources on earth."

"The U.S. Senate ratified the treaty on October 18, 2000 ... On November 17, the Clinton administration delivered the ratification documents to the United Nations. The United States is now bound by the international law that claims the power to dictate land use in 70% of the earth's land.  The name of the treaty implies that it is concerned about deserts -- in fact, it is concerned about all land use. To combat desertification, the treaty seeks to prevent land use that its enforcers think may lead to desertification. Converting forests to pasture, for example, or pasture to row crops, or crop land to subdivisions, are all uses that may lead to desertification, according to literature produced by the United Nations."

Notice the words, "dictate land use".  A dictator dictates, and this is the danger Americans face right now with this treasonous treaty.  Every one of the Senators who voted to pass this treaty, those who conspired to hide it from public scrutiny, and those in Congress who knew what was happening but did not sound the alarm, are all guilty of treason.  Because of them, tens of millions of Americans will die; and the more unfortunate will live -- under the greatest dictator the world has ever seen -- Antichrist, supernaturally empowered.

Since the New World Order Plan has always targeted private ownership of land and property for extinction, we should not be surprised to learn that this treaty "regulates" private ownership.  Listen:

"There is no distinction between federal land and privately owned land when it comes to land use under the jurisdiction of the U.N. ... The recent rash of land acquisition measures promoted by the administration and Congress seeks to get more land under federal ownership. The vast expansion of regulatory control over land use by all federal agencies makes it easier for the United States to comply with its international obligations under a variety of international treaties. This new treaty extends even further the U.S. obligation to control land use."

Yes, this Administration -- plus State governments -- have been acquiring land in unprecedented acreage during the past 8 years.  I believe that Federal and State governments combined do control about 70% of the total acreage in America today; therefore, this treaty has just transferred the control of all government-owned land in America to the United Nations!  Most of this purchasing of land by state and Federal governments was accomplished under the banner of the highest rhetoric possible, promising us that the government was going to "protect" the land for future generations of Americans.  What a lie!  Now you know that the government planned all along to simply use American government control of land as a prelude to global United Nations control.

Let us examine what one of the most important New World Order authors has to say about the United Nations, as we quote Alice A. Bailey, in the book the Master demon Djwhal Khul wrote through her, entitled The Externalisation of the Hierarchy.  "... when the United Nations has emerged into factual and actual power, the welfare of the world will then be assured.  What is that welfare but love in action?" [Page 603]  This rhetoric flies high and sounds wonderful.  This rhetoric is what prompted President George Bush to gush during the Gulf War buildup that the United Nations could finally realize the goal for which it was founded.

But, remember that God's plan is to have many nations, while Satan's plan is to have a global, all-powerful government controlled by his man, Antichrist.  With this sobering Biblical principle in mind, let us examine another quote by Master D.K. about the United Nations.

"The atomic bomb does not belong to the three nations who perfect it ... It belongs to the United Nations for use (or let us rather hope, simply for threatened us) when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head." [Ibid., p. 548]

Wonderful!  After all the nations of the world have come under the dictatorial control of the United Nations, that body will use atomic weaponry on any nation or group of people who dare resist its edicts!  This is the absolute truth about the REAL fact and character of the United Nations.  This is the Neo-Nazi organization to which our Republican and Democrat Senators have just handed over our sovereignty. 

You might now say to me that the Senate voted to ratify this treaty with a number of attachments that will protect our interests.  Article 37 of this treaty states that no attachments will be recognized; therefore, the United Nations will not recognize any of the attachments.  History demonstrates, over and over again, that the only true way in which the real interest of the people is served is when a specific government is created that is looking out strictly for those interests.  This fact is the reason that God's plan for the nations of the world is that many nations would exist, none of which God will allow to control the entire world.  But, Satan's plan is to gather the nations of the world into a single, global government.  The Tower of Babel story taught us this Biblical truth.

We are heading into this global government of Satan right here, right now; soon, Satan will soon be our taskmaster and the peoples of the world will learn, to their dismay, and much too late, that Satan hates their guts and wants them dead. 

The fact that our Republican Senate leadership has conspired at this moment in history to hand America over to the control of the United Nations is just one more sign that we are truly at the End of the Age.  You can add this one piece of treachery to the growing list of End of the Age signs.

Finally, this cooperation of Conservative Republican leaders with Democrat President Clinton to pass this sovereignty-ending bill is strong positive proof of the fact that we have only a single party in this country.  Both Republican and Democrat equally serve the Illuminati .  America's entire two-party system has been a cruel charade since at least the 1920's.  We are just awakening to this sorry fact a little too late, and possessing too little power to turn back the oncoming tide.

But, please, at least stop "praying and fasting" for the victory of George W. Bush, and stop looking to him as a savior.  He is part and parcel of this plan, and if he had not been, he would never have gotten the nomination nor would he have accumulated almost 20 CFR members in his campaign and transition staff.  Nor would he have ever chosen Dick Cheney as his running mate, for Cheney is one of the most consistent and powerful CFR member in American politics today.

There is not a dime's worth of difference between Republican and Democrat Parties, as this sell-out clearly proves.  Now, America is poised to enter the Brave New World of the Kingdom of Antichrist.  The Third World War that is planned to produce him is set to begin any moment in the Middle East, followed by Korea and China, by the natural disasters which they plan to produce, and all the internal turmoil they have planned.  At the end of these wars and disasters, the peoples of the world will be more than happy to fully embrace Antichrist, as he appears East of Jerusalem to begin laying his claim to Messiah.

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