Subtitle: The United Nations has been emphasizing 'Faith-Based" charitable giving for some time now, but American churches would never fall for this control trap if it came from President Clinton. However, we might accept such a trap from "one of our own", Born-Again President Bush!

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Bush Fleshes Out Details of Proposal to Expand Aid to Religious Organizations", by Marc Lacey with Laurie Goodstein, The New York Times On The Web, January 31, 2001.

"Washington, January 30 -- President Bush began filling in the details today of his plan to direct significantly more federal money to religious groups that provide social services to the needy. Mr. Bush outlined a series of tax changes to encourage charitable giving to religious and other community organizations. He also announced new federal grants to support organizations — particularly religious groups — that rehabilitate inmates, mentor the children of prisoners and provide housing for pregnant single women."

"The centerpiece of Mr. Bush's effort, a proposal to put religious groups on an equal footing with other organizations in pursuing billions of dollars in federal grants, remained a work in progress ... White House aides said the program would amount to a significant expansion of the 'charitable choice' provisions in the 1996 welfare reform law that allowed religious groups to compete for some government funds."

On the surface, this idea sounds great!  How many times have Christian churches and charities moaned and groaned over the way in which the godless Federal Government was funding godless charitable organizations, who sought not to aid the needy both spiritually and materially, but only materially.  Indeed, history shows that Illuminist President Franklin D. Roosevelt deliberately created Federal programs early in his Administration that literally put private Christian charities out of business.  The needy person on the street could come in to the government shelter, get warm and get fed without having to listen to a Bible study or the Gospel while doing so!  What unsaved needy person would not take advantage of such a government program.  This historic fact is the reason it did not take many years for the godless Federal Government to put Christian-based shelters out of business.

Further, Christians have agonized over the way in which government-funded godless charities consistently seem to get in trouble over embezzling the money the Federal Government gave them.  Surely, we say, Christians would never misappropriate the money should we ever get the opportunity.

Well, it seems that "born-again" President George W. Bush is riding to the rescue.  He is proposing to include Christian charities in the group of charitable organizations serving the poor, the needy, and the addicted.  Wow!  Christian groups are finally going to be able to participate in the national effort to reach such people.  Thank God for President Bush in his Christian-based charitable effort.

But, wait a minute.  The wording of Bush's initiative is not "Christian-based", but "Faith-based".  Is there a difference, you might ask?  You bet your bottom dollar there is a difference, and it is a huge one.  Bush will allow all faith-based religious organizations to line up at the Federal feeding trough, not just Christian.  If you have any doubts about this assertion, just read further in this New York Times article.

"Aides said they intended to allow any religious group, including controversial organizations like the Church of Scientology and the Nation of Islam, to compete for government money if their social services programs had proven results. 'Groups will be judged on their performance, not on their faith,' said an administration official working on the issue. 'They will be asked, `What's your system of evaluation? Are you reducing teenage drug abuse?' Mr. Bush also intends to create a multibillion-dollar 'compassion capital fund' to help small charities, including religious groups, compete for federal money, White House officials said."

Now, we are getting a little bit different slant on this issue, aren't we?  President Bush is not advocating a Christian initiative, but an Ecumenical initiative!  In other words, even as the world is rushing to form the One-World Ecumenical Church that will openly embrace both the False Prophet and the Antichrist, Bush is proposing a distinctly Ecumenical program! 

The timing of this proposal is also suspicious, as the United Nations has recently been pushing for a similar "faith-based" initiative in aiding the poor and needy.  Listen to the warning from Paul Proctor:

"... the UN's desire for these partnerships called "faith-based organizations" IS THE VERY REASON George 'born-again' Bush is now sitting in the White House. This scam could never have been pulled off with the likes of Bill Clinton or Al Gore due to the obvious disdain and distrust evangelical Christians had for them. No, it was going to take ONE OF THEIR OWN to convince them that it is God's will they surrender their conscience and convictions for the collective. Behold the consensus of a One-World Religion and it's new facilitator from Austin, Texas! ["Faith-Based Organizations: The Trap Is Set", by Paul Proctor; Emphasis in the original].


Folks, what we have here is another Trojan Horse tactic, aimed squarely at the well-meaning, genuine Christian person, his church, and his charitable organization.

For those of you who attended Public Schools, let me re-educate you as to the historic facts concerning the Trojan Horse.  The year was 1275 B.C. and the ancient Greeks were besieging the city of Troy.  For 10 years the Trojans and the invading Greeks fought many heroic but inconclusive battles. Finally the Greeks built a large -- a huge -- wooden horse, ostensibly a gift for the Trojans. A number of Greek warriors hid inside it and the Greeks returned to their ships, pretending to sail home. The Trojans wheeled the horse inside the city and that night the warriors opened the gates of Troy for their fellow Greeks, who had sneaked back from the ships during the cover of night. When the troops inside the Trojan Horse surprised the gatekeepers from within, they opened the gates for the Greek force outside, who then conquered the city. [Compton's Home Library, The Complete Reference Collection]

Here is the Trojan Horse of this plan of President Bush to open the money floodgates to "Faith-based" charity organizations.  I would like to offer two explanations of this trick, first from Paul Proctor, quoted above, and from a born again Christian who has been involved with the administration of federal grants. 

First, let Mr. Proctor give his opinion:  "... government charity is an oxymoron. And receiving it through the church doesn't make it any more benevolent. Sure it sounds good to spiritual simpletons and socialist bureaucrats. But so does an ice-cold beer to an alcoholic ... I'm not advocating that we keep God out of the government but rather keep government, it's money and it's social programs out of the church. There are solid biblical reasons for it and common sense ought to tell Christians to resist such bribery and extortion. Anyone who has ever received federal funding KNOWS that there are strings attached. And those strings will be the CHAINS OF HELL for any congregation that willingly accepts them. The federal government does not give out cash without cost. When a group or organization goes into business with Uncle Sam they are REQUIRED BY LAW to practice HIS religion. And just in case you've been on sabbatical for the last half-century, Brother Sammy's been attending church over at the United Nations. What I'm talking about here is surrendering to the gods of globalism and their socialist religion of political correctness whose first and greatest commandment is THOU SHALT NOT SPEAK AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT THY GOD OR ANYONE WHO SERVES HIM." [Proctor, Ibid., Emphasis was in the original]

Thus, we should be smart enough to know that, when Federal or State governments hand out money, they will ultimately start demanding certain standards to keep on getting the money.  They may demand that Christian churches stop teaching that Jesus Christ is Lord, or may demand that they stop teaching certain other core doctrinal positions.   

But, governments will never place demands on non-Christian faith-based organizations, because they are not true to Jesus Christ, if they serve him at all.  Certainly, no Hindu or Muslim group will ever get any harsh demands from the government, because they are not Christian.  Likewise, no Liberal "Christian" church will ever get harsh demands they cannot meet, because they have moved so far away from the truth of the Bible, whatever standards are demanded will be fully accepted.  My research has demonstrated, time and time again, that all religions are fully accepted within the coming New World Order Religion of Antichrist, except for one -- true Fundamental Christianity.

But, Paul Proctor states strongly that many churches will get in deep trouble even apart from the inevitable demands that will come.  "Many churches have already been compromised into condemnation by choosing the church/state partnership of incorporation to gain the blessings and protection of the Lord their Government." [Ibid.]


Now, let us listen to this state official, a born again Christian:  "There are several federal grant programs used mostly by  non-profit organizations. It has become obvious that in many cases, these federal grants have established a new form of welfare.  Many non-profit organizations now depend on the federal money just to stay in business." 

"And, it is getting more and more political -- many recipients don't want to abide by the federal rules and regulations set up by Congress for the grant program and by the Office of Management and Budget for financial accountability.  There are many organizations who want to use the money the way they see fit; it is basically nobody's business how they use the money; i.e., they do not want to be held accountable as to how they spend taxpayers' money -- this is an increasingly growing attitude."

So, this lady has seen some non-profit organizations take federal and state money, and then develop strategies to fraudulently spend the funds.  Some of them try to refuse to abide by the regulations mandated by law, and then attempt to hide their illegal activities.  But, churches would never get caught in this web of deceit, right?  Listen:

 "... if they get the churches hooked into this new form of welfare, you are exactly right [that the government could begin issuing demands that churches would be reluctant to meet].  Plus, every crooked person in the churches goes after the money first.  And, basically will destroy the Christian testimony.  I've seen that happen.  Our staff in Accounts Payables nicknamed one Christian organization, 'THE CROOKS'.  That hurts!"

 Therefore, she has seen, firsthand, Christian leaders and/or Christian members of churches, be corrupted by the temptation of such huge sums of money flowing through the church, or potentially flowing through the church. As she said, it "basically will destroy the Christian testimony".  

This is exactly the gist of what we are warning.  The program President Bush is setting up will contain very specific dangers to true Christian churches in several areas.  Let us review these areas of danger:


1.  After a while, Federal and State governments will issue regulations to the churches as to what they can, and cannot, teach if they are going to continue receiving funds.  At this point, the ministry will have to decide whether they are going to give up the funds so they can be true to Jesus Christ, or whether they are going to knuckle under to the pressure to stop teaching the key doctrines which Illuminists find offensive.  Of course, if they refuse to accede to the government's demands, the church may have to lay off workers, close a building down, or take other actions they may find very distasteful.


2.  In dealing with the Federal and State governments, a church may be slowly drawn into the Ecumenical Movement that is bringing the entire world closer and closer to Antichrist and his One-World Church.


3.  Church leadership and membership will be so tempted to siphon off just a little of the flood of government dollars flowing through church coffers.  This Christian lady is absolutely correct in her personal observations; she has personally seen the temptation to take just a tiny bit of the monies flowing in.  Soon, Christian pastors, deacons, and other leaders will be publicly arrested and tried for defrauding the government, resulting in the loss of faith in Christian churches in the community. The "Christian witness" will be absolutely destroyed.




President George W. Bush is laying a huge trap for true, genuine Christian Churches in this plan to allow "Faith-based" charitable organizations to "compete" for Federal dollars. Huge amounts of money corrupt even good men and good organizations.  We really fear this plan is a well-conceived trap, and one from which true Christian organizations should stay far, far away.


 Truly, the deception gets even better and more sophisticated, just as the Lord Jesus stated in Matthew 24:24, "For false Christs and false prophets will arise, and will show great signs and wonders, so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, the very elect." [Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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