Subtitle: Even as British farmers are facing financial disaster, and their farms being poisoned by the burning of carcasses, Environmentalist advocates are suddenly proposing a "rewilding" of this farm land, letting it go back to Nature! This is the ultimate goal, and the Blair Government seems to be implementing the U.N. Biosphere Plan.

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THE CUTTING EDGE April 26, 2001

For those of you who have not heard of the New Age term, 'rewilding ', please stop and click on this two-year-old article, entitled, The Rewilding of America, NEWS1101; then, please NEWS1368.  You need the background information provided by these two articles to understand the shocking revelation this article is to provide.

NEWS BRIEF:  "Environmentalists and Farmers Clash Over The Future of Farming:  Horns Locked In Combat", The Herald, April 19, 2001, Rural Viewpoint Section. [NOTE:  This is a British paper]

" 'The loss of sheep from hillsides as a result of foot-and-mouth epidemic may be good for the rural environment'   ... That is the view being put forward by Morgan Parry, head of the Worldwide Fund For the Future (WWF) in Wales.  Speaking from his home in Rhos Isaf, Mr. Parry said:  'Their sheer numbers on many hills reduced the landscape and wildlife value dramatically.  Many formerly common birds ... are near to extinction in Wales ... The cost of keeping the sheep is equal to, or greater than, their sale value.  If the sheep were to be removed tomorrow, the loss to the rural economy would be insignificant."

Animal Rights advocates and their counterparts, the Extreme Environmentalists, have long been espousing the ultimate viewpoint of Radical Humanism.  This viewpoint says that, while man is the most sophisticated animal in the world right now, he is also an evil predator that needs to be constrained if Mother Gaia [Earth] is to survive.  You see, they believe that man has used his temporary mental intelligence superiority to rule harshly over Mother Nature, and to cause the death of countless numbers of animals, and extinction of entire species.

Man must be forced to curtail his ruinous ways, especially men of today's Industrial Civilization.  Such advocates firmly believe man must be removed from enormous stretches of the landscape, if the indigenous creatures that have lived there in the past are to survive.  Extreme Environmentalists and Animal Rights advocates have long called for an end to the killing of animals for meat, and for letting the land go back to Nature. Such advocates have even coined a term for this position -- "re-wilding", i.e., letting the land go back to the normal Nature that existed before wicked modern man came on the scene.

We have reported on this extremely dangerous aspect in the above articles, and we point out that this viewpoint was firmly supported by the Clinton Administration.  Many of Clinton's Executive Orders setting aside land by preventing any Industrial Civilization development of it, were issued because Clinton and Gore were firmly supportive of this radical viewpoint.

Now, let us go back to our feature article, above, as Morgan Perry outlines his radical views that the English countryside should just now go back to the wild.

"The hard economic reality is that there is no money in keeping sheep in the hills.  A major shift in rural policy now could be hugely beneficial to the rural economy, from wildlife conservation, tourism, to woodland management."

The terms, "wildlife conservation" and "woodland management" are code words within Radical Environmentalism for "re-wilding".  They literally mean forcing human beings with their modern despicable farming methods, off the land, and allowing the land to return to its natural state.  Fortunately for our understanding, Mr. Parry makes this point rather clear in his next statement.

"For wildlife, the benefits would come very quickly.  Ungrazed land ... would develop a rich mosaic of grasses, rushes, and herbs under scattered shrubs and individual trees.  Far from being a problem, hawthorn, hazel, and willow scrub is marvelously rich in bird and insect life.  In time, some woodland would develop and more could be planted.  With or without management, scrub and woodland is infinitely better for wildlife than sheep pasture.  The benefits for amenity and tourism is obvious:  a diversity of landscapes would develop where previously there was a treeless terrain ... but sheep are holding us back."

This radical environmentalist is actually saying that the end result of all this Foot-and-Mouth disease might be a more glorious future than the present and the past have been!  He is saying that, while he "feels the pain" of the farmers losing their livelihoods, their farms, and their entire way of life, he is glad that the opportunity is presenting itself to completely change the lifestyle of man, thus allowing the "re-wilding" of the English landscape.  All the action that Mr. Perry feels is necessary to make these former ranches into Utopian Paradise is for the Tony Blair government to change its Rural Policy.

Before you scoff at this idea, or scoff at the radical viewpoint of Morgan Parry, the Director Worldwide Fund for the Future, consider that the actions of the Blair Government seem to be taking the country to this very radical concept!  If the Blair Government were to be secretly moving the country toward this Extreme Environmentalist goal of "re-wilding" the English countryside, and "cleansing" the land so it could become part of the U.N. Biosphere Plan, what would it have to accomplish?

1.  It would have to remove the present animal occupants from their land.

2.  It would have to so destroy the meat processing industry that it would never again return to normal.  This goal means that enough animals would have to be destroyed for a long enough of a period of time, that the entire industries of ranching and meat processing would die and disappear.

3.  People would have to be persuaded to adopt a meat-less diet; in other words, the people would have to move to Vegetarianism.

4.  To ensure that no concerted effort to reestablish ranching would be successful, the Blair Government might want to so poison the land that no one could live on it, or farm it, or raise animals on it, for years.

5.  Then, some "enlightened" British politician would stand up one day to propose that the British Government just cede this land to the United Nations as a Nature Preserve.

Now, let us consider the current crisis to see if any of these objectives are being met by this current crisis.

NEWS BRIEF:  "Foot-and-Mouth Disease Spreads To Humans?", by Linda Moulton Howe, Earth Files, Science Section, April 24, 2001, http://www.earthfiles.com/earth230.htm

"The total number of confirmed cases in the U.K. is 1,465, with 13 new ones reported today. To counter the virus epidemic, Britain has slaughtered 1,974,000 cows, sheep and other hoofed animals. A quarter million animals are left to slaughter."

"In England protesters are worried about airborne contaminations and pollutants. Many have challenged and blocked the burning of thousands of dead, diseased animals on huge cremation piles forcing the British government to try bury the carcasses despite high water tables on the island. Some people claim their well water is now poisoned and the U. K. government has had to finally admit that all the burning of dead animals covered with chlorine-bearing disinfectants, pesticides and other chemicals has now produced massive airborne emissions of the carcinogenic poison, dioxin. Scientists say that, so far, 63 grams of dioxins were emitted from burning dead animals, which is nearly the amount released from all of England's factories in a year! Dioxins are so toxic that the World Health Organization recommends that the average-sized person not be exposed to more than 30 billionths of a gram in any year. That means that burning all the slaughter foot-and-mouth carcasses has now delivered a dangerous dose of dioxin throughout the English countryside."

Slaughtering and burning 2,250,000 animals in open fields is a huge undertaking.  Further, it literally means the English countryside is filled with mountains of burning carcasses.  As we have previously reported, such open field burning is grossly inefficient, compared to burning the animals in a closed container.  The fire releases gases, toxins, and even the virus, spreading it downwind.  Thus, the burning of the animals just spreads the problem rather than containing it.

This fact means that more land may be polluted than just the land covered by the actual ranches on which the Foot-and-Mouth Disease was found.  In fact, a great deal of Great Britain may be polluted through this aerial spreading of the disease and the toxins the burning is emitting.

Then, this article continues:

"Making all of this even worse, if possible, dioxin contamination of soil and water can last for years afterwards ... the dioxin levels are shocking and expect farmland to be 'unusable as a result of the Government's short-sighted obsession with slaughter'." [Ibid.]

In other words, the farms on which the burning and the burying of the animal carcasses has been carried out are being poisoned by the dioxin levels being emitted.  The land itself is going to be 'unusable'.  If it is rendered unusable for farming and ranching, what is to be done with it? 

One result is very clear if the land is rendered unusable for "years afterwards" -- the farming, ranching, and general animal husbandry industry will die and die quickly, as it is dependent upon a steady flow of money coming into and out of the industry, just as any private enterprise is so dependent.  Therefore, family farms and ranches will go out of business, as will the transportation and meat processing industry that supports the farms and ranches.  As one subscriber from Britain lamented, "what are they going to do with an empty countryside"?

Now, you may know the answer.  Someone in the Blair Government will come forward with the idea that the empty countryside may have to be allowed to lie fallow for some years while the dioxins in the soil dissipate.  Thus, the "re-wilding" efforts of the Extreme Environmentalists will bear much "fruit", literally, as their vision of a countryside suddenly teeming with a rich diversity of plants, trees, shrubs, wildlife, and birds will be allowed to become reality.  In a very short amount of time, we will probably hear scientists marvel at how rapidly Mother Nature has healed herself, how rapidly a rich diversity of plants and animals has reappeared on this formerly poisoned land.

At this point, what will likely happen when someone suggests that the farms and ranches be allowed back on the land, is that government officials will say "No.  Your former way of life and of ranching is what poisoned the land in the first place.  We will continue to allow Mother Nature to manage that land Herself".  Thus, the final scenario envisioned by the New World Order will have occurred:  the former way of life is totally destroyed and the land and its creatures now dwell together in "harmony".

But, you may say, if the land is so polluted by dioxin that it cannot support the raising of livestock, isn't it going to be too polluted to grow grain?  You are probably right.  However, remember that the New World Order Plan envisions killing two-thirds of mankind as Mother Earth goes through her "cleansing" action. ["Progress As If Survival Mattered", Friends of the Earth: 1981, p. 68-70, quoting David Brower, Friends of the Earth Chairman, former head of Sierra Club, as quoted in "A Planned Deception: The Staging of a New Age 'Messiah', by Constance E. Cumbey, Pointe Publishers, Inc., East Detroit, MI, 1985, p. 164-5.]

With this fact firmly in your mind, let us look at this article again. 

Now we learn that burning these animal carcasses releases the highly carcinogenic poison, dioxin.  People are not to be exposed to more than 30 billionths of a gram of dioxin in any given year!  Yet, the poor British people downwind from this burning have been exposed to 63 grams!  This dosage sounds like it could be deadly.

Indeed, people downwind from this burning are getting sick.  Some of them are developing symptoms similar to the symptoms of the animals diagnosed with Foot-and-Mouth Disease.  But, people are also complaining of sore throats, burning eyes and noses, and other irritant effects.  If people are being subjected to 63 grams of dioxin, when only 30-billionths of a gram is considered the maximum dosage, are people going to start dying?

We can shudder, and only hope not.  But, from the aspect of land use and management, the over-reaction of the Blair Government to a mild disease from which three-fourths of the afflicted animals recover, and which poses no threat to humans, seems to be furthering the goals of the Extreme Environmentalists.  The fact is, we see farmers and ranchers losing their land, their herds, their income, and being threatened with the loss of their entire way of life.

To visually see that the actions of the Blair Government seem to eerily parallel the dreams of the Extreme Environmentalist, we offer these maps for your consideration.

Map United Nations Biodiversity Dreams http://www2.unesco.org/mab/br/brdir/europe-n/UKmap.htm

Map of FMD Actual Killing Zones http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/diseases/fmd/cases/fmdcases/map.asp

Notice that the actual FMD Killing Zones begin southward at Braunton Burrows' Biodiversity Zone, and then continue northward, passing by Biodiversity Zones Dyfi, Moor House Upper-Teesdale, Caerlavaerock, Cairnsmore of Fleet, Claish Moss, Taynish.

These U.N. Biospheres are not small, either.  Consider the area of these zones.  Remember, also, that the United Nations may secretly plan on expanding out the existing area of these Biospheres.  As you will see, there is a considerable difference between the areas of the U.N. Biosphere, whereas the map makes them all look the same size, and none of them look too large.

Here are the affected U.N. Biospheres and their current area:

Braunton Burrows                                           596 Hectares  -- 1,472 Acres

Dyfi                                                              1,589 Hectares --  3,925 Acres

Moor House Upper-Teesdale                        7,399 Hectares -- 18,275 Acres

Caerlavaerock                                             5,010 Hectares --   12,375 Acres

Cairnsmore of Fleet                                      1,922 Hectares --   4,747 Acres

Claish Moss                                                     480 Hectares --   1,186 Acres

Taynish                                                            353 Hectares --       872 Acres

Thus, you can see the eerie resemblance between the United Nations' Biodiversity Biosphere Zones and the FMD Killing Zones!  Now, you tell me; is the Blair Government acting out the U.N. Plan, or is this just coincidence?


One of the most fundamental facts about how the Illuminati operates is that it will never attempt something on a large scale that it has not first tested on a smaller scale.  We can only wonder if the Brits were chosen to be the guinea pigs, before the Foot-and-Mouth Disease was unleashed upon America. Certainly, we have seen evidences that this scenario might be beginning.

We have seen officials from Iowa and Minnesota planning on how to react to an outbreak of FMD within their states.  They are drawing heavily upon the British experience [Read NEWS1492 for full details].

We have seen that the North Carolina Legislature passed a bill, which the Governor signed, that allows the State Veterinarian, or any authority he designates who can act on his behalf, to stop any vehicle on any road, public or private, to inspect it for animal carrying FMD.  Such authorities do not need a court warrant, nor do they need to establish "probable cause" for believing that the vehicle is even carrying an infected animal. [Read NEWS1491 for full details]

This law needs to be struck down quickly, as it tramples all over our Fourth Amendment rights.  It sets a dangerous precedent that other states could follow.

We have seen evidences that American officials are prepared to over-react with the same panic as their British counterparts. At some appointed time, we believe we will see FMD beginning to break out on American farms and ranches.  If that should occur, will we then see the mountains of burning animal carcasses now seen on British farms and ranches?

If the Illuminist government of Britain is taking action through the Kill Zones of the Foot-and-Mouth Disease scenario to clear the ground for the U.N. Biosphere Plan, might we not expect them to do the same in America?  Since we believe this is likely to be the case, what is the U.N. Biosphere Map of the United States? 



As you can see from this USA Biosphere Map, the United Nations has designated 47 different areas as Biosphere Areas.  We are not sure exactly how large each Biosphere is planned to be, but we have a hint that they may be rather large, maybe a whole lot larger than they look on the map.  Notice that the following designated areas seem to be very large, even though they show up only as circles on this map.

1.  Area #40  --  Carolinian-South Atlantic

2.  Area #37  --  Central Gulf Coast Plain

3.  Area #38  --  South Atlantic Coastal Plain

4.  Area #9    --  Everglades and Dry Tontugas

5.  Area #19  --  Rocky Mountain

6.  Area #4   --  Central Plains

Thus, the actual area covered by these U.N. Biosphere Zones could be huge, much larger than the relatively small red dot on the map.

Will the Illuminist American government follow the lead of the Illuminist British government in "cleansing" the land of its evil meat-producing, meat-slaughtering business, so that it can go back to the pristine condition of 400 years ago, before Mother Gaia was so offended by our Industrial Civilization?

In the beginning of this article, above, we extensively quoted the remarks of the British Extreme Environmentalist, Morgan Parry, Director of the Worldwide Fund For the Future, Wales.  We wonder if the Extreme Environmentalist dream for America might not be the map of the USA created by the Woodlands Project, where they delineated the areas in which human habitation would be prohibited, others in which Buffer Zones would be created that would have no human activity, and then those zones in which humans would be allowed to live.  We reported this in NEWS1368, but we show it again, below.

SIMULATED RESERVE AND CORRIDOR SYSTEM TO PROTECT DIVERSITY -- Mandated by the Convention on Biological Diversity, The Wildlands Project, U.N. and U.S.A. Man and the Biosphere Program, and Various U.N. and U.S. Heritage Programs and NAFTA

The disturbing fact about this map is that its top heading says that it is backed by the Man and the Biosphere Program of the U.N. Biological Diversity Program.  This is the same program as the Biosphere Map of Great Britain!  In other words, the same people who created the British Biosphere map are the ones who created this most extreme U.S.A. Woodlands Project Map.

When you look at this Woodlands Project Map, you can easily see that, before it can be implemented, the nation has to have gone through the planned two-thirds population reduction.  And look at California!  It is pictured as being nearly devoid of population!

We do not believe this scenario will occur until and unless the Middle East blows up to begin the Third World War, and all other planned crises designed to produce Antichrist.  The burning mountains of animals now dominating the British countryside seems like a portent of things in the immediate future for America.

May God help us all.  Events of the day truly seem to presage the coming of the final calamities that are designed to produce Antichrist.  Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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