Subtitle: Once you understand the facts about this incredibly sophisticated aircraft, you realize that the crew could act the way it did only by direct order of President Bush.  If this incident was contrived to transfer technology to China, the Illuminati Plan to rearm China is on track, even with a Conservative President at the helm. Finally, why do sacred occult numbers underlie the very facts of this incident? Who was signaling whom?

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NEW WORLD ORDER PLAN:  "... if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us, we shall respond with the guns of America, or China ..."  [Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Protocol #7, Paragraph 6]

An incredible fact is that the Illuminati planned over 200 years ago that two nations of the world would act as the police force of the New World Order:  America and China.  These Protocols are being followed very closely by current Illuminati leadership, and are clearly supernaturally authored.  Given the current huge gap between American technological capabilities and that of China, if China is to attain parity with the USA so it can be used as a military police force in conjunction with the USA, China must receive American technology.  We all know that President Clinton engineered the largest package of technology transfers and "thefts" of secrets in history.  But, we all expected this give-away of our secrets to end once President Bush attained the Oval Office.

Before we get started, let us start with the anchor of the Bible, so that we may be sure we are firm footing in understanding our current political situation.  Is it reasonable to expect that current American leaders would secretly, covertly cooperate with China?  Is such expectation Biblical?


A key understanding of Scripture is necessary at this point if we are to have any hope of understanding the situation facing us today.  Most Americans will absolutely rebel against the thought that a any President would deliberately allow an enemy state to have access to our most secret of weapons capabilities, but especially a Republican Conservative President.  God tells us that secret cooperation will occur between the key 10 nations at the End of the Age; in the New World Order Reorganization Plan, America is part of NAFTA, Nation #1, and China is Nation #10 [Read NEWS1002 for full details].  Therefore, we should expect cooperation between America and China at the End of the Age!  Let us review this tremendous Bible prophecy:

"Also the ten horns that you observed are ten rulers who have as yet received no dominion, but together they are to receive power and authority as rulers for a single hour along with the beast.  These have one common policy ... purpose, and they deliver their power and authority to the beast ... For God has put it into their hearts to carry out His own purpose by acting in harmony ... until the prophetic words ... of God shall be fulfilled." [Revelation 17:12-13, 17; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

God is warning His saints living at the End of the Age to expect cooperation -- "acting in harmony" -- between the rulers of the final 10 nation super power structure.  America is the key element of NAFTA, Nation #1, and China is Super Nation #10.  Therefore, we can expect secret cooperation between America and China at the End of the Age!  Now, you know why President Clinton could "betray" American interests by allowing our secrets to be pilfered, by allowing the transfer of a huge array of secret technologies:  he was simply following the Illuminist Plan to arm China so that she and America could serve as the military police force in the New World Order!

Now, with the Biblical background, let us examine this incident where the Chinese forced a U.S. Navy surveillance plane to land on Chinese soil, whereby Chinese scientists could have unfettered access to the most technologically sophisticated plane in the world, a plane whose technologies surpassed anything the Chinese or Russians have, or could hope to have, in the next 20 years!

NEWS BRIEF:  "Passing The Test:  Standoff With China Represents First Foreign Policy Challenge For Bush", 4/4/01, http://usnews.about.com/newsissues/usnews/library/weekly/aa040301a.htm by U.S. News

"When a U.S. Navy EP-3 reconnaissance plane was forced to make an emergency landing on China's Hainan Island after colliding with a Chinese fighter jet on Sunday, it touched off the first genuine foreign policy trial of George W. Bush's fledgling presidency. Hoping to prevent the midair crash from escalating into a full-blown international crisis, his administration has spent the past few days locked in a tense standoff with China, with each side engaged in a delicate dance of political wrangling over the current and future state of U.S.-Sino relations."

On Sunday, April 1, 2001, a Chinese fighter is reported to have collided with this U.S. Navy EP-3E Aries II surveillance aircraft.  The news stories report that the pilot nearly lost control of his plane which would have meant that it would crash into the sea.  The pilot "brilliantly" brought his damaged aircraft back under control and steadied it, so that he could land safely on land; the fact that the land he chose to land it on turned out to be a Chinese military base will prove later in this article to be a major point.  However, for the sake of this part of our discussion, it is enough to merely understand that this U.S. pilot chose to land America's most secret and sophisticated surveillance aircraft at an enemy facility, thus virtually handing over this incredibly secret, sensitive airplane to the Chinese.  And, for all that, the media painted him as a hero!  Twenty-four American personnel were taken into custody -- 19 Navy and 5 unidentified as non-Navy.

The news media consistently painted a dual picture of this entire event.  First, they were saying this episode was a test of the Foreign Policy expertise -- or the lack thereof -- of the new Bush Administration.  Could Bush "properly" handle this situation?  Secondly, the media was focussing on the human emotion aspect, detailing the lives and families of the 24 crewmen.  The nation waited, and agonized, for the return of the crew.  We saw little emphasis on the loss of technology and the secrets gathered on their trip.  Quite possibly, Americans assumed this aircraft was as obsolete as pictures seemed to indicate.  This slow, clumsy, propeller-driven aircraft did not look as though its seizure by an enemy would mean much to our security; shortly, we will discover how very misleading such pictures can be.

NEWS BRIEF:  "Coming Home:  Carefully Negotiated Letter Prompts End of Stalemate", 4/12/01, usnews.about.com, http://usnews.about.com/newsissues/usnews/library/weekly/

"The 24 crew members of a U.S. Navy reconnaissance plane arrived on Guam aboard a chartered Continental Boeing 737 late Wednesday after spending 11 days in detention on China's Hainan Island ... Meanwhile, the Chinese will not immediately return the spy plan to the U.S. "

The facts are this:  this incident occurred on April 1, and ended on April 11.  Thus, the entire episode lasted precisely 11 days, and our servicemen came home on April 11.  These facts give us two sets of 11, a most important number in the occult.  The number "eleven is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful, and imperfect" in the occult world [W. Wynn Westcott, The Occult Power of Numbers, p. 100; NOTE:  Westcott is one of the foremost Black Magick authors in the world].

At this point, we have two sets of 11, a powerful duplication of this evil number, but still one 11 short of making the most powerful duplication in the occult world -- the number three.  If this event was an occult event then we should be able to see another set of 11's surrounding this episode.  If we could find another set of eleven, then we would rightly be able to conclude that this incident carried an occult signature

And, lo and behold, China directly and purposefully provided the third eleven!

On April 6, China issued a picture they had taken of the captured American airmen from this surveillance plane.  The photo looked like an amateur had taken it, but it did show some of the airmen.  Even though 24 airmen were being held captive, this photo only showed 11 of them -- 11, not 12, not 10, but 11 [http://www.cnn.com/2001/WORLD/asiapcf/east/04/06/air.collision.01/index.html]

The eleventh airman in this photo is seated by the door on the left, and just slightly to the right of the man in the second row sitting in front of him.  This picture shows empty seats amongst the 11 airmen shown, so why did China take a picture of only 11 people?  In fact, the 11th person in this photo is almost hidden and is probably missed by the average person casually looking at the photo.  This photo smacks of a contrived, planned situation.  Why would China issue a carefully-contrived picture containing precisely 11 members of the 24-member plane crew?

This photo provides the third set of 11's underpinning the entire incident.  Thus, we have 3 sets of 11, a most powerful occult signature to this event [Seminar 2 gives a thorough review of occult signatures of events by which the initiated understand what is going on, while the uninitiated, the "vulgar" person, has no idea what is occurring].

Then, please consider that China issued this picture on April 6, 2001, a date which equals 13.  You get 13 from this date by adding 4 + 6 + 2 + 1 = 13. Of course, the number 13 is the occult number for rebellion against God's constituted authority; further, it is used for divination purposes [Wescott, p. 109].

This occult signature tells us several things about this entire episode:

1.  This event was likely planned, with both China and American leadership completely involved.  Thus, the incident occurred precisely on April 1, and was concluded precisely on April 11, giving exactly 11 days to the crisis.  Had the event occurred on another day, the airmen could not have been released on the eleventh, which would have prevented one of the three elevens from being present.

2.  The three sets of elevens surrounding this incident would immediately alert occultists throughout the world that some contrived incident was occurring in which America and China were cooperating to achieve some prearranged goal.

3.  As we shall see in a few moments, President Bush had to be involved, since the facts of this incident require his specific authorization.  Since Bush was within the first 100 days of his Presidency, we might be safe in assuming that one of the signals intended to occultists throughout the world was that America was still going to cooperate with China, even though the presidency had changed hands from a Liberal Democrat to a Conservative Republican.  Such a signal should be expected, and I think this incident just might have provided it.


Whether by accident or design, China now has the world's most sophisticated surveillance aircraft, one whose technology is at least 20 years ahead of Russia or China.  No American in authority, from the pilot of this aircraft, to the President of the United States, took the kind of action that military protocol demands.  It is to this issue that we now need to turn our attention.  We draw this material from a well-written expose by Al Martin, writing in his column, "Behind The Scenes In The Beltway".  Martin is speaking out on the technical aspects of this surveillance aircraft,  in an article entitled, "Aries II Down:  Another Technology Transfer To China", http://www.almartinraw.com/column12.html.  We need to understand this aircraft and the military rules of engagement surrounding it.

Let us begin with an understanding as to the very sensitive nature of this aircraft.  Published photos seem to tell us that this plane was slow, clumsy, and obsolete.  Its exterior seems to indicate that the interior of the plane, and its electronic components, were probably equally obsolete.  Since this is definitely not the case, let us address the capabilities of this aircraft, so we can better ascertain the significance of its loss.

"... this US Navy aircraft uses technology that is proprietary to the National Security Agency. Most of the technology on the aircraft is electronic intercept in nature.  According to Department of Defense statements, all protocols were broken. This indicates that the incident has been staged to create a deliberate transfer of this technology. This technology is so advanced that even the NSA was queasy about giving it to the Chinese ... the military designation of the EP-3E Aries II aircraft is high enough that all crew members carry cyanide capsules. They must not fall into enemy hands for interrogation." [Ibid.]

Yet, of course, that is precisely what happened:  both plane and airmen fell into enemy hands.

"... the Chinese don't have the technological capability to jam these signals. These are highly advanced microburst transmissions that can even be bounced off of China's own satellites. The Chinese would not even be aware of it. Russian and Chinese equipment cannot even detect such complex microburst transmissions." [Ibid.]

"The key system the Chinese want from this aircraft is called SCSS, Story Classic Surveillance System. It is the most sophisticated electronics surveillance and communications reception technology ever constructed.  It has the ability to intercept and decode transmissions. It can locate the source of the transmissions and automatically translate from any language into English. It can pick up computer transmissions, telephone and fax transmission, and long wave transmissions from submarines. In short, this device can intercept any electronics communications generated anywhere on the planet, underneath the ocean, and even in outer space. There has never been anything like it. It is estimated to be 20 years ahead of any other similar technology." [Ibid.]

If China was, indeed, planned to be equal to America in her armed forces so the Illuminati could use the military of both nations to enforce its will throughout the world, then China would need to possess parity with America.  She definitely would need this technology.

Martin continues:

"Its capabilities are truly fantastic -- simultaneous translation in all languages from any intercepts -- underwater traffic, cable traffic, email traffic, telephone traffic, and satellite traffic. And it can also pinpoint the location of where the transmission originates."

Thus, the loss of this extremely sophisticated aircraft to an enemy who is constantly threatening America with nuclear war is exceedingly dangerous to our national security.  You would think that American commanders on the scene would have taken all measures necessary to keep that pilot from landing that aircraft on that Chinese air base.  American fighter aircraft could have shot the plane down, with one of our long-range, over-the-horizon-radar air-to-air missiles.  Or, an American cruise missile could have completely destroyed this aircraft immediately upon landing, or at least when we saw that the crew had been removed.  China would have screamed bloody murder, but they would not have declared war.

Instead, American commanders at the scene simply sat back to allow this plane to fly north to the Chinese air base, some 76 miles away.  Let us return to Martin's story so you can see that such inaction on the part of American commanders could only have been ordered by President Bush, since this entire incident violates standard American military protocol regarding this type of sophisticated surveillance aircraft.

"According to Department of Defense statements, all protocols were broken. This indicates that the incident has been staged to create a deliberate transfer of this technology." [Ibid.]  Martin believes this incident was deliberately staged so as to give this high technology to China, and he probably knows nothing about the 200-year-old plan known as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (quoted above), to build up China militarily at the End of the Age.

"... the military designation of the EP-3E Aries II aircraft is high enough that all crew members carry cyanide capsules. They must not fall into enemy hands for interrogation ... Whoever was in charge of the aircraft command must have been in on it. Otherwise they would not have had the authority to circumvent the protocols, unless directly ordered to do so. The aircraft then would either be in pieces and the crew would be floating in life rafts. Or, they would all be dead." [Ibid.] 

This crew was undoubtedly trained to know that they were daily required to put their lives on the line for the secrets contained within their aircraft.  That is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for all military personnel operating such sensitive equipment.  Thankfully, my position within U.S. Army Intelligence never required me to take such a pledge of life or death, but for people operating our most secret of equipment, this is simply reality.

Therefore, questions galore jump out at you, don't they?

1.  Why did the pilot attempt to right the plane, to save the crew, and then land at an enemy air force base, when his instructions were to keep that plane out of enemy hands under any and all circumstances?  Every member of his crew were expecting him to destroy that aircraft, even if it meant taking their lives.  Why did the pilot do exactly the opposite of what he was trained to do under these circumstances?

2.  Why has none of the crew said anything about this extraordinary breach of military protocol when they returned home?  Keep this thought in mind, for it will have a potentially great significance later on.

3.  "The protocol on this aircraft is very simple. If there was any chance that the aircraft could fall into hostile hands, the crew is deemed to be completely expendable. The protocol can only be overridden by the President of the United States."  [Ibid.]

Therefore, this pilot could have landed his aircraft on this Chinese air base only upon the direct orders of President Bush!!  Stop right here and think -- even meditate -- on this fact, pondering the ramifications.  All pilots of such Top Secret surveillance planes are under standing orders to destroy their equipment rather than allowing it to fall into enemy hands.  The only way a pilot would not take this action was if the President of the United States directly ordered it.

Now, why would President Bush directly order the pilot to hand over this airplane to the Chinese?  I can think of no good reason, except the obvious one:  he is as Illuminist as Cutting Edge has always maintained, and he is dedicated to moving the Plan of the Illuminati forward.  We have always warned our readers that Bush is as Illuminist as was Clinton, and as was Bush, Sr.  Now, we have strong proof this is the case.  For those of you who have ears to hear, listen up. 

Consider Al Martin's conclusion:  "The only logical conclusion about this incident is that it is simply an ongoing transfer of sophisticated technology to the Chinese military." 

The Great White Brotherhood Plan moves forward!


Martin addresses numerous issues which do not square with the facts of the case, so let us examine his article from this standpoint.

Implausible Story #1 -- "... the Aries II aircraft was supposedly escorted by ancient Chinese F8 fighter planes to a Chinese military base at Hainan Island."

FACT:  This surveillance plane only looks obsolete and defenseless.  "The Aries II has an electronic counter-measure capability that could completely fry the electronic components of a state-of-the-art MIG 29, let alone a vintage Chinese F-8. Its defensive capability consists of highly advanced directional microwave weaponry." [Ibid.]  Therefore, this American surveillance plane could have so destroyed the electronic controls of this Chinese F-8 that it might not have even been able to fly, much less get close enough to collide with our plane.

Implausible Story # 2 -- "The Department of Defense claims they know nothing ..."

FACT :  "... throughout the inside of the aircraft, there is a discreet video system which continues to broadcast."  Until the time when the Chinese military police entered the aircraft, the D.O.D. knew everything that was happening on that aircraft.

Implausible Story # 3 -- "The Defense Department is also trying to imply that the Chinese are jamming the signals."

FACT:  "The Chinese don't have the technological capability to jam these signals. These are highly advanced microburst transmissions that can even be bounced off of China's own satellites. The Chinese would not even be aware of it. Russian and Chinese equipment cannot even detect such complex microburst transmissions." [Ibid.]

Once again, the U.S. Government is lying to the American people.  I thought this kind of lying was going to stop once we got rid of the evil old Bill Clinton!  When I was in Army Intelligence, I was amazed at the number of times I realized the government was boldly lying to the American people; in fact, sometimes it was easier to catch the number of times government officials spoke truthfully.  When the government is caught lying about one matter, you can bet your bottom dollar they are lying about many other things as well. 

How do you know when a government employee is lying to you?  When his lips are moving!

Implausible Story # 4 -- "First, the government had admitted that there were 24 personnel on the aircraft the "majority of which were US Navy personnel."

FACT:  "The aircraft has 19 operating stations. Who are the non-Navy personnel, which the government refuses to identify?" 

Since this aircraft and its technology were under the direct control of the National Security Agency, it seems only logical that these extra five men on board might have been NSA operatives.  What would their function have been?  They probably were on board to make sure the transfer of this aircraft to the Chinese went smoothly, and that silly things like Military Protocol did not rear up to prevent this transfer.

Martin addresses this issue, but has a slightly different interpretation: "It's probably only the shadowy unidentified non-Navy extra personnel who knew what was going on ... Regarding the yet unidentified extra personnel on the aircraft -- could they in fact be electronics experts who were there to help the Chinese dismantle the technology?"  [Ibid.]

Implausible Story # 5 -- "The US Government claims that the plane was 'severely damaged' and had to make an emergency landing."

FACT:  "If it appears that the aircraft is about to fall into 'hostile' hands, the normal protocol is that the self-destruct mechanism is supposed to be activated ...  had the emergency self-destruct mechanism been rendered inoperable for any reasons, as the plane began to sink, the emergency self-destruct mechanism would have been activated automatically when sea water came into contact with the amitol derivative explosives in the mechanism. Amitol automatically explodes when sufficiently saturated by seawater."

Thus, we can clearly see that, if the objective had been to turn over this aircraft to the Chinese, the one thing the pilot had to prevent was a ditching at sea, for that would have automatically triggered the self-destruct mechanism.  The only logical explanation as to why no attempt was made to ditch the plane at sea was because the objective was to hand this aircraft over to the Chinese.

Implausible Story # 6 -- I heard on the news shortly after this incident that the plane was so cramped with equipment it had no room to store parachutes or life rafts.

FACT:  "The aircraft is built, so it can make an emergency water landing.  Since the Aries II is a naval aircraft, it is built to stay afloat long enough for the crew to get out and the life rafts to automatically inflate. The aircraft also carries emergency survival equipment with an EBIRB, an emergency locating system."  [Ibid.]

Thus, very quickly after ditching the plane at sea, American rescue units would have been on the scene.  Can you see how every lie of the Government quickly dissolves once you shine the light of the true facts upon it?

Implausible Story # 7 -- "The US Government claims that the plane was 'severely damaged' and had to make an emergency landing."

FACT:  "How 'severely damaged' could the plane have been and still have flown 76 miles to make a landing at a Chinese air force base? If the plane was able to travel an additional 76 miles and land on hostile territory, why couldn't it have flown to Vietnamese territorial waters?" [Ibid.]

Good point!  If the pilot had simply turned west toward the Vietnamese territorial waters rather than north, he could have flown the plane out of danger.  We already know that this surveillance aircraft possessed self-defense radar that would have prevented the F-8 Chinese fighter, or even the more modern Mig-29, from locking on it in order to fire air-to-air missiles.

Furthermore, why weren't American fighters scrambled to intervene in this situation?  I cannot imagine fighter cover was far enough away that they would be prevented from intervening if necessary.  Certainly, in the time it took this surveillance plane to slowly travel the 76 miles to the Chinese air base, American fighters could have taken our sensitive aircraft out with its own missiles, or have taken out the old Chinese fighters "escorting" the plane to the air base.

Once the plane was on the ground, why didn't American cruise missiles totally annihilate it as it sat on the tarmac, either before or after the crew had vacated?  Once again, I can tell you that China would have done no more than beat their breasts and cry out loudly in protest. 

How damaging can the loss of this aircraft be to American interests?  Martin quotes the Department of Defense, and the scene is not pretty.

"The DoD has repeatedly stated the level of technology is so advanced that if it were to fall into hostile hands, it would seriously impact US offensive military capabilities for a decade."

From all this information, you can readily see that the facts do not support the lies told by the Department of Defense.  There is absolutely no reason on this green earth that this aircraft should have been "forced" to make a landing at this Chinese air base.  There is absolutely no reason that the Chinese should have been able to take physical possession of an aircraft essentially intact; the only thing we heard is that the crew did have the time to dispose of sensitive written material before they were boarded.  Then we were told that the crew took hammers to the equipment in the moments on the ground before the Chinese Army troops entered.  But, what if the most sensitive of the equipment was buried so deep within the surface that merely pounding on it with hammers would not destroy it?

My antennae is simply vibrating on this issue:  based on my experience in U.S. Intelligence, I feel certain the Chinese got their hands on this equipment,  in good shape and operationally perfect.  Thus, they could Reverse Engineer it very easily and quickly.


The final piece to this puzzle comes from a thorough knowledge of Illuminati Mind Control.  Most elite troops today in our armed services have been thoroughly programmed with sophisticated Mind Control techniques, without them being aware of it.  These 19 members of this Aries II surveillance plane would certainly have been mentally programmed so they would follow orders exactly and so they would not crack under even the most tortuous enemy interrogation.

You would expect that no member of the crew would say anything about what had occurred, once they got home and reunited with family.  The probability would be high that every member of this crew was so well trained they could be trusted not to say something to their families.  However, to ensure that no crew member would say anything revealing or damaging to the government, it is highly probable that the crew members were "reverse interrogated" by our own military, and were given a pre-set code that would erase all memory in their minds.

Therefore, it seems highly "coincidental" that Illuminati Mind Control uses three sets of eleven as a mental code that will erase all memory of a particular event or series of events from the mind of the victim.  Cisco Wheeler, former Illuminist who has co-authored several books on Illuminati Mind Control, says that, when Illuminati handlers want to erase a particular segment of the mind, they would flash a sequence of "11  11  11".  After the Mind Control victim received this signal, they would remember nothing of the event they had just experienced!

This sequence is an erasure code that erases a particular piece of memory at the subconscious level.  Thus, a crew member would remember nothing of what truly happened, but could "remember" only the official story.  The average American has no concept of the advanced capabilities of the Illuminati concerning Mind Control.  If we fully understood it, we might never get up off our knees before our God and our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Truly, the truth is more strange than fiction!


We believe the Illuminati deliberately engineered this incident in such a way as to have three sets of '11' undergird the case, in order to flash two signals to fellow occultists throughout the world.

First, the Illuminati logically would want all occultists throughout the world to know that America was still pursuing the Illuminist agenda under President Bush.  This incident occurred within the first 100 days of the Bush Administration, a time period universally thought of as the period when a new administration is defined, for better or for worse.  This incident would have flashed the message loudly and clearly, within this 100-day period, that Bush was pursuing the Illuminist agenda. 

Secondly, the Illuminati might logically want to reassure all occultists that no crew member would return home to "spill the beans" on what really occurred.  Therefore, the three sets of elevens undergirding this incident would tell fellow occultists that Illuminati Mind Control was in charge of this situation.  Certainly, no crew member has said anything that contradicts the official government line, at least nothing that has been reported.

This is not the first time the Illuminati has flashed a signal of "11 11 11". World War I was ended at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month [November 11, at 11:00am].  We know that the Illuminati has been planning three world wars to produce Antichrist since Masonic leader Albert Pike received his demonic vision of 1870. [Read NEWS1056  for full details].  The Illuminati was signalling to the entire world that World War I had been fought as their war, for their purpose to produce The New Age Christ [Antichrist].  Thus, every occultist in the world knew that the Pike plan of 1870 was on course and had just concluded its first phase.

The 200-year-old Illuminati Plan to reorganize the world into 10 super nations and to arm America and China as the Protocols dictate is certainly going forward.  Remember that the dirty little secret is that the Illuminati created Communism from 1846-1848, so as to create the Antithesis system that would battle the Western Thesis system [Read NEWS1007 for full details].  Thus, from the Communist Revolution in 1917 to the present time, American and Western leaders have secretly viewed Communist leaders as loyal soldiers in the drive to create the Kingdom of Antichrist, known as the New World Order.

American leaders have secretly viewed Communist leaders as secret allies in the global plan. Key military leaders have held this view, which is why numerous people since World War II have marveled at how friendly American and Russian civilian and military leaders are to each other, even during the depths of the Cold War.

The final Illuminati Plan is exactly what the Bible foretells:  the rulers of the present Illuminist system of 10 super nations are working together according to a plan secret to most people, that will produce Antichrist. This is the key final goal of New Age literature, to create the scene on earth where the spiritual consciousness of most people will be sufficiently raised so Antichrist can arise.

The plan to arm China to be equivalent to the United States is going forth firmly and vigorously, just as the Protocols originally envisioned.  The facts of this case tells anyone who "has ears to hear" that this is true.  And, President Bush seems firmly on board, along with his Vice President and all those Cabinet members who are on the Council on Foreign Relations.

The world draws ever closer to the End of the Age.  Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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