Subtitle: New York Post is reporting that Osama Bin Laden has achieved a final and complete merger between all Arab terrorist groups worldwide.  Now, the unthinkable terrorist goal of annihilating a major Western city may be within their grasp!

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Bin Laden’s Chilling Plot", New York Post.com by Jessica Tisch, June 14, 2001. "Osama bin Laden's now-foiled plan to disrupt President Bush's trip to Italy next month may have been merely a prelude to a larger attack on Americans worldwide - and a possible presidential assassination - in the near future. Middle East expert Steven Emerson told The Post yesterday that bin Laden is ‘actively planning attacks on American targets overseas in the Middle East and Persian Gulf … Nor is the increased possibility of terrorist attack limited to the Mideast, Emerson says. ‘Hezbollah and other Islamic movements beyond bin Laden are clearly considering action beyond the Israeli-Palestinian arena,’ he said.

"Emerson links the growing international threat to the emergence of what he calls ‘one big Islamic militant Internet’ led by Hezbollah and bin Laden. Smaller fundamentalist groups, he says, now have greater, even global, reach under Hezbollah's leadership, which has helped unify militants against a common enemy."

In other words, Islamic militant groups have undergone a dramatic metamorphosis into a global terrorist group that will be capable of striking targets throughout the world in support of their Middle East struggle against Israel.

However, this story really began a few years ago, in New York City. At 12:18p.m., on Friday, February 26, 1993, an extremely powerful explosion rocked the underground garage of the World Trade Center. This explosion shook the twin towers of the Trade Center with the effects of an earthquake, dramatically swaying the towers. The size of the explosion was so enormous that law enforcement officials almost immediately ruled out the possibility of the explosion being caused by natural causes or by utilities such as natural gas. Officials immediately suspected a bomb, not only because of the enormous size of the blast, but also by its location. The crater the bomb blast created measured between 100 to 200 feet across, and over 30 feet deep. The force of the blast seemed to have been directed downward, as if the purpose was to destroy the structural integrity of the building instead of to directly kill people with the blast. This is not to say that people were not the target; rather, we are saying that the terrorists planned to kill people by collapsing the entire Twin Tower complex. Early reports suggested that the bomb was fairly well placed, for this purpose, especially since the terrorists were not part of the original building project. It is terrifying to realize that each of these Twin Towers contained 50,000 people; if the building had collapsed like the hotel in Beirut, Lebanon, which killed approximately 250 American Marines, most of these employees would probably have been killed. America would be staggering today if the death toll had been in the tens of thousands. An early news report stated that officials believed the explosives used in this terrorist attack was twice the amount of explosives used in the attack against the Marines in Lebanon. The terrorists simply miscalculated the quality strength of the Twin Tower structure.

As it was, the damage this bomb caused up above was frightening. The bomb blast was strategically placed so that it simultaneously caused three things to occur:

  1. It destroyed the entire complex supplying electricity and communications.
  2. It destroyed the main water pipes, causing the back-up electrical and communications system to go dead. This was enormously important because every simulated escape drill depended heavily upon communications. At every level, people were instructed where to go for the best escape route by people located on every level in communication with a headquarters person. In this emergency, no one was able to communicate with anyone; therefore, every trapped employee was left to figure out how to get out of the building, and how each locked door encountered or each area of intense smoke could be circumvented.
  3. The blast caused enormous quantities of black, acrid smoke to flow immediately upward through the elevator shafts. The smoke reached as high as the 90th floor. Most of the injuries occurred from this black smoke.

The death toll stood at 5 killed and two missing. Over 1,000 people were injured. Only Divine Providence kept the damage and the death toll from being infinitely higher. The question on everyone's mind was "Why?". Why would anyone want to destroy so many American lives? The answers the Media provides are possible, but, we believe, only serves to lead people away from the truth. Several possible terrorist groups were listed as possible suspects, and we will discuss them later in this program in more detail.

However, while any one of several terrorist groups might have carried out this attack, we offer a dramatically different possible scenario. We believe it highly significant that this is the second major terrorist attack in as many months. It was only a few weeks earlier that a rifle attack was carried out by a trained assassin at the Main Gate of the CIA complex in Virginia. This gunman coolly shot many CIA employees before disappearing into the countryside, possibly jumping into a waiting car. Again, the explanations being offered were much the same as in this Twin Tower bombing. But, we must reiterate that the important factor is that this was the second major terrorist attack in as many months.

The writers of the Plan for achieving the New World Order have boldly stated that, as the world is coalescing into the planned One World Government, Economy, and Religion, a final stage of planned violence in Europe and the United States is necessary to panic the public into allowing their freedoms to be taken away, and their present Constitutional system of Government to be suspended, supposedly so our Government could deal effectively with the terrorism. Consider the facts of world changes which seem to put us at this final stage.

1. The One World Government is, indeed, coming together quickly, before our very eyes. The United Nations is being developed by the United States and Europe into a major force. Since the late 1980's, the United Nations has been credited with the solution of many wars, from the Iran/Iraq conflict to the many conflicts in Africa. Most importantly, the Biblically prophesied reorganization of the governments of the world into only 10 nations [Daniel 7:7-8] occurred in stages between 1992-96. Today, the world is reorganized into 10 super economic nations, and the vast majority of the peoples of the world are blissfully ignorant.


2. The One-World Economy is daily becoming closer to complete fulfillment. Daily transfers of money from the United States to Japan to Europe to the Orient occur electronically. This daily exchange has become effortless. Advancements in computer technology have now made it possible for daily commercial transactions to be accomplished without cash via computer in such a way that meticulously records every transaction as to amount, time, and day. And huge computer systems are now in place in both Europe and America which can record every commercial transaction in the Industrialized world. In fact, these systems are redundant. In other words, either computer system is capable of so recording each transaction.

Further, computer technology has now made it possible for a miniature computer chip to be surgically implanted within the skin that would permanently mark every one, and would be able to record the commercial transactions of each individual in the world. This technology has been developed and perfected by the Veterinarian Industry, but can be immediately transferred to human applications.

3. The One-World Religion comes closer to realization every day, as the drive toward Ecumenism gains ever greater momentum. We may be close to the point where a charismatic leader could simply declare all world's religions to be one, that all small differences of doctrine still dividing them were to be simply set aside.

Of course, all this movement to the prophesied One-World systems, a s described above, would not have been possible had it not been for the collapse of Biblical Christian values throughout Europe and America. Today, the Christian values which have formed the foundation and the superstructure of Western Society for nearly 2,000 years is almost completely abolished. Individually and nationally, we have abandoned our Christian heritage. John Whitehead, writing in the January, 1993, Rutherford Institute Newsletter, sums the crisis succinctly, as he states, "Our society seems on the verge on total moral and cultural collapse. We seem to have no national 'character' or moral direction. Our public schools no longer teach right and wrong... Bible reading and prayer are outlawed... Christian students and teachers are disciplined for merely talking about their religious faith...'Home school' parents are arrested and put on trial simply because they wish to teach their children the old fashioned [Christian] way... Unrestricted abortion on demand is resulting in the slaughter of millions of unborn children annually...The homosexual lobby is growing much bolder and for the first time in history, we have a president who publicly supports the homosexual agenda...."

"America is at a crossroads. Things are out of control, and I believe our very traditional moral and religious values are at stake. I fear they are on the verge on being lost. A year from now -- will we still be able to pray ... read the Bible ... teach our children about God? A year from now -- will we be able to speak about our religious faith in public places without getting arrested?"

The Rutherford Institute can clearly see the handwriting on the wall, as those Christian values which have always guaranteed our personal and religious freedoms are under attack as never before. World events are now occurring because this Christian foundation is destroyed.

Thus, you can see that these two terrorist attacks did not occur in a vacuum. They are occurring against the backdrop of a world that is mightily close to achieving their complete plan of a Luciferian One World Government, Economy, and Religion, to be headed by a charismatic political leader who will be supernaturally endowed. And, make no mistake, the last stages of this plan are intended to be violent and bloody. In fact, they are to be so terrifying that the peoples of the world will demand that the Government take any action to solve them, even to the point of "temporarily" taking away individual freedoms. What did Jesus foretell? He said, in Luke 21:26, "Men's hearts failing them for fear.." While the context of this Scripture is clearly in the period known as the Great Tribulation, we cannot read the plans of terror of those in the Great White Brotherhood without remembering this passage.

Terror is clearly planned as the final stage of the New World Order. And, as we are considering possible terror, let us not forget the example of the Rodney King trial in Los Angeles. When a State jury found the four accused police officers innocent of all charges, tremendous violence broke out. For too long of a time, certain sections of Los Angeles were out of control and were burning. News reports have been circulating that, since this trial, individual gangs have joined to form one huge army, possibly as many as 100,000 men. These men are heavily armed and are simply itching for a fight. If the right situation were to present itself, Los Angeles could explode in such fury as to require a national State of Emergency to be declared and many tens of thousands of Army and Marines to be deployed. Furthermore, gang violence in other major cities might explode, thus straining the military resources of this nation even more.

It is against this background that we want to share with you some of these plans for a final stage of extreme violence. New Age author, Bill Cooper, writing in his book, "Behold A Pale Horse", talks extensively about this plan for the overthrow of our American System of Government. "Congress has tremendous powers, but fails in most cases to exercise even a token amount...our Legislature has allowed and at times encouraged the Executive Branch to write law... This is done in the form of Presidential Executive Orders, National Security Council memos, National Security Decision directives, and National Security directives...Presidential Executive orders are listed in the Federal Register...which are known to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees... [the other types of Presidential memos and directives] do not have to be reported reviewed, made available to anyone, or even acknowledged that they exist. There is no oversight whatsoever that could maintain a check on the legality of these National Security directives. The President and others within the Executive branch have used these super-secret directives to skirt the balance of power and write law without anyone's knowledge....These NSD's are powerful, hidden, and dangerous tools...They are being used to destroy our Constitution."

In this case, what we do not know will not only hurt us; it can kill us. Cooper then proceeds in great detail to show how secret directives can literally allow the President acting under the full weight of the law, to suspend the Constitution for nearly any supposed crisis whatsoever. The Federal agency responsible for assuming total authority during such a contrived crisis is FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association). FEMA was created by an executive order from President Jimmy Carter on June 19, 1978. Another Christian author, A. Ralph Epperson, writes in his book, "The Unseen Hand", that FEMA is unconstitutionally created because it is "a civilian agency which has the capacity to administer a totalitarian government in the event of domestic or international crisis". Epperson goes on to list some of the authority which FEMA wields:

  1. Relocate millions of workers
  2. Reorganize national industry and banking
  3. Distribute all economic resources and transportation access
  4. Operate every level of government
  5. Institute total energy rationing
  6. Order mass evacuation of residents in the perimeter of nuclear power plants

Then, in light of this specific authority over residents in the vicinity of nuclear power plants, Epperson notes the extremely interesting coincidence that "the Three Mile Island incident occurred just one day after FEMA became operational..." This suspicious coincidence becomes even more suspicious when one realizes that an antinuclear power article appeared in 1978 -- months before the "accident" occurred -- in a radical magazine entitled, "Harrisburg". This article warned about the dangers inherent in nuclear power generation, and then predicted an accident would happen on March 28, 1979, the precise day it actually did happen, and only one day after FEMA became operational!!

Remember, also, that the plan for FEMA is that it would take over only in the event of any serious crisis, either nationally or internationally. Since this is the plan, it is necessary to condition the American people to the possibility, even the probability, of a crisis exploding. Therefore, articles began to appear in the mid-1980's, warning of severe threats posed by both nuclear war with our Cold War confrontation with the Soviet Union and by terrorists. We have been monitoring these articles since mid-1991, and have collected dozens. These conditioning articles have appeared in such diverse places as local newspapers, Newsweek and Time Magazines, to specialty magazines such as "Defense and Diplomacy". Further, both TV and radio have also carried this type of story. In late November, 1991, a documentary was carried on the PBS channel warning that America's preparedness against a Soviet nuclear strike was not workable and would fail. This documentary was one hour long; at 55 minutes past the hour, the scenario suddenly shifted to the possibility that Arab terrorists would attack an American city with nuclear weapons concealed within large suitcases. Conditioning, conditioning, more conditioning.

This steady drumbeat has continued up to this present time; in the February 30 issue of "World Monitor", an article appeared entitled, "A Cloud That Lingers". The author warned that the collapse of the former Soviet Union has created the very real danger that small nations or individual terrorist groups might be able to steal a nuclear weapon or buy it outright on the European black market. It is, indeed, very disconcerting to realize that a nuclear weapon could be hidden in a suitcase.

Let us now return back to the subject of the Arab attack against the Twin Towers in New York City. We are shocked when we realize that this terrorist bomb fully packed the van or the car in which it was loaded. And the bomb was not sufficient to totally collapse the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. But, a small nuclear device hidden within the small confines of a suitcase, would have the power to totally destroy a building the size of the World Trade Center.

Police and FBI agents have positively identified this explosion as being from a bomb, and they have expressed their belief that terrorists were responsible. They do not know which group might have carried out this attack, but they are know certain it had to have been some sophisticated terrorist group. Several groups were initially under suspicion:

1. The Drug Mob -- Drug cartels have been increasingly under attack in the past several years by a concerted American attack. This attack has reached into the sovereign nations in which the drug lords live. However, law enforcement officials discount the possibility that drug lords may have carried out this attack, for two reasons:

2. The second group initially under suspicion was Eastern Europe where Croatians and Bosnians were locked in a death struggle, Christian against Muslim. Muslim leaders are very angry with the United States for our refusal to back our rhetoric with action, to prevent the continued slaughter of their people. Further, many news reports over the past two years have emphasized the fact that nuclear devices have been taken from the stockpiles of the armed forces of the former U.S.S.R. These nuclear weapons may range anywhere from the low yield battlefield weapons to the higher yield of strategic warheads. Most experts believe that the majority of the nuclear warhead thus removed from the armed forces of the former U.S.S.R. are the lower yield tactical variety. If the Eastern European Muslims wanted to hit the United States they conceivably could have the weaponry.

3. Middle Eastern Arabs certainly were included in the list of possible terrorist groups who could have planned and carried out such an attack. They certainly have long ago become frustrated with their inability to destroy Israel, despite the huge array of modern weapons with which the former Soviet Union has equipped them. Nations such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Iran have every reason to turn to nuclear weapons as a sure way to finally destroy Israel. And news reports have abounded that these nations either have nuclear weapons or are close to getting them. Iraq seems to be trying to scientifically develop nuclear weapons, while Syria and Iran have reportedly purchased them from the armed forces of the former Soviet Union. Certainly, this group of state-sponsored terrorists would conceivably have physical possession of nuclear weapons. Indeed, Arab terrorists were identified, arrested, tried, and imprisoned for this attack. During the trial, the most extreme anti-American rhetoric was on display. Every Arab failure to annihilate Israel only increases the Arab hatred for both Israel and the United States.

4. Libya was initially suspected. She is rabidly anti-Israel, and she has sponsored terrorist attacks before. Her charismatic leader, Ghaddafi, is also still smarting from the air attack which nearly killed him in 1985.

One other possibility remains. Groups 2, 3, and 4, just discussed, are all Arabs. Is it possible that these diverse groups have decided to band together to begin their attack against the United States for her continuous and unbroken protection of Israel? These Arabs conceivably could possess the courage and confidence to carry out such an attack if they acted together.

This article, quoted above, states boldly that just such a merger of all Arab forces worldwide has taken place. Now, the bold, fanatic Arab hatred against the Jew can be properly channeled and organized by Osama Bin Laden into a formidable terrorist organization capable of wiping major cities off the map.

Shockingly, this, too, is part of the Plan to produce Antichrist.

Remember that we are entering into the final stages of the New World Order. These stages have been amply written about and have always included staged, planned crises, both international and national. But, for this possibility to be possible, it means that our current leaders have to be actively involved in bringing down the system of government which they are sworn to uphold, that which is giving them their power now, and they have to be willing to kill their own fellow Americans. This kind of accusation always results in someone being called a "far out right-wing fanatic" not worth listening to. However, we know this entire movement into the New World Order is being driven by Satan, and we have further discussed that the hallmark characteristic of the End Times in unparalleled deception of a populace which has already rejected the Truth of Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, history has provided ample evidence of politicians and wealthy industrialists backing revolutionary causes so that, when the existing government in any particular country falls, the powerful and the wealthy step in to pick up the pieces and establish a system which gives them infinitely more power and wealth. Thus, the Rothchilds consistently backed revolutionary movements in Europe all throughout the 1800's. Adolf Hitler's movement to power was financed by the Rothchild interests, and Lenin's revolution was financed by the wealthy.

Christian author Epperson, in his book, "The Unseen Hand", showed how this type of wealthy backing for revolutionary causes exists in the United States. Epperson quotes radical leader Jerry Rubin, in his counterculture book, "Do It!", published in 1970 by Ballantine Books. Rubin candidly writes, "Revolution is profitable. So the capitalists to sell it...The hip capitalists have some allies within the revolutionary community: longhairs who work as intermediaries between the kids on the street and the millionaire businessmen." Epperson then quotes leaders of the Students For A Democratic Society as saying that their goal was nothing less than the destruction of America and her economic system, to be replaced by a classless world, i.e., the New World Order.

Then, Epperson drops the bombshell, "Yet in spite of all this evidence about the nature of the SDS, they continued to receive money from the establishment they were supposedly out to overthrow...an Illinois commission on that state's [campus] rioting said that $192,000 in Federal money and $85,000 in Carnegie Foundation funds were paid to the Students for a Democratic Society...during the fall of 1969". Of course, this was well after the violence perpetrated by these groups from 1966-1968.

Finally, Epperson showed how additional funding for these type of causes came from the United Nations, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, United Auto Workers...and from the Cuban Embassy." Another former radical leader, James Kirk, is also quoted in a book by G. Edward Griffin, entitled "The Capitalist Conspiracy", published by Thousand Oaks of the American Media, "Young people...have no idea that they are playing into the hands of the Establishment they claim to hate. The radicals think they're fighting the forces of the superrich, like Rockefeller and Ford, and don't realize that it is precisely such forces which are behind their own revolution, financing it, and using it for their own purposes." Black Panther leader Eldrige Cleaver even realized at the end that the wealthy were buying themselves a revolution.

Still another radical leader, James Kunen, wrote a book entitled "The Strawberry Incident", in which he described the industrialists backing the Students for a Democratic Society as being the "left-wing of the ruling class. They offered to finance our demonstrations in Chicago...They want us to make a lot of commotion so they can look more in the center..."

This last statement does, indeed, say it all about the almost unbelievable reality that certain of the wealthy are creating revolution so they could step in to pick up the pieces and establish their own worldwide dictatorial government, economy, and Satanic religion.

Finally, it is worthy noting that many fiction novels have been written which portray urban terror in the United States as a major portion of their story. The Tom Clancy novel, "The Sum of All Fears" readily comes to mind. In this novel, the Arabs fighting Israel recover a lost Israeli tactical warhead and are able to convert it into an atomic bomb. The Arabs blow up Denver, Colorado, during a Super Bowl football game, killing 100,000 people and nearly starting a nuclear war between the United States and the new Russia. Other novels, TV, and movie plots have also been written with this theme. The only purpose of such novels and movies is to "condition" the people of the United States, and the world, that such a scenario is possible, even probable. Then, when such a scenario does unfold, we will readily believe it, not realizing that we are being spooked into accepting the dictatorial New World Order. Remember, this has been the Plan since the mid-1700's, as espoused by the original New World Order Plan, The Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion!

Now, with the war in the Middle East about ready to explode into the planned World War III that would allow Antichrist to arise, we see that Osama Ben Laden has successfully merged all Islamic/Arab terrorist groups into one that can forcefully operate outside the Middle East. Now, when an Arab sees a Jew, or an American, they can kill them, just as the clergy have been urging for over a year.

When American forces move in support of Israel during this planned world war, the Arabs can truly retaliate by annihilating one of our major cities. New Age author, Bill Cooper, warns somberly that New York City is targeted during this time of planned crisis and world war [Behold A Pale Horse].

Jesus warned that men’s hearts will fail them for fear.  We seem to be really close to this scenario in your Daily News! 

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