Subtitle: The stories and pictures of Palestinians joyfully celebrating the deadly attack in New York City and the Pentagon yesterday may so condition Americans against them as to make it far easier for Israel to annihilate them in fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18!

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NEWS BRIEF: "Palestinians in Lebanon fire with joy at anti-US attacks", Yahoo News, September 11, 2001, http://sg.news.yahoo.com/010911/1/1fkyw.html

"Palestinian refugees fired into the air with joy Tuesday at news of apparent anti-US terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, AFP correspondents witnessed.  Guerrillas in military fatigues from various factions fired assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades into the air in the Ain al-Helweh refugee camp at the outskirts of the southern port city of Sidon, one correspondent said. Camp residents, some still in pajamas, interrupted afternoon rests to rush down to the streets and fire assault rifles into the air, they said. At the Shatila refugee camp in Beirut, Palestinian fighters also went out to the streets as soon as they heard the news from their television sets to fire into the air with joy, an AFP correspondent said."

We have often reported that the Palestinians are the modern-day descendents of the House of Esau [Read the following articles on this exceedingly pertinent subject:

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Therefore, based on the authority of God's Word, we know that the Palestinians are going to be annihilated by Israel. Let us review this startling Bible prophecy again:

PROPHECY BRIEF :  Obadiah 15-18 -- Set in End Times because verse 15 begins with the prophetic words, "For the Day of the Lord ...".  God consistently uses these words to denote End of the Age prophecies, and this time is no exception.  Let us review this prophecy in some detail, so that our later discussion will have a framework in which to occur. [Quotes below taken from Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary, quoting from the Amplified side].

"For the Day of the Lord is near upon all the nations.  As you have done, it shall be done to you; your dealings will return upon your own head.  For as you have drunk upon the mountain of My holiness [desecrating it in the wild revelry of the destroyers] so shall all the nations drink continually [in turn, of My wrath]; yes, they shall drink, talk foolishly, and swallow down [the full measure of punishment] and they shall be [destroyed] as though they had not been. [Verses 15-16]

"But on Mount Zion [in Jerusalem] there shall be deliverance [for those who escape], and it shall be holy; and the house of Jacob shall possess its [own former] possessions. The house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame , but the house of Esau shall be stubble; they shall kindle and burn them and consume them, and there shall be no survivor of the house of Esau, for the Lord has spoken it." [Verses 17-18; Emphasis added]

The remaining three verses [19-21] tell in great detail how completely Israel will expand out to possess the land God had promised to Israel.  This land includes Lebanon, part of Syria, two-thirds of Jordan [Moab and Edom provinces], and the Negev Desert.  When Israel expands her borders following this war with the Palestinians, Egyptians, Syrians, and Jordanians, she will not only win, but will send her armed forces out to occupy all the land God had promised them.

But, God will also bring about the purification of Mount Zion through this war.  Notice in verse 17, God says: "But on Mount Zion [in Jerusalem] there shall be deliverance [for those who escape], and it shall be holy."  The only way that Mount Zion [the Temple Mount] could be made holy in God's sight is for the Muslim Dome of the Rock to be removed!  Now, that is a very interesting concept, because the New World Order Plan to produce Antichrist calls for just such a destruction of the Dome of the Rock [Read NEWS1404, "Arafat's Blunder On CNN May Have Revealed An Arab Plot To Ignite The Middle East Conflagration By Bombing Their Own Holy Places" for full details]. 

Let us now return to the balance of the selected text in Obadiah, verse 18, which forms the basis for this article.  "The house of Jacob shall be a fire and the house of Joseph a flame, but the house of Esau shall be stubble; they shall kindle them and burn them and consume them , and there shall be no more survivor of the house of Esau, for the Lord has spoken it." [Verse 18]

This prophecy states that the nation of Israel [the combined houses of Jacob and Joseph] shall have some kind of a fire build up within them that will suddenly explode outward to consume the House of Esau in 100% annihilation.  Since a weapon of fire does not travel outward from its source too far, we can assume that this House of Esau must be living in close proximity to Israel at the moment of this conflagration.

But, the major question is, "who is the House of Esau today"?  A number of years ago, I emailed the Israeli Embassy to ask who the modern-day descendents were of the House of Esau, if indeed there were any.  A couple days later, I received an email back from a rabbi, who told me that the Palestinians were the modern-day descendents of the House of Esau!  These Palestinians lived in both Edom, a province of Jordan, and within Israel under the leadership of Yassir Arafat! 

In late November, 1999, I was speaking at a prophecy conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where I met a retired Bible scholar named Dr. Amos.  He confirmed that today's Palestinians were the descendents of the House of Esau.


This prophecy means that the Palestinians are going to "burn like stubble", are going to be "consumed" and "kindled", by a weapon of fire exploding out of Israel.  This is the prophecy, and it means what it says!  Now that I had the proper understanding as to what this prophecy meant in this time period in which it will finally occur, I had several questions, which I will list and then go back to discuss each of them.

1.  What kind of weapon could Israel possibly possess which would annihilate 100% of a population, and do so with fire?

2.  If God's judgment of 100% annihilation is to be carried out by Israel -- as Obadiah 18 states -- what kind of action would be necessary to carry out such a population genocide, while protecting Jewish citizens?

3.  What might be the final event that would signal that this genocide is about to begin?

We had felt that the final event which would signal that this genocide is about to start would be when the Israeli Defense Force began to physically separate the Palestinian population from the Jew.  Since no Israeli leader would want to annihilate a lot of Jews when the Palestinians are killed, we felt that the IDF would begin to physically separate the two peoples.  Of course, this probably meant building barriers around the Palestinian towns that would be manned by military personnel.  Additionally, this also meant that the roads connecting these Palestinian towns would have to be controlled. 

Based upon my years in U.S. Army Intelligence, I felt that, when I saw this event occur, I could know for certainty that this annihilation was drawing ever closer.  Today, I feel even more secure in this belief.  Back in November, 2000, Prime Minister Barak suddenly ordered the IDF to start separating the Jews from the Palestinian!  Initially, the IDF threw up fences around the Palestinian cities and towns, manned by military guards.  Then, we heard the announcement that the IDF had effected control of the roads connecting all the Palestinian cities.

The annihilation plan seemed to be both true and on track.

All these news stories was confirmation of an editorial article I had read in the Jewish Press in June, 1990.  The author of this article stated that the decision had just been made at the highest levels of civilian and military leadership that, during the next Arab-Israeli war, they were going to annihilate the Arabs, not simply defeat them in battle.  This top leadership was tired of winning wars against overwhelming odds,  but not win the peace.  They were tired of their miraculous victory just setting the stage for the next war. Further, they were afraid that the Arabs would get their hands on nuclear weapons by the end of the decade, which would mean the annihilation of the Jewish state.  Therefore, this top Israeli leadership was determined to annihilate the Arabs before they themselves were annihilated, and this perfectly fulfilled Bible prophecies.

Two years later, Israeli leadership made the Oslo Peace Accords public!  We have always said that the purpose of Oslo was to set a gigantic trap for the Palestinian first and the surrounding Islamic states of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt.

Since November, 2000, the IDF has encircled every Palestinian town and village, and now thoroughly controls access to all the roads connecting these towns.  In many instances, the IDF has also dug trenches deep and wide enough to prevent tanks from crossing, thus isolating the Palestinian population even more.

Now, the stage is set for Israel to annihilate the Palestinians.  The Intifada for the past 12 months has persuaded the Liberal Jewish citizen that the Palestinians do not ever want peace and economic coexistence, but want only the death of the Jewish state.  Now, Israel could annihilate the Palestinians in fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18 and not offend the vast majority of her own people.

Israel knows she will be roundly condemned by the international community for her annihilation of the Palestinians, but she has been roundly condemned by this community for everything she does or does not do.  Israel does not care what the international community thinks or does.

However, Israel does care deeply about what the United States thinks, and what she might possibly do, since Israel's survival is deeply tied into American support, both from the office of President and from the majority of citizens.  If America were to wake up one day and suddenly oppose Israel, that small democracy would be in deep, deep trouble.  Her very existence would be threatened.

Therefore, before the Illuminati can authorize Israel to attack and annihilate the Palestinians, she must condition the majority of Americans to accept such a destruction.  Since news stories are strongly pointing their collective fingers at Osama bin Laden as being responsible for the attacks yesterday in New York City and against the Pentagon, and since stories have repeatedly showed the joyous celebration from the Palestinians as they gleefully celebrate these destructive acts, is is wrong to assume that many Americans now would not be too upset when they learn that the Israelis have annihilated the Palestinian people?  Might the average American citizen just shrug his or her shoulders and say, "Well, they had it coming".  Or, "They attacked us viciously, so they deserved what they got"?


NEWS BRIEF:  "Reports: Boston Investigators Find Evidence in Attacks", Yahoo News, Sept 12, 2001, http://us.news2.yimg.com/f/42/31/7m/dailynews.yahoo.com/htx/nm/20010912/ts/attack_suspects_dc_2.html

"BOSTON (Reuters) - Investigators in Boston found a copy of the Koran, a videotape on how to fly commercial jets and a fuel consumption calculator in a pair of bags meant for American Airlines Flight 11, which crashed into the World Trade Center on Tuesday, the Boston Globe reported on Wednesday. The paper said the suitcases belonged to a man with an Arabic name who investigators believe was one of those who hijacked the plane and crashed it into the New York landmark. The man boarded Flight 11 after flying into Boston's Logan International airport from Portland, Maine, but his bags missed the connection, the Globe reported. The discovery ... would be the latest bit of evidence pointing investigators toward Islamic extremists as the perpetrators of Tuesday's deadly attacks in New York and Washington, the worst in memory on U.S. soil."

The noose is beginning to tighten around the neck of Islamic militant, Osama bin Laden.  Very few Americans are capable of making any serious distinction between groups of Arab Islamic militants.  As the news from this story breaks over the head of American citizens, they are going to vividly remember the joyful celebrations by Palestinians yesterday [September 11] when they learned of the Islamic "victory" over the Great Satan , the United States.

Further down the road, the Illuminati plans to annihilate all followers of Islam for the simple reason that they are strict Monotheists who can never accept the claims of the New Age, Illuminist, Christ. The Illuminati plans to gradually eliminate all followers of Islam throughout the world through a series of wars, famines, natural disasters, and pestilence.

Let us now return to this Yahoo story to see how the case against Islamic extremists is strengthening.

"Senior U.S. officials have said initial evidence points to the organization of Osama Bin Laden, the Islamic militant who has been blamed for previous attacks on U.S. facilities in the Middle East and Africa, as the author of the attacks. Meanwhile, the Boston Herald reported on its Web Site ... that Massachusetts authorities have identified five Arab men as suspects in the attacks and have seized a rental car containing Arabic-language flight training manuals at Logan. Two of the men were brothers whose passports were traced to the United Arab Emirates, the unidentified source told the Herald. One of the men was a trained pilot, the paper reported on its Web site on Wednesday. The paper said investigators suspect the brothers were aboard hijacked United Airlines flight 175, one of two aircraft that crashed into New York's World Trade Center."

This story would confirm earlier reports that the original American pilots could not have been sitting at the controls of the aircraft as they plunged into either the World Trade Towers or the Pentagon.  Even if an American pilot had a knife to his throat, he would jerk the controls at the last minute to avoid colliding with the buildings, as they knew two things to be true:  1) A lot of innocent Americans would die; and 2) The pilot would die in any case; better to take a knife to the throat and die a hero than to compliant in a act that would kill so many fellow Americans.

Thus, reports almost immediately began to flow that the Arab highjackers must have immediately killed the American pilots, and must have had one of their own trained to fly this aircraft, even if just for a short distance.  This story seems to confirm this original hypothesis.


Since the occult signature surrounding this event is so strong [Read NEWS1533], we must look to this event to see how it could possibly advance other parts of the Illuminati plan.  One of the most important elements is to destroy all followers of Islam, apparently beginning with the Palestinians.  In order to gain American sympathy and support for such a deed, it is highly conceivable that this attack against American targets was carried out first in order to condition Americans to support Israel when she carries out the deed of annihilation.

Both Osama bin Laden and Yassir Arafat are controlled by the Illuminati, so they would gladly carry out such a plan [Read NEWS1429 for full details on Arafat being an Illuminist].

While we take absolutely no pleasure in the death of any people, we must look Bible prophecy directly in the eye and acknowledge that is does exist and will result in the complete eradication of the Palestinian people.  If we are right about this scenario, then the planned terrorist attack on New York City using a nuclear device is still in the future.  When the next shoe will drop is anyone's guess, but it will drop, and sooner rather than later.

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