Subtitle: Clancy ended  Debt of Honor by having a Japanese pilot deliberately flying his giant civilian 747 airliner into the U.S. Capitol building!  The reality of Tuesday's attack parallels this novel very closely, as an Islamic Arab pilot deliberately flew a giant civilian 767 airliner into the Pentagon! Government Center, The Mall, was attacked by a jumbo airliner, just as Clancy's novel depicts! Only the specific building attacked varies from his script.

Do we have to worry about the plot of Tom Clancy's novel Sum of All Fears?  Nuclear Attack on an outdoor stadium?

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DEBT OF HONOR SCRIPT:  Last Chapter Synopsis --  Captain Sato was a Japanese civilian pilot, considered their best pilot.  However, Captain Sato is filled with incredible anger, as his beloved Japanese Defense Force had just been defeated in pitched battle with the Americans.  In order to "get even", Sato decides to use his 747 jetliner as a huge weapon.

"The 747 touched down even earlier than the pilot had promised ... the good news for the moment was that the first-class passengers got off first ... Captain Sato remained in his command seat ... this was the remainder of his life, ferrying people he didn't know to places he didn't care about.  If only he'd stayed in the Self-Defense Forces ... He was the best pilot in one of the world's best airlines, and those skills might have [made a difference in the battles] but he'd never know, would he, and he'd never make a difference, just one more captain of one more aircraft, flying people to and from a nation that had forfeited its honor ... The gate was empty now, and he was able to walk down the bustling  anonymous terminal.  He saw a copy of USA Today at a shop and picked it up, scanning the front page, seeing the pictures there.  Tonight at nine o'clock? It all came together at that moment, really just an equation of speed and distance.  Sato looked around once more, then headed off to the airport administration office.  He needed a weather map.  He already knew the timing." [Pages 751-2]

" 'One of our 747's has mechanical'd [sic] rather badly', Sato explained.  'It will be out of service for three days.  I have to fly to Heathrow to replace the aircraft. Another 747 will replace mine on the Pacific run'.  With that he turned over the flight plan.  The Canadian air-traffic official scanned it.  'Pax?' 

" 'No passengers, no, but I'll need a full load of fuel'.

" 'I expect your airline will pay for that, Captain', the official observed with a smile.  He scribbled his approval on the flight plan, keeping one copy for his records, and gave the other back to the pilot.  He gave the form a last look.  'Southern routing?  It's five hundred miles longer.'

" 'I don't like the wind forecast, Sato lied ... 'Thank you'.  The bureaucrat went back to his paperwork ... An hour later, Sato was standing near his aircraft.  It was at an Air Canada service hanger ... His copilot was already aboard, annoyed at the unscheduled flight they had to make ... Sato finished his walk-around and climbed aboard, stopping first at the forward galley.  'All ready?', he asked.  'Preflight checklist complete, standing by for before-start checklist', the man said just before the steak knife entered his chest.  His eyes were wide with shock and surprise rather than pain.  'I'm very sorry to do this', Sato told him in a gentle voice.  With that he strapped into the left seat and commenced the engine-start sequence. The ground crew was too far away to see into the cockpit, and couldn't know that only one man was alive on the flight deck."

This scenario is eerily similar to what might have occurred on the real scenario yesterday, as the aircraft were taken over by the Islamic terrorists.  All normal flight crew members whose job might have stood in the way of the takeover were eliminated.

At this point in the novel, Captain Sato is given clearance to take off from the international airport at Vancouver, British Columbia, which is on the West Coast of Canada.  Sato takes off, prepared to fly to the East Coast.  At the right moment, he takes an abrupt turn southward at the last possible moment on his eastward path as he prepares to head southward toward Washington, D.C. 

"The Boeing, empty of everything but fuel, accelerated rapidly down the runway, rotating off before reaching six thousand feet ... The lightly loaded airliner positively rocketed to its cruising altitude of thirty-nine thousand feet, at which point fuel efficiency was optimum.  His flight plan would take him along the Canadian-U.S. border ... Soon after that, he'd be beyond ground-based radar coverage.  Four hours, Sato thought, sipping tea while the autopilot flew the aircraft.  He said a prayer for the man in the right seat, hoping that the copilot's soul would be at peace, as his now was." [Page 754]

Once again, this novel parallels what apparently happened on the flights of September 11.  All pilots not in on the plan were murdered, leaving only the pilots who knew the plan alive to operate the aircraft, or should we say, to aim the aircraft at their designated target.

We then learn that in this novel, at this time, Congress was in full session, which meant it was meeting in the House Chamber.  After noting the normal security preparations, we are told that the President of the United States will be driven to the Hill in his official car, surrounded by Secret Service agents "carrying enough weapons to fight off a company of Marines". Some Secret Service agents were carrying Stinger Missiles to protect the President from an attack by combat aircraft.  The Secret Service's Counter-Sniper Team took positions atop the Capitol and other nearby buildings, and they were reported to be the "best marksmen in the country", using "custom-crafted 7mm Magnum rifles".  This Secret Service detail was even fitted with "light-amplification" equipment so they could protect the President once deep darkness fell.

The President finally arrives, and begins to greet the key members of Congress.  He begins his speech, just at the moment that Captain Sato begins his unscheduled descent into Washington D.C., airspace.  Captain Sato told the tower that he has an aircraft in trouble, as engines one and two were lost.  Sato asked permission to set down in Baltimore on an emergency basis.  After getting permission, Sata begins his descent, but at the last possible moment, he veers off his prescribed emergency flight path, heading directly toward the Capitol Building, where the President is well into his speech by this time.

We pick up the action verbatim at this point.

"The irony of the situation was something Sato would never learn.  Though there were numerous fighter aircraft based at Andrews, at Langley Air Force Base, at Patuxent River Naval Air Test Center, and at Oceana NAS, all within a hundred miles of Washington, it never occurred to anyone to have fighter aircraft over the capitol on any other night like this one.  His elaborate lies and maneuvers were hardly necessary at all.  Sato brought his aircraft around at a painfully slow rate to simulate a crippled jumbo, coached at every degree of the way by a very concerned and professional American controller." [Page 760]

During the actual attack by airliner yesterday, the Islamic terrorists knew the American controller system so very well that the terrorists were able to predict what would happen once the aircraft radically changed position to fly toward their targets.  I even heard a news report yesterday that the Arab terrorists had even turned off the transponder, making it exceedingly more difficult for the American controllers to track the plane; additionally, such action cut off the only reliable method by which the controllers could secretly contact the pilots.  These Arabs had done their homework; they knew exactly what the controllers could not do or would not do to physically stop them.  They knew that no fighter aircraft could scramble fast enough to shoot them down, and they knew that no fighter pilot would shoot down an American aircraft prior to the first impact on the Twin Towers.

Back to our action in Tom Clancy's novel, Debt of Honor .

"Sato could have replied, but chose not to.  It was really all decided now.  He advanced his throttles, accelerating his aircraft from approach speed of one-hundred-sixty knots, holding to his altitude of one thousand feet for the moment.  The target was in view now, and all he had to do was turn forty degrees left.  On reflection, he lit up his aircraft, displaying the red crane on the rudder fin ... Sato had been to Washington often and done all the usual tourist things, including visiting the Capitol Building more than once.  It was a grotesque piece of architecture, he thought again, as it grew larger and larger, and he adjusted his flight path so that he was now roaring right up Pennsylvania Avenue, crossing the Anacostia River."

The American Secret Service detail was able to fire a Stinger missile, destroying one engine, but it was not enough to keep the airliner from crashing into the Capitol Building. 

"Nearly three hundred tons of aircraft and fuel struck the east face of the building at a speed of three hundred knots.  The aircraft disintegrated on impact.  No less fragile than a bird, its speed and mass had already fragmented the columns outside the walls.  Next came the building itself. As soon as the wings broke up, the engines, the only really solid objects on the aircraft, shot forward, one of them actually smashing into and beyond the House Chamber ... The entire east face of the building's southern half was smashed to gravel, which shot westward -- but the real damage took a second or two more, barely time for the roof to start falling down on the nine hundred people in the chamber; one hundred tons of jet fuel erupted from shredded fuel tanks, vaporizing from the passage through the stone blocks.  A second later it ignited from some spark or other, and an immense fireball engulfed everything inside and outside of the building. The volcanic flames reached out , seeking air and corridors that held it, forcing a pressure wave throughout the building, even into the basement." [Pages 762-3; Emphasis added]

This description is incredibly accurate, and fits the effects we have just witnessed at the Twin Towers!  Let us examine the pertinent parts of this description of what happened when those two Boeing 767 aircraft smashed into each of the Twin Towers.

*  "300 tons of aircraft and fuel struck the east face of the building at a speed of 300 knots" -- Witnesses have reported that both aircraft accelerated greatly just before they struck the towers.  When 300 tons of aircraft and fuel struck the towers at great speed, it is a wonder that impact did not immediately knock them down.  Certainly, great damage was immediately done to the structural integrity of the buildings. However to fully understand the real planned damage, we need to go to Clancy's description of the fuel tanks.

*  "100 tons of  jet fuel erupted from shredded fuel tanks ... a second later it ignited from some spark or other, and an immense fireball engulfed everything inside and outside of the building." -- Very shortly after the second aircraft hit the South Tower, an immense fireball erupted outside the building, just as this description predicted.  When the 100 tons of jet fuel erupted from those shredded fuel tanks, the fuel not only erupted into a giant fireball, but the bulk of the fuel immediately flooded the entire horizontal surface of the floor on which it came into the building.  The liquid fuel then began to pour down the elevator shafts and very quickly was set on fire by the conflagration above.  This means that the entire building was on fire, from the basement to the floor upon which the plane came in.  This terrible top-to-bottom fire quickly weakened the entire steel structure upon which the building depended.  At this point, the entire tower began to fall from the top down, with the entire structure disintegrating into gravel , as the oft-repeated news footage clearly shows.  Let us now return to this pertinent point from Clancy's description.

"The entire east face of the building was smashed to gravel ..."  Clancy's engineering advisers understood right well exactly what would happen to a building when a jumbo aircraft flying at high speed crashed into a large building.  How is it possible that Clancy could have envisioned the exact scenario that occurred on Tuesday, September 11, 2001?  Is this exact parallel just a coincidence?  Did the terrorists read Clancy's novel and then pattern their attack after it?  You be the judhr.

Now, let us examine Clancy's next book in the series, Executive Orders .

This book begins where Debt of Honor finishes, with the destruction of the U.S. Capitol by the 747 jumbo jet, the death of the President, his Cabinet, and most members of Congress.  Faced with incredible challenges, both within and without, President Ryan begins to reconstitute government, ruling initially through Executive Orders.  Clancy presents this "ruling by Presidential fiat" -- through Executive Orders - in an incredibly positive manner, with no possible downside.  However, we Conservatives have read many of the real Executive Orders, and we are very aware that the content of many of these orders gives the President dictatorial control during a period of proclaimed National Emergency.  However, those people who are not discerning will dismiss our fears out of hand because Executive Orders are presented in this novel in such an overwhelmingly positive manner.  Very slick conditioning, Mr. Clancy!


Once again, Tom Clancy is writing a novel that is clearly set in the time of the New World Order.  On the flyleaf, Clancy says:  "In the aftermath of Communism's collapse, the Gulf War, the realignment of the world's powers, comes a novel so terrifyingly real, so uncommonly prescient, that it could have been written only by Tom Clancy  ... How do you save the United States President from himself?  What if the President is incompetent to deal with the greatest crisis of all?  Jack Ryan never thought he would have to ask those questions as, the world order changing, he prepares the ground for the Middle Eastern peace plan that, at last, might be the one to work."

In this novel, Islamic terrorists get their hands on a small nuclear tactical device that had been aboard an Israeli Air Force plane as it was shot down during a conflict with the Arabs.  The nuclear bomb landed in a Druse farmer's field, and was buried with two meters of dirt.  Later, the Arabs discover this bomb, and retrieve it.  To repair the damage, and prepare the tactical bomb for use as a terrorist device, the Arabs enlist the services of a German scientist formerly employed by the East German Communist armed forces.  Because he was paid a lot of money, this scientist agrees to work on the nuclear bomb.

When the bomb is finally prepared, the Arabs double-cross the German, killing him.  The nuclear terrorist bomb is finally ready to travel surreptitiously to the United States.  After many exciting twists and turns, the bomb is finally delivered to the planned spot of detonation, Mile High Stadium in Denver during a Super Bowl game.  Of course, the stadium would be packed with nearly 80,000 screaming fans, and the event would be carried live by TV cameras around the world.  The entire world would be able to witness the first blast, heat, and light generated by the nuclear explosion.  Further, the U.S. Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense were in the stands.

In Chapter 35, entitled, "Three Shakes", Clancy tediously goes through the physical description of how an atomic device goes through its countdown sequence to finally explode.  Let us go to Chapter 36, entitled, "Weapons Effects".  This nuclear device was housed in a van parked in the parking lot adjacent to Mile High Stadium.

The first effect was the release of a million watts of energy.  "The energy transfer from the [first van] released nearly a million watts of energy in one brief, orgasmic pulse that ended in less than a microsecond as the antenna and the associated truck were also vaporized by the searing energy front ... There were eight more [vans destroyed].  This process took approximately fifteen 'shakes' ... Next to emerge from the explosion ... was light and heat energy.  The first blast of light escaped just before the expanding fireball blocked it.  The second installment escaped soon thereafter, radiating in all directions.  This generated the two-phase pulse which is characteristic of nuclear detonations."

"The next energy effect was blast.  This was actually a secondary effect.  The air absorbed much of the soft X-rays, and was burned into an opaque mass which stopped further electromagnetic radiation, transforming it into mechanical energy that expanded at several times the speed of sound ... The Chargers were coming up to the line for a third-and-five at the Viking's forty-seven.  At that moment, the darkening sky turned incandescent yellow, then red -- not the friendly, gentle color of a sunset, but a searing violet that was far brighter than that color could have possibly been ... The earth rose ..."

American authorities immediately saw this explosion on their monitors.

"According to NORAD, a nuclear device just went off in Denver ... Sec-Def and Sec-State ... Dead ... The residual heat is quite high.  That was a major detonation, comparable to a very large tactical warhead or a small strategic one." [Page 620-648]

Most of Denver was destroyed, and Mile High Stadium were totally annihilated, along with the 80,000 fans.  Both Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense were killed instantly.  The rest of The Sum of All Fears is devoted to the scenario that the United States and Russia nearly went to thermonuclear war over this disaster.

Since Tom Clancy so accurately pre-dated the Arab attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, might we have concern that another attack would occur along the lines of the atomic bomb terrorist plot of The Sum of All Fears ?  Certainly, it would appear that Major League Baseball shares these fears, as they have cancelled their games through September 13, at least.  The National Football League has cancelled their games scheduled during the weekend of September 16.  These are the two leagues active right now, and both use outdoor arenas.

Other novels from other authors have also depicted terrorist attacks using chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction.  Biological or chemical agents could be silently opened in any trade show or convention, and the people would slowly die.  We are aware that many novels have been written around the plot of terrorists attacking civilian targets using a variety of biological and/or chemical weapons.  We need to take seriously all of these possibilities.


Clancy's novels have conditioned many Americans to the possibility of these panics occurring.  Further, his plots always depict the All-Powerful and All-Good Federal Government finally defeating the foe, saving the American people.  The danger is that, when the real planned panics hit, the people will have been pre-conditioned to accept the lead of our Illuminist leaders, believing the good ending of Clancy's novels, i.e., that our leaders really will finally carry the day and give our freedoms, our prosperity, and our security back to us.

Our fate will then be sealed, as Illuminist leaders actually wielding power are the exact opposite of the leaders in Clancy's novels.  But, people will not realize this fact until their fate is sealed and their freedoms irretrievably gone.

Truly, the events of these past few days, plus the bold occult signature stamped all over the attacks in both New York and on the Pentagon [Read NEWS1533], provide fresh evidence that the End of the Age is truly upon us.  The world may be finally heading into the conclusion of the Birth Pangs of Matthew 24 [Read NEWS1408].

If this is the case, Antichrist is awaiting in the wings.  Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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