Subtitle: General Singlaub urges the President to send American troops to South Korea now to try to stave off North Korean attack.  Such an action would fulfill the plan for World War III that Cutting Edge has been teaching for 12 years.  Such an action could also bring foreign troops to our soil in fulfillment of 1952 Plan to create five Military Patrol Zones in America. Part 1 of 2.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Singlaub: Korea Remains Flashpoint", Wes Vernon, NewsMax.com Wires, Monday, Nov. 26, 2001 http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2001/11/25/180122.shtml

"WASHINGTON – The former chief of staff for U.S. forces in South Korea is warning that North Korea is not only capable of waging war using chemical weapons, it also is probably considering such a move. Retired general John K. Singlaub told NewsMax this weekend that he believes the Korean demilitarized zone (DMZ) is the most likely place another war could break out, as U.S. forces are focused in the Middle East."

As we will further develop in this article, Army General Jack Singlaub has again confirmed our teaching these past twelve years that the planned World War III includes a Korean War!  In fact, several weeks ago,  General Singlaub and Admiral Thomas Moore confirmed the three-war scenario  of which the planned World War III is to be comprised! If you have not read the following articles, we encourage you to do so now. We encourage you to read this articles:

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Now that you have read these articles, you will be better equipped to understand the import of this current article.  In this paragraph above, General Singlaub has confirmed that the Middle East will be the first flashpoint, to be followed by a North Korean invasion of the South.  This is a most important confirmation, because it fulfills the 1870 demonic vision to Masonic leader, Albert Pike.  This demonic vision stated that the Third World War would begin between Israel and her Arab neighbors and then expand to other parts of the world.  Thus, it is highly significant that General Singlaub stated that the Korean War could begin as American forces are focussed on the Middle East.  This scenario again proves that Cutting Edge has been right in its teachings about the planned Third World War these past 12 years!  It also means that the plan we saw 12 years ago is still operative, is still going to happen just this way.

But, then, General Singlaub drops his big bomb.   Listen:

"Singlaub believes the current alert status is not as high as it should be. He believes additional U.S. reserves should be mobilized and sent to Korea now."

Let me repeat that pertinent phrase for you -- "... mobilized and sent to Korea now ". [Emphasis added]

Singlaub is urging the President to mobilize American Army, National Guard, Air Force, and Navy reservists NOW so they would be sent to South Korea ahead of any North Korean military move to the South.  In the earlier part of this article, we were told that the White House sent additional units of Air Force fighter jets to South Korea after Singlaub had "recommended" that course of action, so we are left with the impression that the White House would listen to this recommendation as well.

Singlaub gives several reasons for this terrible action of calling up our reservists now to send them to Korea.

Reason #1 -- The Clinton Administration dramatically weakened U.S. forces.  "Singlaub thinks that North Korea's Stalinist regime is trying to scare the U.S. and its non-communist ally, South Korea, by making war threats. This form of saber-rattling stems from a perception of U.S. weakness, the general said. He traces North Korea's renewed arrogance to Clinton administration policies, which weakened the U.S. military as North Korean demands were acceded to."

We have been chronicling the fact for several years now that Clinton has weakened American forces to critical levels. However, remember that Clinton was as committed to the New World Order Plan as is Bush, Admiral Moorer, and Army General Singlaub.  Therefore, when Clinton critically weakened American forces, he knew exactly how, when, where, and under what conditions this weakening would prove the undoing of the American military  during this planned World War III.  In other words, Clinton did exactly what the Illuminati wanted him to do; further, when Bush came to power, he knew exactly what the time table would be for him to commit American forces to the Middle East and to Korea, and that the weakened forces under his command were weakened because the Illuminati wanted them weakened. 

In other words, the policies of the Clinton Administration flowed seamlessly right into the policies of the Bush Administration; both Clinton and Bush knew this war was planned, and knew that American forces were to be deliberately weakened beforehand.

Reason #2 -- North Korea has unconventional weapons of mass destruction and will use them against South Korea. 

"Singlaub says the longtime communist dictatorship in North Korea 'certainly' has chemical weapons and would use them. Rockets 'containing persistent chemical agents' could render U.S. air bases in South Korea unusable. Either that, he says, or they would use their 'very, very large' special operations force to 'deliver these by surface means or by airborne operations'."

We have reported in earlier articles that North Korea has trained as many as 100,000 troops in "special operations".  This type of training is in the tradition of the Russian Spetznatz special operations soldier.  The Spetznatz is the most highly trained soldier in the world.  They are trained to operate all sorts of military weapons, in demolition, in the field use of Weapons of Mass Destruction [Nuclear, Chemical, Biological], and in the use of highly specialized communications.  They are also trained to assassinate key leaders.  They are trained to overcome enemy forces greatly superior in number and to destroy highly defended key targets.  They operate just prior to the outset of conventional war, to seize the initiative for the Russian forces.

Here, General Singlaub is confirming the existence of such North Korean soldier, in "very, very large' numbers, and saying that they pose a formidable threat to South Korean and American military forces.  Singlaub is even saying that they might use these "special operations" forces to initially deliver chemical weapons on target.  Believe me, if they can deliver chemical weapons in special operations environment, they can deliver nuclear and biological weapons as well.

Against the backdrop of this kind of highly trained North Korean soldier is a very disturbing report from Colonel David Hackworth about the training of American soldiers.  Col. Hackworth said the American soldiers were poorly trained today, and that even our "elite" troops were only slightly better than ordinary soldiers ["America's 'Elite' Troops", Guardian U.K., October 29, 2001].

Reason #3 -- If North Korea uses these Weapons of Mass Destruction, they would trigger the "Second Korean War".  "Now he believes the communist state might also use rockets containing chemical agents to threaten U.S. bases in Japan, including squadrons on Okinawa ...  One plan may be to hit U.S. bases in the South with chemical or biological weapons first, as North Korean tanks tried to 'break through and seize the port of Pusan' – before the U.S. could send reinforcements. Such a scenario, Singlaub says, could set the stage for a second Korean War."

This kind of attack would truly trigger the Korean portion of the Third World War.  Further, such an early attack might destroy valuable pre-staged equipment and supplies in South Korea, Japan, and Okinawa.  Singlaub is arguing that, if we call up our reservists now, we can get them in place before these attacks occur, and defend against them as they are being used.  In fact, Singlaub is saying that we can prevent the North Koreans from attacking if we move our reservists into position now, rather than allowing empty vehicles and empty staging areas to be attacked.

Reason #4 -- Singlaub says North Korean leaders do not respect American military might any longer, especially since we are fighting in the Middle East.  "The communists now believe President Bush can be bluffed because of his current preoccupation with the war on terrorism, and also because 'our armed forces have been weakened during the eight years of the Clinton administration'. Bush 'ought to place our armed forces in Korea on a higher level of alert and ... mobilize more of our reserve components, [National] Guard and our reserve', the general says. The perceived U.S. vulnerability are a result of Clinton's policies, Singlaub alleges, and involve a reduced number of forces and equipment, including planes, tanks and ships."

Once again, we reiterate that Clinton did only what the Illuminati plan called for him to do during the eight years of his administration.  A weakened, and possibly humiliated, American military would be more easily assimilated into the U.N. military force that will arise from the ashes of this war. 

Singlaub continues to tell us other reasons the North Koreans do not respect our military.  "... our readiness has been degraded by the excess in numbers of non-military missions' as well as 'by the feminization of the armed forces'. Women have been taken into the armed forces 'in numbers that suggest that we're going to put them in combat positions', Singlaub fears. That, he says, 'adds to the perception that the United States is weak'."

Once again, the Illuminati wanted large numbers of women in our armed forces simply because they wanted American forces weakened.  Even though they knew we would be facing Arabs in the Middle East, Koreans in the Korean Peninsula, and Chinese forces over Taiwan in this planned conflict, they still brought in large numbers of women.  All three of these cultures demean women, and believe inclusions of large numbers of them weaken the military force.


"Further, as 'any military scholar knows', the tolerance of homosexuals in military ranks 'is very, very destructive to the readiness and the efficiency of a combat force'."  General Singlaub should be careful, for these remarks just might get him labeled as a "Domestic Terrorist"!  Even though few people are so bold these days as to plainly state that homosexuals weaken a military force, Army General Singlaub states this fact right well.

But, once again, the Illuminists running our government during the Bush Senior and Clinton Administrations knew this fact and still forced the Pentagon to accept homosexuals in ever-increasing numbers.  Why would they deliberately weaken our military at the very time they are planning to engage our forces in a Third World War?

Are you beginning to contemplate that our armed forces are not supposed to prevail, or at the very least, are supposed to take enormous casualties?  If our armed forces begin to fail in conventional warfare, our leaders might be forced to use our nuclear and neutron capabilities, which could plunge the world into the type of war envisioned during the Apocalypse.


Army General Singlaub in this article, and Singlaub and Admiral Moorer in the earlier NewsMax.com article [NEWS1555], seem to be setting up the scenario envisioned by New World Order author, Peter Lemesurier, writing in his book, The Armageddon Script, a book published in 1981.  Listen:

"There will be numerous local conflicts in the Far East, the Middle East and Africa.  A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea, may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival.  And, above all, there will be the great Chinese war." [p. 223]

Cutting Edge wrote the following paragraph in NEWS1328, posted online fully two years ago:

"Please note that, when these two wars break out, American forces will be deliberately drained from this country to be sent to one of these two areas.  America will be reacting to the massive war in the Middle East. Since we are already committed to the defense of South Korea, and have American troops on the ground already, we will throw very large reinforcements into the fray.  American troops will be purposely drained from our soil."

I want to reiterate that last point, as it certainly is probable if Bush does call up our reservists NOW for Korea: 

"American troops will be purposely drained from our soil."

Once indigenous American troops are gone from our soil, the next phase of the Illuminati plan to rule the world generally and America specifically will be set to unfold, given only the right set of crisis circumstances.  But, that is the stuff of Part Two of this article.

Truly, the news reports keep occurring which reveal that the planned World War III -- consisting of three separate wars - is still on track and seem very close to happening.  Also remember that the purpose of this World War III is the successful appearance of The New Age Christ, Maitreya The Christ [Biblical Antichrist]. 

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