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Subtitle: The horror we warned about the Bush-Ashcroft team taking to themselves stern dictatorial powers is evidently starting coming true silently almost as soon as the dust settled on the World Trade Center bombing.  Cutting Edge was right again!

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From the beginning of the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, we warned Americans that the plan was to create a public panic severe enough that the average citizen would allow his liberties and his Constitutional guarantees to be taken away so the government can "solve" the "crisis".  We further watched in horror as Congress compliantly gave the Bush Administration and the Ashcroft Justice Department powers that can only be accurately described as those of an Absolute Dictatorship.  On paper, Bush and Ashcroft wield absolute dictatorship powers that can place Americans in jail without charges, for an indefinite period of time, without that guarantee of one phone call, without the guarantee of a lawyer, and without their loved ones knowing where they are and if they are all right.  This is the stuff of which dictatorships are made and sustained!  This is the terror wielded by the Kings of Britain and Europe over 200 years ago, from which our Founding Fathers fled, and against which they labored mightily to erect a government that could never, ever do this to American citizens.

The USA Patriot Act gives Bush-Ashcroft exactly these type of dictatorial powers.  However, most Americans have turned a deaf ear to our protestations, because they believe these dictatorial powers will only be used against those nasty Arabs following Osama bin Laden; most Americans steadfastly refuse to believe these powers would ever be turned against American citizens who had absolutely nothing to do with terror, or with Osama bin Laden, or with any criminal behavior.

America, it is time to wake up!  As you will see in  a few moments, the Bush-Ashcroft team was rounding up American citizens in the first sweep of the over 5,000 "Arab" detainees.  You remember the story of October - November.  The FBI had swept up over 5,000 "Arab" men in the FBI investigation following the 9/11 terrorist attack, in the national effort to prevent any further attacks.  Certain members of Congress hauled Ashcroft before their microphones to explain to them why these men had been arrested without any paper trail.  No specific list of names had been issued; no charges had been filed; no lawyer had been permitted many of them; no loved one knew where they were, or if they were even still alive.  Ashcroft rather abruptly told the Congress he would not provide these names, because it might impede the investigation.

Now, Al Martin, a retired U.S. Navy Lt. Commander and former officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence, writes a devastating column for Rense.com in which he discloses for the first time that the reason the FBI did not publish the detailed list of the 5,000 "Arab" men detained is that the list contained too many names obviously American, like "Smith" and "Jones"!  But the horror of his revelations just begin here.

NEWS BRIEF:  "Everybody's Got Their Own Terrorist", by Al Martin, http://www.rense.com/general18/sda.htm  December 19, 2001.

"... what nationality are these 'detainees'? Perhaps aliens with green cards, or maybe people who wear turbans? Not at all, the former FBI agent admitted that where the nervousness is coming from at senior levels in federal law enforcement is that there are thousands and thousands of people who are being secretly detained in the United States. There are an awful lot of names on this list that are not Arabs. There are an awful lot of names on the list like 'Smith' and 'Jones' and 'Johnson' and 'Nelson'. And there's no paper trail. Their names are being kept off computers. Even their families don't know where they are."

This news is devastating, because American citizens, especially Conservatives and/or Christians, elected George W. Bush because they thought he would do a far better job protecting the Constitution, our Representative Republic, and our liberties, than that nasty Liberal, Bill Clinton!  Americans took a collective sigh of relief when Bush took over the reigns of government.  Bush had successfully portrayed himself as a "Compassionate", "Conservative", and "Christian" leader, in whom the Americans could place their absolute trust.  However, as events are beginning to prove, Bush-Ashcroft began to violate this trust almost immediately after the 9/11 attacks.  Mr. Martin continues:

"The Bush Administration is jumping the gun because even with the authority already given them and with the bills already passed to date to augment that authority, they don't have all the authority necessary to detain people and to do what they're doing, that is, detaining so many people and keeping them incommunicado. They're supposed to wait for the remaining pieces of legislation that are still outstanding to be passed. Then they'll have the authority to do what they're doing - but for right now, they don't. And what the FBI is nervous about is that if this gets dribbled out into the media or gets exposed in a big way, somebody in Washington is going to duck for cover and it's going to leave a lot of local guys with a lot of explaining to do. And they're not going to have any paperwork in their hands to say, 'This is what I was told to do'."

In other words, local sheriffs departments are very nervous, not because they realize Americans are being denied their Constitutional rights, but because they are taking action for which the Bush Administration has not yet got the legal authority to do!  What nonsense!  When Adolf Hitler began to kick his Holocaust into high gear, rumors and stories began to unfold that told the people the truth about what was occurring.  The consensus seemed to be that, if Hitler was going to slaughter the Jews, and the other "undesirables" of German society, he had best get the laws changed so that such murder was at least legal!  Is this the situation right now amongst our local sheriff's departments throughout our nation?  Are individual sheriffs so blind that they cannot see their authority being misused to a huge degree so that average Americans guilty of no crime other than being an "undesirable" in the eyes of Bush-Ashcroft can be denied, their "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"?  Are local sheriffs collectively so sold into this coming dictatorship that they are willing to take action that will deliver this country to the Absolute Dictator?  Don't we have true Patriot Sheriffs?  Don't we have true Christian Sheriffs not willing to partake of this coming national disaster?

Let us return to the expose' of Mr. Martin:

"They have a special wing of the jail they're using at Huntsville. It's a special wing devoted to this that used to be their 'dry-out tank'. The media has circulated rumors before that there are far more people being detained both domestically and overseas than what the US Government has admitted, but the information in this column is an exclusive report on the details. Like the sheriff said, 'How many guys with the last name of Smith and Jones can have immigration or green card problems?'    Of course, even though he's a former FBI agent, he doesn't exactly know the intent of holding all these people who most likely don't have anything to do with terrorism or most likely aren't even connected to it. In other words, people are being held who couldn't possibly have any connection with terrorism. He thinks that a lot of the people they're holding are 'potentially vocal people'. He didn't go on to explain that. Then he said, 'How do you think the government has gotten away with holding so many people for so long with names like Smith or Jones, completely incommunicado, yet nobody is running to the media? Why isn't there pressure building? Why aren't family members running to the local newspapers saying what's happened?' " [Emphasis added]

Now, the truth begins to be made more clear.  These people  being held in this unconstitutional manner are people who are "potentially vocal", who might make it very uncomfortable for Bush-Ashcroft were they to speak out.  However, for this to be true, these "potentially vocal people" must have certain sensitive information the Administration does not want to get out into the public.  To this end, Mr. Martin then speaks:

"The answer is that the people being held are, in some cases, people who have worked in very sensitive capacities for the US Government before, and perhaps they know enough that they could be a problem down the line if they started to talk. By and large, these are people who don't have much family or may be very disconnected from family life. In other words, they come from family circumstances where they are used to being missed for months and sometimes years. That would be a normal course of events for them."

We must be at the point in history where lone individuals are at risk being picked up for no good reason, and never heard from again!  The power of public opinion is so strong that even dictators like Adolf Hitler took great pains never to allow the full disclosure of his Holocaust to be fully aired in public.  Hitler also began to move in the early days of his Holocaust against people not well connected to family, church, or community.  He did such an excellent job hiding the truth that the average German citizen did not feel anything was terribly amiss until the bombs began falling from Allied bombers.  Until that point, millions of people were in prison, several millions already slaughtered, but the average German spent his days much like he always had.  The Sun came up every morning, the average German went to work, and came home to his family.  Not much seemed different to him, even though several million had already lost their lives, and even though Hitler had turned his killing into an efficient machine.

Is America nearing this point now?  Listen to Mr. Martin further:

"... it is interesting to report that when the final 50 odd pieces of legislation related to the USA PATRIOT bill are passed by Congress, more than likely under administration pressure before the need of this congressional term, the United States of America will no longer meet the legal definition of being a 'free democratic state' in accordance with the definition, as put forth by our own Supreme Court.   The old American Republic now falls as Benjamin Franklin predicted it might -- not with a bang but with a whimper -- of naivete, apathy and blind 'patriotism'.

Hail the New Imperial Republic. . . "

This is the probable end result of this entire trail Bush-Ashcroft are forcing us down.  In the global dictatorship of Antichrist, no nation will be allowed to remain free, with nationally elected officials.  All nations of the world must go down the path of dictatorship.  America is treading that path now, with the vast majority of Americans blissfully unaware.


But, the possible horror deepens.  Americans detained in this most secretive manner might just face the possibility of torture!  Once again, our Founding Fathers so constructed this government in such a manner as to prevent individual American citizens from ever facing torture.  But, current stories are beginning to abound.  Consider them:

NEWS BRIEF:  "Torture:  Rack by popular demand", by Joel Miller, WorldNetDaily, 12/4/2001.

"... thanks to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the government's giant-rousing reaction, the rack is back! Not formally, of course ... In his Nov. 5 Newsweek column, 'Time to Think About Torture,' Jonathan Alter says even liberals are letting their minds go medieval with machinations of head vices and arm cranks ... well, almost: 'OK, not cattle prods or rubber hoses, at least not here in the United States, but something to jump-start the stalled investigation of the greatest crime in American history. Right now, four key hijacking suspects aren't talking at all."

Once again, the calls to totally break down the humane way in which our laws have always treated people start with calls to do it to the "Bad Guys", the Muslims who might be complicit in the largest terror attack in history -- the 9/11 attacks.  However, since water always runs downstream, and an avalanche always plummets to the lowest level, governments always flow quickly to the lowest level once their formerly forbidden activity is allowed to start.  Remember two truths:

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is exceedingly perverse and corrupt and severely, mortally sick!  Who can know it [perceive, understand, be acquainted with his own heart and mind]?"  [Jeremiah 17:9; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

With these two truths in mind, let us review the rest of the story.

"It's the same story on the right:  'Torture is bad,' admitted Tucker Carlson on CNN's 'Crossfire,' but cautioned that, 'some things are worse. And under certain circumstances, it may be the lesser of two evils. Because some evils are pretty evil.'  Setting up the question by saying that the FBI is having a tough time getting witnesses to spill their cherished beans, Harvard Law Prof Alan Dershowitz kicked off a Nov. 8 Los Angeles Times commentary with this brow-furrowing puzzle: "When, if ever, is it justified to resort to unconventional techniques such as truth serum, moderate physical pressure and outright torture?"

 "Moderate physical pressure" is laughable!  When authorities have gotten to the point where they are willing to "moderately" torture prisoners, they have certainly passed the point where they will severely torture prisoners if the moderate torture does not work.  Someone with the training of Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz certainly knows this is the case, and he certainly knows the power of precedent:  once a formerly forbidden practice is allowed to begin, that practice will not only spread nationally, but will increase to the highest level of severity possible!


"It's the question buzzing all around town: When, indeed, is it OK to pull out the hot coals and bamboo slivers?"  Lawyer Dershowtiz answers:   'The constitutional answer to this question may surprise people who are not familiar with the current U.S. Supreme Court interpretation of the 5th Amendment privilege against self-incrimination,' explains the Dersh: "Any interrogation technique, including the use of truth serum or even torture, is not prohibited'."

How about that?  Our U.S. Supreme Court has already "interpreted" the 5th Amendment in such a way as to allow torture against American citizens!  Then, why have we not seen this practice more in vogue?  First, American officials still have to get elected every few scheduled years, and they probably have figured out that a population afraid of torture would not pull the lever to elect them. Secondly, Dershowitz provides the legal answer:  prosecutors want to win cases, not lose them.

" 'All that is prohibited is the introduction into evidence of the fruits of such techniques in a criminal trial against the person on whom the techniques were used. But the evidence could be used against that suspect in a non-criminal case – such as a deportation hearing – or against someone else'.  So it's kosher to squeeze the seeds out of a guy – just so long as you use the info to try him in civil court or jail his mother."

Now, you can see why it was important for the Patriot Act to set up special secret civilian courts, right?  Further, looming large in the background is the secret military tribunal.  The law had to set up these special outside courts.  Are Americans right now, today, legally naked before the raw power of the FBI and CIA?  Doubt it not.

But, Americans are also protected against torture by the Eighth Amendment, right?  Listen again:  "Of course, as a law professor, Dershowitz has probably also heard about the Eighth Amendment, in which cruel and unusual punishment are pretty well pooh-poohed. Not that there aren't ways around this provision. If we start racking folks up as frequently as pool balls on Friday nights, then it won't be so unusual anymore. And if Bill Clinton can change the definition of sex to somehow exclude [oral sex], then, with a little creativity, forced injections of truth serum, physical rough-ups, sleep deprivation and retina-bleaching bright lights can be recast as 'therapeutic', not cruel."

One common characteristic of dictatorships is that they always redefine terms, so we should not be too surprised about this development as well.   

Let us return to this feature article:  "The reason that 'cruel and unusual punishment' is specifically listed in the Bill of Rights is that our Founding Fathers came from a world where torture was still a reality. To them, torture, then practiced all over Europe, was anathema to liberty, as it had been seen in England since before William Blackstone.  By his day, Blackstone, Britain's foremost legal mind and whose 'Commentaries' became one of the key ingredients of American law, could declare that 'trial by rack is utterly unknown to the law of England'. Having inherited that legal tradition in the U.S. doesn't mean we have much respect for it, however; in fact, the prejudice in this debate against traditional American freedoms is striking." 

Then, Miller drops the bombshell.  He thinks he has discovered the way in which American authorities might get around the traditional American anathema against torturing its own citizens.  Listen:

" we can't legalize physical torture – it's contrary to American values,' says Alter, but his respect for those values runs pretty thin, as indicated by the fact that he basically recommends farming out the real torture to 'our less squeamish allies. ...'  In other words, having values that run contrary to inflicting physical pain and mental distress – before we even find out that someone is guilty of something meriting such treatment – is evidence of being, not noble, but 'squeamish' "

What?!  The Bush-Ashcroft team might ship Americans overseas, putting them into the hands of "less squeamish" allies that would do the torturing for them?  How could a Christian, Compassionate, Conservative Administration even think of doing such a thing?  But, now you know the real reason it is important for an arrested person to have access to the outside, like family, a lawyer, the media.  If no one knows who has been arrested, and where they have been shipped, then the sky is really the limit as to what the authorities can do to the prisoner.

What "less squeamish" allies might American authorities hand an American citizen over to, in order to side-step the issue of torture?  We have allies that today make torture a routine part of life:  Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and probably selected South American and Southeast Asian countries, as well.


NEWS BRIEF:  'Deported ... Disappeared?", The Nation, December 24, 2001, p. 7-8.

"On November 27, Samira Dahduli waited in the Amman, Jordan, airport to pick up her husband, Ghassan, who was being deported after two months in a Denton, Texas, INS detention facility.  Having lived in the states for twenty-three years, she had arrived in Jordan just weeks before with her five children, all US citizens, with the expectation that Ghassan would follow.  But when the flight came, she saw no sign of her husband, a Palestinian with a Jordanian passport.  She was about to leave when her 15-year-old son spotted his father surrounded by Jordanian security and American INS agents.  Her son recognized one:  Donna Chabot, an INS criminal investigator who had attended hearings in Dallas wearing a jacket with an antiterrorism task force insignia ..."

"If the first chapter of the 9/11 detention story the rounding up of the 1,200 people, Dahduli's case ushers in the next phase, in which the government will decide their fate.  Amnesty International believes that Dahduli is the first 9/11 deportee who could be facing ill treatment or torture in another country, says Angela Wright , Amnesty's chief US researcher.  The arrest at the Amman gate, and the accompaniment by a US task force member are troubling, and unusual, according to immigration advocates and Dahduli's Dallas lawyer, Karen Pennington.  'Nobody represents him now', says Pennington. 'They took him  away and now he will be without the protections of American law, and they can torture him as much as they want'."

So, this is the final End Game being played by the Bush-Ashcroft team!  They ship the men they have illegally arrested and held in the first place to a foreign ally, knowing full well that the prisoner will be severely tortured.  Remember, most of the instances of torture are carried out simply for retribution by the government against a person they consider an enemy, most likely a religious or political enemy.  Confessions elicited by torture are dismissed by 99% of the people anyway, and prisoners are known to lie to his torturers to get the torture stopped!  "Facts" elicited under torture are also suspect.  Therefore, torture is usually carried out as retribution.  Historically, torture has been carried out as retribution, as the three-hundred year Inquisition testifies to rather dramatically.

Just in case you think this scenario is too implausible to believe, listen to what this article in The Nation tells us next.

"The FBI warned him [Dahduli] that if her refused [to cooperate] and was deported to Jordan, officials there would not be so understanding, according to three lawyers who worked on his case.  Says Pennington, 'The FBI said he would be treated a lot better by them than he would be by Jordanians'. "

So, the FBI bluntly told him he would be deported to Jordan, where Jordanian officials could torture him with impunity, unless he cooperated with the Federal Government.  Foreigners in this country have always been afforded nearly the same Constitutional rights as American citizens, because we have always recognized that the dividing line between how we treat foreigners and how we treat American citizens has always been very thin, and very easily overcome. 

The protection given foreigners has always been the firewall protecting the American citizen.  If Bush-Ashcroft are now breaching that wall, then American citizens are next.  This is not only possible, it is the ultimate Plan!

Now is the time for American Christians and/or Conservatives to band together as a huge, extended family like never before.  All repressive governments fear the wrath of an enraged and awakened citizenry.  We need to keep alert for any of our number that is falsely arrested and held without charges, without lawyer, and without a public knowledge of their whereabouts.

Finally, we hope this information will enable you to come to a proper understanding of the true spiritual fruits of Bush and Ashcroft.  Bush is admittedly Skull & Bones, that Yale secret society that is part of the global Brotherhood of Death Societies, from which Adolf Hitler sprang.  Ashcroft is a Yale graduate also.

Their spiritual fruits are bitter indeed, from the time they shut down Indianapolis Baptist Church this Spring to the actions they have taken since 9/11.  Do not be deceived as to the true spiritual condition of these two men.  Just as Jesus warned in Matthew 24, unparalleled spiritual deception is THE Hallmark Characteristic of the End of the Age, of that time of the Final Birth Pangs which will produce Antichrist.  We are living in this time period now.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

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