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Subtitle: Borrowing another page from Hitler's actions to prepare Germany to go into his New World Order, our Federal Government is both arming its agencies militarily into SWAT teams, plus "federalizing" state and local law enforcement agencies.  Hitler did same thing between 1933-39, until HE had firm control of all law enforcement!

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Armed and dangerous:  Federal agencies expanding use of firepower", Part 1, by Sarah Foster, WorldNetDaily, Archives, 1997 .

"During the late morning of January 14, 1997, 20 heavily armed federal agents and local sheriff's deputies descended from a military helicopter onto rocky Santa Cruz Island off the California coast. As snipers moved into position along the ridge tops to secure the perimeter of the attack area, other agents staged dynamic entries into the buildings -- rousting 15-year-old Crystal Graybeel who was sleeping late in her cabin. 'They started screaming, 'Put your hands where we can see them.' They unzipped my sleeping bag. I had to get face down on the floor and they handcuffed me,' the teenager said. She recalled the intruders wore ski masks and carried machine guns. They kept her handcuffed for two hours. The target of the raid? A 6,500-acre bow-and-arrow hunting ranch, the last bastion of private property on the island ... The agency responsible for all this was not the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, nor the FBI, nor any other agency typically associated with such 'dynamic entries'."

"This raid was the work of the National Park Service. Surprised? So were local residents ... If the use of the Park Service in commando-style operations seems strange, it shouldn't. At a time when elected legislative bodies from city councils to Congress -- have been passing laws that restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, federal agencies within the executive branch have been quietly authorizing dramatically increased numbers of armed personnel -- often heavily armed with military-style assault weapons." [Emphasis added]

This raid was not the only one of which Clinton was guilty.  Since the abolition of private property is a major goal of the New World Order, we should expect to see the beginnings of forcible seizure.  Therefore, as this story reports, private property owners have been murdered by the Clinton Administration, again without "proper Judicial review".  Listen to the facts and weep.

"Just one month after the Weaver debacle at Ruby Ridge, Malibu millionaire Donald Scott was gunned down in his home in a mid-morning assault involving 14 agencies, including NASA, Immigration and Naturalization Services and the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. The alleged reason for the attack was that Scott was suspected of growing marijuana. None was found. There, as at Santa Cruz Island, the lead agency was the NPS; and there, too, the real reason was to acquire Scott's estate for the Park Service. At Santa Cruz, the National Park Service had been trying to obtain the 6,500-acre ranch -- which covers 10 percent of the island. The Nature Conservancy owns the other 90 percent. The three arrests occurred as the National Park Service had obtained orders from Congress to seize the ranch."  [Ibid.]

We probably should be used to this type of action on behalf of the Clinton Administration, as we have witnessed blatant violations of the law, and of our Constitutional rights, under Clinton's rule.  From Waco to Ruby Ridge and beyond, Clinton plainly ran roughshod over our rights and freedoms.  But, now, we learn that Clinton was arming many agencies with military weapons, training them in military tactics, and bringing most law enforcement agencies under Federal control.   

Let us go further, examining just what kind of private army Clinton was building in 1997.

"Today, there are nearly 60,000 federal agents trained and authorized to enforce the over 3,000 criminal laws Congress has passed over the years, plus the hundreds of thousands of regulations which now carry criminal penalties ... These are full-time agents, authorized to execute searches, make arrests, and/or carry firearms 'if necessary'. But that number is not complete. When some 7,145 Customs inspectors and 317 Customs Department pilots are added -- all of whom have the above listed law enforcement powers -- the total is pushing 60,000 .  [Emphasis added]

What horror!  Our government has always been prohibited by the Posse' Comitatis Act from using military weaponry upon American citizens.  Early in his Administration, Clinton tested this prohibition at Waco, using M-1 Abrams tanks and other heavy military equipment -- along with military tactics -- against men, women, and children, slaughtering almost all of them.  When Clinton, and his Illuminist superiors, saw that the American people reacted with virtually no outrage, they knew the road to complete militarization was completely open, if they would just steadily continue producing actions to accomplish this goal.  Further, Clinton knew he could count on the assistance of the Mass Media to not nationally advertise the SWAT team "practices" along the way, even when innocent lives were lost.

This WorldNetDaily article then described in great detail how Clinton built up all the agencies in this manner, giving them greater and greater military power.  The most surprising growth in military armament occurred in "benign" agencies you would never think of as a danger to our liberties.  Listen:

"The final report deals with the 32 agencies that employ about 9 percent of the law enforcement personnel. It's among these 32 that you'll find the U.S. Fish and Wildlife, EPA's Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics and Training, the Bureau of Land Management's Law Enforcement division and other law enforcement bodies not usually traditionally with guns. Yet, the proliferation of firearms is even greater in these agencies ... But beyond the flat figures loom questions of how agencies are using, or abusing, the powers they have in everyday law enforcement. Sting operations and other entrapment tactics, hidden-camera surveillance, phone tapping -- these have become commonplace practices in the name of investigation. So, too, has the use of dynamic entry teams -- the kind witnessed at Waco and Ruby Ridge."  [Emphasis added]

These tactics are the stuff of which internal dictatorial police forces are made.  These are the abuses of people, property, and liberties, without which dictatorships cannot survive!  Sting operations, entrapment tactics, hidden-camera surveillance, phone tapping, and now "dynamic entry" forces.  "Dynamic entry" can range from knocking down the front door without warning and without warrant, to inserting military forces against civilians as Clinton/Reno did in Waco.

When we realize this build-up has reached 60,000 militarily armed men as of early, 1997 , you realize we have a true dictatorial military force building within our borders, with few Americans even aware of it.  How many such men do we now have in 2001, nearly 4 full years after this article was written -- do we have 100,000 now?

Further, when we see that "benign" agencies such as Bureau of Land Management, EPA's Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics and Training, and Fish and Wildlife are arming in this matter, you truly can appreciate how much trouble we are in right here and right now.

Now, this article discusses the special role SWAT teams are playing in this armed buildup:

"David Kopel, director of the free-market Independence Institute in Golden, Colorado, is an outspoken critic of the usurpation of local and state police authority by the federal government and the growing use of violence in law enforcement. According to Kopel, the FBI has 56 SWAT teams that 'specialize in confrontation rather than investigation, even though investigation is, after all, the very purpose of the bureau'." [Emphasis added]

We now know something else, do we not?  We now know that the purpose of the FBI is to "confront" the American citizen instead of to investigate possible crimes under the criminal protection of assumed innocence until proven guilty.  Clinton changed the mindset of the FBI -- and probably the other agencies as well -- to a confrontational attitude.  This means the FBI agent calling at your door may give you a confrontational attitude!

Kopel then goes straight to the bottom line:

" 'They are trained killers , not trained investigators'. Even worse, other agencies are trying to match "FBI swashbucklers." BATF, DEA, U.S. Marshalls Service, even the National Park Service and Department of Health and Human Services -- all have their own SWAT teams." [Emphasis added]

We have been warning for 12 years that America is marching toward an absolute dictatorship, since the Kingdom of Antichrist cannot be realized if America retains its elected government, if its citizens remain protected by the Constitution, and it retains its independent Judiciary.  Since Britain and Western Europe are now passing laws just as dictatorial as our Patriot Act -- they are even using the 9/11 attacks for justification -- we can assume the Illuminati may want no free countries when Antichrist arises.  Indeed, this is the Plan.

When you marry this concept, above, that agents of such Federal agencies as FBI are "trained killers", with the recent announcement by Attorney General Ashcroft that he is redirecting the efforts of his agents so they can concentrate on domestic "terrorism", you can understand the secret plan to turn Federal agents against us!  Doubt it not!  This is the Plan.

This scenario is getting so serious it is even alarming Liberals.  Listen as this article continues:

"... Eric Sterling, president of the Washington-based Criminal Justice Policy Foundation and a counsel for the House Judiciary Committee in the 1980s. Sterling, who describes himself as a liberal, is particularly alarmed by the arming of agencies with military weapons, such as machine-guns. "The machine-gun is an indiscriminate weapon, and is singularly inappropriate for the FBI and other agencies," he said. 'Its use by a government agency is a horrifying prospect'."

 Machine guns ruled the roost during trench warfare during World War I, and have been very effective in killing large numbers of troops very quickly in every war since then.  The only reason American Federal agents are being armed with machine guns is that they envision a scenario in which they will have to kill many American citizens very quickly in large numbers.  Suddenly, the Plan we have been reporting for 12 years in which large-scale riots in American cities will be engineered in order to give our government the excuse to kill patriots, dissidents, and gun owners suddenly seems very real and very close.

Sterling then noted that this 20-year trend would have alarmed our Founding Fathers greatly.  We should not be too surprised since our Founding Fathers worked mightily, gave up their lives and their personal fortunes in order to establish the very system of government that is being systematically dismantled right here and right now by our Illuminist leaders.

The final horror to this entire scenario of arming our Federal agencies with military weapons and empowering them to use military tactics against a civilian population is revealed by this next revelation.  Listen:

"Lojein called attention not only to the procurement of military weapons themselves, but to the acquisition of heavy equipment such as military helicopters and tanks as well -- 'heavy equipment', he said, 'is more characteristic of war than of law enforcement. The last thing people want to see is a tank on a city street', he said. 'That's what you expect to see in Bosnia, but not in Boston'."

This was precisely the situation in Waco, was it not?  Agents of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms used military tactics, military weapons, and "heavy equipment" like A-1 Abrams Tanks, against a lightly armed civilian group.  Using the fire cannons of the Abrams Tanks, these BATF agents slaughtered most of the  civilians holed up in the compound. 

America may now be not too far off from a national Waco experience.

Remember, Clinton transferred the authority for controlling all internal police and military forces during an emergency to the Attorney General.  [Read NEWS1361].  This transfer of authority means that Attorney General Ashcroft will control all internal police and military forces in the time of a national emergency.  This revelation is not comforting, as we have seen the FBI taking advantage of the panic created by the 9/11 attacks to imprison people without charges, without due process, and without allowing even a detailed list of names of those arrested to be released.  This is the same FBI who admitted they were "considering" the use of torture against its secret prisoners!  This is the same FBI who is knowingly transferring Arab prisoners to other Arab countries where torture techniques are well entrenched


"In full agreement is Greg Lojein, legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union. He deplores not only the expansion of the federal law enforcement, but the lack of constraining mechanisms. 'Local police are subjected to review (by civilian boards), but not federal agents,' he noted. 'When the Department of Justice investigates (an agency incident), the results are not nearly as trustworthy as when an independent entity investigates'."

This "lawyerese" camouflages the real impact of the situation described, above, where actions by Federal agents are not restrained by effective "constraining mechanisms".  In other words, Federal agents know they are effectively above the law!  When a Federal agent kills someone, or violates the Constitutional guarantees of an American citizen, he knows he is above the law.  He knows he will never have to appear before a meaningful Judiciary panel to answer for his crimes.

Once again, these are the actions of a military dictatorship, and we are seeing them occur more and more regularly in our country.  How many times were we sickened by the spectacle of Clinton arrogantly refusing to acknowledge the authority of the Judiciary panel attempting to investigate his wrongdoings?  We warned then that his arrogant success in defying Judicial punishment was severely undermining our freedoms.  Unfortunately, we were all too right; the fruits of our warnings have just been delayed a few years.

But, now, we see that Federal agents are similarly above the law.


"Kopel sees the federalizationof law enforcement and the growth of the FBI as parts of a larger effort to establish a national police force ... federal law enforcement agencies will be merged --beginning by moving the Treasury agencies under the control of the Justice Department, as Al Gore has recommended."

This is the end game, the one which Adolf Hitler began and successfully finished.  When Hitler was finished, Germany was fully under the yoke of his absolute dictatorship, tens of millions of soldiers and civilians were doomed to die under World War II, and Satanism ruled the Third Reich.  Believe me, this is the end game being pursued here.  The New World Order pursued by Clinton-Reno and now Bush-Ashcroft is simply Nazism in disguise! 


We are fully 4 years beyond the terrible dangers described in this WorldNetDaily article, written in 1997.  How much closer are we to the end game as we have described in the paragraph above? Has Bush rolled back these dangerous federalization trend, or has he continued them?

Let us now review another WorldNetDaily article, just written.  You will see that we have much to fear.

NEWS BRIEF:  "Police State USA:  Power Grab At Interior Department?", by Sarah Foster, WorldNetDaily, December 26, 2001.

"In the wake of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, certain parties in the Department of Interior are using the nation's heightened concerns about security to advance a long-standing agenda that would turn DOI into one of the nation's 'top cop' agencies right up there with the FBI, BATF and the other law-enforcement agencies of the Justice and Treasury departments.

"Under legislation drafted but not yet introduced, officers of the Department of Interior's five law enforcement agencies would be able to exercise extensive subpoena, warrant and arrest powers, not only on federal land areas under their agencies' jurisdiction but on non-federal property as well. Moreover, they could be moved hither-and-yon across the country in response to 'emergencies'."

Let us address the last sentence first as we analyze these two paragraphs.  "They could be moved hither-and-yon across the country in response to 'emergencies'.  This capability to "merge" Federal agencies is most important, as we reported in the paragraph, above, entitled, "BOTTOM LINE:  A FEDERALIZATION OF ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT".  Now, we read that the Bush-Ashcroft team is taking advantage of the 9/11 attacks to finalize the Federalization of all agencies by both equipping the Department of Interior with police-state powers, but also to enable them to be moved from agency to agency, from state to state.  It sounds like the Federal Government might be finally ready to take advantage of the planned disasters that lie just ahead of us.

But, notice also that this proposal will give the officers of the Department of the Interior the same police style powers that have been given other Federal agencies already.  These powers are "... to exercise extensive subpoena, warrant and arrest powers, not only on federal land areas under their agencies' jurisdiction but on non-federal property ..."

One Interior employee recognized the dangerous nature of this proposal, when he described the kind of the force they would become as a "mobile-police occupation force".  A more accurate description of the growing power of the Federal Government is simply not possible!  This employee knows exactly what kind of military force is growing like a malignant cancer in our midst!  I wonder if this employee is a subscriber of Cutting Edge, for that kind of precise awareness is very rare in our society today!

The Bush Administration is also caught jumping the gun on this issue.   While this expansion of these powers is still in the "proposal" stage, the Secretary of the Interior had already issued memos changing the hierarchy of the department to reflect the changes that would be necessary once the "proposals" are implemented. The fact is, these changes are going to be implemented come no matter what any Congressmen or any citizen will be able to do.


America's steady march into a military dictatorship continues apace.  President Clinton began this march in earnest early in his administration.  He established the principle at Waco that American citizens do not care if their government is violating citizen's rights; they only care that their financial portfolios are growing.  Such a people are prime targets for enslavement.  This principle was established early in 1993.  From then on, Clinton, Reno, and others in the administration regularly violated the law, doing so in such a public manner as to literally shove it in our faces!  Again, and again and again, did they shove it in our faces, with the full support of the Illuminist Republican congressional leadership.

The Clinton "Impeachment" on the weakest of all possible charges against Clinton further eroded our Justice system.  We have written several articles during this time that showed the Republican leadership in Congress further greased the skids so the President would walk free.  Not only was this a terrible travesty of justice, but President Clinton was then invulnerable to any legal action.  Clinton truly proved he was above the law, with the full support of the Republican leadership!

Beginning immediately after Waco, President Clinton began to issue numerous Executive Orders that began to set aside huge areas of land as Federal land, he began to seize private property, and he began to reorganize the entire Federal executive branch as we have noted above so that it would become a powerfully armed "mobile occupancy force".

In the presidential transition period, Conservative Republican pressure was sufficiently intense to force President-elect Bush to promise he would not implement any of Clinton's last-minute Executive Orders until he had had the opportunity to review them.  Several months later, his office routinely issued the notice that he would not change any of Clinton's Executive Orders, and virtually no outcry was heard from the Conservatives who had been so vocal just months earlier! Once again, Americans proved to be sheeple ready to shear.

We are getting closer every day to the absolute dictatorship envisioned by the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion .  The American people have become so engrossed in their decadent living, their ignorance of history, and their spiritual blindness, they do not know the storm that is about to hit them full force.  Let us allow New Age author, Bill Cooper, have the last say in this discussion:

"... the secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat ... in order to bring humanity together in a one-world government which they call the New World Order." [Behold A Pale Horse , p. 27].  Thus, you can see exactly how we got our current War on Terrorism!

Wise men, spiritually discerning men, thereby recognize the Plan of the Great White Brotherhood .

"... a very short, but very deadly, global war using nuclear weapons upon select population concentrations was contemplated, and to tell you the truth, was not ruled out." [Ibid., p. 167]

"Several Top Secret recommendations were made by Dr. Aurelio Peccei of the Club of Rome.  He advocated that a plague be introduced that would have the same effect as the famous Black Death of history."  [Ibid.]  Remember this part of the Plan the next time you hear of threats of man-made diseases such as AIDS, Ebola, and Mycoplasmas.  Or, when you hear of weaponized Anthrax or Smallpox, you can again hear the footsteps of the Great White Brotherhood !

"Can you imagine what will happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle East, the banks and the stock markets collapse, Extraterrestrials land on the White House lawn, food disappears from the markets, some people disappear, the Messiah presents himself to the world, and all in a very short period of time?" [Ibid., p. 177]

This one sentence presents succinctly the World War III scenario to produce Antichrist!  We are apparently very close to this period beginning.  Can you hear the footsteps of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse coming over the horizon? 

The wise and spiritually discerning people recognize the Plan of the Great White Brotherhood !

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