Subtitle: The author of this favorable article on Skull & Bones does not know Black Magick Witchcraft, or the Bible, for she inadvertently revealed some significant evidences of blatant Satanism!  This information adds fuel to the fire as questions mount as to why the Bush's are continuing participants in this most Black Magick secret society.

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

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NEWS BRIEF:  "George W., Knight of Eulogia:  A rare look inside Skull and Bones, the Yale secret society and sometime haunt of the presumptive Republican nominee for President", by Alexandra Robbins, The Atlantic Online, May, 2000, www.theatlantic.com/issues/2000/05/robbins.htm, Part 1.   www.theatlantic.com/issues/2000/05/robbins2.htm, Part 2.

The author, Alexandra Robbins, is a 1998 Yale graduate, and is on the staff of The New Yorker's Washington Bureau; therefore, I approached this article rather skeptically, knowing this was probably a "puff-piece", designed to "demystify" Skull and Bones [to use Bush's term] during the 2000 presidential campaign, so people would not be worried about Bush being a lifelong Adept.  Imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered Ms Robbins had given much detail that clearly indicted Skull & Bones as the Brotherhood of Death Society we have always maintained they were. 

These revelations fell into the following characteristics:

1.  Generational Witchcraft in the Bush Family

2.  Emphasis on Death and Skulls all throughout, very typical of a Brotherhood of Death Society

3.  Secret Names taken by certain past Bonesmen

4.  Spiritual Submission to the Pope, typical of the Illuminati

5.  Admissions to ties to the Nazis, CFR, Trilateral Commission

Let us now take these revelations one by one.


"Bush men have been Yale men and Bonesmen for generations.  Prescott Bush, George W.'s grandfather, Yale '17, was a legendary Bonesman ... There were other Bush Bonesmen, a proud line of them stretching from great uncle George Herbert Walker, Jr., to uncle Jonathan Bush to cousins George Herbert Walker III, and Ray Walker."

This revelation is startling because it describes the hideous situation known as Generational Witchcraft .  God describes Generational Witchcraft perfectly in the Old Testament, nearly 4,000 years ago.  Listen: 

"You shall not bow down yourself to them [idols] or serve them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me."  [Exodus 20:5]  Most Christians do not realize that God is speaking of Generational Witchcraft here.  Generational Witchcraft is THE most important, and most powerful, type of Satanism in the world today. All the key members of the Illuminati today are from families whose great-grandfathers, or even great-great grandfathers were Satanists.  Family names like Rothschild, House of Windsor, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, Weyerhauser, Roosevelt, Taft, Bundy, and Bush are the names most important in the world today.  Let us examine some very important Generational Witchcraft families so you can see how important Generational Witchcraft is to Satan's plan to produce Antichrist.

"The Taft family has been an important bloodline in the Skull and Bones. George Bush is related to both the Taft family and the Merovingians. President Clinton is also related to the Taft family … A leading genealogist in England has said that Bill Clinton has a great deal of Merovingian blood, too." [Fritz Springmeier, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, p. 315]

"Prince Charles is known to be descended from the Kennedy and Merovingian bloodline. Prince Charles is related to the following American presidents:

"Prince Charles is also related to Robert E. Lee and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson … he is also a distant relative of JFK." [Ibid]

Prince Charles’ first wife, Princess Diana, was related to: William Vincent Astor, McGeorge Bundy, Pierre Samuel DuPont IV, J.D. Rockefellers I, II, III, and IV, plus David Rockefeller, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Teddy Roosevelt, Brigham Young, Bertrand Russell, John Pierpoint Morgan, Henry Cabot Lodge. [Ibid., p. 370]

American presidents have a long generational witchcraft tie to British Royalty!  But, what about George Bush and his family?  This article has already told us that his family's ties to Skull and Bones goes back three generations, thus making George W. a "legacy tap".  However, the true Bush bloodline is really eye-popping.  Listen:

"George Bush is the descendent of the 13th top Illuminati family – the family that ties in with British Royalty and the Merovingians … William Jefferson Blythe Clinton is a descendent of some Russells, and is said to have more British royal blood than any other American President, as well as being a descendent of the Tribe of Dan." [Ibid., p. 320]

Now, why is Generational Witchcraft so very important to Satan and his plan for global government and his Antichrist?

You see, Satan is a legalist, because God has required him to be.  God has set up a protection for mankind to protect us from the wiles of Satan, by requiring a human being to give Satan permission to afflict, or possess, him.  Such permission might be participation in occult activities, watching occult movies, or having your authority figure commit you to Satan before you were even born! 

This latter type of "permission" perfectly describes Generational Witchcraft .  In working with former Satanist, Cisco Wheeler, I have seen the power of Generational Witchcraft perfectly illustrated.  Cisco's father was deeply into the occult, an Illuminist of some rank and influence.  Cisco's father dedicated her to Lord Satan before she was born.  Further, when she was less than 3 years old, he began to subject her to hideous rituals designed to force her mind to compartmentalize so she could take on numerous personalities.  Liberals today consider corporal punishment of children to be "child abuse, or they consider teaching Biblical doctrines "child abuse".  But, let me tell you, the most horrible of child abuse is carried out by parents who are practitioners in  the occult, when they begin to force their children to go through the Satanic rituals designed to make that child a Satanist forever.

Thus, it is not surprising that Satanism runs in families, and that we see nearly unbroken succession of Illuminist leadership these past 300 years from families originating from England and Europe.  "Great Britain is the mother country of Satanism and is the center for generational Satanism.  This is widely known among generational Satanists ... whoever rules the United Kingdom must tie in powerfully with that satanic power.  This explains why Cecil Rhodes and others of the Round Table, like the Rothschilds, wanted to make the world subservient to Great Britain." [Tim Cohen, "The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea", p. 155]

If Americans knew Witchcraft more thoroughly, they would have known how important it was to pay attention to a person's heritage when electing our leaders.  It is exceedingly important what a person's background is.  Godly families also run generation after generation, so generational influence is key.


"... all who hate me love and court death."  [Proverbs 8:36b; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

God is so literal that you can accurately derive a corollary from this Scripture:  Satanism loves and courts death.  Thus, Satanists love Death Symbols like skeletons, skulls, and coffins.  After World War II, numerous historians were so appalled by the death camps and the huge numbers of fatalities, they set about to determine how the country of Martin Luther could become the country of Adolf Hitler.  Some of them concluded that, when a society began to exhibit death symbols in its Arts and Entertainment sections of their daily newspapers, that society was already secretly killing innocent people, but especially its devalued people -- terminally ill, elderly, and the handicapped.  Unless you have been living on Mars until recently, you will immediately think of our current Rock Music based culture, with unbelievable love of Death Symbols.  You will recall the typical day's movie schedule in your daily newspaper, with its heavy preponderance of movies based on the occult. Or, you may recall the last time you visited your local video store, with its vast selection of movies based on demonism.

If this premise is true, if America is exhibiting a love of Death Symbols in our popular literature, then we should see evidences that we are killing the innocent!

And, America is killing the innocent, aren't we?  We are killing babies both in the womb and out of the womb, we are encouraging suicide, and we are beginning to kill our devalued citizens in hospitals and nursing homes!  We encourage you to read Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger's book, "The New Genocide of Handicapped and Afflicted People ", for he details our current murder of devalued American people right here and right now.  Dr. Wolfensberger is in a position to know, for he the Director of Syracuse University Division of Special Education & Rehabilitation.   Dr. Wolfensberger's family went through Hitler's Holocaust.   He warns, "In many locales in North America, it is dangerous to admit to a typical general hospital a moderately retarded person who is above the age of sixty ... the only way to assure the safety of such afflicted persons in hospitals is to place at their bed a twenty-four 'guard', e.g., family members, advocates, friends, private duty nurses ... who want to see that person live."  [p. 62-3]

This is one more exceedingly large parallel of American and Western societies, to Hitler's reign in Germany.  Hitler was secretly murdering devalued people in Germany from the early 1920's through the end of his reign.  Dr. Wolfensberger warns, "... killing of devalued people has already begun (in America) in such a systematic fashion as to warrant the use of a term such as 'genocidal' or 'Holocaust II'." [P. 2]  However, America is killing many more people per year in hospitals and nursing homes by a misapplication of medical treatment or "pulling the plug", than Nazi Germany ever killed!

Now, let us return to our main subject.  The Brotherhood of Death Societies regularly use identical symbols -- skulls, skeletal bones, and a skull with two human bones crossing beneath it.  In this article, Alexandra Robbins captures the extensive use of these death symbols, and the fervent desire to obtain them.  Listen:

"Prescott Bush, George W.'s grandfather, Yale '17, was a legendary Bonesman; he was a member of the band that stole for the society what became one of its most treasure artifacts:  a skull that was said to be that of the great Apache Chief Geronimo."  [Robbins, p. 2]  Isn't this a wonderful revelation?  Prescott Bush is a grave robber.  Robbing graves is a crime, but just like a practicing occultist, Prescott violated the law with impunity.  After all, isn't that one of the lessons of Harry Potter?  Harry and his friends broke every rule in the school book, but either got away with it, or was rewarded for it.

Robbins continues with her expose':

"The story of Skull and Bones begins in December of 1832 ... The Yale society fastened a picture of its symbol -- a skull and crossbones -- to the door of the chapel where it met." [Ibid., p. 5]

"Marina Moscovici, a Connecticut conservator who recently spend six years restoring fifteen paintings from the Skull and Bones building, describes the atmosphere inside as 'funny spooky ... sort of like the Addams Family'. [Ibid., p. 6]  The black-and-white TV sitcom, The Addams Family, loved and courted death symbols on every single episode.

"Dozens of skeletons and skulls, human and animal, dangle from the walls ... The gravestone of Elihu Yale ... was stolen years ago from its proper setting in Wrexham, Wales, and is displayed in a glass case, in a room with purple walls." [Ibid.]    Once again, we see not only a love of death symbols, but grave robbing.  The color, purple, is very important to the Satanist, for it denotes royalty and authority.  We see in Daniel 5:1-7 that pagan kings thought of purple as a color of royalty, authority, and privilege.

"Inside, a case contains a skeleton that Bonesmen refer to as Madame Pompadour." {Robbins, part 2, p. 1]

"The Inner Temple is cleared of furniture except for two chairs and a table, and the Bonesmen past and present assemble ... a crew of extras wearing skeleton costumes and carrying noisemakers." [Ibid.]

"At 6:30 on Thursdays and Sundays the Bonesmen gather in the Firefly Room for supper.  The room is dim and intimate; light shines through the gaping eye holes of fixtures shaped like skulls.  Bonesmen drink various refreshments from skull-shaped cups ..." [Ibid., p. 2]  Imagine that!  Bonesmen are so consumed with a love of Death, they created lamps that are shaped like skulls, so that the light shines out through the eye holes!  And, they drink from cups shaped like skulls.

"At 7:55 barbarian time, Uncle Toby rings a bell to summon the members to the session.  When the knights are seated, they sing two sacred anthems ... Uncle Toby then draws debate topics and an order of speakers from the Yorick, a skull divided into compartments."  [Ibid.]

Thus, you can see that Skull and Bones is obsessed with symbols of Death.  This obsession ranges from the serious to the ridiculous.  The symbol of the Skull and crossed Bones is a most serious symbol, identifying it as a Brotherhood of Death Society; however, the obsession goes to the ridiculous when they drink from skull-shaped cups and get their dinner light from skull-shaped lamps that emit light through the eye holes! 

However, this range of obsession is very consistent with a Satanist, for they truly "love and court death", just as God foretold. 


One of the common characteristics of elite Satanists is that they are required to take a secret name upon being initiated into the coven; however, the secret names of the specific Bonesmen that Alexandra Robbins lists in Part 1 of her expose', offer great spiritual insight into the true nature of Skull and Bones. The shocking fact is that the secret names Robbins reports are ALL cursed names in the sight of God!  Some of them were brought into physical annihilating judgment in the Bible, some are End Times names of demons, and some of them are worshipped as god in pagan religions.  This fact alone should convince you as to the satanic nature of Skull & Bones.

Robbins says:

"New members of Skull and Bones are assigned secret names, by which fellow Bonesmen will forever know them ... The name Long Devil is assigned to the tallest member; Boaz (short for Beelzebub) goes to any member who is a varsity football captain ... Averell Harriman was Thor, Henry Luce was Baal, McGeorge Bundy was Odin.  The name Magog is traditionally assigned to the incoming Bonesman deemed to have had the most sexual experience, and Gog goes to the new member with the least sexual experience.  William Howard Taft and Robert Taft were Magogs.  So, interestingly, was George Bush." [Part 1, p. 2]

Let us take these satanic secret names one by one so we can examine them:

Beelzebub is one of the principal demons of Hell.  He has been known by this name for about 4,000 years.  The Pharisees accused Jesus Christ as cooperating with Beelzebub so that He could accomplish the miracles He was performing all over Israel.  We see this passage in Matthew 12:22-37.  When Jesus heard the Pharisees attributing His power to do miracles to Beelzebub, He solemnly pronounced a new sin, an Unforgivable Sin, what theologians call The Unpardonable Sin.  The name, Beelzebub will forever be associated with the Unpardonable Sin.

Further, as we demonstrated in NEWS1398, all elite Brotherhood of Death Societies require their members to affirm their belief that the only reason Jesus could do His miracles was because He was in league with Beelzebub ; if George W. affirmed this satanic doctrine when he was an initiate of Skull and Bones, he has committed the Unpardonable Sin.  Once you understand this fact, you will see his "confession of faith" in a brand new light!  Also, as we pointed out in NEWS1596, George W.'s confession was strikingly similar to the creed sung by Hitler Youth to Hitler's National Reich Church!

Beelzebub is also known as the Lord of the Flies.  Thus, we find it highly interesting that the Bonesmen regularly met in the Firefly Room for supper, room lighted by lamps in the shape of skulls with the light coming out the eye holes, and with Bonesmen drinking from skull-shaped goblets! 

How can any truly Born Again Christian refuse to disallow his lifetime membership in such an obviously satanic society as Skull and Bones?  They even glorify the name of the demon associated in the Bible with the Unpardonable Sin!

THOR:  Thor was the Nordic god of Thunder.  Thor is a god of thunder, son of Odin and a member of the Aesir. He smashed giants' heads with his mighty hammer. Site compares Thor with the Greek thunder god Zeus and with the most popular Athenian goddess, Athena. Thor rode around middle-earth [Lord of the Rings] in his wagon drawn by two goats. His abode is Thruthheim [Land of Strength] and his hall, Bilskinir. His wife is Sif.

"Thor was very well-known for his quick and hot temper. This was often vented on the giants, the main enemies of the gods.  He was foremost of the gods to the common man, who would call on him to ensure fertility, and was widely worshiped. Hammer-shaped amulets were popular, the hammer being a symbol of Thor because it was his weapon, and were worn about the neck well into the Christianization of Scandinavia. There are molds from that time which contain both cross and hammer shapes, side by side. His name is found in numerous place names, and it was his statue which was central in the great temple at Uppsala. Our day of the week, Thursday, is named for him. Donar was an early version of Thor among the early Germans. The Anglo-Saxons worshiped a thunder god named Thunor."


ODIN:  Hitler truly loved Odin, and prayed to him daily.  [Trevor Ravenscroft, The Spear of Destiny].  "Odin is the leader of the Norse gods and has a myriad of names including Allfather, Ygg, Bolverk (evil doer), and Grimnir. He also has many functions within the myths including being a god of war, poetry, wisdom, and death. However, he is not considered the "main" god of each of these functions.

"Odin's symbol is his magical spear named Grungir which never misses its mark. He also owns a magic ring called Draupnir which can create nine of itself every night [Lord of the Rings]. It was this ring that Odin laid on his son Balder's funeral pyre and which Balder returned to Odin from the underworld. Odin also has two wolves, Geri and Freki, and two ravens, Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory). He sends his ravens out every day to gather knowledge for him. Odin was destined to die at Ragnarok; Fenris-Wolf swallowed him. Knowing his fate, he still chose to embrace it and do battle, showing the true warrior ethic. He is the god of warriors and kings, not the common man. Among his children are:Thor, Hermod, and Balder. He is married to Frigg, the goddess of marriage. [Ancient History]


Odin is truly a satanic Norse god, extremely worthy to be cursed.

GOG AND  MAGOG:  In Ezekiel 38, we see that God curses Gog, of the land of Magog!  The wording of this prophecy makes it very clear that Gog is a national demon and his land is called Magog [Read NEWS1337 for full understanding as to how Satan rules his kingdom].  The national demonic overlord of Russia is named, "Gog", and the land over which he has responsibility before Satan is "Magog".  Bible scholars are nearly uniform in identifying the "Magog" as Russia, and certainly, today, we see Russia fully capable of invading the Middle East and currently moving into that region as part of Putin's cooperation with Bush on the global war on terror.

Then, in the Book of Revelation, we see Gog and Magog again.  "And when the thousand years are completed, Satan will be released from his place of confinement, and he will go forth to deceive and seduce and lead astray the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth -- Gog and Magog -- to muster them for war ..." [Revelation 20:7-8]

Thus, these Bonesmen took demonic names, Gog and Magog, the foremost names of the principalities of Hell so determinedly opposed to God that they lead the nations against God once more, after they have been confined to Hell for 1,000 years.  No truly Born Again Christian would allow himself to continue to be a part of such a satanic society.

BAAL:  "Son of El (god of thunder and lightning), Baal was the sun god of the Canaanites and Phoenicians, whose worship spread to the ancient Jews. In the Bible, Baal is also known as Beelzebub." [Ancient History]


Since this Ancient History site correctly took us to the Bible, let us review Baal from this perspective.  Listen to the Illustrated Davis Dictionary of the Bible, p. 68, under entry, "Baal".

"Master, Lord, possessor: A sun-god exhibiting different aspects of the solar energy, the center of whose worship was Phoenicia ... Baal was adored on high places in Moab as early as the days of Balaam and Balak [Numbers 22:41].  In the time of Judges he had alters within the country [Judges 2:13; 6:28-32] ... The life and death struggle between the two religions culminated on Mount Carmel when the prophet Elijah met the priests of Baal [1 Kings 16:31-32; 18:17-40].  Though it ended in the slaughter of the priests of Baal, yet they soon swarmed anew until crushed by Jehu [2 Kings 10:18-28]."

God hated the false sun-god, Baal, and several times ordered his prophets, and his righteous kings to annihilate the religion.  Interestingly, we see the worship of Baal tied tightly to the worship of the obelisk.  In 2 Kings 10:26, we read, "They [King Jehu's palace guards] brought out the pillars or obelisks of the house of Baal and burned them." {Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary].

Thus, God ordered the obelisks of Baal to be burned!  This fact is highly significant because Satanists of every stripe revere the obelisk, praying to it daily.  America's most prominent obelisk is the Washington Monument, and it is so strategically placed that the occupants of the White House and the Congress can face it daily, just as good Satanists are supposed to do! [Read NEWS1034, NEWS1040, free13 and free16 to fully understand the hideous nature of the obelisk in the sight of God].

Once again, we see Bonesmen taking the name of a most cursed Satanic god, Baal, as a secret name!  Truly, the genuine Satanic nature of Skull and Bones is revealed!


"It is perhaps worth noting, in light of George W.'s controversial episode at Bob Jones University and the specter of anti-Catholicism, that at one point in the proceedings, every initiate kissed the slippered toe of the 'Pope'." [Robbins, Part 2, page 2].

While this fact may seem strange and even contradictory, this revelation ties Skull and Bones tightly into the Illuminati!  For centuries now, the Illuminati has been cooperating secretly with the Pope, and they acknowledge his "spiritual supremacy" over them.  Visually, this supremacy is acknowledged whenever the Pope receives a visitor;  he is dressed in white, while his visitor is dressed in black, no matter whether the visitor be male or female.  In the occult, white is supreme over black.  Go back over the many years in which the Pope has been receiving dignitaries.  He is always dressed in white, and his visitors in black.  This symbolism declares that the Illuminati concedes the spiritual superiority of the Pope!

In the House of Theosophy Seminar into which I was sneaked on August 18, 1991, the seminar director revealed that the Illuminati had just decided that the Roman Catholic Pope was to be the top religious leader of the coming global religion of Antichrist [Read NEWS1052 for full details].

Events are proceeding in this matter fully consistent with Biblical prophecy.  In Revelation 13:11-18, we see the appearance of the False Religious Prophet.  He will claim to be Christian and thought of as such by the peoples of the world.  He will work in tandem with Antichrist, even possessing the same miraculous occult powers.  The False Prophet will force every person on earth to accept the Mark of the Beast.

However, Revelation 17:16 tells us of the ultimate end of the False Religious Prophet.  "And the ten horns that you saw, they and the beast will be the very ones to hate the harlot; they will make her cheerless, bereaved, desolate, and they will strip her and eat up her flesh and utterly consume her with fire." [Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

At some point during the Tribulation Period, the False Prophet and the Antichrist will have a major falling out, and the Antichrist will utterly annihilate the False Prophet and his church.  What will cause such a massive falling out between these two men?  After all, for centuries, Illuminists have symbolically submitted themselves spiritually to the Roman Pontiff.  The Bible does not say what the cause of the falling out to be, but New Age authors offer the probable answer.

Malachi Martin, former Catholic Theologian, writes in his monumental book, "The Keys To This Blood", that Pope John Paul II has personally received a Marian vision in which she promises him that, at some point in the period after the New World Order has been established, she shall suddenly visit the world in a global Marian vision, and give him total control, religious, political, and economic.  When the Pope suddenly makes his play for the overthrow of Antichrist and his fairly new global government, what do you think Antichrist's response is going to be?

Alice Bailey, writing for her demonic host, Master D.K., had this shocking statement about how Illuminists really feel about the Pope, in their deepest heart of hearts:  "The atomic bomb does not belong to the three nations who perfected it ... It belongs to the United Nations for use ... It does not essentially matter whether that aggression is the gesture of any particular nation or group of nations, or whether it is generated by the political groups of any powerful religious organization, such as the Church of Rome, who are as yet unable to leave politics alone ..." [The Externalization of the Hierarchy, P. 548]

Wow!  The Illuminist  demon, Master D.K., writing through Alice Bailey, has just threatened the Roman Catholic Church with nuclear annihilation.  What does the Bible say again?  "... the ten horns ... will hate the harlot ... they will strip her and eat up her flesh and utterly consume her with fire." [Rev 17:16]

Since the most important element in an atomic blast is heat greater than that of the surface of the Sun, we might conclude that, when the Pope attempts to assert complete dictatorial control over all the earth after the global Marian Vision, the Antichrist and his ten rulers will counterattack, and will possibly annihilate Rome with atomic bombs!


Robbins admits:

"One doesn't need to scratch deeply to uncover accusations of sinister ties with the CIA, the Trilateral Commission, the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, even the Nazis."  [Robbins, Part 1, page 4]

By her own admission, Robbins said it is not hard to find these Skull and Bones associations with these groups, and you do not have to "scratch deeply".  Indeed, all these groups are Illuminist to the core, and have been created by the Illuminati.  Her admission that Skull and Bones is easily connected to Nazism, however, is a surprise.  Even though we have repeatedly covered the fact that the current New World Order of Bush/Clinton/Bush is the Nazi Wolf in disguise, admissions by establishment journalists like Robbins are very rare indeed.  If you do not know the parallels between Hitler's New World Order and the current New World Order to which the world is progressing at breakneck speed, we encourage you to order the video, "Illuminazi 9-11, Deluxe Package".

The Nazi Wolf is back, but is wearing a different mask and sporting a $1,000 business suit.

If George W. Bush were truly Born Again, he would have repeatedly, and forcefully, repudiated Skull and Bones in the harshest of terms.  Further, he would spare no effort or opportunity to tell the world of the draconian plans the Illuminati has created for the entire world, beginning with their plans to unleash warfare, famine, and deadly pestilence on the world to achieve a two-thirds reduction in global population!

One of the first acts of his presidency, George W. would have ordered the removal of the Masonic/Illuminist/Skull and Bones symbol of the unfinished pyramid with the Eye of Lucifer hovering over it,  on the back of our One Dollar Bill.

George W. has not done any of these things, yet most people who call themselves Christian still think he is a fine Christian gentleman.  But, in light of all these terrible spiritual fruits, Bush still commands the respect of most Christians as being one of them.  Is it time for a closer examination?

Truly, the Age of Spiritual Deception is upon us, just as Jesus foretold in Matthew 24:4, 11, 24. 

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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