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Subtitle: When you understand how effective Enron's global intelligence gathering system was -- even better than the CIA -- you will understand that perhaps our government wanted Enron to fail!

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Enron's Secret Arm", Intelligence, DEBKA-NET WEEKLY, Issue 45, January 18, 2002.

"Enron, the Houston-based energy giant that crashed with an earth-shaking thud amid political scandal and criminal charges, ran one of the most sophisticated and powerful intelligence-gathering networks in the world, according to DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s intelligence sources. In its heyday, not so long ago, hardly a political development or military maneuver anywhere on earth escaped Enron’s attention. Its intelligence stations, from strategic points around the world, tipped off Houston headquarters to hidden events and developments in the making, well before they surfaced in the media. Key operatives of this autonomous system confided to DEBKA-Net-Weekly on condition of anonymity that the quality of intelligence was such that it became a primary tool for shaping the company’s trading tactics and strategies."

In all of the media hype about how Enron fell into bankruptcy, why the company fell, and who profited versus who lost, no one has even hinted that Enron possessed such a unique capability to gather intelligence on a daily basis from all around the world!  Of course, Industrial Espionage has been a heavy priority in certain national and international companies for a very long time.  American, Japanese, and Chinese companies regularly employ large numbers of internal assets in order to steal technology that they do not have, in order that they may compete with those companies who do have this technology.  Industrial Espionage has been with us for a very long time.  Is this the "powerful intelligence-gathering network" to which DEBKA-file is referring, above? 

It seems that it started as Industrial Espionage.

"As Enron’s trading business grew, eventually accounting for 25 percent of all US energy trades, its directors demanded, and got, the best round-the-clock intelligence information on a broad array of subjects. As one of its purveyors put it, 'Our intelligence was often more accurate and detailed than the data available to the White House, US intelligence agencies and the Energy and Trade Departments'.”

DEBKA-file then explained how Enron developed this intelligence capability by defying the normal mode of operation employed by traditional intelligence agencies.  The normal method of gathering intelligence is to employ hundreds, or thousands, of people acting as eyes and ears, each one reporting information upon which they stumbled, or which they had developed over a long period of time. 

Enron adopted the tactic of training a small, high-quality team of operatives -- each was compensated very well --distributed at key points around the world.  This team was divided into four or five units,  totaling no more than 25 informers scattered throughout the world!  It is incredible that this tactic would outperform the vast intelligence services of the CIA, White House, and Energy and Trade Departments!  However, key business executives know very well that a company can rise or fall depending upon whether the right person is filling key position(s).  Having exactly the right person in the right position is exceedingly important. 

Enron utilized this business tactic.

"“They picked out the best in the business, all of them plugged into top sources,” said a senior figure employed by the energy giant. 'Enron had an eye for superior talent and paid well. Each of its operatives was capable of both homing in on the plums in the intelligence pie and also analyzing their worth, together with conclusions and prognoses. The different functions performed by an army in most intelligence agencies were thus lumped together and performed by a single, talented, well-paid operative. Their product, complete with forward ramifications, was thus laid before the market trader with great speed'.”

In the world of energy and commodities trading, the company that consistently has the right knowledge, and has it first, will emerge the victor of individual battles, and will usually destroy its competitors.  Thus, with all the billions of dollars at stake in the energy and commodities markets, Enron employed a superior strategy, giving it tremendous marketplace advantage.  Enron attendees at OPEC Oil Cartel meetings were more versed on the intricate details of the current marketplace and the individual needs of the OPEC members, than were the OPEC ministers representing their countries!

DEBKA-file tells us how superior this intelligence was:

"“The Enron network was arguably one of the most focused and fertile intelligence operations run in recent years in the United States.”


However, in early June, 2001, top Enron executives decided on an abrupt change in focus in their vast intelligence networks.  "“Whereas before, the directors in Houston demanded peepholes chiefly on political and economic trends and changes, they now evinced a sudden and equal interest in military affairs ... Enron’s intelligence team was required to devote as much or more energy to the unearthing of military trends and alliances affecting Turkey, India and Israel and Moscow’s relationships with the former Soviet Central Asian republics." [Ibid., Emphasis added]

Why did Enron make this sudden, and tremendously important change?  DEBKA-file noted that, in late May to early June, 2001 , Enron top executives had caught the "scent that the Bush administration was building up to some military initiatives that would be bound to impinge on world markets."

This time period was over three full months before the terrorist attacks of September 11.  Yet, Enron discovered that the Bush Administration was already planning "military initiatives that would be bound to impinge on world markets"!  This information is very interesting to those of us who know that the plan to produce the New World Order calls for the creation of a global threat by which all nations of the world could be drawn together into a global dictatorial system.

Listen again to the superior foreign military intelligence Enron's small, highly-focused group of operatives were consistently delivering to their executives in Houston.  "Our intelligence was often more accurate and detailed than the data available to the White House, US intelligence agencies and the Energy and Trade Departments."

"Enron directors wanted to know the instant that Iran carried out military exercises along its Gulf coast, Saddam deployed troops in western Iraq, India poured reinforcements onto the Line of Control in Kashmir, or China transferred armored brigades and air force units to the northwest province of Xinjiang.." [Ibid.]

"The energy giant, as far back as January and February 2001, was briefed steadily on Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, their movements, activities and plans for devastating terror attacks in the United States. The company’s executives were given a near-global picture of the spread of the terror network’s cells through Afghanistan, Pakistan, North America, the Balkans, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and the Asian and African continents. They were warned of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad’s integrated operational role in al Qaeda and the high position occupied by its chief, Ayman Zuheiri, alongside bin Laden ... Enron knew exactly what the Americans were targeting in February 2001 when they executed bombing strikes in the Baghdad area: the Chinese fiber optic equipment.”

This information is HUGE!

Now, Enron was, indeed, beginning to encroach upon the prerogatives of the CIA and the White House.  From my days in US Army Intelligence, I can tell you that the US government jealously guards access to foreign intelligence targets.  I can imagine their total dismay and their sheer anger at the sudden intrusion of Enron intelligence operatives in matters that have always been the exclusive territory of US Intelligence!  From that moment on, Bush Administration officials might have looked upon Enron in a wholly different manner.  From that moment on, the Bush Administration may have embarked upon a path that would eliminate Enron from foreign intelligence on the one hand, while delivering these capabilities to US Government control on the other hand. 

Enron probably unwittingly signed its own death warrant by intruding into such sensitive intelligence areas.


When Enron began to gather foreign military intelligence of such high caliber and up-to-date by the minute as described above, their executives might not have paused to consider the total National Security ramifications of their actions!  You see, this intelligence is exactly what US intelligence organizations are daily gathering.  When I was in US Army Intelligence in Okinawa during the Vietnam War, we were gathering just this type of information; furthermore, US law strictly controls how foreign military intelligence is gathered, handled, and distributed, and by whom.  The US security clearance required to have access to this kind of intelligence is called "Top Secret Crypto ".

Thus, the Enron executives and their global operatives, were gathering, handling, and distributed the kind of intelligence that US law regards as being very sensitive, and worthy of the highest protection.  Enron was handling the kind of vital information that men have been murdered, assassinated, or have been given life-long jail sentences for not properly handling and/or safeguarding this type of information!

Enron probably could not foresee that they had just made a mortal enemy of the CIA and the White House, even though they had given tens of millions of dollars to the campaign coffers of both the Republican and Democrat parties.   Enron could not have foreseen that the US Government would have probably set in motion a plan to bring Enron down and to either shut down its foreign intelligence capabilities or seize them for government use.

Their capabilities in the area of military and diplomatic intelligence of foreign countries -- especially those of our enemies -- opened a HUGE hole in the tight control of such intelligence.  I can tell you from experience that the US Government would react quickly and decisively to close this intel hole!

Did the Bush Administration attempt to contact Enron to tell them how very serious this matter truly was?  Undoubtedly, yes.  Did our government threaten Enron to an inch of its life to get them to voluntarily "cease and desist" in this matter of gathering foreign intelligence?  Again, I cannot conceive that the government would not do try to get Enron to quietly and immediately disband their activities.

If Enron was warned, why did they not do so?  Why did they persist to the very end, in early December, 2001?  The answer is probably multifaceted:

First, Enron was convinced that obtaining this type of military intelligence gave them such an edge over the competitors in the marketplace of Energy and Commodities that to discontinue their operation could very prove to be their demise.

Secondly, Enron was probably aware that the US Government would not want to take them to court to convict them of violating US laws relating to the gathering, the analyzing, and distribution of foreign intelligence because of the secrets that were bound to come out during an open trial.  Additionally, Enron could afford extremely excellent lawyers, who could tie US lawyers up in court for a very long time, causing an even greater chance of intelligence leaks.

Thirdly, Enron intelligence might have become so good that they knew "where all the bodies were buried".  In other words, Enron lawyers might just let some information "slip out" that they knew would highly embarrass the US government.

Fourthly, Enron had paid millions of dollars of contributions to both Democrat and Republican officials in the White House and the Congress.  Perhaps they believed this past support would provide them with a deep enough reservoir that they could resist the angry US intelligence community.


Since Enron was a multi-billion dollar company, with far-flung assets that rival those of some countries in the world, how do you bring them down, without anyone sensing the hand of the government in the background?  Why, your target must have a secret weakness, unknown to the average citizen, but wholly known to the government.  This secret weakness must be of such a nature that a significant, aggressive action by some unseen force could send it crashing down in a way that would seem to be either accidental or brought about by market forces. 

But, the hand of the US government could not be seen.

Enron did have a significant weakness, did it not?  In fact, it had two significant weaknesses.

The first of Enron's hidden weakness was financial, which would have made it even easier to destroy the company quickly.  Few people realized that Enron was hiding huge blocks of liabilities from the eyes of the investment community by creating shell companies into which they were shuffling their debt.  Since these outside companies did not have any visible tie to Enron, no one in the investment community realized how deeply in debt Enron was and how greatly it was affecting its real picture of profitability.  Both Enron executives and government officials knew that, were such information made public, investors would sell, sell, and sell their Enron stock some more, driving the company into receivership almost immediately.

The second Enron weakness was that it had held contracts on foreign soil, and was depending upon those countries to pay the bill according to the signed agreement in place.  Any foreign government that owed Enron a lot of money could be secretly persuaded by the White House not to pay.  This is one of the oldest Illuminist tricks in the book and is highly effective.

Enron did fall, and great was the fall of it.  Furthermore, stories have emerged that Enron executives did seek government assistance, believing their earlier generosity to politicians in both Congress and the White House would pay off in this moment of extreme financial peril, only to be turned down cold.

Let us review some pertinent articles now; we shall highlight key dates in bold:


NEWS BRIEF:  "Hidden Numbers Crushed Enron:  'Partnerships Shielded $600 Million Debt", by Peter Behr, washingtonpost.com, January 12, 2002.

"Creating the partnership [Chewco] enabled Enron to keep about $600 million of debt off its books. It helped ensure that paper profits from rising shares of Enron stock held by a related partnership called Jedi could still be counted as earnings by Enron. And it was an example of instances where some favored Enron executives made multimillion-dollar profits from such entities. Enron now acknowledges that the partnerships were used improperly, inflating the company's financial reports that investors -- including thousands of Enron employees -- relied on in deciding to buy or sell its stock. That, and other major accounting errors that Enron disclosed in November , crippled public confidence in the company, pushing it toward its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing Dec. 2."

Enron hid its enormous liabilities inside paper shell companies, called "partnerships" above.  This allowed Enron to show ever-increasing profits to its investors.  This kind of "partnership" arrangement is not illegal, but it surely is unethical.  When cash flow began to be restricted,  Enron could no longer meet its payments on its liabilities.  Further, once investors discovered this little "accounting magic", they began selling Enron stock in droves. 

Just making the accounting magic public information was a powerful factor in pushing Enron into bankruptcy.

"The SEC will want to know what [Enron] executives knew, when they knew it and whether they should have known it earlier than October 2001," said Gregory S. Bruch, a former lawyer for the Securities and Exchange Commission. "They also will be taking a very hard look at the actions of the board, its audit committee and accountants." [Ibid.]

These hidden partnerships formed Enron's financial Achilles Heel.


NEW BRIEF:  "Clinton 'Sweetheart Deal' sped up Enron's collapse:  After investing $1 billion in Indian plant, Lay couldn't get state utility board to pay", by Paul Sperry, WorldNetDaily, January 18, 2002.

"WASHINGTON – A so-called "sweetheart" deal between Enron Corp. and India – brokered with the help of Clinton administration officials during controversial trade junkets in the mid-'90s – ultimately soured and sped the energy giant's collapse, analysts say. After investing more than $1 billion to help build a huge power plant near Bombay, Enron had problems last year getting paid for power generated by the plant – even after sources say former President Clinton lobbied Indian officials on Enron's behalf during his April visit to India. Desperate, Enron chairman Kenneth L. Lay on Sept. 14 fired off a letter to Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee threatening legal action to recover claims of up to $5 billion related to the Dabhol Power Co. [sic]."

If the Bush Administration truly wanted to bring Enron down in order to stop them from gathering sensitive military intelligence, what better way to accomplish this goal than to bring severe diplomatic pressure upon India to not pay its bill to Enron!  India depends upon the United States for a wide variety of aid, including the type of military aid designed to maintain its military technology edge over Pakistan.  India depends upon both the United States and Israel for military high technology.  If India were ever to go to war with Pakistan again, she would be desperate for the technological edge that her current connections with Washington and Jerusalem now provide her.  Furthermore, in any shooting war, India would desperately need resupply of spare parts and ammunition for her high-technological military machine.

Thus, America heavily influences India.

However, the Bush Administration also holds a draconian lock over the government of Pakistan, does it not?  After the 9/11 attacks, Bush officials began to put a tremendous amount of pressure upon Pakistan to completely back our war on terrorism.  Pakistan acted against its own interest in allowing American forces to use its bases and to back our effort with the full weight of the Pakistani diplomatic machinery.  Pakistan's own population heavily backed Osama bin Laden as did the Pakistani intelligence apparatus.  Pakistan's dictator laid his neck on the guillotine in order to support American efforts in Afghanistan.  American pressure was so intense that Pakistan acted against her own national interests by supporting America's war in Afghanistan.

Thus, America heavily influences Pakistan.

In the late 1770's, Mayer Amschel Bauer, later named Rothschild, developed the strategy of controlling both sides in a multi-national conflict. Rothschild accomplished this control of nations by lending enormous sums of money to many of the European nations.  If one nation decided to not pay Rothschild what they owed him, he would simply put pressure on other nation(s) to threaten war against the nation who was not paying.  This tactic worked very well, and gave rise to the current global plan to produce the New World Order. 

The key is to control both sides of the conflict, to control both nations.

In this conflict, American interests control both India and Pakistan, just as the Illuminati loves to do.


January - February 2001 -- Enron is gathering both economic and military intelligence.  Their intelligence is so good they know inside information in the Middle East, including why America was targeting the Iraqi fiber optic equipment that the Chinese had provided.  Enron further "knew Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, their movements, activities and plans ... a near-global picture of the spread of the terror network’s cells through Afghanistan, Pakistan, North America, the Balkans, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and the Asian and African continents. They were warned of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad’s integrated operational role in al Qaeda and the high position occupied by its chief, Ayman Zuheiri, alongside bin Laden."  [Ibid.]

Enron stock was trading at $80 per share.

April, 2001 -- "... five months before al Qaeda’s suicide attacks in New York and Washington, Enron’s intelligence team transmitted exclusive data on al-Qaeda’s undercover terror operatives and cells inside the United States, pointing to fundamentalists planted in US military and intelligence agencies." [Ibid., Emphasis added]

While this report states that Enron's intelligence team transmitted exclusive data on al-Qaeda's terrorist plans, and even located Muslim Fundamentalist plants within US military and intelligence agencies, it does not say to whom this data was transmitted, or to whom it was relayed.  If Enron did not share this exceedingly sensitive information with the CIA, it was probably in violation of US law.  If Enron knew of Muslim intel plants within US military and intelligence agencies and did not tell US authorities, the company was clearly in violation of US law.

But, if Enron did inform US authorities of their discoveries, they would then have to answer embarrassing questions as to how they discovered this data.  If Enron refused to answer these questions, the CIA would investigate the company's activities and would have discovered the extensive nature of Enron's intel capabilities.  I would think that Enron decided not to tell anyone in the US government, because they recognized the sensitive questions that would follow.

This above report also does not say whether this sensitive information was transmitted via secure means, nor if strict safeguards were followed that would ensure that the information did not fall into the wrong hands.  After all, this was information the CIA gathers, and protects with its life and with our public laws.

Late May - Early June, 2001 -- Enron executives make the fatal mistake of ordering its agents to stop gathering intel about economic and business matters, so they could concentrate on military intelligence.  Now, Enron has become a competitor to the CIA.  Furthermore, with the September 11 anniversary looming close [Read NEWS1541], the Bush Administration might have been close to apoplexy.  How could they make sure that no one in Enron spill any information, or learn of any information, which might be embarrassing to the US government?  Every operative, every executive, of Enron was totally outside the control of the CIA, and they could talk to whomever they wanted, about whatever subject they wanted.  The CIA had to consider Enron a ticking time bomb that threatened our government's global plans to achieve the New World Order.

September 11, 2001 -- The attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon confirmed Enron's greatest fears and understandings.  In response to the attack, President Bush ordered American troops into Afghanistan; further troops and air planes and naval forces were committed to the Persian Gulf.  Enron was absolutely correct in their stated belief in early, 2001, that Bush was about to commit US forces in a manner that would dramatically affect business and trading.

September 14, 2001 -- Lay sends a hotly worded letter to the Indian Prime Minister, demanding payment of the past due bills.

October 16, 2001 -- Enron reported a $638 million loss, the first of a series of damaging reports ["Enron Asked Help From Cabinet Officials", by David Milbank and Peter Behr, washingtonpost.com, January 11, 2002]

October 28-29 and November 8, 2001 -- Enron CEO Lay calls Bush official, Treasury Secretary O'Neill, to see if there was any way the Federal Government could arrange a federal bailout package.  Later, Lay called Commerce Secretary Evans, probably with the same plea.  Since Lay was a heavy contributor to the Bush campaign, even to the point of being named a "Bush Pioneer" [Ibid.], he probably expected a more sympathetic hearing than he received.  The answer, was emphatically, "No"!

Lay's main concern when he talked with Evans was that Moody's Investor Service was contemplating downgrading Enron's stock to junk bond status.  This action would let the cat out of the investor's bag concerning Enron's "accounting magic", and would almost immediately ruin the company.

November 8, 2002 -- Financier Robert Rubin, former Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton, had arranged for a financial rescue package to be assembled.  The deal was done, but would take a few more weeks to be completed.  If Moody's downgraded Enron stock before the rescue package was signed, sealed, and delivered, the entire bail-out plan would go down the tubes. 

But, Enron was saved, if Moody's could be persuaded to hold off their announcement.  Bob Rubin put in a discreet phone call to Treasury Undersecretary Peter Fisher, with whom he was well acquainted.  If the Bush Administration had the least bit of interest in saving Enron from collapse, and saving all those investors, and saving the US economy the shock of such a huge bankruptcy, all Fisher needed to do was to make one phone call to Moody's.

But, Fisher absolutely refused.

November 28, 2001 -- Moody's does downgrade Enron stock, forcing the company into nearly junk bond status.  Investors fled.  Stock values imploded.

December 2, 2001 -- Enron filed for Bankruptcy.

December 13, 2001 -- Pakistani Muslim militants, with some ties to Al-Qaeda, attack the Indian Parliament, killing five terrorists and a number of Indian security guards.  India immediately threatens war with Pakistan, and began to move tremendous numbers of forces to the Kashmir border, along the so-called Line of Control.  Pakistan reciprocated, all the while decrying any knowledge of, or complicity in, the December 13 terrorist attack  The world recoiled at the thought of war between India and Pakistan, since both have nuclear weapons.  Both sides said they would resort to nuclear war, with India being the more aggressive.

As India's numbers of troops reached 1,000,000 men, China became alarmed, and began to move significant numbers of troops to their border with Kashmir.  At this point, all three possible combatants possessed nuclear arms. 

Between November 28 - December 2 , Enron's executives had to be frantically searching for a way out of this morass.  Enron needed cash, and needed it yesterday!  They probably leaned on every company and country who owed them money.  Undoubtedly, India received a frantic call.  Enron CEO Lay must have threatened India with every possible weapon in his arsenal, threatening to call in every IOU from every politician who took "campaign funds" from Enron.  One news report even indicated that Lay had threatened to take India to the World Court to gain payment.

Lay undoubtedly appealed to India's significant national pride..

If India suddenly seemed predisposed to pay Enron the money it owed, the Illuminist method of preventing this from happening would be some sort of attack that would keep India on the ropes diplomatically, all the while secretly threatening India through diplomatic channels that she would, indeed, face war should she pay Enron back. 

Of course, this is exactly what occurred.  In NEWS1533, we noted all the Illuminist occult signatures undergirding the entire 9/11 attack.  We stated then that Osama bin Laden was nothing more than the trigger man for the Illuminati.  Later news reports confirmed this, saying that bin Laden met with the CIA in July in a regional hospital.  Muslim militants, possibly Al-Qaeda, attacked the Indian Parliament on December 13, evidently with the intention of gaining access to the inside of the building to kill Indian elected representatives.

India was plunged into crisis, threatening war with Pakistan unless that country arrested the militant organizations from whom the attackers came.  From mid-December to today, Pakistan has gone the extra diplomatic mile in trying to defuse the crisis; furthermore, Pakistan's protestations of innocence have begun to ring true.

I have come to believe that Pakistan is, indeed, innocent of the December 13 attack.  India did not make any payments to Enron, and that company collapsed.  All of Enron's richly productive intelligence operatives either went out of business or were transferred to CIA control.  In the mind of the CIA, a very serious intelligence leak had been plugged.  The Bush Administration simply could not stand for a private organization to have the kinds of intelligence capability that Enron had developed.  The old World War II adage, "Loose lips sink ships" is certainly true today, and in this case.  As the Bush Administration prepared to institute the global response to the "artificial threat" planned as far back as 1917 to bring humanity together in the global government called the New World Order, it could not tolerate a private company gathering the quality kind of intelligence pouring daily into Enron headquarters.  Enron executives were not trained to keep matters quiet.  Their agents were not approved by the US government in how to handle such sensitive matters.  And, there is no evidence that Enron executives shared the same New World Order goal as the US government.

Based upon my experience in US Army Intelligence, I believe that Enron might have been deliberately shut down by the US government to plug a very large, and very dangerous, breech in intelligence security.  Enron's intel capabilities threatened to destroy over 200 years of Illuminist planning for the Kingdom of Antichrist, aka, New World Order.

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