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Subtitle: The Pope took great pains to call American Cardinals to the Vatican to "solve" the priest pedophile issue; yet, we read that Pope Paul VI was directly told by a pedophile priest that he was sexually abusive with children but the Pope took no action! How can we expect the current Pope to take any substantial action?

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NEWS BRIEF: "Porter Confessed to Pope: Ex-North priest told Vatican of abuse in 1973", Staff and Wire Reports, The Sun Chronicle, May 16, 2002.

""NORTH ATTLEBORO, Massachusetts -- Former North Attleboro priest James Porter told Pope Paul VI in 1973 that he had been sexually molesting children, nearly 20 years before victims stepped forward to reveal the abuse they had suffered.

Porter's confession is among newly released records which show that Catholic church officials -- including the late Cardinal Humberto Medeiros -- knew of child molestation allegations against Porter as far back as the 1960s. The court document is among hundreds of pages obtained by the Boston Herald and reported today.

Porter's personnel file included a 17-page letter he wrote to Pope Paul VI in which he asked to be removed from the priesthood. The file was forwarded to the Vatican in 1973.

In the letter addressed to `Most Holy Father,' Porter, who was a priest at St. Mary's Church in North Attleboro during the early 1960s, recounts that Fall River Bishop James Connolly knew he had been caught molesting a boy, and Connolly sent him home to be with his family until the scandal died down.

" 'A short time later Bishop Connolly gave me another chance and assigned me to Sacred Heart Parish in Fall River', Porter wrote. 'I can't recollect much about my stay there except after a short time I again fell into the same situation that plagued me in North Attleboro'."

Porter has admitted to molesting at least 50 children while he was a priest in the Diocese of Fall River in the 1960's. He pleaded guilty to molesting 28 children in 1993 after victims formed a group in 1992 and detailed the abuse against them."

This information is simply and totally unbelievable! Let us review these terrible revelations again, one by one:

1. Tortured Pedophile priest, James Porter, wrote a 17-page letter to "His Holiness", Pope Paul VI, completely confessing his sexual molestation and rape of children. Porter then asked to be relieved of his duties, undoubtedly because he did not want to continue his compulsive sexual abuse!

2. "His Holiness", Pope Paul VI, did nothing! He took no action. He did not care about the plight of the poor innocent children one little bit.

3. The only action recorded was that the Bishop moved Porter to the Fall River Diocese, where Porter proceeded to molest and rape 50 more children over the years he was serving there!

4. Not only did Pope Paul VI know that Porter was raping children, but so did Fall River Bishop James Connolly and the late Cardinal Humberto Medeiros! Yet, not one of them ever, ever contacted the police. Not one of them ever took the common sense step of reassigning "Father" Porter so he could not have access to children.

It almost seems that Father Porter's superiors have a vested interest in keeping him supplied with little boys!

We have addressed this issue from our knowledge of Bible doctrine and White Magic Witchcraft in NEWS1646, entitled, "Why Do Sex Abuse Victims of Catholic Priests Remain Silent Instead of Telling Their Parents?". We consider this information to be THE defining answer as to how this type of Priestly Pedophilia go on for so long without becoming public knowledge. As a matter of fact, sexual perversions -- both heterosexual and homosexual -- have been occurring within the Roman Catholic priesthood for the past 800 years!

However, this kind of protection of offending priests smacks of another angle -- the protection secret societies have always given their members!


"As Masons climb the Masonic ladder, their oaths contain instructions not to testify against a Brother Mason, even though he has committed a crime. The Mason, taken the oath of the Third Degree, promises to conceal all crimes committed by a Fellow Mason, except those of Treason and Murder. However, by the Thirteenth Degree, the oath is taken to the effect that all crimes are to be covered and concealed, even murder and treason. This means that, if a Mason has committed murder and the judge is also a Mason, the judge is obligated by his Masonic oath to set the murderer free. This may even mean placing the blame on an innocent person! In fact, this command is given in one handbook: 'You must conceal all the crimes of your brother Masons ... and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother, be always sure to shield him ... It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you are keeping your obligations." [Dr. Cathy Burns, "Hidden Secrets of Masonry", Chapter 4]

Now, let us continue to quote from actual Masonic books.

1. When a Mason is taking the oath of the 3rd Degree, he promises to conceal all crimes committed by a fellow Mason, except those of treason and murder. [Malcom Duncan, Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry, New York, David McKay Co., p. 94] I find these two exceptions very odd, since Masons have always been committed to the abolishment of individual nation states in favor of a global government. If you look up "treason" in any dictionary, you will discover that the parameters of treason are taking action that is detrimental to one's own country. As far as murder is concerned, a Mason admits to no absolute right or wrong [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, p. 37, 165, 223]

2. At the 7th Degree, the Mason promises that he "will assist a Companion Royal Arch Mason when I see him engaged in any difficulty, and will espouse his cause so far as to extricate him from the same, whether he be right or wrong." [Ibid., p. 230]

3. At the 13th Degree, Masons take the oath to conceal all crimes, including Murder and Treason. Listen to Dr. Burns, quoting Masonic author, Edmond Ronayne. "You must conceal all the crimes of your Brother Masons … and should you be summoned as a witness against a Brother Mason, be always sure to shield him … It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations." [Dr. C. Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols, Illustrated, p. 224]

Is there any information that the Vatican is riddled with Freemasonry? Yes, there is, and the report is from a Catholic author!

"Paul VI made us of a sinister symbol, used by Satanists in the sixth century, that had been revived at the time of Vatican Two. This was a bent or broken cross, on which was displayed a repulsive and distorted figure of Christ, which the black magicians and sorcerers of the Middle Ages had made use of to represent the Biblical term, 'Mark of the Beast'. Yet not only Paul VI, but his successors, the two John-Pauls, carried that object and held it up to be revered by crowds, who had not the slightest idea that it stood for Antichrist." ["Broken Cross: Hidden Hand In The Vatican", by Piers Compton, p. 71; also quoted by Dr. Cathy Burns].

Few people realize that the advent of Pope Paul VI to the Papacy represented a "sea change" in the world of the occult; after many centuries of the Black Magick Illuminati fighting the White Magic Vatican for global supremacy, the Illuminati got one of their own men into the Papacy, Paul VI. To flash this victory to all occultists worldwide, Pope Paul VI began using this Twisted Cross in all public ceremonies. Using this symbol also meant that the Roman Catholic Pope would become the ultimate False Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18 [Read NEWS1052], standing beside Antichrist, supporting him and possessing the same Satanic powers!

Showing forth the Black Magick Twisted Cross to the multitudes of adoring faithful also was a very good way in which to begin preparing the masses of the world to accept Antichrist and his kingdom.

Pope Paul VI was the first Anti-Pope, but he was followed by both John Pauls, both of whom displayed the Twisted Cross. Now, let us return to Pier Compton's book to see the connection with Pope Paul VI and Freemasonry.

"Within a few days of Paul's return to Rome ... Pope Paul let it be known that Rome ... was ready to take a new look at secret societies." [Ibid.]

Flashpoint Magazine listed some specific officials under Paul VI who were Masons.

"In fact, many of those close to Paul VI were Masons, such as Monsignor Pasquale Macchi who was Paul VI's private secretary (initiated April 23, 1958). Monsignor Mario Rizzi (initiated September 16, 1969), Cardinal Ugo Polatti (initiated February 17, 1969), and Monsignor Franceso Marchiasano (initiated February 4, 1961). Paul VI himself has been purported to be a Mason."

Getting back to Compton gives us even more detail.

Compton states that one summer morning, 1976, young Catholic seminarians were greatly alarmed by a revelation in a journal called the "Borghese...for the paper contained a detailed list of clerics, some holding the most exalted offices, who were said to be members of secret societies. It was staggering news, for...the students were acquainted with...Canon Law 2335, [which] expressly stated that a Catholic who joined any such society became excommunicate...while Canon 2336 was concerned with disciplinary measures to be enforced against any cleric" who might join a secret society. Michael Howard the Luciferian author of "The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies, The Influence And Power In World History", speaks of this same list, but goes further, revealing that most of these officials were members of Freemasonry. Howard stated that the list of these high Vatican officials who were members of occult secret societies extended as high as Pope Paul VI's private secretary and Director General of Vatican Radio. (p. 152)

Note that Howard used the words "members of occult secret societies" rather than just exclusively Freemasonry. For years, Catholics have been able to join the Masonic clone society, Knights of Columbus, even though they were officially forbidden to join Freemasonry. This the reason Howard chose his words so carefully.

Compton continues, regarding the official sanctioning of Freemasonry:

"This assertion in the Bourghese was denied most vociferously by a writer in L'Aurora, Jacques Ploncard, who asserted that no prelate had been affiliated with a secret society since 1830. However, determined investigators, some posing as members of the Government, gained access to the Italian Register of Secret Societies, compiling a list of Cardinals, Archbishops, and Bishops who were members of secret societies. This list included 125 prelates." [Emphasis added]

Compton then lists of these names on pages 78-84, stating, "The French Register of Secret Societies is more closely guarded than the Italian, so that particulars of recent initiations cannot be quoted. The most sustained list of clerics belonging to French secret societies covers a few decades preceding the French Revolution (1785), and it numbered [then], even at a time when infiltration of the Church by its enemies was on a smaller scale than it soon attained, some 256 members."

I was startled when Compton quoted the New World Order book, "Occult Conspiracy", by Michael Howard, for I have read that book and have it on my bookshelf. Turning to Chapter 7, entitled, "Secrets In The Vatican", I read:

"With the death of the reforming Pope John in 1963, the Catholic Church entered a turbulent period which saw the Vatican shaken by financial scandal caused by its doubtful relationship with a secret Masonic Lodge, the Mafia, and right-wing extremists. The new Pope, Giovannin Montini ... was elected as Pope Paul VI ... His critics noted that the Vatican's previous hard line on Freemasonry notably relaxed." [P. 152-153]

This tremendous change is understandable when you understand the symbolism of Pope Paul VI holding forth the Black Magick Twisted Cross as the official Crucifix! Black Magick now controlled the Vatican! Now, the historic battle between the Illuminati and the Vatican for global control was over, and Black Magick Illuminati had won!

The stage was now set for full Papal approval of membership in secret societies. On November 27, 1983, Pope John Paul II, the current Pope, issued the Papal Bull which legalized secret society membership for Roman Catholics. [Compton, Ibid.] Finally, after over 200 years, the Masters of the Illuminati Secret Society -- originators of the concept The New World Order --have achieved one of their major objectives, the infiltrating of their own Illuminist as Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. This breakthrough occurred, as we have already stated, in the early 1960's when Pope Paul VI came into power. This time period also fits in with the general period of spiritual degradation and apostasy which we have noted in earlier programs and in Seminar 2, "America Controls The Flow Of History".

Interestingly, Christian author Bill Cooper, in his book, Behold A Pale Horse, states, "... an alliance was formed bringing...together for the first time in history: The Black Families (European Nobility which have historically practiced occultic spiritualism), The Illuminati, The Vatican, and the Freemason, now working together to bring about the New World Order." (p. 80)


Please look carefully at this picture, to the left. In a function, pedophile priest, Father Shanley, is shaking hands with Cardinal Bernard Law. Note the handshake. This handshake is a Blue Lodge Degree Masonic handshake!

This demonstrates the reality of the report by Piers Compton and New World Order author, Michael Howard, that the Vatican has thrown open the door to its hierarchy, so they can secretly be Freemasons. As stated earlier, Roman Catholicism has always had its brand of Freemasonry in the Knights of Columbus, an order that is built just like Freemasonry, even to having an Invisible and a Visible Fraternity [Read article, "Visible and Invisible Fraternities"].

Nevertheless, this handshake is definitely Secret Society.

Now that we know Cardinal Law and Father Shanley are members of a secret society, either Knights of Columbus or Freemasonry, we now know they are bound to each other by oath in times of crisis. Let us review again the oath they have taken as a member of this secret society.

"When a Mason is taking the oath of the 3rd Degree, he promises to conceal all crimes committed by a fellow Mason, except those of treason and murder. [Malcom Duncan, Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry, New York, David McKay Co., p. 94]

"At the 7th Degree, the Mason promises that he "will assist a Companion Royal Arch Mason when I see him engaged in any difficulty, and will espouse his cause so far as to extricate him from the same, whether he be right or wrong." [Ibid., p. 230]

"At the 13th Degree, Masons take the oath to conceal all crimes, including Murder and Treason. Listen to Dr. C. Burns, quoting Masonic author, Edmond Ronayne. "You must conceal all the crimes of your Brother Masons … and should you be summoned as a witness against a Brother Mason, be always sure to shield him … It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations." [Dr. C. Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols, Illustrated, p. 224]

Now, you know that all superiors of pedophile priests are bound by their secret society oaths to conceal the crimes of their priests, to be "always sure to shield him", even if it conflicts with law and even if perjury is committed.

However, judges, prosecutors, policemen, and sheriffs who are also Freemasons or the twin society, Knights of Columbus, are equally bound to "conceal the crimes", "shielding him", even if it conflicts with law. Thus, you will find police departments who have also refused to go after pedophile priests to the full extent the law allows because they consider themselves bound by a higher "law", the secret society oath!

Meanwhile, the poor innocent sexually abused kids really suffer, for a lifetime, and no one in authority who should protect them even holds up a finger to do so!


Now, we can understand both reasons that the entire Roman Catholic hierarchy has traditionally protected pedophile priests rather than turn them over to authorities, and rather than acting to protect the innocent children caught in this monstrous "good old boy club" of the interlocking secret societies.

First, the Roman Catholic Church is founded on "Doctrines of Demons" [NEWS1646], with its entire hierarchy of officials, from the Pope on down guilty of having "consciences as though seared by a hot iron". [1 Timothy 4:1] These officials have created a system based on Celibacy of the Priesthood, an historically proven method that produces sexual perversion in the priesthood. As we stated in NEWS1646, popes with seared consciences created a system of spiritual doctrines centered around the confessional that gave the advantage to a smart, aggressive priest; then, when priests do get caught, these church officials are not surprised, for these priests are merely taking advantage of the situation created in 1123 A.D. Superiors merely move the offending priest from parish to parish, where he can prey on young boys and on women, depending upon the individual priest's predilection.

Secondly, the Vatican has now allowed its members to really be Freemason, rather than just members of the weaker sister, Knights of Columbus. All the oaths secret society members take to protect their brothers, "whether they be right or wrong" take hold. Popes, Cardinals, priests, and Catholic police officers, judges, prosecutors, are all bound by the higher law of their terrible oaths.

There truly is no Justice for the Widow's Son! Especially lacking is Justice in the Roman Catholic Church, rotten top to bottom as it is based on "Doctrines That Demons Teach"!

The terrible lack of Justice in the world today is proof positive we are living in the End of the Age.

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