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Subtitle: "The secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat ... in order to bring humanity together in a one-world government which they call the New World Order." [William Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 27]

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NEWS BRIEF: "Film Flam: We have nothing to fear except reality", by Claudia Rosett, Opinion Journal, The Wall Street Journal, May 30, 2002.

"This past week, scarcely had I recovered from Tipper Gore's warning on CNN that daily terror alerts are 'exhausting' to our mental health, than along came the current flutter over 'The Sum of All Fears'--a new Hollywood thriller ... that has acquired the label of 'controversial' because it depicts a terrorist nuclear bomb going off at the Super Bowl. This is fantasy, mind you, but for anyone willing to put two and two together about the threats we may--in reality--face, the worries about this film might better be described as 'The Fear of All Sums'. Adapted from Tom Clancy's 1991 novel, this film has stirred up anxieties that a nuclear scenario might be just too terrifying right now for Americans to cope with."

We can trace the plan to use terrorism as the invented "artificial threat" that the Illuminati plans to use to gain dictatorial control back to the late 1970's. The plan is to move Americans and all other free Western societies, to the point of absolute panic by using terrorism as the catalyst. If you are going to panic an entire population, what better means to use than Mass Media?

Thus, I viewed with great interest Bush's pronouncement on November 6, 2001, that Hollywood needed to join the effort to stamp out global terrorism. After all, the Federal Government utilized Hollywood "movie magic" to great effect during World War II, to depict the "Evil Axis" powers in such vividly wicked hues that Americans could love them enough to work to kill them.

I predicted then that TV shows, TV movies, and big screen movies would soon be coming out that would glorify our government and its capabilities. Other shows would be produced that would further the feeling of terror amongst the population by vividly depicting terrorist scenarios.

In the past 6 months, we have been subjected to just this kind of movie magic. Now, The Sum of All Fears comes marching into the big screen, depicting with great skill and even greater color the effects of a terrorist attack on a football stadium using a nuclear bomb. Tom Clancy had written a book by this title a number of years ago, and he aided in producing this movie adaptation.

Since this movie is an adaptation of Clancy's best-selling book, let us examine the plot of the book first, before we discuss how the movie differs.

Tom Clancy is writing a novel that is clearly set in the time of the New World Order. On the flyleaf, Clancy says: "In the aftermath of Communism's collapse, the Gulf War, the realignment of the world's powers, comes a novel so terrifyingly real, so uncommonly prescient, that it could have been written only by Tom Clancy ... How do you save the United States President from himself? What if the President is incompetent to deal with the greatest crisis of all? Jack Ryan never thought he would have to ask those questions as, the world order changing, he prepares the ground for the Middle Eastern peace plan that, at last, might be the one to work."

In this novel, Islamic terrorists get their hands on a small nuclear tactical device that had been aboard an Israeli Air Force plane as it was shot down during a conflict with the Arabs. The nuclear bomb landed in a Druse farmer's field, and was buried with two meters of dirt. Later, the Arabs discover this bomb, and retrieve it. To repair the damage, and prepare the tactical bomb for use as a terrorist device, the Arabs enlist the services of a German scientist formerly employed by the East German Communist armed forces. Because he was paid a lot of money, this scientist agrees to work on the nuclear bomb.

When the bomb is finally prepared, the Arabs double-cross the German, killing him. The nuclear terrorist bomb is finally ready to travel surreptitiously to the United States. After many exciting twists and turns, the bomb is finally delivered to the planned spot of detonation, Mile High Stadium in Denver during a Super Bowl game. Of course, the stadium would be packed with nearly 80,000 screaming fans, and the event would be carried live by TV cameras around the world. The entire world would be able to witness the first blast, heat, and light generated by the nuclear explosion. Further, the U.S. Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense were in the stands.

In Chapter 35, entitled, "Three Shakes", Clancy tediously goes through the physical description of how an atomic device goes through its countdown sequence to finally explode. Let us go to Chapter 36, entitled, "Weapons Effects". This nuclear device was housed in a van parked in the parking lot adjacent to Mile High Stadium.

The first effect was the release of a million watts of energy. "The energy transfer from the [first van] released nearly a million watts of energy in one brief, orgasmic pulse that ended in less than a microsecond as the antenna and the associated truck were also vaporized by the searing energy front ... There were eight more [vans destroyed]. This process took approximately fifteen 'shakes' ... Next to emerge from the explosion ... was light and heat energy. The first blast of light escaped just before the expanding fireball blocked it. The second installment escaped soon thereafter, radiating in all directions. This generated the two-phase pulse which is characteristic of nuclear detonations."

"The next energy effect was blast. This was actually a secondary effect. The air absorbed much of the soft X-rays, and was burned into an opaque mass which stopped further electromagnetic radiation, transforming it into mechanical energy that expanded at several times the speed of sound ... The Chargers were coming up to the line for a third-and-five at the Viking's forty-seven. At that moment, the darkening sky turned incandescent yellow, then red -- not the friendly, gentle color of a sunset, but a searing violet that was far brighter than that color could have possibly been ... The earth rose ..."

American authorities immediately saw this explosion on their monitors.

"According to NORAD, a nuclear device just went off in Denver ... Sec-Def and Sec-State ... Dead ... The residual heat is quite high. That was a major detonation, comparable to a very large tactical warhead or a small strategic one." [Page 620-648]

Most of Denver was destroyed, and Mile High Stadium were totally annihilated, along with the 80,000 fans. Both Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense were killed instantly. The rest of The Sum of All Fears is devoted to the scenario that the United States and Russia nearly went to thermonuclear war over this disaster.


Overall, the movie follows the plot of the book very closely, differing on only two major details: in the book, nasty terrorist Arabs are the ones who detonate the bomb, while the movie portrays the terrorists as being Anglo-Saxon Neo-Nazis. This fact alone goes a long way toward convincing me that Hollywood was following President Bush's call for them to produce movies that supported his war on terrorism.

Secondly, the bomb is detonated during a Super Bowl in Baltimore, Maryland, not in Denver. Movie producers may have felt that Baltimore was more densely populated than Denver, thus raising the fear that significant numbers of people around the stadium would also be killed. Since Baltimore has ocean docks accessible to the sea, her location made the development of the terror plot more reasonable; the bomb could have been easily discovered being trucked all the way to Denver.

From the beginning, Bush and other administration officials were emphasizing that this war was not against the religion of Islam, but was against terrorism in any form. This campaign quickly reached such a high plateau that it became almost taboo to speak the truth about Islam. Political Correctness quickly raised its ugly head, demanding that nothing untoward be spoken or written of Islam.

Thus, we should not be surprised to realize that the nasty terrorist thugs who killed tens of thousands of fans in and around Baltimore, Maryland, during a Super Bowl game were not Arabs; Neo-Nazis today do not enjoy Political Correction protection.

The movie differed in reality also in that the perpetrators were all discovered and taken out by the Russian KGB and American CIA agents. In reality, terrorism pays huge dividends, as we witness daily; Bush coddles Yassir Arafat as he continues his terrorist campaign that is nearing the 25-year mark. Not only did Arafat not get punished when he has launched hundreds of bloody terror attacks against Israel during the past 15 years, he did not get punished for directing his men in the late 1970's for highjacking all those civilian airliners; nor did he get punished for his leadership of the terrorist attack on the cruise ship "The Achille Laural" in which the terrorist boldly murdered a handicapped American Jewish man and dumped his body overboard.

No, in reality, terrorism pays for the real perpetrators.


To reach the proper conclusion, we must touch base again with the plan of 1917: "The secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat ... in order to bring humanity together in a one-world government which they call the New World Order." [William Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 27]

This movie is undoubtedly the single most effective vehicle available for implanting a vivid image in the minds of the people of the true threat and sheer terror of a terrorist nuclear bomb. We often say that "a picture is worth a thousand words"; however, in this case, this movie may be worth millions of words. Viewers see a bloody and dazed President pulled from a wrecked presidential limousine. Viewers see tens of thousands of innocent football fans slaughtered in an instant, including small children.

Now, when citizens read an FBI terror alert, they will have vivid images in their minds as to what the consequences of the action could be; the warning will take on fresh and excruciating terror. Now, it will be even easier for our government to justify taking our freedoms away from us; "The Sum of All Fears" has helped prepare the way.

Truly, the End of the Age is upon us.

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