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Subtitle: Joseph Farrah of WorldNetDaily reports his intelligence sources are telling him that, as soon as Iraq is attacked, Saddam is going to loose biological attacks on this nation, starting World War III.

Former Satanist confirms this scenario, plus adds additional detail

"World War III is coming whether you like it or not ... 9/11 was the beginning ... [Aide to Prime Minister Sharon, 4/27/02]

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NEWS BRIEF: "The Global Strategic Threat", by Joseph Farrah, WorldNetDaily, July 23, 2002.

"... because of my position, I'm blessed with intelligence sources ... You've read and heard a great deal about a likely U.S. attack on Iraq. It is coming. I am not giving away any state secrets here. Saddam Hussein knows it is coming, and he is preparing for it. Shortly, some time in the next year, the US will launch an all-out attack on Iraq designed to finish the war we should have finished a decade ago. The objective will be to hunt down Saddam Hussein and his inner circle and kill them all, while simultaneously locating and destroying his growing stockpile of weapons of mass destruction."

Our war rhetoric against Iraq has reached a new crescendo during these past few months. In US Army Intelligence, I was trained to look at the public rhetoric against a nation just as closely as military preparations. Many attacks in the past have been preceded by a campaign of rhetoric against the targeted enemy, so public opinion of the attacking state will be fully supportive of the military onslaught.

But, if public war rhetoric is matched by a corresponding military buildup against the targeted nation, then we analysts really had cause to believe war was imminent. When Farrah mentions, above, that his "intelligence sources" are telling him that an American attack is inevitable, you can bet these "intelligence sources" are seeing a match between war rhetoric and military preparations aimed at the targeted country -- Iraq. Before we get back to Farrah's most interesting article, let us review some of these war preparations aimed directly at Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush Finishing New Military Installations In Gulf Region", by Ashraf Fouad, Reuters, July 23, 2002.

"KUWAIT (Reuters) - The United States is completing work on new military facilities in the Gulf region as the Bush administration pursues its plans to oust Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, officials in the area said ... These include installations in Qatar and Kuwait. The United States already has a military presence in the Gulf waterway and in all six Gulf Arab states in addition to non-Arab Turkey -- Iraq's northern neighbor.

Kuwaiti Defense Minister Sheikh Jaber al-Hamad al-Sabah told Reuters Monday that a new military camp in the south of the country is almost ready for US troop deployment. Western military sources said the camp would be ready within weeks while some four tent cities had been erected in the north, close to the Iraqi border. Washington has also replenished its military stocks in the region after a draw down for use in the war in Afghanistan, the sources said."

This one paragraph tells us five (5) key details:

1. American military might is surrounding Iraq and even Iran. Take a look at a Middle Eastern map and you will discover exactly how very true this reality is. Not only are we encircling Iraq, but we have enlisted military support from Turkey; Turkish troops are said to be among those invading Iraq, which a really important factor as it adds another direction from which Saddam will have to defend.

2. This article mentions that a new military camp in the south of the country is nearly ready for US troop deployment, while tent city bases have already been erected in the north, close to the Iraqi border. News reports in May indicated that American units already deployed on Kuwait's border with Iraq totaled 75,000 men, while the British are already redeploying units from Afghanistan and may provide up to 30,000 additional troops.

3. If we are finishing preparations for a new military camp, that must mean that we plan to send more American troops there and soon. That means that American reservists must be ready to be called up. Indeed, we carried just such an article on July 22, on our Daily News Updates.

NEWS BRIEF: "Reserve Units Being Called Up", by NewsMax July 21, 2002

"NewsMax has been getting scattered reports that reserve military units in all branches are being called up around the country. Some soldiers say they are being told, 'We're going to war' ... a day after President Bush laid out his domestic homeland defense strategy this past week, Alabama's governor activated an Army National Guard tank battalion unit."

"Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman explained the call-up of the elite 300-member tank unit, with its contingent of M1A1 Abrams tanks, as part of an effort to 'serve in the homeland defense role within the US Siegelman also called out another unit, this time more than 200 guardsmen from Special Forces units. The soldiers have been told this not a short-term call-up. Deployments will last one or two years, according to Lt. Col. Robert Horton, the spokesman for the Alabama Guard."

This NewsMax article concludes: 'We doubt that the Pentagon expects to use M1 Abrams tanks and Special Forces in American cities. On to Iraq ..."

4. This Reuters article also mentions that American forces are replenishing stocks of key armaments that we had used up in Afghanistan. In our Daily News updates for July 19, we carried this story:

NEWS BRIEF: "US Restocking Smart Bombs For Iraq Attack: Attack on Saddam likely delayed because of use in Afghanistan ", WorldNetDaily, July 18, 2002.

"Though a serious shortage in the number of the Pentagon's Joint Direct Attack Munition bombs may have helped postpone an attack on Iraq earlier this year, production of the GPS-guided smart bombs now is accelerating, and the Pentagon should have enough stockpiles to attack Iraq by late this year should the order come from the White House, says Stratfor, the global intelligence company."

Keep this date in mind, for it may assume greater significance later in this article.

Now, let us get back to our feature article from Joseph Farrah of WorldNetDaily, as he continues to quote from his "intelligence sources". You can see that Farrah is quoting the official US "party line".

"1. Iraq has nuclear weapons and will be in a position to mass produce them within a year.
2. Iraq has enormous stockpiles of biological weapons, most hidden beneath mosques and palaces.
3. Iraq has chemical weapons.
4. Iraq has delivery systems with a 650-kilometer range and, within two years, will be producing its own inter-continental ballistic missiles with a range of 3,000 kilometers.
5. Iraq has terrorists prepared to bring weapons of mass destruction into major cities in the United States and throughout the West."

As you review these five points, you can appreciate the fact that President George Bush (Senior) made a horrible "mistake" in judgment when he pulled American forces off Saddam during the 1990-1991 Gulf War, at precisely the moment Saddam's demise was sealed and our troops were within 48 hours from seizing Baghdad. However, we believe Bush did not make a "mistake", but merely conformed to the plan to allow Saddam to survive so we could fight a second war 11 years later.

This past week, I had a very interesting conversation with a former Satanist, with whom I have constant contact. This former Satanist related that he learned from the "Guiding Spirits" when he was training to become a full-fledged Illuminist, that two wars with Iraq were planned many years ago. These two wars would produce Antichrist! In the second war, America would attack Iraq, wreaking enormous devastation. However, Iraqi terrorist agents would then promptly level an attack against American cities using biological weapons. While America was reeling from the devastation caused by these attacks, Russia would then launch an attack against America using nuclear weapons.

This was the Illuminist plan of nearly 50 years ago. Does it not read like today's newspapers? In fact, Farrah's next revelation simply confirms that this 50-year-old plan is still being followed today.

Now, let us return to Farrah:

"According to my intelligence sources, Baghdad is waiting for the inevitable US attack to launch its suicide bombers and missiles. When the US attacks, a new fiendish, apocalyptic wave of mass destruction and terrorism will begin. The longer the US waits, the more the threat and Iraq's capabilities increase. "

"The attack on Iraq, when it comes, will be severe. It will involve hundreds of thousands of US troops. It will make Afghanistan look like a tea party by comparison. It will make the Persian Gulf War look like a dress rehearsal. There will be heavy casualties. Iraq will be hit hard. Casualties will be heavy, including civilians. There's no way around it. "

At this moment, the draconian Model Health Emergency Plan drafted in November, 2001 [NEWS1557 and NEWS1632] will be forced upon all of us by Presidential Executive Order. This plan authorizes authorities to seize and hold people indefinitely, seize their private property without compensation, and force people to be vaccinated against their will, even if it means herding entire populations into public arenas like sports stadiums!

The attack on Iraq is planned to be the beginning of this terrible scenario. Let us go back to Farrah for more detail from his "intelligence sources":

"This war will not just involve Iraq and the United States. Iran will be involved. Syria will be involved. Other Muslim states are likely to be involved. "

As we have detailed since 1989, the plan to start the World War III that will produce Antichrist envisions that this war will begin in the Middle East, which will blow up into a fiery conflagration that will draw in the super powers, US, Russia, and China. Then, once the Middle East is on fire -- a war that may include India - Pakistan -- then North Korea is planned to invade South Korea using Weapons of Mass Destruction. Once American forces are fully committed to both the Middle East and Korea, China will invade Taiwan. You can read our numerous articles on this plan by going to our World War III page -- https://www.cuttingedge.org/news/ww3.html

Again, listen to Farrah discuss how terrorism will be unleashed on our soil once our military has begun the move against Iraq:

"International terrorists will be unleashed from all corners of the earth. And this war will also come home, my intelligence sources say. Suicide bombers are already here, just waiting for their orders to deploy hand-carried weapons of mass destruction in the United States. Israel and Europe will also be hit hard. Yes, what I am describing sounds like World War III. That's what it will be."

We concur for the most part. This will be World War III because that is what it is planned to be. We encourage you to also read NEWS1632, "Blood In The Streets", for we believe these additional elements within this article will come into play once our invasion of Iraq begins.

What will be the timing of these events? Some articles place them at the end of this year, while others think the attack could come next year. The Reuter's article concludes by stating their belief as to the timing:

"Some sources doubted there would be any US action prior to the US congressional elections in November. 'After the elections all options will be open and anything is possible,' said a US official of possible military action against Iraq and the follow-up political process."

Since this entire episode beginning with the 9/11 attacks has been carried out by the "11's", I find it highly interesting that Bush launched the 1991 air attack on Iraq in late January, 1991. Eleven years from that date would be January, 2002; but,eleven months and eleven years later would be December, 2002. Can we expect this attack to occur 11 years, 11 months after our start of war against Iraq in late January, 1991? This scenario certainly fits with the timing suggested by the Reuter's article, above; however, we shall just have to wait to see, for God is in control of the timing, even if President Bush is strictly following the Illuminist plan!

Remember, Cutting Edge is not predicting a date for anything to occur, but is merely offering this timing as a strong possibility. As we have said many times, God is in control of all these events, especially the timing.

However, it does appear as though the stage is getting fully set.

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