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Subtitle: When Madelyne Toogood was caught on video tape beating her 4-year-old daughter, most people had no idea this mother was not your typical American housewife. Madelyne Toogood is one of a tightly-knit group known as "Irish Travelers". This group has a connection to the occult "Gypsies" of Ireland and Europe. But, perhaps the most terrifying of revelations is that this group regularly marries very young girls to adult men, practicing Generational Pedophilia!

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones!

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This most unusual story has two very distinct sides: the Public and the Private. Our Lord Jesus warned us three times in Matthew 24 that the End of the Age would be characterized by extreme, unusual, and unprecedented deception in both the spiritual and political realm. In Matthew 24:24, Jesus warned of such great deception that it would even deceive the Elect of God, were that possible. Jesus said that the leaders of the End of the Age would practice unprecedented deception, but particularly false "Christs" (political figures, as "Christ" is the office of Messiah, Who will be King) and false "Prophets" (religious figures).

This spiritual deception also naturally extends to both individuals and the communities of which they are a part. Thus, we have the examples of David Koresch leading his group astray and Jim Jones commanding the Jonestown mass suicide. But, we also have larger communities as well that fall into this area of deception. The Irish Travelers are just such a group. On the surface, they keep to themselves and consciously exclude outsiders. Even though they make a living by breaking the law, they are not shut down by law enforcement, even though some individuals are behind bars.

Let us now examine the infamous case of Madelyne Toogood, who was caught on video tape beating and slapping her 4-year-old daughter in her van in a Kohl Shopping Center Mall. This story has a very dark, very sinister side to it that must be made public. You will be shocked to discover a probable linkage in goals between the Travelers and groups like NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) and some of our politicians in Congress!

Let us examine the public story first.

NEWS BRIEF: "Attorney: Videotaped mother to turn herself in", 9/20/02, CNN.com News.

"SOUTH BEND, Indiana (CNN) -- The woman being sought by police after being caught on videotape apparently beating her 4-year-old daughter will turn herself in to authorities Saturday, her attorney told CNN ... Police have been searching for Toogood since a surveillance camera videotape aired nationwide Thursday showing her apparently slapping and punching her little girl inside an SUV in a store parking lot. The tape was made last week."

This mother, Madelyn Toogood, was caught on surveillance tape in the parking lot of Kohl's Department Store beating her little daughter in the back seat of her SUV. While I was horrified at the mother's action, I first thought of the possibility that this case might serve as a launching pad for people opposed to the Biblical mandate of physical punishment of a child; my second thought was that this incident proves the pervasiveness of our surveillance society. Virtually everywhere a citizen goes, he or she is caught on surveillance camera. Our Forefathers knew that individual freedom is dependent upon individual anonymity, so the sudden pervasiveness of cameras everywhere is a threat to our liberty. Dictatorships throughout history maintained a pervasive penetration of society through the use of secret police who had paid and unpaid informants strewn thoroughly throughout society to watch the average citizen; our coming dictators will rely less upon traditional secret police tactics in surveillance because cameras will do much of the work for them.

News stories showed a distraught mother, who had obviously done a lot of crying, pleading with authorities not to take her daughter and her other children from her. Many a parent has come to the verge of being distraught by a willfully stubborn child, but there is clearly no excuse for a parent to repeatedly strike a child in the head like this mother did. Further, parents all over the world will sympathize with a mother who may be about to lose custody of her children. Thus, the picture of a tearful, red-faced, mother on national news undoubtedly tugged at many a parent's heart.

However, it did not take long for a very different angle to develop about Madelyne Toogood and her background.

NEWS BRIEF: "Toogood and Daley: Believed to be members of Irish Travelers", 9/23/02, WNDU16 News Center, http://www.wndu.com/news/contact16/contact16_2450.php

"Some local authorities will not refer to Madelyn Gorman/Toogood and Margaret Daley as 'Travelers' but a local expert on Travelers says from the video he's seen, he believes the women are Irish Travelers. There are an estimated 12,000 to 20,000 Irish Travelers in the United States, mostly in South Carolina and Texas. This is where it is believed Gorman and her family is from. Travelers live a nomadic lifestyle, moving from town to town in large groups to do seasonal work but they've also been labeled, by some, as scam artists. Most Irish Travelers in this country are descendants of 19th century Irish immigrants. They are also known as Irish gypsies or "tinkers".

If you are like me, you have never heard of "Irish Travelers", unless you live in Texas or South Carolina. South Carolinians to whom I have spoken about the "Travelers" will tell you that they are a very close-knit community and that they are not trustworthy. However, this expert quoted on this WNDU16 News Center story tells us that they are "scam artists". This expert continues:

"Traveler expert -- Elkhart resident Don Wright has been investigating the Travelers for 24 years. He's published books including one called 'Scam!'. Wright says many of these scams take place in our own backyard. Between April and October, there are between 15 to 20 families in the Michiana area running these scams. When Wright saw the Kohl's parking lot assault video, he knew this was more than just a case of child abuse. After seeing the video, Traveler expert Don Wright says he called police and other Travelers and came to this conclusion. "I started making calls right away and found out, yes indeed, they were Irish Travelers."

Therefore, this mother beating her child was not an average, typical American housewife; she was likely involved in criminal activity so commonplace amongst Travelers. Scams and outright thievery is the way in which they earn their living. This Travelers expert continues:

"Reasons behind the beating -- Wright believes the beating happened for one of two reasons. 'The little girl gave away the scam to an employee or the mom was so ticked off at not getting refunds she took it out on the little girl'."

If a parent does not have the Christian values against stealing, as evidenced by their life of crime, what makes us think they would possess Christian values against beating their children as we saw on the video tape? Keep this thought in mind as we will return to it in a few moments.

Now, let us return to more facts about the Travelers from Don Wright.

"Why do they travel here? -- Wright has heard of Travelers working in the Michiana area. He says certain things in the video lend him to believe these women are Travelers. 'The fact that the license plate was from Texas - I knew who they were'. Wright wrote about Travelers who travel from Fort Worth, Texas, to Indiana in his 1996 book called 'Scam!' "A majority of the Travelers come to Elkhart a few times a year to pick up travel trailers they use for different scams. Wright says the trailer is a scam in and of itself. They live in it until they can sell it for an exorbitant price. Meanwhile, men of the Travelers do house scams and the women do shoplifting scams. Wright says it is common to take along their children. 'This is on the job training for kids. They learn to shoplift at their mothers elbows'."

"Prosecutor Chris Toth said today that the reason Kohl's began to follow these two women and their daughters was because they had scammed the store before. Police in Fort Worth say in March they arrested Madelyn Gorman for an alleged theft at Kohls."

Now, we have a more complete picture, do we not? Madelyne Toogood had scammed this store before, and had been arrested in March of this year for an alleged theft at Kohls. Once again, we have the picture emerging here of a mother who is a known shoplifter and refund scam artist. Refund artists have bedeviled retailers for decades now, as the losses of fraudulent merchandise returns routinely runs into the millions of dollars. Some professional refund scam artists garner $2,000 daily from hapless retailers who are afraid to say "No" for fearing of angering consumers.


Madelyne Toogood is a member of the Irish Travelers, a nomadic group that has lived through scams and theft since they came to this country about 150 years ago. Thus, they are generational thieves. Here are some of their many scams.

* While some men come to the front door to speak to the owner about doing repairs on their house, other Travelers were going in the back door to steal whatever they could carry in the time given them by the conversation with the owner. Obviously, the front door Travelers developed the art of keeping the owner occupied for a long period of time.

* During the Fall Season, when produce was hanging thickly on the vine, Travelers would stop near a garden patch or a field. During the day, men, women and children would go through the community offering to read fortunes or palms; but, at night, the men would quietly pick the produce and load it into their trucks. The entire group would be gone before morning. These travelers would then go to a community some drive from the victims and sell the produce out of their tailgates as if they had grown it.

* Travelers are known to target the elderly with a variety of scams designed to fleece them of their lifesavings. Starting to "fix" roofs that need no fixing, and where the owner gave no prior permission, is one common scam. Or, agreeing to fix a roof, and then demanding a large upfront fee is one scam, because the group will never finish the project once they have the money in hand. They will simply disappear.

* While the men would normally target houses to scam, women and children typically target retailers. They will usually steal merchandise so they could later "return" it for a refund. They became expert at arguing for a cash refund rather than a credit slip. Evidently, this type of scam is what Madelyn Toogood was doing with her innocent looking daughter at her side.


As we have already noted, the Travelers are generational scam artists, and therefore, very much out of the realm of the Christian community. However, when the Traveler expert, Don Wright, noted that they were "gypsies", all sorts of red flags went up. Gypsies are a very distinct group in Europe, Great Britain, and Ireland. They are followers of White Magic Witchcraft, that type of witchcraft supposedly practiced for the "good of mankind". All over Europe and Ireland, gypsies would travel nomadically, offering their services, reading palms and telling fortunes; however, they also practiced many of the scams we have noted above, so they were not welcome in many communities.

Recent European history offers us a very different perspective on the true depth of White Magic Witchcraft practiced by the Gypsies. When Adolf Hitler began to consolidate his power after 1933, he began a systematic campaign to annihilate anyone he considered to be either an enemy that threatened him, or anyone who could tell the German people that he was practicing Black Magick Witchcraft. You see, Hitler knew that White Magic practitioners would instantly recognize who he truly was, what his plans were for humanity, and the true dark source of his power. In Witchcraft, a person learns the details of the occult, the rituals, and the power. At some point in his or her occult path, each witch must determine whether they are going to use the power of the occult for the "good" of humanity or for "evil".

If a person decides to use their occult knowledge and power for "good", they are said to have chosen the Right Hand Path of White Magic Witchcraft. If a person decides to use their occult knowledge and power for "evil", they are said to have chosen the Left Hand Path of Black Magic Witchcraft. The point is, a White Magic practitioner has the same knowledge, has gone through the same rituals, and accesses the same Satanic power as does a Black Magick practitioner. Therefore, Hitler realized that all White Magic folk knew exactly who he was and what occult power he possessed. As White Magic author, Trevor Ravenscroft reveals in his book on Hitler entitled, "The Spear of Destiny", Hitler began a systematic campaign to eradicate all White Magic practitioners in Europe so none could attempt to warn the German people that they had just elected a hard-core Satanist -- a monster -- as President of the Republic.

As Ravenscroft names some of the prominent White Magic practitioners Hitler either killed or drove into hiding, he mentioned the plight of the Gypsies, who were rounded up by the entire community and either incarcerated or annihilated. For Hitler to be worried about the Gypsies, they had to have had occult leadership who were high practitioners of the art of Witchcraft.

Therefore, Irish Travelers represent one of the greatest examples of Generational Witchcraft. Since their level of witchcraft was sufficient to draw the ire of Adolf Hitler, we know that they practice a fairly high level of this religion. In the section where we show the occult nature of the Travelers, we demonstrate that the Travelers do practice a very high level of witchcraft.

Thus, it behooves us to examine the values of witchcraft relating to sexual behavior, because in so doing, we will discover a hidden secret of the Travelers.


Since the occult serves Satan, we should expect they would possess the opposite values toward sex as the Bible proclaims. God designed sex to occur only within His Plan for marriage, i.e., one husband and one wife. This prohibits sex between a man and a woman that are not married, as well as homosexual and lesbian "sex".

"Old Testament Israel's covenant law prohibited adultery (Ex. 20:14) and thereby made faithfulness to the marriage relationship central in the divine will for human relationships. Many Old Testament regulations deal with adultery as the adulterous man's offense against the husband of the adulterous wife. Yet both the adulterous man and woman were viewed as guilty, and the punishment of death was prescribed for both (Lev. 20:10). The severity of the punishment indicates the serious consequences adultery has for the divine-human relationship (Ps. 51:4) as well as for marriage, family, and community relationships." [Holman Bible Dictionary]

Since God severely restricted human sexuality, we should expect that Satan would remove all restrictions in the groups which serve him; we should also expect that Satan plans to remove all restrictions from the society he plans to create after he overthrows the Judeo-Christian Old World Order, replacing it with the Kingdom of Antichrist, also known as the New World Order.

Indeed, this is exactly the case. Listen to the teaching on sexuality from The Satanic Bible, by Anton LaVey.

* "No creed must be accepted upon authority of a 'divine' nature ... No moral dogma must be taken for granted -- no standard of measurement deified. There is nothing sacred about moral codes." [Page 31] Since God based His society upon firm dogma, Satan is teaching that no moral dogma is the basis upon which he will establish his coming society. Societies which already serve Satan can be logically expected to already possess this "no rules" attitude. In fact, a number of popular TV advertisements these days, and some computer games, are based upon the motto, "No Rules"! From this point on, you will recognize this attitude as being purely Satanic, even though the producers of these products may vehemently deny they are advocating a Satanic value.

Now, back to The Satanic Bible:

* "Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence" [Page 25]

* "Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse, than those that walk on all-fours ..." [Page 25; NOTE: This is New Age, Illuminist, and Humanist teaching today. As this teaching becomes more prevalent, sexual rules will disappear, just as we expect no sexual rules from dogs in heat]

* "Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!" [Page 25]

* "No creed must be accepted upon authority of a 'divine' nature ... No moral dogma must be taken for granted -- no standard of measurement deified. There is nothing sacred about moral codes." [Page 31; indeed, when Satanism reaches full force, and becomes public, all laws regarding sexual activity will be abolished]

* "The angel of self-deceit is camped in the souls of the 'righteous' -- the eternal flame of power through joy dwelleth within the flesh of the Satanist!" [Page 35; I can imagine that this is the attitude of the occultist within his heart of hearts. He despises the Christian ethic and just cannot wait until the day he can openly act out these Satanic values]

* "The seven deadly sins of the Christian Church are: greed, pride, envy, anger, gluttony, lust, and sloth. Satanism advocates indulging in each of these 'sins', as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification." [Page 46]

Defending the Sexual Predator and Calling His Actions "Normal"

* "Are we not all predatory animals by instinct? If humans ceased wholly from preying upon each other, could they continue to exist? Is not 'lust and carnal desire' a more truthful term to describe 'love' when applied to the continuance of the race? Is not the 'love' of the fawning scriptures simply a euphemism for sexual activity ...?" [Page 33]

I find it highly incredible that Anton LaVey defends the sexual predator as he preys on the innocent! He actually defends the predator! LaVey equates selfless "love" in a relationship to "lust and carnal desire". Get used to it, for this is the attitude of the Satanist, and it is a line we shall hear more of in coming days and years. However, remember that members of a society already given over to the values of the occult already possess this type of predatory nature.

Moms and Dads should understand that any of their young daughters and sons are just "fair game" for this type of predator, just "steaks on the table". Keep this in mind as we discuss the next subject, toward the end of this article, and to the following article.

Now, back to The Satanic Bible:

* "Satanism represents a form of controlled selfishness". [Page 51] Just as true love is self-less, Satanic lust is "controlled selfishness". At least, LaVey admits that this is the case. This revelation is from the "horse's mouth", so to speak.

* "Satanism is not a white light religion; it is a religion of the flesh, the mundane, the carnal -- all of which are ruled by Satan, the personification of the Left Hand Path." [Page 52]

* "You should act upon your natural instincts, and then, if you cannot perform without feeling guilty, revel in your guilt." [Page 53]. This statement is very repugnant, don't you think? "Revel in your guilt" is the lowest form of spiritual advice anyone can give another; yet, do not be deceived, this is the secret residing within the heart of hearts of every occultist.

* "Free love, in the Satanic concept, means exactly that -- freedom to either be faithful to one person or to indulge your sexual desires with as many others as you feel it necessary to satisfy your particular needs." [Page 66]. Now, we are getting closer to the subject of Pedophilia within Satanism that is simply exploding in our society today. All Pedophilia is an outgrowth of the Satanic spirit now sweeping this nation, whether it comes from the Catholic priests or within individuals. However, what most people do not realize is that the push toward de-criminalizing Pedophilia is running hot and strong just below the surface, but that is the subject of our next article.

* "Satanism does not encourage orgiastic activity or extramarital affairs for those to whom they do not come naturally, For many, it would be very unnatural and detrimental to be unfaithful to their chosen mates. To others, it would be frustrating to be bound sexually to just one person. Each person must decide for himself what form of sexual activity best suits his individual needs." [Page 66]

What if the occultist decides that the "form of sexual activity best suits his individual needs" cannot be found with an adult woman, but can only come from a girl less than 12 years of age? Keep this thought in mind as we move to our last section of this article.

* "The Satanist realizes that if he is to be a sexual connoisseur (and truly free from sexual guilt) he cannot be stifled by the so-called sexual revolutionists any more than he can by the prudery of his guilt-ridden society ..." [Page 67]. A "sexual connoisseur"? A "connoisseur" is some one who elevates some act to the form of art, or to a professional level. A person becomes a wine "connoisseur" by tasting many types of wine, and then walking away; is a "sexual connoisseur" someone who "tastes" many types of sexual encounters and then walks away? Doubt it not!

As we shall demonstrate in our next article, the secret occultists of our time are gathering strength with open practitioners of deviant sexual practices to agitate for laws lowering the minimum age of pornography and sexual activity to 16, and then 14, and then 12 and finally 8 years of age! This trend is getting so strong it is getting difficult to hide it any longer. We shall deal with this issue in our next article.

Back to The Satanic Bible:

* "Satanism condones any type of sexual activity which properly satisfies your individual desires -- be it heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or even asexual, if you choose." [Page 67]

* "Satanism also sanctions any fetish or deviation which will enhance your sex life ... The prevalence of deviant and/or fetishistic behavior in our society would stagger the imagination of the sexually naive. There are more sexual variants than the unenlightened individual can perceive: transvestitism, sadism, masochism, urolagnia, exhibitionism -- to name only a few of the more predominant." [Pages 67-68]

These quotes thoroughly document the sexual values and outlook of a society based on Satanic values. All Judeo-Christian rules are hated and are meant to be abolished in the New World Order now steadily coming upon us. However, within a coven, you would expect that these sexual values are practiced and are given the highest degree of glorification possible. In an occult society based upon these Satanic values, you would expect that the leaders of this society would have these values toward sex as Anton LaVey expressed; they would believe that man is just an animal that needs its sexual needs met, and can meet those needs with anyone willing to fulfill them.

This belief also extends to the age of the sex partner. An occultist will not recognize any limit to the age of the sex partner.

To see this is true, let us go to the Biblical account of Sodom, at the moment when God's angels arrived at Lot's house.

Genesis 19:2-11. God's holy angels [who had taken the form of human men] sent to rescue Lot and his family before God destroyed the cities, spent the evening in Lot's house, where he fixed them dinner. In verse 4, we see quite a spectacle develop. The homosexual men of every part of the city, both young and old, surrounded the house to demand that the male guests in Lot's house come outside. Why did they want these disguised angels to come outside? So they could have sex with them. Now, wait a minute! The homosexual men outside Lot's house intended to have group sex with these 'men' in PUBLIC! In public! In America today, we still have laws that make it illegal for anyone to have sex outside, in public. Many, many public rest stops along our highways have been closed because homosexual men were meeting there and having sex there. We have laws that would have made these men of Sodom fearful of having sex IN PUBLIC.

Therefore, because these men showed no fear of being arrested, we can only conclude that, prior to this event, the laws of Sodom had to have been changed, allowing public sex, laws which bestowed a mantle of societal approval upon public sex!! However, notice that the "young men" of Sodom were among those surrounding Lot's house demanding public sex with the Godly angels who had come in the form of men. Therefore, the young men were desiring sex with the angels and of course, were expecting reciprocal sex from the angels.

Today, with our society still enforcing Judeo-Christian morality, we call this type of sexual activity with youngsters "pedophilia". The "Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, Eighth Edition", defines 'pedophilia' thusly: "A fondness for children; unnatural desire for sexual relations with children."

Who called sexual relations with children "unnatural" and forbade it? God, speaking through His Holy Bible. Therefore, this medical dictionary is reflecting the predominate Judeo-Christian values by its definition. Once you step outside Judeo-Christian values, this definition changes, just as it did in Sodom.

Since Sodom glorified sex, boy to man, you can bet it encouraged sex, girl to man. In fact, listen to the Holman Bible Dictionary as it describes the full list of sins for which God destroyed these two ancient cities.

"The unnatural lusts of the men of Sodom (Gen. 19:4-8; Jude 7) have given us the modern term sodomy, but the city was guilty of a full spectrum of sins including pride, oppression of the poor, haughtiness, and 'abominable things' (Ezek. 16:49-50).

Did you get that insight? The Holman Bible Dictionary says that God destroyed the city because it was guilty of a "full spectrum of sins", that God considered "abominable things".

When you understand this fact, you will see that America is lurching toward the full gamut of Sodom's sexual sins. Societies based upon the occult will possess this attitude toward sex, even though they may try to keep it quiet. In fact, the smart thing to do is to disguise the sexual activity so the outsider will see it for something other than it really is.

On this note, let us go to the final revelation of the society of the 'Travelers".

NEWS BRIEF: "Clothing For Little Girls With Sexually-Connotative Lettering", 1/31/01, Rense.com, by Sheryl Jackson.

"At the present time there is a body of lobbyists' in Washington, DC, whose agenda is to lower the age of teens for consensual sex to 16. This is not a new lobby. In fact, they claim to have a very wealthy constituency of over a million members. Most of them are really just pedophiles who have a motto of 'sex before eight, before it is too late'. Many of them are also members of a very suspect group of nomadic Americans who call themselves the 'Travelers". This group has been gaining in notoriety in this country, because they have fallen under the heading of 'newsworthy' by the mainstream media. But many of the characteristics and known behaviors of these people (male and female) remain hidden, vague and relatively unknown by the public at large."

Wait a minute! This author has just stated that pedophilia runs within the "very suspect group of nomadic Americans who call themselves the 'Travelers'."

Since we know that the Travelers is a very tight-knit group of people based upon a powerful practice of White Magic Witchcraft, we know that they probably do share the casual sexual attitude typical of occultists toward children. One South Carolinian citizen did not blink when I asked him if he would find it believable that Travelers encouraged sex with children, and marriage between adult men and girls as young as 8 years old. He said that would explain the odd pairing he had noted within that society.

A subscriber recently faxed me a memorandum on a program she was watching that touched on this subject. Listen:

"The program I was telling you about was on MSNBC with Ashleigh Banfield on September 23, around midnight. A home video was played showing very young Traveler girls wearing extremely fancy clothes, lots of makeup and big hair. A young girl about 10 or 11 was dancing in a very provocative manner, just unbelievable for a child. It was explained that these were 'parties' for men to choose brides. Then the film jumped to young girls in beautiful wedding gowns dancing with middle aged men. It was explained that these girls were around 12 years old and being married to these men through arranged marriages."

Thus, MSNBC reported that the society of Travelers allowed -- or encouraged -- "parties" in which adult men could choose brides from young girls as young as 10 years old! While you might find this unbelievable, it is consistent with the occult values upon which the Travelers are based. This subscriber continued:

"In my research this week, I was able to find articles where Charlie Condon, the Attorney General of South Carolina, changed the legal age of female marriages to 14 instead of 12, in response to the problem with Traveler men marrying children. This is well documented and ties in very well with the Washington lobby of wealthy people trying to get the laws changed to have sex with marriage at any age child. NAMBLA has been advocating this for years."


At the top of this article, I mentioned a tie-in between the Travelers and NAMBLA, and this is it. They both are advocating a change in sex laws that would allow sex between an adult and a very young child, all the way down to age 8, "before it is too late". Thus, both these groups are advocating exactly the kind of societal change you would expect an occultist to desire.

This change is also exactly what the Illuminati plans to institute once their Christ [Antichrist] is on the world scene.

Remember, also, I asked the rhetorical question as to why law enforcement authority does not shut the Travelers down, when they certainly know this type of activity is occurring, and since so many people know that the Travelers make their living through various forms of thievery? This societal immunity to the arm of law enforcement suggests that the Travelers enjoy high-level protection.

Since the back of our One Dollar Bill proves our government to be Illuminist [Seminar Two, "America Determines The Flow of History"], can we demonstrate an Illuminist connection to the Travelers? Listen to a former Satanist describe this connection:

"Gypsies worship the Hindu goddess, Kali, who has both creation and destruction abilities. Kali's necklace in Indian legend consists of skulls with magical Sanskrit letters. Kali was, and is, worshipped by a great number of people, especially the Hindus. One group of worshippers has been the Thugs, who relate to the Assassins and the Knight Templars. Another group of Kali worshippers are the gypsies who left India in the middle ages and over the next following several hundreds of years traveled all over the world.

"One group of people known for their traveling entertainment, the gypsies, have some interesting parallels with the Illuminati bloodlines. A gypsy proverb is, 'If you want to survive, you must be a devil'. Both the gypsies and the Illuminati families are secretive; both groups live double lives. Gypsy children will be given a secret magical name, and a name to use for outsiders, a very common Satanic trait. Gypsy children are often baptized in a magical circle. Both groups are into the practices of the occult, such as 'black magic', the 'evil eye", and white slavery. The gypsies believe in Charani, a big bird consumed by fire who rises from the ashes; the Illuminati calls this bird the 'Phoenix'. Both groups have a secret code that allows them to do anything to outsiders ( who are called "Gad" by gypsies meaning "enemy") The gypsies originated in India and migrated west to Iran and Turkey and then to Greece and then into the western Europe in the 1400s just prior to an occult revival in Europe. Other gypsy societies also worship Kali under different names such as the Black Virgin, for which they make an effigy called 'BIBIACA' which simply means 'LADY'."

Thus, you can see the direct tie between Gypsies and the Illuminati bloodline families. Since this is true, Illuminati Mind Control is heavily at work amongst the Travelers as well. The former Satanist, quoted above, also stated that the Travelers prostitute their daughters out to make money, another very common trait of occultists.


If you wanted to tear down a Judeo-Christian society so you could replace it with a society that has no rules, no strict dogma, and certainly no rules regulating sex, would you not view the core family as your number one target? We have heard many Christian leaders and educators, especially Dr. James Dobson, declare repeatedly that the core family is under specific attack by various forces at work today within our society.

What better way to tear Christian families apart than to successfully attack any home that upholds the Biblical teaching on corporal punishment? Before you rush to judgment to say this is not possible, consider the themes coming out of this incident of Madelyne Toogood beating her child:

* How terrible it is to strike a child; let us make it a crime.

* Homeschooled children are possibly being raised by cultists, criminals, nutcases.

* The worst place for a kid is with his own parents.

What may happen while we remain fixated on Mrs. Toogood is that courts and legislative bodies may start to make these above themes the law of the land. Just like the raptors in Jurassic Park, you don't have to worry so much about the Raptor in front of you, but you had best beware of the one sneaking up on you from the side or the back. We have to watch carefully in our communities to ensure that this type of restrictive legislation is not passed supposedly to "protect" the children. The most terrible laws have always been passed with the most lofty goals.


As we continued to dig for information lying just below the surface concerning this incident of Madelyn Toogood beating her daughter in the public parking lot of Kohl's Department Stores, we found a lot of disturbing information. We discovered that Toogood was a member of a very occult group called the "Irish Travelers", a group that regularly allows sexual contact, even marriage, between adult men and young girls.

We discovered that the Travelers tie in with the Gypsies of Ireland and Europe, a deeply occult group tied to the Illuminati. Now that we have this tie-in, we can see why law enforcement does not act upon the detailed information they possess in order to shut this society down for good. Further, we can see how this society might be part of the concerted campaign to bring sex and pornography down to youngsters as young as eight years of age.

Truly, Western Society is becoming like Sodom and Gomorra. What was it Jesus said was a sign of the End of the Age?

"As in the days of Lot ..." [Luke 17:28-31] Truly, we live in the End of the Age.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

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God bless you.

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