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Subtitle: Some very interesting parallels between the Beltway Sniper and the Bali Blast have developed that may link them to the Illuminist drive to re-ignite public support for the War On Global Terrorism.


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NEWS BRIEF: "Terrorism a Possibility Behind Shootings", Fox News, October 15, 2002.

"Absent hard evidence about motivation, the Bush administration is considering the possibility that foreign or domestic terrorists are behind the sniper slayings of nine people in and around the nation's capital ... Senior Bush administration officials monitoring the case said that until evidence surfaces to the contrary, domestic or international terrorism cannot be ruled out ... President Bush on Monday called the sniper a cold-blooded killer and the attacks 'a form of terrorism'."

Predictably, the Bush Administration is beginning to make noises that these Beltway Sniper murders should be classified as "terrorist", a very serious signal, since the most horrific parts of the Patriot Act and of Executive Orders can be enacted once the President declares a National Emergency for any crisis, including terrorism.

Remember our revelation in NEWS1710 that the first day of these Beltway Sniper attacks was October 2, the Satanic high holy celebration of the Hindu Goddess, Kali. This goddess is fierce, and her aim is to destroy the old paradigm so a new one can arise in its place. As a symbolism of her death-dealing ways, Kali is symbolized wielding a huge sword and wearing a necklace of 52 human skulls! Kahli appears to be the patron saint of the Beltway Sniper.

Now, let us see how President Bush and other leaders are using the Bali Blast as an excuse to dramatically increase globalist efforts against his war on terror.

NEWS BRIEF: "Attacks prove urgency of war", by Bill Sammon, The Washington Times, October 15, 2002.

"WATERFORD, Mich. — President Bush yesterday blamed al Qaeda for the recent spate of terrorist attacks in Indonesia, Yemen and Kuwait, saying it lent new urgency to his call for action against Iraq. Mr. Bush seized on the new wave of terror as evidence that the United Nations must swiftly pass a muscular resolution against Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, whom the president linked with al Qaeda. 'There is a connection between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein,' said Mr. Bush, who warned that Saddam may soon use al Qaeda 'to do his dirty work'.

"Meanwhile yesterday, Indonesia also linked al Qaeda to the explosions on the resort island of Bali, conceding publicly for the first time that the group was operating in the Muslim country. 'The Bali bomb blast is linked to al Qaeda with the cooperation of local terrorists', Defense Minister Matori Abdul Djalil told reporters yesterday after a Cabinet meeting in the capital, Jakarta."

At this point, we simply have to stop to ask whether local terrorists could possibly get their hands on a "Micro-Nuke" warhead. If you have not read our article on the Bali Bomb Blast possibly being a nuclear attack, we urge you to do so now before you continue this article [NEWS1715].

If the Bali Bomb Blast was caused by a "Micro-Nuke" warhead, "local terrorist" groups working for Al Qaeda could not have possibly done the deed! As our sources for this Bali Blast article state, only the following few countries have this type of weaponry: United States, Britain, France, Israel, Russia, and quite possibly China. Given the sensitive maintenance requirements needed to keep this type of nuclear warhead operating, I find it implausible to think that local Muslim terrorist groups -- or even global Muslim terrorist groups -- could pull this bombing off.

Let us continue to examine this Washington Times article to see how President Bush and others are beating the drums for terror war.

"Mr. Bush portrayed the recent attacks as the manifestation of a threat issued last week in an audiotape attributed to Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden's second-in-command. The threat was televised one week ago, on a day when terrorists killed a U.S. Marine in Kuwait and two days after an explosion ripped through a French supertanker off the coast of Yemen."

'I believe the attack on the French vessel was a terrorist attack', Mr. Bush told reporters before departing the White House for Michigan. 'Obviously, the attack on our Marines in Kuwait was a terrorist attack. The attack in Bali appears to be an al Qaeda-type terrorist — definitely a terrorist attack ...' "

But, President Bush was not the only Western leader to use the Bali Blast as an excuse to revitalize the moribund global War On Terror.

NEWS BRIEF: "Time to eradicate this evil, says Blair", BY Jason Beattie, Chief Political Correspondent, The Scotsman, 15 October 2002.

"TONY Blair will address the House of Commons today, calling for a renewed effort from the international community to 'eradicate this evil in our world'. The Prime Minister is expected to make a statement outlining ways the international community can prevent such further attacks ... Looking shocked and tired, Mr. Blair said he had spoken to John Howard, the prime minister of Australia, President Megawati Sukarnoputri of Indonesia and President George Bush."

"He said: 'I think the most important thing to emphasize is really this: we have yet again evidence of the appalling depths to which these extremists will sink. They are not worried in the least about the numbers of people they kill, about the total innocence of the people they kill.' Mr. Blair warned it would be 'extremely difficult' when dealing with people 'whose evil' knew no limits and whose activities knew no frontiers ... It is important that at every single level - nationally through strengthened laws, through the strength and vigilance of our security services, internationally through cooperation with other countries - we do everything we possibly can to bear down on these people and eradicate this evil' ."

NEWS BRIEF: "Indonesian Nightclub Bombing, Called an 'Act of Terror,' Kills Over 110", Fox News, October 12, 2002.

"Alexander Downer, Australia's Foreign Minister, blamed the explosion on terrorism while appearing on Australian Broadcasting Corp. television. He said he believed the Sari nightclub was targeted because it was popular with Australians and other foreigners."

Now, we have a chorus of three major leaders all singing the same theme: Global Terrorism is a war that must be fought with new vigor, using new methods!

Now, let us see evidence that the Bali Blast has moved the opinion of average citizens. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Sharp rise in favour of war on Iraq", The Guardian, U.K., October 16, 2002.

"There has been a spectacular surge in support among British voters for military action against Iraq in the immediate aftermath of the terror attack in Bali, according to the latest Guardian/ICM poll. The survey, which was carried out on Monday, shows that support for a military attack on Iraq has risen 10 points in the last week from 32% to 42% of voters. The ICM poll also shows that more voters agree with Tony Blair that it is necessary to fight on two fronts against both al-Qaida and Iraq."

If this poll is accurate -- and I look askance at all "polls" -- the British people have been quickly convinced by the Bali Blast that terrorism is, indeed, a global threat that has not been assigned a proper weight of resources to fight! If the British people have been so quickly convinced, can the American public be far behind?


NEWS BRIEF: "Links seen in terrorism dates", by Jonathan Watts in Bali, London Guardian Unlimited, October 16, 2002.

"The closest link between the Bali bombing and al-Qaida may not be concrete evidence, but an uncanny numerological coincidence between the dates of the latest attack and those in America on September 11 last year. Last Saturday's blast ripped through this tourist resort exactly one year, one month and one day after the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. Moreover, without allowing for the time difference, the first explosion at 10:30pm in Indonesia was about one hour later than the time when the first hijacked plane hit its target last year."

" Theories that 1-1-1 may be the number of the beast who did the bombing spread by word of mouth through this tourist resort yesterday."

This news may be spectacularly important! We have already noted that the number '11' and its derivatives is exceedingly important to a practicing Satanist, chief of whom are the Illuminati moving the world into the New World Order. If you have not read this analysis, we encourage you to stop right now to read them so you will comprehend the significance of this revelation. These pertinent articles are:

* NEWS1533 - "Massive Attack On American Cities"

*NEWS1538 - "More Occult Signatures To The Attacks On The Twin Tower And The Pentagon"

* NEWS1541 - "Timing Significance of Speech By President George Bush (Sr.) and 9/11 Attacks"

Thus, the fact that the timing of this Bali Blast points an accusatory finger toward the Illuminist, not toward Al Qaeda! The Illuminists are caught up into the inherent power of numbers, not the Muslims! The number they have assigned to their Antichrist is '11', so major events that are moving the world to this Kingdom of Antichrist are staged according to the power of the number '11'.

This timing is an Illuminist signature!


From the Bali Blast in Indonesia to the Kahli-connected Beltway Sniper, seemingly orchestrated events are being used to further the global war on terror. Let us end this article with a brief examination of the religious similarities of these two Hindu Deities, the male Bali and the female Kahli.

Both Are Associated With Fire

Kahli -- is a vicious Hindu Goddess associated with war and Fire. On a New Age website we read that Kahli is associated with: "Fire, Purification, Sex Magick, Healing, Candle Magick, Hearth Magick". [http://pagan.onestarrynight.com/fire.php'

Bali -- is a mighty Hindu God whom Lord Vishnu "thrust into the nether worlds (Patala-loka) which as per Hindu cosmogony is hell and lies below the surface of the earth." [http://india.coolatlanta.com/GreatPages/sudheer/book2/festivals1.html]

Festivals To Both Are In October, The Preferred Month For Pagans

Kahli -- As we stated in NEWS1710, "October 2-10 is a Satanic Holiday period devoted to the Black Virgin Goddess of Hinduism, Durga Puja, also known as 'Kali'. In the mind of the Illuminati, Kali is very important because she is a goddess of destruction of the old order so the new order can be established. Her primary function is destruction."Bali -- is celebrated on a moving Hindu holiday that occurs generally in late October but sometimes in early November. Bali is associated with terrible sacrifices associated with the fire of the Hindu hell.

Both Kali and Bali Are Presented Horrific Sacrifices

Kahli -- "At the southern end of the Kathmandu Valley, in a dark, somewhat spooky location, stands the temple of Dakshinkali. The temple is dedicated to the six-armed goddess Kali, Shiva's consort in her most sanguinary incarnation. Twice a week, Nepalese visitors journey here to satisfy her bloodlust. They bring buffaloes, chickens, ducks, goats, sheep and pigs, which are matter-of-factly dispatched by having their throats slit or heads lopped off. These animals, some still writhing, are then dragged to a nearby stream where they are butchered for a feast at a later date. The blood runs freely every Saturday and especially during the October festival of Dasain when the image of Kali is literally bathed in the stuff." [http://xtramsn.co.nz/travel/0,,8860-1441029-8,00.html]

Bali -- "BALI A demon who accumulated enough power, through sacrifice and penance, to turn the gods out of their kingdom." Since he occupies the Hindu hell, Bali is offered sacrifices during his celebration.

By way of review, the Beltway Sniper serial crimes are associated with the Goddess Kahli, since the shootings began on the first day of her October celebration -- as reported in NEWS1710.

The horrific Bali Blast was associated with the God Bali, not only by the namesake of the island in which the bomb blast occurred, but also for the association of Bali with the hell fires of the "Nether world" he inhabits. Certainly, the fireball of the Bali Blast [NEWS1715] looks like a blast out of hell!

World Illuminist leaders are seizing upon both tragedies as an excuse to reinvigorate the Global War on Terror that had gotten a little moribund this year. What the future holds we do not know, but we are assured that we hold the hand of the One Who holds the future!

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