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Subtitle: Suddenly, the FBI story as to which Tacoma gun shop Muhammad bought the Bushmaster rifle found in his car is coming loose all around the edges. The facts of Story #1 are proven false; the facts of Story #2 are so unclear as to be unbelievable. Where did Muhammad get this gun? Did Muhammad really own the gun found in his car? At this point, we do not know. Confusion reigns.


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NEWS BRIEF: "Federal Court Is Sniper Suspect's First Stop as Prosecutors Consider Charges", Fox News Channel, October 29, 2002, http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,66631,00.html

"ROCKVILLE, Md. — Prosecutors throughout three states and the District of Colombia are lining up for the first crack at the two men arrested in the sniper attacks that killed 10 people. John Allen Muhammad, 41 — arrested with 17-year-old John Lee Malvo — made his first court appearance and was ordered held without bail Thursday, hours after the nation's largest manhunt came to an end with their capture at a Maryland rest stop where they were sleeping in their car. Michael Bouchard, special agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco, said a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle found in Muhammad's car had been linked by ballistics to 11 of the 14 Washington-area shootings, including one in which no one was injured."

At this point, every detail seems genuine and intact. The ATF and FBI report that they found a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle in Muhammad's car that ballistically matched the bullets found in the victim's and/or at the crime scenes, including Shot #1, which barely missed the head of a Michael's Craft employee. At this point, Federal Government agencies seem to have an air tight case, and can proceed with an investigation and prosecution. Stories immediately came out that the government was going to seek the death penalty.

The next question is, where did Muhammad buy this Bushmaster Rifle? The government had the ready answer. Early reports came out that he bought this rifle at a Tacoma, Washington, Gun Shop named Whelcher's Gun Shop. Let us review this story.

NEWS BRIEF: "SNIPER UPDATE AND MUCH MORE", Monday, October 28, 2002, Straitiawire, http://www.stratiawire.com/article.asp?id=676, by Jon Rappoport.

"THINK BUSHMASTER. -- That's the rifle the FBI suddenly found in the Chevy Caprice belonging to JOHN MUHAMMAD, the accused sniper. The rifle that sews up the case. The rifle that makes everything stick. As in, this WAS the gun that killed 10 and wounded 3. Muhammad's gun. The crowning piece of evidence. The very gun which the president of Bushmaster states his company did, in fact, sell to a gun distributor in the state of Washington. Okay? NOW.....

"In Seattle, Dave Ross, radio host on KIRO, has interviewed a man who 'is connected to' WELCHER'S GUN SHOP in Tacoma. The gist? Welcher's sold a Bushmaster rifle to JOHN MUHAMMAD in December of 1999...BUT THEN BOUGHT THAT GUN BACK FROM HIM ON MAY 23, 2000. Welcher's then re-sold the gun to another person in the Tacoma area who STILL HAS IT in safe-keeping." [Emphasis in the original]

Therefore, this first story has proven to be not true! Yes, Muhammad did buy a Bushmaster in December, 1999, but then sold it back to the gun store on May 23, 2000. Then, Welcher's Gun Store re-sold this Bushmaster to another individual, a very good and consistent customer, who still has this gun in his possession at his home in the Tacoma area!

But, you see, how could this mixup have occurred! The FBI has the Bushmaster rifle in their possession that they found in Muhammad's car at 3:30am on 10/24/2002. Therefore, the FBI has the serial number of that weapon; if they had contacted the manufacturer, they would have been told to whom that gun had been sold and when. Presumably, matching serial numbers is how the FBI "confirmed" Welcher's Gun Store as the gun shop at which Muhammad had purchased the rifle; however, surely Welcher's would have immediately informed the FBI that they had bought the gun back from Muhammad, and then resold it. The FBI would then have been able to go right to the guy's home, check the serial number of his gun, to see if it matched both Welcher's records and the rifle the FBI had in its possession.

If Welcher's records match the serial number of the guy in Tacoma who re-purchased the Bushmaster, then we would have two guns with identical serial numbers -- the gun possessed by the Tacoma customer and the gun possessed by the FBI. Since that is not possible, then this Story #1 collapses.

Then, the FBI advanced another story. Listen:

"So we are supposed to believe that Muhammad bought a Bushmaster from Welcher's, then sold it back to them---and then went to some OTHER gun shop in Tacoma and bought another Bushmaster. The man at Welcher's told me that, in fact, the FBI is looking into another gun shop in the area FOR JUST THIS POSSIBILITY. The other gun shop is called Bullseye Shooter Supply. (MSNBC is finally mentioning this latter store--very briefly.) I called Bullseye. I was told that law enforcement 'seemed' to be looking into this possibility. No details available."

We were able, this morning, to find this story concerning Bullseye, which we posted on Daily News Updates -- October 31. This is Story #2, and it is as full of holes as the Welcher story. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "New Twists In Connecting Sniper Suspect To Rifle", by Liz Rocca, komo4news, October 30, 2002.

"TACOMA - There's two new twists in the hunt to connect sniper suspect John Muhammad to the gun that killed 10 people. First a startling discovery: Published reports that the shop's owner cannot account for more than 300 guns sent to his store. The Seattle Times reports that federal investigators cannot account for 340 guns at Bull's Eye Shooter Supply -- including the sniper's rifle." [Emphasis added]

Now, that is a lot of missing guns! It is especially a lot of guns in an industry that is dedicated to thorough record keeping! As an employee of Bulls Eye protested, "if we had 340 guns missing we'd all be in handcuffs and out the door."

Story #2 is now collapsing.

What are we to make of all this? Let us go back to Jon Rappoport, to see what he thinks is going on.

"One of the employees at Welcher's told me that, of course, the serial numbers on the gun they sold and then bought back from Muhammad couldn't match those on the gun the FBI found in the Caprice---because it was clearly NOT the same weapon."

But, the only way in which the FBI could have stated that the gun was bought at Welcher's was through a serial number check with the manufacturer that exactly matched the Welcher's Gun Shop records, a check that clearly matched the serial number on the Muhammad gun now in the possession of the FBI. But, now the serial numbers do not match, and Bulls Eye Gun Shop cannot shed any light on the matter because they have so many missing records.

Where does this leave us? As Rappoport says:

"Until further notice, it appears that the gun sold to Muhammad by Welchers and then bought back from him is the 'Impossible Murder Weapon' that is both owned by a man right now in Tacoma and is also under wraps at the FBI. You can bet your bottom dollar that some very heavy scrambling is going on right now at the FBI and other related places." [Ibid.]

Evidence of some heavy scrambling may already be in evidence, as the following story indicates:

NEWS BRIEF: "ATF: No evidence of how Bushmaster came into sniper's hands", ABC News 8, WMTW, http://www.wmtw.com/Global/story.asp?S=988552&nav=7k6rC2JH

"TACOMA, Washington (AP) -- Federal agents have found no records to indicate how the rifle used in the Washington, D.C.-area sniper shootings got into the hands of suspect John Allen Muhammad.

The Bushmaster gun, which was manufactured in Maine, was shipped to Bull's Eye Shooter Supply in June. But Richard Van Loan, a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms says the store apparently has no records indicating it was sold.

Gun dealers are required to keep such records. Federal agents searched the store over the weekend, and the owner of Bull's Eye says he'll continue the paperwork search today."

Just as quickly as the facts come out, the government backtracks. How soon will it be before we hear the government state that Muhammad bought this Bushmaster Rifle found in his car through an untraceable gun show? That is the story they should have announced in the beginning, for two reasons: it advances the cause of Gun Control; and it is a story no one can refute.


Just when we thought the the FBI had a serious air-tight case against Muahmmad and Malvo, some serious questions arise about the information supplied by the FBI as to how Muahammad got his Bushmaster AR-15 Rifle. Further, if Muhammad was a homeless person, why was he receiving constant cell phone calls from "Travel Agents", and how could he have gotten his hands on a GPS Laptop Computer that would enable him to make his shots fall so precisely at the right spots on the map?

As we said last week, take notice of all these seeming inconsistencies, even to the point of making a list of them. If we do not note the inconsistencies, we will never be able to make sense of this entire affair. Were there additional shooters? Were Muahammad and Malvo Manchurian Candidates? If they were, they had to have professional handlers; where are they?

We shall just have to wait to see where this story takes us. However, one thing seems certain: Muhammad and Malvo were not acting alone.

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