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Subtitle: Incredibly, the Pentagon has decided to use nuclear warheads against Iraq in "certain conditions". The prophet Joel foretells the use of just such weaponry at the End of the Age! You can add one more prophecy that may be about to be fulfilled!

"I will show signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke. The Sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord." [Joel 2:30-32]

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

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NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. prepares for possible use of nukes in Iraq, expert says", by Paul Richter, Los Angeles Times, carried by the Houston Chronicle, January 25, 2003, http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/story.hts/nation/1750749

"WASHINGTON -- As the Pentagon continues a highly visible buildup of troops and weapons in the Persian Gulf, it is also quietly preparing for the possible use of nuclear weapons in the potential war against Iraq, according to a report by a defense analyst. Although they consider such a strike unlikely, military planners have been actively studying lists of potential targets and considering options, including the possible use of so-called "bunker buster" nuclear weapons against deeply buried military targets, says analyst William M. Arkin, who writes a regular column on defense matters for the Los Angeles Times.

"Military officials have been focusing their planning on the use of nuclear arms in retaliation for a strike by the Iraqis with chemical or biological weapons, or to pre-empt one, Arkin says. Administration officials believe that in some circumstances, nuclear arms may offer the only way to destroy deeply buried targets that may contain unconventional weapons that could kill thousands. Some officials have argued that the blast and radiation effects of such strikes would be limited. But that is in dispute. Critics contend that a bunker-buster strike could involve a huge radiation release and dangerous blast damage. They also say that use of a nuclear weapon in such circumstances would encourage other nuclear-armed countries to consider using those weapons in more kinds of situations, and would badly undermine the half-century effort to contain the spread of nuclear weapons."

If the United States is the first to use nuclear weapons in any manner, that would be akin to letting the proverbial "genie out of the bottle". The entire region could erupt into massive use of nuclear, chemical, biological, and even neutron bombs! Russia and China have already consistently been warning Bush not to attack Iraq; they might react very badly to our first use of nuclear weapons, and might deploy some of their own Weapons of Mass Destruction on behalf of their Arab allies. The entire region could erupt into nuclear confrontation between the U.S., Russia, and China. Saudi Arabia might launch some of her nuclear-tipped theater ballistic missiles. Radicals within Pakistan's Intelligence and Armed Forces units might get the upper hand and launch a nuclear war against India.

The whole region could erupt into large-scale nuclear exchanges. This is totally within the realm of possibility should America use these weapons.


However, this revelation that we may use nuclear weapons is not as new as it seems. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Nuclear Option In Iraq? Sources say U.S. is considering the option", by DEBKAfile, as reported in WorldNetDaily, 03/22/02.

"The White House is considering the use of tactical nuclear weapons and planning the break-up of Iraq as an objective in a broad military campaign set now for April, according to the military and intelligence sources of DEBKA-Net-Weekly ... As a result of the serious threat of nuclear terrorism, the U.S., DEBKA reports, is weighing its own nuclear options ... European and Middle East governments believe the White House may be reverting to the 'second strike' nuclear doctrine espoused by U.S. governments in the U.S.-Soviet Cold War ... Cheney received intelligence evaluations suggesting that in late February, Saddam Hussein attempted to head off a U.S. offensive by transferring to al-Qaida nuclear devices – possibly radiological 'dirty bombs'– or explosives and containers packed with viruses, including smallpox. This deadly supply may have been cached in any of the following places – the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, territory controlled by the Palestinian Authority, Rome or Berlin – together with crews standing by for a signal to unleash them, according to DEBKA sources."

In other words, this report is saying that if Iraq or any Arab nations used nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons on the United States, we would then reserve the right to retaliate with our own nuclear weapons. Of course, since the Illuminati controls Saddam Hussein, we know that whatever he does is exactly what the Plan calls for him to do. If "dirty nukes", or biological, or chemical weapons were unleashed upon us, the Illuminati would have its excuse to launch devastating attacks on Iraq, and maybe beyond.

Then, right on cue, suddenly, surprisingly, Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair shocked and dismayed Parliament by boldly stating that he could order nuclear strikes against Iraq. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "U.K. 'prepared to use nuclear weapons'," BBC News, 20 March 2002.

"The UK is prepared to use nuclear weapons against rogue states such as Iraq if they ever used 'weapons of mass destruction' against British troops in the field, defence secretary Geoff Hoon has told MPs. Mr Hoon said he was not certain Britain's nuclear arsenal would deter a first strike from a state willing to sacrifice its own people to make a 'gesture'."

While this policy may seem a reasonable protection of your own troops in the field, we all know that such an Iraqi "first strike" could be manufactured out of thin air, just as the Gulf of Tonkin "attack" was manufactured so as to give America the excuse to commit massive military forces to South Vietnam. Our government could just announce that such a strike had occurred, and the Mass Media would jump all over such an announcement. President Bush could then drum the beat powerfully for retaliation, and hold up even greater terror threats if we do not retaliate. An Iraqi "first strike" with nuclear, chemical, and/or biological weapons could easily be manufactured.

Now, consider an earlier news report that seems to indicate that America may be planning a first strike on Iraq with our nuclear weapons, even if we admit they do not possess any nukes in their arsenal.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraq Nuke Option", DEBKAfile, 11 March 2002.

"... the American deputy secretary of state for disarmament, John Bolton, stated on February 21 that Washington had decided to depart from its traditional policy of nuclear non-use against non-nuclear powers. The exceptions would be made in the cases of terrorists, their sponsors and states developing weapons of mass destruction. Bolton’s statement was received in Baghdad as a signal that the United States has decided to use nuclear weapons in its coming offensive, and Saddam Hussein regime has made preparation."

In this diplomatic doublespeak, the American Deputy Secretary of State for Disarmament stated that America would now reserve the right to use nuclear weapons against a nation that did not possess nuclear weapons! This policy shift is huge, as it reverses U.S. policy for the past five decades! The formerly forbidden door to using nuclear weapons has now been kicked wide open. Now, just the perceived "threat" that Iraq may have Weapons of Mass Destruction will be enough "provocation" for the Bush Administration to launch a nuclear strike on Iraq.

With this thought in mind, ponder carefully this most recent announcement:


"Britain has moved one of its Trident nuclear submarines into the Persian Gulf. It is a significant escalation of the preparations for the widely predicted war against Iraq. The Trident carries a payload of missiles capable of destroying every military target in Iraq. At least one U.S. nuclear weapon-carrying submarine is also said to be in the region. The decision to move the Trident from its regular patrol area in the southern Indian Ocean was authorized by Prime Minister Tony Blair after meeting with Vice-President Dick Cheney during his stop-over in London."

Notice two factors that are exceedingly important about this announcement:

First, notice that Vice President Cheney made a stopover in London as he was preparing to travel to the Middle East to begin his 10-day tour. Tim Cohen demonstrates conclusively that Britain's House of Windsor is the monarchy from which Antichrist will arise. Cohen further demonstrates that all major decisions are made in London, and simply carried out in Washington and other capitals of the world. To demonstrate this fact, Cohen asks you to start noticing the itineraries of the many leaders coming to Washington, D.C., for consultations. You will be amazed how many times the foreign dignitary either stopped in London before coming to Washington, or stopping London on the way back home from Washington. While Cheney was in London, the real consultations were held in secret between Prince Charles and the Vice President. [Antichrist and A Cup of Tea]

Secondly, the Trident is a weapon of First Strike capability against a first-class nuclear opponent, such as Russia. The Trident was designed to engage and defeat a sophisticated enemy, delivering a staggering blow from which that enemy would never recover. Sending it to engage Iraq is exactly like swatting a fly with a huge, heavy sledgehammer. However, positioning one or more Trident submarines against Iraq opens up the largest gap of military capability of Western technology verses Arab technology.


The technological gap between the nuclear missiles a Trident submarine carries and the Iraqi poor-man's nuclear bomb [if Iraq even has this much of a nuke] may represent the largest technological gap in history. The military gap is so huge that a war could be planned specifically to fight this weaker enemy in order to advance the global strategic goals of the nation wielding the superior power.

To understand this principle more completely, let us examine the findings of a book entitled, "Blood In The Streets", by James Dale Davidson & Sir William Rees-Mogg, Warner Books, A Time Warner Company, 1987. Listen carefully, for these authors present the philosophical underpinnings of this upcoming war, first with Iraq and then with the entire Muslim world.

"... you must turn to megapolitics to find the answers to the deepest puzzles of economic and political life ... The largest of the variables is shifting technology. New weapons and new ways of organizing the use of weapons can sometimes give one group of people an overpowering advantage. With new technology, it can become relatively cheap to deploy force, very costly for anyone to resist. For months or years or decades, or however long it takes for other groups to copy or defeat the advantage, those at a disadvantage will be like the 98-pound weakling confronting a barrel-chested bully. They will bow to power. Or be forced to bow. And the world will change to reflect the new megapolitical reality. Maps will be rewritten." [Page 11-12;Emphasis added]

Today, the forces of the United States, Great Britain, and Israel possess the type of cutting edge weapons technological advantage over the Muslim forces of the world exactly as described above. Let us examine the key element of this passage for its full understanding a application to the coming planned World War III that will produce the New World Order and its Christ.

"New weapons and new ways of organizing the use of weapons can sometimes give one group of people an overpowering advantage. With new technology, it can become relatively cheap to deploy force, very costly for anyone to resist."

When Great Britain moved her Trident submarine into the Persian Gulf in order to take up positions against Iraq, this act fully complied with this explanation. This deployment of a world-class strategic nuclear submarine against Iraq presented Hussein with the specter of "an overpowering advantage". This Trident submarine was "relatively cheap to deploy .... very costly for anyone to resist."

The technological advantage of the Axis of Western Powers [U.S., UK, Israel] over the Muslim military forces of the world are enormous. In fact, the advantage is so enormous that both Russia and China will sit on the sidelines for the moment to wait to see what we shall actually do to these hapless Muslim armed forces.


"The key to the hidden workings of history is technological ...The murderous kings who gave history its start would merely have been murderous nobodies without the tools to chisel their names. Technology is still the driving force that makes history go ...The purpose of this book is to lay bare these hidden, perplexing interconnections. To tell you where to look for the revolutions to come ... Only when one nation has an overwhelming share of economic resources and power does the world economy seem to function smoothly. Only then is there likely to be free trade and open movement of goods, services, people, and capital across borders. The last Great Depression coincided with significant megapolitical development -- the effective collapse of that day's dominant power -- Great Britain." [Ibid., p. 16-17]

Today, we hear much of the push for free trade and open movement of goods, services, and people, and it is disconcerting when you realize that the vast majority of the pressure for free trade comes from the United States, the only truly economic superpower since World War II. Surely, Free Trade brings the world ever closer to the global economy, government, and religion of Antichrist! And, America is leading the way [Seminar 2, "America Determines the True Flow of History"].

Then, the authors of this book restate their principle and give a graphic example:

"Weapons technology is the major megapolitical force that determines the power equation. When it is cheaper and easier to project power from the center to the periphery, the number of political units in the world declines ... and economies tend to prosper. When it becomes more costly to project power and cheaper to resist, borders and barriers proliferate. Economies stagnate."

Then, they give some prime historical examples of military situations in which Great Britain was able to cheaply and easily project power from their center to the peripheral areas of the world.

"In the summer of 1898, the British Empire appeared to be in its heyday. Queen Victoria had celebrated her Diamond Jubilee the year before. London was the undisputed center of world finance and commerce. The British navy ruled the waves ... Then, as now, Moslem extremists were menacing Egypt -- where the British-held Suez Canal was a vital link in world trade. Out in the desert, a force of Islamic true believers was engaged in a jihad, or holy war, against whatever Western targets came within their sights. As the threat grew, London dispatched military forces, under the command of Lord Kitchener. Their mission was to enter the Sudan, secure the Upper Nile, and thus protect British interests in Egypt from attack.

"Opposing the British was Abud Allah ibn Muhammed, the Khalifa of the Dervishes, an Islamic religious leader who was the nearest nineteenth-century equivalent of the Ayatollah Khomeini. Like Khomeini, the Khalifa was bitterly opposed to Western disruptions of the settled ways of Islamic society. Like many groups in the Middle East today, he held hostages. Several who managed to escape told tales of cruelty, torture, and murder that shocked British opinion. [Some things never change, do they?]

"The Khalifa commanded an army organized by fierce Islamic fighters known as 'Dervishes' (as in 'whirling dervishes'). Hardened to life in the desert, the Dervish fighters had been taught from childhood to master hand-to-hand combat. They were good at it. They were brave. They were skilled in using knives and muskets. They were also skilled at screaming. Their practice of using noise as a psychological weapon in battle had been widely reported in Europe for many years. As one writer of the 1870's put it, 'And now, their guttural chorus audible long before they arrived in sight, came the howling dervishes'.

"On September 2, 1898, 40,000 Dervishes began to howl as they swarmed across the desert to attack the British Camel Corp. The attack employed a centuries-old tactic that had worked for Dervish armies many times in the past -- a mass frontal assault. The first British troops drew back to the Nile to avoid being overwhelmed. What happened next? Let Winston Churchill tell you. He was there at the battle of Omdurman.

"At the critical moment the gun boat arrived on the scene and began suddenly to blaze and flame from Maxim guns, quick-firing guns and rifles. The range was short; the effect tremendous. The terrible machine, floating gracefully on the waters -- a beautiful white devil -- reethed (sic) itself in smoke. The river slopes of the Kerreri Hills, crowded with the advancing thousands, sprang up into clouds of dust and splinters of rock. The charging Dervishes sank down in tangled heaps. The infantry fired steadily and stolidly, without hurry or excitement, for the enemy were far away and the officers careful. Besides, the soldiers were interested in the work and took great pains ... And all the time out on the plain on the other side, bullets were shearing through flesh, smashing and splintering bone; blood spouted from terrible wounds; valiant men were struggling on through a hell of whistling metal, exploding shells, and spurting dust -- suffering, despairing, dying."

"At the end of five hours of battle, the British had lost 20 men killed. Another 20 Egyptians who accompanied the British were also dead. The Dervishes lost 11,000 dead." [Ibid., p. 32-33]

Nor was this result a rarity.

"In one remote place after another in Africa and Asia, British forces overwhelmed their opponents, at trivial costs. In one battle near Zimbabwe in 1893, 50 British South African police fought 5,000 Ndebele warriors, killing more than 3,000 in an hour and a half. As an African survivor of such a massacre said, 'The whites did not seize their enemy as we do by the body, but thundered from afar. Death raged everywhere -- like death vomited forth from the tempest'. [Ibid., p. 36]

"Earlier in the Century the Celestial Dynasty in China was brought low by British gunboats and a few marines. Without any apparent difficulty, the 'barbarians from the sea' swept in and mauled Chinese forces in a war lasting from 1839 to 1842. The expense to Britain for defeating the most populous nation in the world was trivial, one-tenth of one percent of the gross national product. London's military budget actually fell as the fighting progressed. A few years later, a similar war was fought with equally lopsided results. Again, the Chinese were humiliated.

"The abracadabra in British military success was technological superiority. Weapons in the hands of British forces were far deadlier than those available to fighters in traditional societies of Asia and Africa. This made it very cheap for the British to project power at great distances, very costly for local peoples to resist." [Ibid., p. 36; Emphasis added]

"In 1898, it was cheap for Western powers -- and Great Britain in particular -- to control peoples at the periphery. As Churchill described the battle of Omdurman, it was 'the most signal triumph ever gained by the arms of science over barbarians. Within the space of five hours, the strongest and best-armed savage army yet arrayed against a modern European Power had been destroyed and dispersed, with hardly any difficulty, comparatively small risk, and insignificant loss to the victors." [Ibid.]

"The cost for consolidating control over a restless Middle East was trivial as compared to the cost to native peoples of resisting. Even though native armies were larger, with far better knowledge of local terrain, they were hopelessly outmatched. Britain had modern weapons -- gunboats, breech-loading rifles, machine guns, and more. These weapons were immeasurably superior to those available to people in less technologically advanced societies. As a result, all disputes at the periphery were easily settled. Whenever some local faction threatened investment, stood in the way of trade, or got caught up in a strategic conflict, Britain or another metropolitan power dispatched gunboats and soldiers. The locals had no choice but to yield to overwhelming force -- or else. These who resisted were practically wiped out, absorbing absurd casualties while inflicting almost none." [Ibid., p. 38-39]

Doesn't this last sentence aptly describe the results of the 1991 Gulf War against Iraq? Iraqis "who resisted were practically wiped out, absorbing absurd casualties while inflicting almost none"?

This same situation now exists in the Middle East, with the Western Axis of powers -- Great Britain, the United States, and Israel -- deliberately maneuvering all Muslim nations into declaring a jihad, a holy war, against our interests in the Middle East. Then, when Muslim hordes attack, they shall be annihilated by the greatest military weapons and armed forces the world has ever seen. The military gap between Western powers and Muslim powers has never been greater, even though the Muslims have acquired capabilities they did not possess in 1991.

As Tim Cohen demonstrates in Antichrist and A Cup of Tea, the House of Windsor in London draws up all the plans, and uses the economic and military might of the United States to carry these plans out. Israel fits nicely into this equation because it was restored to nationhood by the combined efforts of the United States and Great Britain, and has been supported ever since 1948 -- militarily, economically, and politically. Today, Israel has the capability of annihilating all the combined Arab armed forces surrounding her, and has been very adamant in declaring her intention of using her super-weapons if attacked by Arab numerically superior forces.


As we have noted in our Daily News Updates, an incessant drumbeat against Iraq has been going on for a number of weeks now, conditioning people to the "necessity" of taking Saddam Hussein out, even if it is by nuclear war. In U.S. Army Intelligence, I was schooled to the reality that continuous rhetoric from one nation against another can easily be the opening salvo of an actual physical attack later. To put it another way, when you hear continuous rhetoric from one nation against another, you have to consider that, just perhaps, hostilities are imminent.

We have listed at the beginning of this article representative articles that demonstrate this incessant drumbeat rhetoric against Iraq. The Bush Administration even took the bold step of publicly changing our nuclear strike scenario that would now allow us to strike a nation with our nuclear might, even though the targeted nation possesses no nuclear weapons.

Watch carefully how events develop. If a Palestinian State is going to be set up, it will have to be before we attack Iraq. Then, we can attack using some sort of "Gulf of Tonkin" excuse. The only hope Iraq has of inflicting serious casualties before she is totally annihilated is if she strikes first -- and she will almost certainly attack Israel.

Once hostilities begin, Yassir Arafat, who may be Palestinian President Arafat, is likely to follow the scenario already developed [NEWS1056]. He will likely order his Palestinian para-militia to launch attacks at key locations throughout Israel in order to try to disrupt Israeli Army units from quickly reaching their battle positions against Syria, Iraq, and Egypt. This is the plan as reported by our House of Representatives; if Arafat does carry out this part of the plan, then two events are likely to quickly occur:

First, Arafat is likely to destroy the Dome of the Rock and blame it on the Israeli government [NEWS1404]. All the Muslim world will then rise up as one in pure anger, demanding Israel's annihilation. All 1.4 billion Muslims throughout the world will then declare a "jihad", a holy war, against Israel and will demand that she be annihilated and Jerusalem re-taken for Islam. Thus, God's End of the Age prophecy in Zechariah 12:2-9 will literally be fulfilled, in our Daily News.

Listen to this prophecy, to see if it does not read like today's developing news:

"Behold, I am about to make Jerusalem a cup or bowl or reeling to all the peoples round about, and against and upon Judah also it will be in the siege against Jerusalem.And in that day I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all peoples; all who lift it or burden themselves with it shall be sorely wounded. And all the nations of the earth shall come and gather together against it. In that day, says the Lord, I will smite every horse [of the armies that contend against Jerusalem] with terror and panic, and his rider with madness; and I will open My eyes and regard with favor the house of Judah, and will smite every horse of the opposing nations with blindness ... In that day will I make the chiefs of Judah a blazing pot among sticks of wood and like a flaming torch among sheaves of grain; and they shall devour all the peoples round about, on the right hand and on the left; and they of Jerusalem shall yet again dwell and sit securely in their own place, in Jerusalem ... In that day will the Lord guard and defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem ... and the house of David [shall maintain its supremacy] like God, like the Angel of the Lord Who is before them. And it shall be in that day, that I will make it My aim to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem." [Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary; Emphasis added]

We note that a siege shall be thrown up against Jerusalem during this war in which God annihilates all the peoples who come against Jerusalem. We normally think of a siege coming from an army invading from the outside, but this first siege might just come from the Palestinian forces stationed from within. We shall just have to wait to see how events develop.

Once Arafat makes his move against Israel from within, as support for Iraq, then the Israeli government will have all the justification it desires to annihilate the Palestinians. The IDF would instantly shut off all Palestinian cities and towns by closing all the gates and manning all the trenches with deadly weapons to keep the Palestinians inside. All Jews would be denied access to the targeted Palestinian cities. The IDF is currently "marking the zones" so they can annihilate the Palestinians with Fuel Air bombs, in full accordance with the prophecy in Obadiah 15-18.

In the opening stages of this war with Iraq, if America will use our nuclear weapons against Iraq, this will buy Israel enough time for them to turn inward so they can totally annihilate the Palestinians. At this moment, you can understand why President Bush drew a ring of nuclear power around Israel last week [NEWS1628]. You will fully understand the significance of his sudden announcement.

Then, once the IDF has accomplished this prophecy, they will turn their full resources against Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, to fulfill prophecies against each of these three nations. God will truly have fulfilled His warning in Joel 3:1:

"I will gather all nations and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat and there will I deal with them for [their treatment] of My people and of My heritage Israel." [Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary].

At some point in this regional conflagration, North Korea will attack South Korea, and China will invade Taiwan, thereby thrusting the entire world into the planned World War III to produce Antichrist [Read NEWS1056 and https://www.cuttingedge.org/news/ww3.html for full understanding]. At first, America is likely to experience wild, enthusiastic military success; however, at some point, the Plan calls for terrorist attacks against our cities and stunning, unprecedented, and completely unexpected military reversals. At this point, Americans will begin the kind of panic the Illuminati wants to foster that will allow our leaders to dissolve our government and establish martial law.

As the nations surrounding Israel are annihilated when they attack Israel, they will be replaced by other Muslim nations trying to bring Israel down. In this context, the Russian-led invasion of Israel by a consortium of nations in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39 can be seen as simply another wave of the Muslim horde descending upon Israel as part of the "Cup of Trembling" prophecy of Zechariah 12.

The Anglo-Saxon axis of powers [Great Britain, America, and Israel] have planned a war to be fought along the lines specified in the "Blood In The Streets" book. The likely outcome is complete fulfillment of Bible prophecy and the appearance of Antichrist.

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