Title:  TAIWAN SUDDENLY FEELS THREAT FROM CHINA! Chinese invasion of Taiwan is the planned third war that will comprise World War III

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Subtitle: In early January, North Korea suddenly became a threat on the Korean Peninsula; now, China is turning up the heat against Taiwan. Now, all three wars planned to comprise World War III are now active hotspots in the world. Can actual commencement of hostilities be far behind?

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NEWS BRIEF: "What are Russia, China expecting? Moscow boosts civil-defense budget, Beijing conducting air-raid drills", WorldNetDaily, February 15, 2003

"With the world's attention focused on the impending war in Iraq, the international media have overlooked interesting war and emergency preparations in both China and Russia ... a top Russian official noted civil defense has become a top priority for Moscow when 'international terrorism made illusory the line between war and peace.' New spending will focus on alerting the public to imminent threats. Russia already has an outstanding shelter system – something lacking in the United States. There are no provisions in the Department of Homeland Security budget for building shelters, reports the intelligence newsletter."

It is no wonder that Russia is beefing up her domestic defenses as the U.S. draws closer to an attack on Iraq; for all of Russia's contacts and contracts with Muslim nations, she has been fighting the Chechnya rebels for many years now, and has drawn the ire of many a Muslim. Notice that Russia is not advising her people to take band aid approaches like taping plastic to the windows with duct tape! No, the Russians are ensuring that its people know where the prepared shelters are, and how to proceed quickly, but orderly, to the nearest one. That kind of preparation makes sense, quite unlike our amateurish Homeland Security.

But, now, the news gets really interesting: China is conducting air raid drills! Listen:

"At the same time ... Chinese air-raid drills are giving citizens of Taiwan the jitters. 'Why is China conducting air-raid drills in major cities like Shanghai? What are Beijing officials expecting? Who's going to attack the mainland?' The drills are getting little notice at the Pentagon, which is single-mindedly focused on the impending war in Iraq. Chinese officials call the exercises routine. But in a speech after a drill in Shanghai, Gen. Liang Guanglie, commander of the military district responsible for Shanghai's defense, said strengthening civil defense was necessary because of the 'very serious' situation with Taiwan." [Ibid.]

Now, on the surface, these Chinese drills make no sense. China has never expressed a concern that Taiwan might attack the mainland, so these raid drills cannot be carried out to prepare for an expected Taiwanese attack. These drills make sense only if one or more of the following scenarios are planned:

1. If China attacks Taiwan. In NEWS1282, based on news articles of March, 1996, we reported that the Illuminati had planned to give Taiwan back to the Illuminati as far back as 1952! We do not know if Taiwan realizes that her doom was sealed under the Administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the very President who sent the Seventh Fleet to patrol Taiwan Straits! However, they know now that an attack is inevitable, as the following news story indicates:

NEWS BRIEF: "Taiwan on alert against any Chinese invasion during Iraq war", Yahoo News, Thursday February 13, 2003.

"Taiwan Defense Minister Tang Yao-ming said the military had been put on a state of alert for fear China could take advantage of a war in Iraq to launch an invasion of the island. Tang warned that Beijing's hostility towards Taipei was as strong as ever despite the unprecedented civilian flights between Taipei and Shanghai over the Lunar New Year holiday period ... China could decide to attack its arch rival when the world's attention was preoccupied with war in the Gulf. 'The Chinese communists could cash in on such an occasion,' said Tang. 'They could sabotage and attack our banking systems, democracy and other social institutions which are superior to those on the mainland.' "

"The defence ministry had also stepped up security and its monitoring of Chinese troop movements and improved its crisis management capability ... Commenting on China's growing missile threat, Tang said Taiwan had been working to build its missile shield. 'Research and development efforts have got underway to build a missile defense system. Hopefully the target could be arrived at within the next 10 years,' he said, without going into details.

"The People's Liberation Army has deployed at least 400 ballistic missiles along the southeast Chinese coast targeting Taiwan, with the number expected to increase to 700 by 2006, according to the defense ministry. Military analysts said the missiles could be used to paralyze Taiwan's economic centers, military commands, airports and bunkers should war break out with China."

Taiwan may have their defense shield soon, not 10 years from now; I learned in Army Intelligence that, when a government admits they have a weapon's system, they have already had it at least 10 years earlier. Since the Taiwanese Defense Minister was stating the 10-year period by which Taiwan will have an effective missile shield, he may be saying, in diplomatic jargon, that Taiwan is very close to getting it. Certainly, China would not have amassed such large numbers of missiles across the strait if she thought Taiwan already possessed an effective missile shield. However, China would want to attack Taiwan now before she gets an effective missile shield in place.

Taiwan Always Was The Third War Planned

For almost 10 years now, Cutting Edge has taught that this planned World War III that will produce Antichrist will be a three-war affair.

a. Middle East Conflagration -- Iraq to be the trigger

b. North Korea attacking the South, provoking a "hair-raising nuclear confrontation". China may well back North Korea, threatening the U.S. with a nuclear attack should we come to South Korea's defense.

c. China will invade Taiwan, thus cashing in on the 1952 Illuminati promise, while America is fully committed elsewhere.

Now, the news is suddenly filled with news stories concerning all three of these planned areas of all-out war. It seems that all things are drawing closer to completion, does it not? As we have said before, this confrontation is really and truly about much more than just Iraq. Our attack on Iraq is planned to be just the trigger to explode the entire Middle East -- including Pakistan and India -- then the Korean Peninsula, and then Taiwan.

The only other scenario in which China's city drills make sense:

2. If China has reason to fear U.S. retaliatory nuclear strikes on her cities. This possibility brings us squarely back to War #2, the Korean Peninsula. Once North Korea attacks South Korea -- and if she uses Weapons of Mass Destruction -- the United States will react quickly and severely. We are likely to reinstitute the draft, call up everyone imaginable, and activate every single naval ship we possess. Remember, we are bound by treaty to rush 690,000 soldiers, airmen, and naval units to defend South Korea!

At some part in this scenario, the Illuminati Plan calls for a "hair-raising nuclear confrontation" that brings men to the point of expecting nuclear annihilation at any moment. For years, I have concluded that, for this conflict to reach the nuclear proportion described above, would require Chinese intervention. Most people do not think of North Korea as a nuclear power, with missiles capable of reaching our shores. Thus, it stands to reason that China would have to diplomatically intervene on the side of the North Koreans, and threaten America with nuclear attack if we strongly come to the aid of South Korea. If the scenario calls for Chinese intervention on behalf of North Korea, then this Chinese city drill exercise makes sense. If nothing else, such a drill will raise the level of anxiety in the hearts of people everywhere.

However, in the past two weeks, I have seen stories stating that North Korea does have weapons capable of hitting the United States. Let us review a couple of these type of stories.

NEWS BRIEF: "North Korea warns of capacity to attack US", http://www.goasiapacific.com/news/GoAsiaPacificBNA_783961.htm, Asia Pacific, 2/14/03

"North Korea says it has the ability to strike United States targets anywhere in the world, if provoked ... The AFP news agency says North Korea has long-range missiles that could be capable of reaching parts of the US. America's Central Intelligence Agency chief, George Tenet, says the North could have the capacity to target the US west coast with a nuclear capable missile."

The first sentence is most intriguing, for it suggests that North Korea might be planning on sneaking missiles closer to our shores via merchant marine ships, for example, so they could hit Western U.S. targets with a shorter range theater missile. This scenario is possible, but probably not plausible. However, the last two sentences leave no room for doubt: North Korea claims it has a long range missile -- as yet untested -- that could reach targets in the United States.

Remember this about North Korea: China is her superpower ally. If China wants North Korea to possess intercontinental ballistic missiles or nuclear warheads, she certainly can provide them. This fact represents the weak spot of any argument as to whether North Korea has "developed" nuclear weapons. China simply could provide them.

The same scenario also exists for any Arab and/or Muslim nation; since Pakistan has possessed nuclear weapons for over a decade, and since her Army and Intelligence services are controlled by radical Muslim extremists, nations like Iraq or Saudi Arabia need only buy the nuclear warheads from Pakistan! Indeed, evidence suggests that Saudi Arabia has done exactly this! [Read NEWS1761] Intelligence tells us that Saudi Arabia bought Chinese theater missiles and then purchased Pakistani nuclear warheads! The true Muslim nuclear power in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia, not Iraq! This reality is probably the reason we are deploying the numbers of forces and deploying them in such a geographical manner, so we can attack multiple nations after Iraq - NEWS1761.

NEWS BRIEF: "N. Korean missile could reach U.S., intelligence warns", Drudge Report, July 29, 1995.

"The Western United States could be within range of North Korea's longest-range missile armed with nuclear, chemical or biological warheads by the year 2000, according to U.S. and foreign intelligence assessments ... A South Korean intelligence official, quoting a Russian assessment, said the Taepo Dong-2 will be deployed by 2000 with a maximum range of 6,200 miles once warhead modifications and technical improvements are made ... Information on the North Korean ICBM comes as a House and Senate conference committee is working on provisions of the fiscal 1996 defense authorization about whether the Pentagon should move ahead quickly with deployment of a national missile defense that could defend against such North Korean missiles."

Carefully note the date of this report: 1995!

The United States was debating whether to construct a missile defense that would protect us against rogue states like North Korea launching limited numbers of missiles at us; of course, nothing ever came of this "debate", and as far as the average American citizen is concerned, we cannot stop even one missile launched against us! This belief will cause great consternation as North Korea threatens us. Of course, no one will ever be permitted to state very loudly that our HAARP facility gives us a 100% missile shield over this continent. That little detail will never reach mainstream media, for panic is required in this scenario.


Interestingly, all three wars that have been planned to comprise World War III are now in the news at the same time. This further demonstrates that the original plan for this war is still being followed. We reported on the small detail of Saddam igniting his oil fields as we attack; this action was called for in the 1981 book, "The Armageddon Script", by Peter Lemesurier, as we report in NEWS1773.

If these details are still part of the plan, then the whole plan as we reported five years ago is still in effect; however, remember the time table is determined by Jesus Christ! If peace suddenly breaks out, and our military is called back, you will know that it is simply not the Father's timing. The Illuminati desperately wants to start this war so they can stage their Antichrist, just as 2 Thessalonians 2 states.

But, for all the world, the timing seems to be now.

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