Title:  WAR NOTES -- 3/15/2003 -- Number 1

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Subtitle: As the aerial bombing campaign quietly began on Thursday, 3/13/03, some interesting tidbits of information have started coming out, none of which would make a full article, but all of which you need to know.

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NEWS BRIEF: "Giant US B-1 Bombers Lead Way for Ground Forces", DEBKAfile, 3/15/03.

American and British warplanes are now flying 1,000 sorties per day, and B-1 bombers are carpet-bombing Iraqi radar and mobile missile batteries. By any definition, this is a full-scale air war, and will continue for at least 48 hours, if not an entire week, before the ground assault began. On March 7, DEBKAfile reported that the air war would begin on 3/13, and the ground assault on Monday, March 17. A British newspaper confirmed this story, as British marines reported being told that the ground assault would kick off on March 17, with the air campaign starting four days prior.

Early air sorties are concentrating on Western Iraq bordering Jordan and on Iraq's main optic fiber cable network that supports the air defense system. US, Jordan, and Israel are concerned that the Iraqi's may have successfully concealed mobile missiles and remote-controlled drones that can deliver chemical and/or biological weapons upon Jordan and Israel. This Western Iraq area is honeycombed with ravines, gullies, and caves that can hide such weaponry. Since Iraq has threatened to punish all Arab states that support this attack against her, Jordan feels uniquely threatened.

One sentence in the DEBKAfile report needs to be emphasized:

"The Iraqis are wizards at deception and camouflage."

As we have stated before, our military and intelligence services believed that we had achieved a 90% destruction rate against the Yugoslav military during our long air campaign there; however, about one year afterward, we discovered that we had degraded their capability only by 10%! Why had we failed when we thought we had succeeded? The Yugoslav military listened carefully to the Russian advisers as to how to camouflage and deceive our high-tech sensing equipment. We bombed many a useless truck, many an empty barn that had a running motor in it, and many old, obsolete tanks that had been painted and made to look anew. If Saddam listens to the Russians this time, we could be in for a bad fight.

NEWS ITEM: "Cutting Edge Subscriber Sounds Off On N.B.C. -- Nuclear, Biological, Chemical -- protective suits and gas masks.

"I can tell you from my time in the usmc, [United States Marine Corps] that those nbc suits are total junk. After I was injured I used to take the cs gas pellets or gas grenades to the gas chambers. I had been around cs gas so much it only made my eyes water, and as long as you stayed calm and maintained your bearing it would not bother you much at all. A lot of times in the gas chamber, when the pellets needed changed, to go start another one burning, I would just go in without a gas mask, because the mask were such worthless junk, AND AS A INSTRUCTOR HELPER I HAD THE GOOD MASK!!!! The NBC gear was so bad in Okinawa, when they used to run a drill and gas the barracks, instead of just waking up and putting my gear on like I was supposed to, I would just walk outside and go to sleep. And that gear is almost impossible to fight and shoot in. If the filter gets wet, the gas mask becomes USELESS."

We have had many testimonies pouring in this past week from subscribers whose sons are in the theater, and are scared to death of these nearly worthless NBC suits. Furthermore, we have waited so long to begin this war that the hot, 130 degree temperature is upon us; thus, even good NBC suits will kill the soldiers trying to carry out a battle in 130 degree temperature.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bill blasts 'political mess' by 'W' ", Daily News, News & Views, March 14, 2003.

"The U.S. should be strengthening the UN and other 'mechanisms of cooperation', Clinton said. 'We need to be creating a world that we would like to live in when we're not the biggest power on the block'."

President Clinton seems to be conditioning us to a post-war reality in which the United States will no longer be the superpower -- the King Kong -- of all the nations of the world! Rush Limbaugh blasted both Former President Jimmy Carter and Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, for saying almost exactly the same thing recently.

If the United States is going to come out of this war less than the superpower we were going into the war, the warnings for the past 10 years from Cutting Edge seems to be coming true. We have already seen stupid tactics and dumb decisions made already [Newsletter, 3/12/03], and we may see a lot more. Pray for the safety and the very lives of our precious men and women who may pay with their lives for this deliberate decision to allow American forces to suffer such grievous losses that we would no longer be a superpower.

When Albright stated the same concept as Clinton did, this was not the first time she spoke critically about US national sovereignty. As Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, boldly -- although obliquely -- stated that national sovereignty is dead. Speaking in Paris, in February, 1999, Albright said: "Great nations who understand the importance of sovereignty at various times cede various portions of it in order to achieve some better good for their country ... We are looking at how the nation-state functions in a totally different way than people did at the beginning of this century." {Quoted in Limbaugh Letter, May, 1999; Emphasis added}

Thus, Albright told anyone who was listening that America is in the process of voluntarily "ceding portions" of our sovereignty so that a "better good" might be established. That "better good" is the loss of American sovereignty so that the global government can proceed. Unfortunately, the way the Illuminati has planned for us to lose our sovereignty seems to be through terrible losses in this war.

We only hope and pray this is not God's timing, and will not happen.

NEW BRIEF: "Every time there has been a stop loss, there has been a war", former Marine, now Cutting Edge subscriber, 3/15/03.

"Stop- loss is a non-career Marines worst nightmare. If you were in the Marines, and were getting out next week, a stop loss extends your stay till uncle Sam says you are ready to go. Basically any Marine that was supposed to get out in 2003, got extended to Feb, 2004. The airforce just did the same thing with 21,000 personnel, but the Marine corps has a stop-loss on every single person in the Marines in late January 2003. I spoke with the local Marine recruiter yesterday, and he said the Marines weren't even taking new infantry. If something does happen to those existing infantry soldiers, there are no marines being prepared to take there place right now. Last time the Corps got a stop-loss order was right before Desert Storm started. Every time there has been a stop loss, there has been a war."

This information is startling in two respects:

1. Every time our military has issued "Stop-Loss" orders, we have gone to war. This confirms our original reports that the war is a "Go", and has already started.

2. "The Marines weren't even taking new infantry. If something does happen to those existing infantry soldiers, there are no marines being prepared to take there place right now." I can never remember any time when the training pipe line was stopped just prior to, or during a war! The pipeline training process in the Marine Corps is about 6 months: 3 months Basic Training and 3 months Advanced Individual Weapons Training. During the Vietnam War, the total training time was shortened to 13 weeks, after which the new recruit was shipped directly to combat.

Shutting off the training pipeline has several ramifications:

a. In our deployment of active Marine units, we may have been forced -- because of our military drawdown these past 10 years -- to remove experienced Drill Instructors from their posts in training, so they could supply the active units being deployed with their critical leadership skills. This possibility was just stated by a former Army Major. If this is the case, we have another instance of dumb tactics.

b. Our military is expecting a short and relatively bloodless war. We can only hope and pray this is the case! However, we pay our military to deal in the real world, and to plan for absolute Worst-Case Scenarios! Thus, even if our leadership expected another quick war, they should continue normal training operations, just in case of a long, protracted, and bloody war. If existing units are decimated through a chemical, biological, or nuclear attack, we would have no replacement soldiers to rush to the front.

We already have this situation with our naval ships. As I have stated before, during the June, 1999, US Naval War College Strategy Session, Admiral after Admiral arose to cry for a restoration of the number of active ships; they were very worried, that an enemy could "get lucky" and take out some of our fighting ships. Given the current limited number of active ships, our Navy would not be able to replace the losses.

c. If the plan is to have America come out of this war less than a superpower, this shutting off of the normal training regimen makes sense.

We can find no historic precedent for our military shutting off the training pipeline! While we allow our politicians to spin false, rosy scenarios, we pay our military to deal with, and prepare for, Worst Case Scenario. Shutting off the training pipeline since end January is both unprecedented and very dangerous. For the first time, our military may not be able to effectively respond to a Worst Case Scenario!

NEWS BRIEF: "White House Press Briefing", Ari Fleischer, 3/14, 2003, http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2003/03/20030314-12.html

"Question: [Helen Thomas] Will you ask -- Ari, will you ask the President for me and for many, many others, has he really weighed the human cost on both sides, starting a war to go after one man?

"MR. FLEISCHER: Helen, this is not a war to go after one man. This is a war, if there is a war, to go after one regime led by Saddam Hussein that possesses weapons of mass destruction that can take the lives of millions. That's why the United Nations called on Saddam Hussein to disarm. It is because Iran....

[As was seen live on MSNBC, Ari Fleischer realizes his slip, pauses for nearly a 2 seconds to compose himself, and then continues]

"-- Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction and that is the core of the issue. They have not disarmed."

This mistake of the tongue may have been an innocent mistake; on the other hand, it could have been a genuine Freudian Slip, where Ari accidentally named the country that the U.S. really is aiming for -- Iran. In NEWS1761, posted on January 15, 2003, we reported that our deployment of forces within the Middle East made sense only if you realized that we were going to attack other regimes than just Iraq. Indeed, Iran and Saudi Arabia are the real military powers in the region, as they possess nuclear weapons. However, Iran has the numbers of military personnel to compliment her nuclear weapons, so she is the true threat in the region.

In the way we have bunched up our Naval assets in the Persian Gulf, we are in position to strike Iran immediately after overthrowing Iraq. This may be the point where Russia intervenes with her superior scalar weaponry to destroy enough of our forces to stop us from overthrowing Iran. Iranian supersonic ship-to-ship missiles are also a deadly threat, as she has placed them on small naval speed boats that could suddenly launch salvos of missiles at our bunched-up ships.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ashcroft gains power through security shift", The Charlotte Observer, March 15, 2003.

On the home front, nearly hidden in the unfolding war news, is this report that Attorney General Ashcroft has quietly assumed new, and significant, powers. Listen:

"WASHINGTON - In the bureaucratic reshuffling over homeland security, Attorney General John Ashcroft came out a winner.

Ashcroft took control of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and with it an issue close to his conservative agenda -- guns. And he gave up responsibility for two areas of law enforcement that had brought ridicule to the Justice Department: the color-coded threat alert system and immigration ... With the addition of nearly 5,000 law enforcement officials from the firearms bureau, Ashcroft has again expanded the policing authority of the Justice Department, a hallmark of his tenure as attorney general. With the fight against terrorism as his bully pulpit, Ashcroft has pushed the powers of federal law enforcement in directions few thought possible before the Sept. 11 attacks. His reach extends not only to counterterrorism, but also to issues like the death penalty and gun policy, which he attacks with equal aggressiveness..."

"Even some of his conservative peers complain that Ashcroft may have grown too powerful.

"To his critics, Ashcroft is a Big Brother figure: an attorney general whose expanding scope has allowed the Justice Department to use wiretaps, backroom decisions and an expanded street presence to spy on ordinary Americans, read their e-mail messages or monitor their library checkouts, all in the name of fighting terrorism. And the department's consideration of proposals that could give it still greater counterterrorism authority has provoked fresh concerns. The former Republican congressman Dick Armey, on his way out the door last year as House majority leader, said he thought Ashcroft and the Justice Department were 'out of control'."

Remember that the war to produce Antichrist is a war that contains significant elements of domestic policy changes! As planned Arab terror attacks on our cities unfold -- or threaten to unfold -- the Plan calls for the Justice Department and FEMA to take on draconian powers and to start taking actions that will eliminate our Constitutional Government and our personal liberties and rights.

Remember, this is the same Attorney General Ashcroft who stated his vision for concentration camps. [NEWS1691]

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush, Blair, Spanish PM to Hold Emergency Iraq Summit in Azores", FoxNews.com, March 15, 2003.

"WASHINGTON — In a last-ditch effort to devise a plan to win international support for using force to disarm Saddam Hussein, President Bush will meet Sunday with the leaders of America's two closest allies on the Security Council — British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar. In a meeting billed as a bid "to pursue every last bit of diplomacy," the three will convene in the Azores, a traditional mid-Atlantic refueling stop about 900 miles west of Portugal."

If US and British forces have already started the air campaign against Iraq so that the ground assault can begin on March 17, Monday, you might ask yourself what on earth are we still talking diplomacy? As we have stated before, once a national leader has made the decision to go to war, his diplomatic channels are transformed into nothing more, nor less, than a propaganda machine. This propaganda is designed to make it appear to the citizenry that the national leadership is really interested in peace, and is taking every step possible to avoid war.

You can discount every story of diplomacy, as the war has already started. In fact, we have been telling our readers for months that diplomacy is simply "war by other means" and that war was inevitable because it was planned.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Carrier Arrives at S.Korea; N.Korea Voices War", Yahoo News, March 15, 2003.

"ABOARD CARL VINSON, PUSAN, SOUTH KOREA (Reuters) - A U.S. aircraft carrier prepared to take part in U.S.-South Korean war games on Saturday, which North Korea described as a rehearsal for a nuclear attack, ratcheting up tensions over the reclusive communist state's nuclear program. Impoverished North Korea, which has taken a series of provocative steps on the Cold War's last flashpoint over the past few months in its campaign for direct talks with Washington, took a dire view of the annual month-long exercises.

"The U.S. seeks to round off its preparations for a nuclear war against the DPRK (North Korea) at its final phase and mount a pre-emptive nuclear attack on it any time," Pyongyang's state-run newspaper Rodong Shinmun said on Saturday."

"American military muscle has gone on full display in the South as the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson was sent to the western Pacific after U.S. forces deployed six F-117A 'Stealth' warplanes in the region this week. The U.S. air force also prepared to resume spy flights off the coast of North Korea."

For the past ten years, Cutting Edge has taught the reality that the Illuminati planned for this Third World War to produce Antichrist will consist of three wars: Middle East, North Korea attacking South Korea, and China attacking Taiwan. The second part of this war scenario is North Korea and it is significantly important that the war news rhetoric has ratcheted upward on the same time line as our gathering forces have ratcheted up our capability to launch the war against Iraq. [Read NEWS1781 for full details]

As events unfold on the Korean Peninsula, remember the Illuminist Plan:

"A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]

How this scenario will unfold is uncertain at this point. We shall just have to prayerfully watch and wait to see exactly how it does unfold.

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