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Subtitle: US forces are in control of the surface of Baghdad, even though fighting continues in the labyrinth of bunkers and tunnels honeycombing subterranean Baghdad, some four to six tiers and buried 60 to 90 ft deep.

New discovery of highly radioactive scientific site abandoned days ago, but with no bombs, raises specter that Saddam has tactically retreated from Baghdad to continue war with unconventional weapons! Is Basra really the city out of which world government would come?

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NEWS BRIEF: "Baghdad falls to US forces", BBC News, Wednesday, 9 April 2003.

"The government of Saddam Hussein has lost control over Baghdad after US forces advanced into the centre of the capital. US tanks drove unhindered into public squares on the eastern bank of the Tigris for the first time, including the area surrounding the Palestine hotel, where the international media are based. In a symbolic moment, an American armoured vehicle helped a crowd of cheering Iraqis to pull down a huge statue of Saddam Hussein in the Fardus square in front of the hotel. Dozens of exultant people leapt on the deposed figure and stamped on it, shouting 'Death to Saddam!'.

"US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld described the scenes as 'breathtaking'. He said Saddam Hussein was 'taking his place in the pantheon of failed brutal dictators'."

What an amazing turn of events! After fighting well in Basra and other cities in the south, the Republican Guard and all other Iraqi forces, suddenly vanished as if into thin air! While some units fought in some locations, and are continiung to fight, the Iraqi military did not mount any sophisticated or cohesive defense of their capitol city. As US forces began to mount heavily armed forays into the city, they discovered such paper-thin defenses that commanders on location were encouraged to increase their forays in firepower and in size of units. What they discovered shocked us all: the Iraqis had evidently vanished instead of putting up the determined defense of their capitol city.

In fact, this sudden collapse is so shocking, one has to consider whether our forces might be walking into a trap. President Bush's White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer sounded a somber tone of warning. Listen:

"US President George W Bush has said this is a historic moment. However, his spokesman, Ari Fleischer said: 'As much as the president is pleased to see the progress of the military campaign ... he remains very cautious because he knows there is great danger that can still lie ahead'." [Ibid.]

The kind of danger facing us is hinted at by DEBKAfile Intelligence report.

NEWS BRIEF: "Baghdad Divided", Day 21 of Iraq War, April 9, 2002

"DEBKAfile’s military sources stress that the secret military operation taking place underground and out of sight since the beginning of this week may be as important and audacious. It is there that US forces are fighting their way through the bunkers and tunnels honeycombing subterranean Baghdad, some four to six tiers and buried 60 to 90 ft deep."

For several days now, American forces have been combing the vast underground facilities that Saddam has built. These incredible cities are 60-90 feet underground and which are "honeycombing subterranean Baghdad". They contain vast bunkers and tunnels and are built in 4-6 different layers. We do not know if fierce fighting is occurring in these underground locations, but it seems highly dangerous for US forces to go into the lair that Saddam has prepared. Vast technological superiority virtually disappears when our soldiers engage the enemy in close contact, and/or in hand-to-hand combat.

DEBKAfile is reporting that the real fighting may be occurring out of sight, in these bunkers, not on the surface.

Further, these tunnels and bunkers could be rigged to explode, bringing down the entire bunker upon the heads of the Americans fighting deep down inside. Or, these underground facilities could be rigged to suddenly spew forth gas or other deadly chemicals without warning. If our soldiers are fighting in this type of underground facilitates, we need to be in much prayer, for this type of combat has the potential of delivery deadly consequences.


Just a couple of hours ago, breaking news hit the wire services that seemed to shed a great amount of light on this developing situation.

NEWS BRIEF: "Marines hold nuclear site", Pittsburgh Tribune Review, April 9, 2003.

"SOUTH OF BAGHDAD — In a valley sculpted by man, between the palms and roses, lies a vast marble and steel city known as Al-Tuwaitha. In the suburbs about 18 miles south of the capital's suburbs, this city comprises nearly 100 buildings — workshops, laboratories, cooling towers, nuclear reactors, libraries and barracks — that belong to the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission. But, investigators Tuesday discovered that Al-Tuwaitha hides another city. This underground nexus of labs, warehouses, and bomb-proof offices was hidden from the public and, perhaps, International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors who combed the site just two months ago, until the U.S. Marine Corps Combat Engineers discovered it three days ago."

"Today, the Marines hold it against enemy counter-attacks."

When you read the full details of this story, you will understand the drama that seems to be playing out right now.

"So far, Marine nuclear and intelligence experts have discovered 14 buildings that betray high levels of radiation. Some of the readings show nuclear residue too deadly for human occupation. A few hundred meters outside the complex, where peasants say the 'missile water' is stored in mammoth caverns, the Marine radiation detectors go 'off the charts' ... To nuclear experts in the United States, the discovery of a subterranean complex is highly interesting, perhaps the atomic 'smoking gun' intelligence agencies have been searching for ... Last fall ... the Central Intelligence Agency prodded international inspectors to probe Al-Tuwaitha for weapons of mass destruction. The inspectors came away with nothing.

"They went through that site multiple times, but did they go underground? I never heard anything about that," said physicist David Albright, a former IAEA Action Team inspector in Iraq from 1992 to 1997. Officials at the IAEA could not be reached for comment. 'The Marines should be particularly careful because of those high readings. Three hours at levels like that and people begin to vomit. That leads me to wonder, if the readings are accurate, whether radioactive material was deliberately left there to expose people to dangerous levels. You couldn't do scientific work in levels like that. You would die'."

Exactly! This apparently is a nuclear processing site, as evidenced not only by the high level of radiation present, but by the villager's knowledge of the "missile water", the kind of heavy water seemingly needed for such processing of radioactive material. Thus, even though we have not been able to get into the facility to conduct a thorough examination, this facility appears to be a nuclear processing site.

However, workers and scientists could not, and would not, work in conditions of high radioactivity, for they would promptly die. Extreme measures are taken to ensure that no leakage of radioactive material would occur; systems are checked and double-checked, and safety equipment is backed up by numerous redundant systems so that no personnel working at the site would die.

Therefore, if it is highly radioactive, it is because the facility was deliberately sabotaged as the last of the personnel left. Now, let us go back to this feature article for more information.

"The nuclear scientists, engineers and technicians, housed in a plush neighborhood near the campus, have run away, along with Baathist party loyalists ... 'It's going to take some very smart people a very long time to sift through everything here,' said Flick. 'All this machinery. All this technology. They could do a lot of very bad things with all of this' ... "Three weeks ago, the scientists seemed to have abandoned the complex," said Seegar. "That's what the villagers say. The place was protected by the Special Republic Guard, but they deserted it, too. Four days ago, everyone was gone."

Four days ago -- April 5 -- is the date that some intelligence services were reporting that Saddam and his men had fled Baghdad. Is it possible that they fled to join hidden forces for a battle against our men massed now in Baghdad? Is it possible Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, after all, and might be planning to use them against our forces in Baghdad? Is this what our president meant when he warned through his Press Secretary that "there is great danger that can still lie ahead"?

While our troops are still combing Baghdad on the 33rd parallel, ecstatic that they did not have to fight block by block, house by house, our commanders have to worry exceedingly about what surprise may lie ahead. On April 4, an Iraqi spokesman warned that "a non-military surprise" awaited the Americans [Skolnick Report, April 6, 2003].

It seems possible that the lack of defenses of Baghdad might be a "strategic retreat" because Saddam planned to fight the final battle in another location.

Finally, we have to worry about Basra, for in 1933, H.G. Wells wrote a book entitled, "The Shape of Things To Come". In this book, he revealed a part of the Illuminati plan to start the World War III that would usher in the "Modern World-State" that will be ruled by "The Christ" -- Antichrist. Listen carefully to this part of the Plan, for we may see it come to pass in our Daily News:

".. the plan for the 'Modern World-State' would succeed in its third attempt (Third World War) and would come out of something that would occur in Basra, Iraq." ["The Globalists: The Power Elite Exposed", by Dr. Dennis Cuddy, p. 50.

Today, Coalition Forces control nearly all of Basra, but as this article goes to print, we still do not control all of it. Is a dynamic event, an incendiary event, going to occur in Basra? Is Basra the key, not Baghdad? We can only wait and watch, allowing events to unfold in front of us.

But one thing is sure: Our military forces, drawn together from the "uttermost part of the heavens", is now in the process of "seizing the whole land" of Iraq. We seem to be seeing End of the Age prophecy being fulfilled in our Daily News. Is the final chapter, the "final birth pangs" of Matthew 24:8 now about to unfold in front of us? Events shall soon show us.

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