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Subtitle: Suddenly, powerful Russian naval units are "maneuvering" in close proximity to U.S. ships in the Persian Gulf. Black Sea Fleet has moved out of the Black Sea. Russian Pacific Fleet now offshore near North Korea, carrying out aggressive war games. If Russia's intent is to meddle in world affairs in these two locations, her fleet is precisely located.

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NEWS BRIEF: "Russian Squadron Leaves To The Side of The Persian Gulf: Will practice shooting while close to Persian Gulf War area!", Venick Aviation Online, 4/3/2003.

"According to the information of 'Izvestia', already on Thursday, on 3 April, the ships of Pacific Ocean fleet (TOF) must leave for the distant march into the Indian Ocean ... Together with two large antisubmarine warfare ships and accompanying tanker ... departs the nuclear powered submarine with nuclear weapons aboard. In Indian Ocean, in the neighborhood with the Persian Gulf, Pacific Ocean seamen will reunite with the squadron of ships of Black Sea fleet, which emerges in the sea during the same days; this the first naval march of this scale from the time of the Soviet Union."

"On the assertion of seamen, their ships are for the first time in many years completed and supplied 'under the string'. According to the unofficial information, above-water detachment will accompany atomic multipurpose submarine with cruise missiles and nuclear weapons aboard. TOF must be connected up Indian Ocean with the detachment of the warships of Black Sea fleet headed by rocket cruiser 'Moskva', after which Russian naval grouping will represent squadron with number approximately 10 warships - in Indian Ocean.

"At the same time source in the staff TOF emphasized that the problems can arise with practice shootings. In the Indian Ocean Russia does not have polygons/ranges, and numerous agreements are necessary according to the international standards. Furthermore, one cannot fail to consider the war in the Persian Gulf. It is possible that the Russian ships will approach the zone of combat operations closely. "

Did you catch these pertinent facts?

"... one cannot fail to consider the war in the Persian Gulf. It is possible that the Russian ships will approach the zone of combat operations closely. "

Then, while they are physically close to our naval units, they are going to conduct "practice shootings"!

Finally, we learn that this movement is unprecedented since the Soviet Union dissolved. Listen:

"... this the first naval march of this scale" since the times of the Soviet Union. In other words, this naval movement is very unusual and has not been seen in this types of numbers for over a decade.

This is a major story, so let us cover it in some detail.

First, it seems highly unusual that the Russians would move a strong naval fleet near the U.S. "zone of combat operations" and then proceed to conduct "practice shootings"! That kind of activity would undoubtedly be viewed by our naval commanders as provocative, and very dangerous. In such a scenario, "accidents" could occur that could lead into a sudden deadly confrontation on the high seas.

Perhaps now that our naval operations have dramatically decreased because of the winding down of the Iraq war, this will be less of a problem; still, it is always dangerous to conduct "practice shootings" in close vicinity of enemy ships.

Secondly, this Russian fleet will be comprised of the squadrons comprising the Black Sea Fleet, plus elements of the Pacific Ocean fleet. Their capabilities include:

* Antisubmarine warfare ships

* Nuclear powered submarines carrying nuclear weapons, including cruise missiles

* Rocket Cruiser, "Moskva", which may be an equivalent to our Aegis Cruiser

This nuclear-capable Russian force is thus arriving on the scene in the Indian Ocean, with close proximity to our forces in the Persian Gulf, about mid-April. They are supposedly going to a location in the Indian Ocean, but are said to be in close proximity to our naval forces assisting the Iraq war effort. This may mean they are likely to really be in the Arabian Sea, possibly close to the mouth of the Persian Gulf. [Indian Ocean Map]

Thus, at this time, these Russian ships will be in position to give Russia military clout in the area where we are conducting Iraqi war operations, should Russia decide to undertake any military action.

Further, notice that at least some of the Black Sea Fleet has moved out of the Black Sea and is now preparing to rendezvous with elements of the Pacific Fleet in the Indian Ocean. This is a major development! The Black Sea Fleet has always been confined to that relatively small sea, and its route out of the sea into the Mediterranean is very tight and easily subjected to attack.

Thus, Russian military doctrine has always stipulated that the Black Sea Fleet must be moved out of that sea well prior to the beginning of hostilities, so they could not be bottled up and destroyed; therefore, the fact that the Black Sea Fleet has now moved out of the Black Sea could very well mean that the Russian leaders feel a confrontation or a major crisis lies just ahead. Let us say this another way: The fact that the Black Sea Fleet has been moved out of the Black Sea may be a portent to war. If the entire Black Sea Fleet has been moved out, that is a terrible development.

U.S. military intelligence assets must have been very concerned that the Russians have now moved Black Sea Fleet assets into the open ocean.


NEWS BRIEF: "Pacific Fleet Conducts War Games in Peter the Great Bay", Pravda, April 15, 2003.

"The Russian Navy's Pacific Fleet launched its scheduled large-scale war games in Peter the Great Bay, Russia's Primorye (Maritime) territory, April 15 ... The Varyag nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser flying the pennant of fleet commander Admiral Victor Fedorov, the Admiral Tributs capital ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) ship, two destroyers, four mine-sweepers, four small submarine-chasers, a group of guided-missile motor-boats, Varshavyanka-class diesel-powered submarines, naval aviation, as well as several amphibious-landing ships replete with marine units, are taking part in this exercise. Ground-based air-defense elements, radio-electronic warfare units, as well as coastal guided-missile and artillery units, have also been placed on Red Alert."

Once again, we see a powerful Russian fleet conducting war exercises near the coast of North Korea, at the very time tensions on the Peninsula have been rising steadily for many months. This fleet is comprised of the following elements:

* Nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser

* Anti-Submarine Warfare Ships

* Two Destroyers

* Four Mine Sweepers

* Four Submarine Chasers

* Guided-Missile Motorboats

* Diesel-powered Submarines

* Naval Aviation

* Amphibious landing ships carrying Russian Marine forces

Ground-based capabilities will also be on active "Red Alert" status in the following areas:

* Air-Defense

* Radio-Electronic Warfare

* Coastal guided-missile and artillery units

These naval forces will be located in the Peter The Great Bay area, which, as you can see, is just north of the coast of North Korea. In other words, this Russian naval force would be in position to move south far enough and quickly enough to act as a "sheath" or a "shield" against any attacks which might come to North Korea from the East.

Now, look at the aggressive exercise they are going to carry out!

"The present-day exercise stipulates a simulated naval battle involving the theoretical enemy's warships, missile launches, as well as target-shooting practice involving artillery systems. Plans are also in place to clear simulated mine-fields, to hunt down and 'destroy' the theoretical enemy's submarines and to repel air raids, as well. A large marine unit will stage an amphibious landing on a rugged coast, subsequently establishing a beach-head there and hurling 'enemy' forces into the sea. That amphibious landing will be supported by warships and naval aviation."

This exercise is a major one, and is timed to be near the North Korean shoreline at the very time when war rhetoric has reached new highs, at least as of Saturday. On Saturday, Russia announced it was preparing to ensure the safety of its population near the North Korean border ["N.Korea Ready For War, Russia Takes Extra Defense Steps", IslamOnline, April 12, 2003], while North Korea vowed to never give up her nuclear programs ["North Korea vows not to give up nuclear programmes", The International News, April 12, 2003]

On Sunday, this war rhetoric suddenly turned 180 degrees in the opposite direction, a change that smells of propaganda designed to soothe the feelings of your enemy even as you are preparing war against him. Throughout history, war rhetoric has suddenly changed to peace rhetoric just before the attack.

A good example of this type of propaganda exercise was carried out by the Japanese. Even though we knew that Japan needed to gain access to oil supplies to further her war against China started in 1937, we still did not believe Japan would or could strike so far east as to hit our naval assets in Pearl Harbor. To further this illusion, Japan continued earnest "peace negotiations" all the way through late November, 1941. A sudden attack following on the heels of "peace negotiations" is a very large part of the reason Americans yelled, "Sneak Attack"! ["Pearl Harbor", Department of The Navy, Naval Historical Center, http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/events/wwii-pac/pearlhbr/pearlhbr.htm]

Peace talk suddenly following months and months of harsh war rhetoric is very suspicious.


The 3-war scenario developed several decades ago envisioned an attack on Iraq being the trigger to set the entire Middle East into fiery conflagration. Once America was dug into Iraq with the majority of her first-line units, North Korea was to attack South Korea. Then, with America's forces stretched well beyond the limit, China was to invade Taiwan.

The North Korean attack is designed to produce a "nuclear confrontation that will threaten mankind's very survival" ["The Armageddon Script", by Peter Lemesurier, p. 223]. We always felt that a nuclear confrontation between the United States and North Korea was not credible, even if North Korea is now reported to have nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that can hit American East Coast cities. We felt a major power had to intervene on behalf of North Korea if the crisis was to credibly threaten the survival of mankind.

We felt perhaps China was that major power, but she cannot have her military assets tied up aiding North Korea if she is going to attack Taiwan. Russia seems the likely candidate for a "nuclear confrontation" that will threaten mankind's very survival; we may have another Cuban Missile Crisis straight ahead of us.

What is so interesting is that these Russian naval units -- one in the Indian Ocean within close proximity to US Persian Gulf naval forces -- and one in the ocean just north of the Russian - North Korean border, are in exactly the right position to carry out Act II of this planned world war.

Now, these naval deployments may be totally innocent and not related at all to the planned war; however, if they are not related, this coincidence is very curious and unusual. We shall just have to patiently wait to allow events to play out to their fullest.

Are you ready if this is the planned world war to produce Antichrist?

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