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Subtitle: Only a few astute Israelis saw this reversal coming! Many Jews are panicking over this "betrayal". But, if this Palestinian State which no one wants comes into existence, the likelihood is very great that Isaiah 34:12 prophecy will be fulfilled!

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NEWS BRIEF: "Sharon Says Occupation Must End", By Joel Greenberg, Chicago Tribune, May 27, 2003.

"JERUSALEM -- Facing a firestorm of criticism from members of his Likud Party over his Cabinet's approval of a U.S.-backed peace plan envisioning a Palestinian state, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Monday that keeping the Palestinians under occupation harms Israel. 'This can't go on forever', Sharon told Likud lawmakers at a stormy meeting a day after the Cabinet approved the plan. 'To keep 3.5 million Palestinians under occupation -- you can dislike the word, but what is happening is occupation -- is in my view bad for Israel, for the Palestinians and for Israel's economy', Sharon said. It was the first time that Sharon, for years a hawk and architect of the Israeli settlement drive in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, had publicly used the word 'occupation' to describe Israel's military presence in those territories."

"The remarks fueled debate over whether Sharon, who has used tough military tactics in an effort to crush the 32-month-old Palestinian uprising, was undergoing a political transformation as he moved under American pressure toward carrying out the peace plan, known as the 'road map'."

For those of you who are not sure what the "Road Map" is, we encourage you to read our report on NEWS1807. You will not only see that the "Road Map" is a detailed plan calling for a Palestinian State to be created within tiny Israel, but you will appreciate the serious fact that this nefarious document was delivered according to Satanic occult numerics, thus stamping the plan with the imprimatur of the coming New World Order!

Palestinian State?!

On May 21, an editorial in the Lebanon Star Daily seemed to sum up the feelings of the Arab world, when it declared that the "Road Map" was dead! Israeli officials were saying much the same thing. Then, all of sudden - in a flash - the "Road Map" is not only un-dead, it is rushing through at breakneck speed! What on earth made such a difference! President Bush.

On May 22, President Bush literally "ordered" Prime Minister Sharon to push through Cabinet acceptance of the "Road Map", which envisions a side-by-side Palestinian State with Israel. The Palestinians currently control 42% of the land of tiny Israel, and it is likely they will control that amount of land in the final draft. Just to ensure that Sharon got the message, President Bush ordered $10 billion in US loan guarantees frozen until Israel complied, and reportedly compiled a long list of punitive actions he could take against Israel if it did not back this most terrible "Peace Plan".

This entire episode ranks of the lowest form of hypocrisy I have ever seen. Since the 9/11 attacks, President Bush and his key Cabinet members have railed against terrorism. In fact, Deputy Defense Secretary Wolfowitz enunciated a new administration policy on 9/13/01, just two days after the attacks, in which he stated that America was never going to relent in our war against terrorism, even if that included overthrowing all governments in the world who support, arm, finance, and/or culturally support, this activity. [NEWS1542]

Later, Bush presented the "Axis of Evil" nations prime for overthrow: Iraq, Iran, North Korea.

We have repeatedly asked a most pertinent question for over a year now: Why has Bush exempted Yassir Arafat and his Palestinian terrorists from this arch-terrorist list? Arafat has been a kingpin of terror for 33 years, far longer than any of the other leaders in Bush's blacklist. Arafat's terrorists begin highjacking commercial airliners, terrorizing thousands and aggravating the Western world greatly, beginning September 6-9, 1970 [http://users.iafrica.com/l/ll/lloyd/1-IsraelTimeLine/7-1930-1999/1953-1970.htm]

We are also coming up to the 31st anniversary of Arafat's slaughter of 11 Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich, Germany, carried out without mercy on September 5, 1972. Few people realize that this terrorist attack carried a significant number of occult numerics. Let us review them quickly:

* The Date, 9/5/1972 = 33 - a prime number of worship to the Illuminist and representative of the New Age Christ

* Number "11" Prominent:

** 11 Israeli athletes killed
** 11 Palestinian terrorists identified and sought
** 11 "On October 29, a Lufthansa jet was hijacked by Palestinian terrorists who demanded that the Munich killers be released. The Germans capitulated and the imprisoned terrorists were freed." ["Olympic Team Murder", http://www.palestinefacts.org/pf_1967to1991_munich.php]
The date, 29 equals an "11" (2+9) according to occult method of calculation.

Thus, this event is marked by three sets of "11"; in occult thinking, the most powerful way to emphasize a symbol or a number is to repeat it three times. Three is the number of the pagan trinity. The number "11" is a most powerful numeric symbol of the Illuminati's Antichrist - NEWS1789. Therefore, the prevalence of "11" in the Munich Massacre tells us this attack was staged as part of the plan to produce Antichrist!

In October, 1985, Palestinian terrorists highjacked the cruise ship, Achille Lauro, killing handicapped 69-year-old Leon Klinghoffer. Then, beginning in the early 1980's Arafat discovered how effective human suicide bombers could be in terrorizing a modern urban country like Israel. For over 20 years now, Palestinian suicide bombers have been an exceedingly heavy thorn in the side of the Israeli state.

Israel is also getting close to the 33rd month of the current Intifada, which began on September 29, 2000, as Palestinians initiated attacks following Sharon's legitimate visit to the Temple Mount ["It Didn't Start with Sharon: Chronology of Events Leading Up to the September/October Violence in Israel, Judea, Samaria and Gaza", http://www.jinsa.org/articles/print.html?documentid=1033]

This Intifada is critical, because Israel considers its start as the beginning of World War III. Are you surprised? Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "WWIII Is Coming 'Whether They Like It Or Not' "-Top Sharon Aide, By Stephanie Innes, Arizona Daily Star (4-27-2)

"The terror attacks on Sept. 11 and extreme turmoil in the Middle East point to one thing - World War III, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Friday during a visit to Tucson. 'We've been fighting a war for the past 18 months, which is the harbinger of World War III. The world is going to fight, whether they like it or not. I'm sure,'' Ra'anan Gissin, a senior adviser to Sharon, said in an interview Friday. 'Sept. 11 was a watershed event, and things will never be the same. The battle lines have been drawn'.''


As you can see, the Sharon government considers the beginning of the Intifada on September 29, 2000, as the "harbinger of World War III"! This is the same Prime Minister Ariel Sharon who has now just made a stunning reversal in his policy; furthermore, the same President Bush who was if office when this Sharon aide made these remarks is the same president now supposedly twisting Sharon's arm to accept the unworkable "Road Map" to a Palestinian State!

September 29, 2000 to June 29, 2003 = 33 months

Yassir Arafat is the king of terrorism!

He no more deserves to be rewarded with a state than Adolf Hitler deserved to stay in power! The way in which President Bush is trying to get around this issue is by saying he is bypassing Arafat and dealing only with the new Palestinian Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas. However, a story appeared on May 20 that told the truth of the matter: Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas are friends and loyal to one another. Listen:

"Despite Israeli assessments to the contrary, the former chief Palestinian negotiator insists that Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat and PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas remain loyal to each other." ["Arafat, Abbas Still Loyal to Each Other, Palestinian Official Says", by Julie Stahl, CNSNews.com Jerusalem Bureau Chief, May 20, 2003]

Thus, the act of battle and discord between Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas is just that: a scripted "battle" designed to give the present American drive for a Palestinian state a "fig leaf" of respectability. The question of the hour is simple: why is President Bush driving so insistently for a Palestinian State that no one really wants? The Israelis do not want the inherent fanaticism of the Palestinians supported by all the apparatus of a state; the Palestinians do not want a "side-by-side" state, coexisting with Israel, because they want all of Israel, with the Jews forever driven out! Neither Syria, nor Egypt, nor Jordan truly wants a fanatical Palestinian state in the Middle East, for the same reason Israel does not want one. If you do not believe this reality, listen to a quote from an article we wrote early in 1997, concerning the next time Arabs attack Israel:

"If the battle plan goes as envisioned, the victorious Arab armies will owe a great debt of gratitude to the Palestinian Arabs. The Palestinians will have fulfilled their mission well, in drawing Israeli resources away from the border, in preventing reserve soldiers from reaching their battle stations, and in causing enormous initial casualties among Israeli soldiers and civilians. Since this will be true, if the Arab battle plan successfully destroys Israel, then we might be a little surprised to discover that the Arabs do not plan on honoring the Palestinian Arabs, nor even thanking them; rather, we discover that they plan on turning on their Palestinian brethren, to annihilate them!! Let us return now to the article from the Jewish Press.


" 'The Arab war plan does, indeed, call for the annihilation of the Jewish State, but there is another target. The Palestinian Arabs have been a hated thorn to most of the Arab world. While the Arab dictators used the Palestinian Arabs as a terrorist front to recover Arab pride for past battlefield defeats, they never allowed them to settle as citizens in their nations. They know that once these clever, hostile people have an operating state, they can and will cause havoc in the Arab world. They will constantly demand money, using the 'or else' blackmail, as in the past. Therefore, during this coming war, the two targets are both the Jews and the Palestinian Arabs'["1997: The Next Arab-Israeli War", by Emanuel A. Winston, A Middle East Analyst and Commentator, The Jewish Press, Week of January 31, 1997, Vol. XLVII, No. 5, p. 43 and 53; Full article at: https://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1057.html]."

Did you catch that relevant phrase? "... during this coming war, the two targets are both the Jews and the Palestinian Arabs' ".

Thus, you can see that no nation in the Middle East really wants a Palestinian State! Therefore, why have American Presidents from Nixon to George W.. Bush spent so much time, energy, and diplomatic power behind trying to set up a state within a state that no one wants? There are several answers to this question, all of which are very interesting and informative.

Seek Another Sense: First, in any situation which makes no sense, you have to seek "other sense". In this thorny question, the answer lies 180 degrees in the opposite direction of the stated rhetoric. In other words, when President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon forcefully declare they want a Palestinian State and are going to forcefully establish one, the reality is that they do not want a Palestinian State and will not allow one to be established! As we stated above, the Sharon government considered itself to be at war with the Palestinians since the beginning of their Intifada on 9/29/2000, and considered this terrorist campaign to be the "harbinger of World War III". Nothing has changed except the rhetoric!

Bible Prophecy- Fiery Destruction: Secondly, Bible prophecy foretells of the Last Days destruction of the "House of Esau" -- today's Palestinians -- at the hands of Israel "by fire" [Obadiah 15-18]. We encourage you to stop right now and read two Cutting Edge articles on this subject:

NEWS1422 -- "The Coming Annihilation of the Palestinians - Today's House of Esau"
NEWS1620 -- "Israel To Create 'Buffer Zones"

The fact is, Bible prophecy boldly states that the entire population of the Palestinians is going to be annihilated, and Israel is giving every indication she plans to do just that! But, annihilating an entire population -- man, woman, child -- is a shocking act. In fact, it is so shocking that a nation contemplating it must first thoroughly prepare the peoples of the world, and the international community, to accept such a draconian measure! A very long time of discrediting the targeted people must occur so that when they are annihilated, the average citizen from nations around the globe will simply shrug their shoulders and say, "They had it coming".

This understanding brings us squarely back to our Point One, above. In forcefully heralding a Palestinian State, both Israel and the United States can tell the rest of the world that, if the Palestinians had just wanted peace, - and had stopped the terror attacks - they could have achieved it through this nation Bush - Sharon have tried so arduously to create. The US and Israel will be able to state that continued Palestinian terrorism just pushed Israel too far, and "they had it coming".

The rest of the world will just not ever be told the dirty little truth: neither Bush nor Sharon ever intended for a fully functioning Palestinian State to ever arise.

Bible Prophecy - Empty State Announced: Thirdly, Isaiah 34 -- a parallel passage to Obadiah 15-18 -- predicts that the Lord will allow an empty state to be announced, prior to His Divine annihilation falling upon them. Listen:

"They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there, and all its princes shall be no more." [Isaiah 34:12]


Are we at this point now? Is this prophecy the reason President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon seem intent upon creating a Palestinian State, even though no one wants it, least of all the Palestinians? I believe it likely this is the case. In the past, Arafat has acted with cunning and brutality to create insidious acts of terror just when diplomacy seemed on the verge of success; since President Bush is going to hold a Middle East summit sometime next week to promote the "Road Map" plan, we should expect some serious acts of terror beforehand. Further, soon after a Palestinian State is declared, Arafat may likely order a "Mega-Terror" attack on the scale of our 9/11 attacks.

Should this occur, the "fire" judgment coming out of Israel is likely to fulfill Obadiah 15-18 fully, just as our articles, above, detail.

Sharon's Remarkable 180 Degree Turnaround -- Right-Wing Ariel Sharon initially beat Left-Wing Ehud Barak simply because of Arafat's Intifada, which was ravaging Israel and which Prime Minister Barak could not stop. Sharon promised he would use his military experience to put a stop to the Palestinian terror campaign. However, this promise remains unfulfilled to this day! Nevertheless, the Israeli electorate proved to be just as blind as the American electorate in not realizing they had been "snookered". They re-elected Sharon, thus setting the stage for one of the greatest policy reversals in world history!

Barry Chamish spoke briefly about Sharon's re-election. Listen:

"I know Sharon accepted the roadmap to extinction and many of my readers are in shock. Well, I'm not going to react because I told you he would when you foolishly went to the polls and voted for him." ["The Long Swim Home", by Barry Chamish, 5/29/2003 electronic newsletter]

Many Israelites share Chamish's opinion that Israeli leadership possesses an inherent death wish. Despite all appearances to the contrary, I assure you there is no death wish present in this leadership. Rather, Sharon and his ministers -- like Ehud Barak and his ministers before Sharon -- are Illuminists and are following the plan to produce Antichrist exactly. What did Bible prophecy state about the tactic Antichrist planned to use to annihilate his enemies?

"... by peace shall destroy many ..." [Dan 8:25]

THIS is the real plan!

Suddenly, after campaigning as a champion of the Right-Wing Movement for decades, Sharon has completed an about-face on Palestinian Statehood! Sharon is now promoting at least as much of a give-away to the Palestinians as did most Left-Wing leaders in the past, but now his language has suddenly turned Leftward as well. Listen:

"Prime Minister Sharon's use of the word 'conquest' yesterday, in reference to the Israeli presence in its historic homeland areas ..." ["PM Sharon´s Terminology", Arutz-7, May 27, 2003]

This is frankly incredible, that a "Right-Wing" leader -- a former military officer -- could actually repeat the historic lie of both Arab and Liberal Jew alike, in saying that Israel was guilty of "conquest"; Israelis fought in 1948 to establish the fledgling nation authorized by the United Nations the end of 1947! Israel was just defending her land, and fought just as you or I would have fought for the defense of America. Do not forget this fact: the state of Israel was very legitimate, as the United Nations voted her into existence. Thus, every Jew had international backing as he fought to defend Israel against the Arab onslaught! Israel is not an illegitimate nation!

At the time of the 1948 Arab invasion, Arab radio urged all Palestinians to flee so the Muslim armies could fight and fire without worrying about killing their own. When the war was over, and Israel had won, international law gave Israel the right to expatriate the Palestinians to their natural home, the province of Moab in Jordan. The Jordanian king refused to allow the Palestinians in his country, rightly fearing that his Hashemite kingdom would rapidly fall into the minority as the Palestinian population grew.

Israel had every right to occupy the land and Sharon knew it! But, that is not the way Sharon sounded now:

"Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Monday that keeping the Palestinians under occupation harms Israel ... 'This can't go on forever ... To keep 3.5 million Palestinians under occupation -- you can dislike the word, but what is happening is occupation -- is in my view bad for Israel, for the Palestinians and for Israel's economy..." ["Sharon Says Occupation Must End", by Joel Greenberg, Chicago Tribune, May 27, 2003]

"It was the first time that Sharon, for years a hawk and architect of the Israeli settlement drive in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, had publicly used the word 'occupation' to describe Israel's military presence in those territories." [Ibid.]

Once again, Israel has every right to the land that God gave Abraham. The argument used above applies here, so I will not repeat myself, except to say that Sharon is now using the same terminology as have the implacable Muslim Israel-hater for the past 55 years. This Chicago Tribune ascribed Sharon's amazing overnight transformation to either arm twisting on behalf of Israel or to a desire to no longer have to financially support the Palestinians. Many people assume Sharon must also feel that Israel's security is enhanced by this change in direction, even though history has proven these past decades that a Palestinian State physically next to Israel will be a "dagger near the heart", as President Nixon once remarked.

At this point, Israeli realists have got to be holding their breath, hoping that Sharon will not give away the Jordan Valley and other areas of strategic importance. Other Israelis feel just as angry, and anxious, as Barry Chamish. Listen to Jerry Golden:

"In 63 years I have never had a sicker feeling down deep in my Jewish soul than I do this day. To think that a Prime Minister of Israel would agree to a Palestinian State against the will of the majority of the Jewish people, not only in Israel but also around the world. He also knows that the majority of Christians are strongly against such an agreement. It is no secret that George W. Bush along with the rest of the quartet has pressured Sharon. The question in the minds of most Israelis is what is it Bush has on Sharon that could force him to turn against his own people. For there is no doubt that he will go down in Jewish and World history as the Jew who sold out his own people and gave Israel to the enemies of God." ["It's time to stand up for the Jewish people!", Jerry Golden, Jerry Golden "REPORT", 5/25/2003]

One more important fact needs to be discussed, which will show you that neither Sharon nor Bush is going to allow the state of Israel, Jerusalem, or the Temple Mount to fall to Arab control. In NEWS1643, entitled, "Fervent Masonic Desire To Rebuild Solomon's Temple Is The Driving Force Behind Events In The Mid-East Today", we reported the secret Masonic plan to seize control of the Temple Mount so they can rebuild Solomon's Temple.

"Of all the objects which constitute the Masonic science of symbolism, the most important, the most cherished, by the Mason, and by far the most significant, is the Temple of Jerusalem. The spiritualizing of the Temple is the first, the most prominent and the most pervading, of all symbols of Freemasonry ... Take from Freemasonry its dependence on the Temple; leave out of its ritual all references to that sacred edifice, and to the legends and traditions connected with it, and the system itself would at once decay and die ... " ["Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry", by Albert Mackey, MD, 33º and Charles T. McClenachan, 33º, Revised Edition, by Edward L. Hawkins, 30º and William J. Hughan, 32º, Volume II, M-Z, published by The Masonic History Company, Chicago, New York, London, 1873, A.G. Mackey, 1927, by the Masonic History Company. Emphasis added]


Let us repeat the critical understanding that the noted 33º Masonic author, Albert Mackey, has just given us:

"Take from Freemasonry its dependence on the Temple; leave out of its ritual all references to that sacred edifice, and to the legends and traditions connected with it, and the system itself would at once decay and die ... "

Freemasonry is absolutely, completely, 100% devoted to the Solomon Temple, without which her entire structure and foundation would die! Thus does Masonry stand in stark contrast to genuine, Biblical Christianity. In other words, Freemasonry is rooted at its deepest foundation to the abolished First Covenant of the Old Testament, while Biblical Christianity is rooted to the eternal Second Covenant of Jesus Christ as delineated in the New Testament! This fact is why Skull & Bones Man, George W. Bush, loves to quote Old Testament as much as he does. Masonry is wedded to the Old Testament!

Now, let us quickly review Masonry's plan to physically rebuild Solomon's Temple:

"The Freemasons have, at all events, seized with avidity the idea of representing in their symbolic language the interior and spiritual man by a material temple ... The great body of the Masonic Craft, looking only to this first Temple erected by the wisdom of King Solomon, make it the symbol of life; and as the great object of Masonry is the search after truth, they are directed to build up this temple as a fitting receptacle for truth ..." ["Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry", by Albert Mackey, MD, 33º and Charles T. McClenachan, 33º, Revised Edition, by Edward L. Hawkins, 30º and William J. Hughan, 32º, Volume II, M-Z, published by The Masonic History Company, Chicago, New York, London, 1873, A.G. Mackey, 1927, by the Masonic History Company, p. 774]

The word, "avidity" is defined as "eagerness, greed". Therefore, we can see that they are "directed to build up this temple" with eagerness and greediness! Mackey then goes on to talk about this new temple and some of its new fixtures.

"... new incense shall arise from a new altar, and whose perpetuity their great Master had promised when, in the very spirit of symbolism, he exclaimed, 'Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up'." [Ibid.]

"New incense" arising from a "new altar", in a Temple that Mackey has just associated with the "great Master Mason", Jesus Christ! In other words, Mackey has linked the new Temple with a Christ or Messianic figure. In another book, Masonic author, Edward Waite, is even more explicit. Listen:

"The Temple of Masonry is hence forward the house of Christ' ... [Edward Waite, p. 486-7, "A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and of Cognate Instituted Mysteries: The Rites, Literature and History", Volume II, reprinted in 1970 by Weathervane Books., p. 314]

There you have it! The new physical Temple is planned to be constructed on the Temple Mount, so their Masonic Christ -- Biblical Antichrist -- can arise to use it! This firm plan is the greatest Illuminist guarantee that the Illuminati will not allow Israel to be destroyed. Even though events right now are looking glum and bleak, remember this: the Illuminati needs to control that Temple Mount, destroy the Muslim Dome of the Rock, and stage their Antichrist, so they can rebuild Solomon's Temple.


However, God's firm promises to Israel once she has returned back to her land is the REAL anchor upon which every Jew and Born Again Christian should fasten themselves. Listen to God's wonderful promises to Israel once she has come back to her land.

In Amos 9:11, God foretells that, in the Last Days, he will cause the Old Testament Temple worship to be reestablished ["raise up the tabernacle of David ..."]. Then, in verse 12, God says that this restored Israel will possess the remnant of Edom. The people of Edom are the descendants of Esau, Jacob's older brother, and the present land which they inhabit is East of the River Jordan, which is mostly the land of Jordan, including the Palestinians. These are the "House of Esau" which we covered in NEWS1422 and NEWS1620, above. After the Palestinians are gone in God's judgment, God has given their land to Israel.

In Verse 14, God foretells that His newly restored Israel shall be very prosperous both agriculturally and economically. Then, in verse 15, God says, "And I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, saith the LORD thy God."

Did you catch the core of that Divine Promise? "... they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them".

Daniel 12:1 gives an interesting picture of how God's protection might be carried out. Speaking of the time of the End of the Age, God foretold that Israel was going to face such a threat of annihilation that the great angelic princely angel, Michael, is going to have to stand up from his throne to deliver Israel.

Thus, you can see that neither Almighty God nor the Illuminati wish to see Israel defeated. Yassir Arafat - that Egyptian recruited by the Illuminist KGB (NEWS1429) -- may be ready to play the part of the "Judas Goat", leading the Palestinians up that slaughter ramp.


We have covered the prophecy found in Obadiah 15-18 thoroughly in the two above articles. In this section, we want to focus on God's promised physical judgments upon the Palestinians and finally, God's promises to Israel once He brings her back to the land. You will see that God has been paying attention these past 33 years that Arafat has been carrying out his campaign of murder and terrorism, and for the past 22 years he has been sending out suicide bombers to kill innocent Jewish men, women, and children.

Isaiah 34:5-10 -- "Because My sword has been bathed and equipped in heaven, behold, it shall come down upon Edom [the descendants of Esau], upon the people whom I have doomed for judgment. The sword of the Lord is filled with blood [of sacrifices], it is gorged and greased with fatness--with the blood of lambs and goats, with the fat of the kidneys of rams ... For the Lord has a day of vengeance, a year of recompense, for the cause of Zion. And the streams [of Edom] will be turned into pitch and its dust into brimstone, and its land will become burning pitch. [The burning of Edom] shall not be quenched night or day; its smoke shall go up forever. From generation to generation it shall lie waste; none shall pass through it forever and ever." [Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

God has brought several judgments in the past upon the House of Esau, the Edomites; however, Edom today is not smoldering forever as burning pitch, and its smoke is not ascending into the sky forever. The land has not lain in waste for generations and generations unto eternity. Obviously, this kind of judgment is still in the future for the modern day descendants of Edom -- the House of Esau -- the Palestinians. As we have pointed out in the Cutting Edge articles referenced above, Israel today has the weapons with which to carry out this type of physical annihilation. As God warned in Obadiah 18, "there shall be no survivor of the house of Esau, for the Lord has spoken it."

Zechariah 12:2-6 -- "... in that day I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all peoples; all who lift it or burden themselves with it shall be sorely wounded. And all the nations of the earth shall come and gather together against it. In that day, says the Lord, I will smite every horse [of the armies that contend against Jerusalem] with terror and panic and his rider with madness; and I will open My eyes and regard with favor the house of Judah and will smite every horse of the opposing nations with blindness ... I make the chiefs of Judah like a big, blazing pot among [sticks of] wood and like a flaming torch among sheaves [of grain], and they shall devour all the peoples round about, on the right hand and on the left..."

God paints an incredible word picture here. He portrays Israel as a " flaming torch among sheaves of grain", a torch that shall "all the peoples round about, on the right hand and on the left". Notice that little word, "all", for it means exactly that. God is reserving End of the Age physical judgment of the nations immediately surrounding Israel for Israel to carry out. For this reason, I believe Syria will be taken down by Israel, and not the United States. We have noticed a definite ratcheting downward of the anti-Syrian rhetoric lately, and no mention anymore that our troops are massing on Syria's border. God is going to use Israel as His sword of retribution for the Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Egyptians, and Jordanians. Get ready for prophecy to literally be fulfilled, in your upcoming Daily News.

"For the Lord has a day of vengeance, a year of recompense, for the cause of Zion."

All Arabs shouting anti-Zionist slogans today would do well to remember this fact: Almighty God has fixed a day in which to fight for his cause of Zion. He will not be fighting for the 66% of the Illuminist, secular, and mystical Orthodox Jewry, but for the 33% He has chosen to call His "remnant". [Zechariah 13:8-9]


Make no mistake about the fact that the situation in Israel is looking mightily serious, as many people think they see the national Grim Reaper at the door. Yet, we have demonstrated that neither God nor the Illuminati has any intention of allowing Israel to be defeated or annihilated. The situation today is one in which you must force yourself to look beyond the propaganda rhetoric streaming forth from the Mass Media and from the governments involved, to see the bedrock truth.

Israel will survive to be deceived by Antichrist, and then to be delivered by Jesus Christ. You can bet your last dollar on this reality. Truly, the End of the Age is upon us. Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

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God bless you.

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