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Subtitle: "Appearance was exactly like two sharp horns of light rising out of the sea" - Pictures will shock you and bring your mind solidly back to Revelation 13:1

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How rare was this Black Sun Eclipse of May 31, 2003? Yahoo News, Science, on May 31, told us exactly how unusual this eclipse was:

"A partial eclipse of the Sun surrounded by strange circumstances is on tap for Saturday, May 31 and will be visible in parts of North America, Europe and the Middle East. The event could be quite spectacular at sunrise in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom ... The most impressive aspect of the event will be an annular, or ring eclipse, so named because the Moon's disk will be too small to completely cover the Sun's disk. The result is a ring of fire surrounding the black circle of the Moon ... The extreme northern track of the Moon's shadow will likely make this one of the most unusual solar eclipses that will occur in the 21st century." ["Viewer's Guide: Strange Solar Eclipse", May 31, Fri May 23, 2003]

This Black Sun eclipse is fairly rare, and it comes only 15 days after a Red Moon eclipse. Occultists have taken these two eclipses very seriously. Remember, the issue is NOT what a normal astronomer thinks about this eclipse; the issue is what importance the Illuminati places on this event, and they place a huge amount of importance on it!

What is the occult significance of the observation by Pastor David Myers (Last Trumpet Ministries) that this May 31, 2003, Black Sun eclipse turned into "two sharp horns of light rising out of the sea"? Remember, Pastor Myers is a former witch and is very conversant with the symbols of Witchcraft, as well as the importance occultists place on symbols. As we have repeatedly taught, occultists throughout the world believe that symbols contain inherent power; symbols can be literally be transfer points of power from this realm into realm of the occult, or in reverse, from the realm of the demonic to this physical realm.

A Satanist places great emphasis on the symbol of a horn, having made a horn the symbol of the coming Antichrist. We shall examine the importance of the horn as a symbol, how this eclipse turned into great horns rising out of the sea, and what this fact may mean as we approach the appearance of Antichrist.


Bible Assigned Such Symbolism

God rules so supremely over His entire Creation, He rules over Satan as well, right now. Even though He is allowing Satan limited freedom of power right now, the time is coming when Satan and his entire kingdom are going to be cast into the Lake of Fire forever and forever [Revelation 20]. Further, only the One True God of the Bible has selected prophecy to a stamp of validation upon His Name and His Omnipotence. Every single prophecy God ever uttered will come true. Listen:

"Seek out of the book of the Lord and read: not one of these details of prophecy shall fail, none shall want and lack her mate in fulfillment. For the mouth [of the Lord] has commanded, and His Spirit has gathered them." [Isaiah 34:16; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Every single one of God's prophecies WILL come true! This certainty is so real that Christians literally bank our entire belief system on the reality of promised fulfillment of prophecy. For this reason, Satan and his agents are continually attempting to discredit God's Word generally, but prophecy specifically. The greatest way Satan has found that he can discredit God's prophecy through generating false prophecy that never does come true, i.e., the kind you find in the tabloids in the supermarket.

In this instance of the horn being a symbol of Antichrist, God originally assigned it to him in prophecy. Let us examine this exciting reality:

"After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast ... and it had ten horns. I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things." [Dan 7:7-8]

There is no doubt that the Antichrist is the "little horn" that will appear out of the Fourth Gentile Kingdom (Revived Roman Empire, which today is the European Union). Antichrist is pictured here as a horn! In fact, since Antichrist appears on the world scene after the original 10 kings, he is numerically the "11th" horn. For this reason, Bible scholars have long recognized that the number "11" is a number of Antichrist! Now you know why the events of the 9/11 attacks and so many events since then, have been carried out so that the number "11" is so prominent in the execution of the event [Read NEWS1756 - "Events Continuing To Come Down 'By The Numbers': Occult Numbers"].

The Illuminati placed such a strong occult "numeric signature" of "11" on the 9/11 attacks so that people "in the know" would realize the attacks were carried out in order to stage Antichrist, not as an attack upon us by Muslim terrorists! Are you listening?

Now, let us examine another prophecy of Antichrist, as God foretells how he is to arise on the world scene.

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns." [Rev 13:1]

This is Antichrist, arising out of the "sea", and he is wearing the 10 crowns of the kings of the earth who preceded him and whose activities carefully prepared the peoples of the world for his appearance [Read NEWS1002, "NAFTA: The Shocking 'Rest of the Story' -- How the plan for NAFTA fulfills the 10 kings prophecy of Daniel 7:7-8]

Remember this fact for the last half of this article: The Bible foresees Antichrist arising out of the "sea"!

Horn A Satanic Symbol for God and Antichrist

Of course, the "God" in this title is "Satan", the god of this world and of the Illuminati, not the God of the Bible. Illuminized Freemasons and other occultists for years have depicted horns as a symbol of Antichrist. This symbol is called "Baphomet", or the "Sabbatic Goat". This is the androgynous figure of Satan, in all his great evil. This symbol has been used for centuries to represent Satan.

"This goat is one of the greatest symbolical animals of Hermetic magic, says Levi, and it is the 'symbol of generation'. In a book on Witchcraft, The Complete book of Witchcraft and Demonology, we find a picture of Baphomet [P. 145]. The caption states that he is the 'horned god of the witches, symbol of sex incarnate." ["Masonic And Occult Symbols Illustrated", Dr. Cathy Burns, p. 51]

Another witchcraft organization, "Nuit Unlimited Imports", defines "Baphomet" thusly: "In occultism, the Sabbatic goat, in whose form Satan is said to be worshipped at the Witch's Sabbath" [Ibid., p. 50]

Anton LaVey identifies Baphomet in his infamous book, "The Satanic Bible". Listen:

"Baphomet -- worshipped by the Templars as symbolic of Satan." [P. 58].

This quote should put to rest all those who have tried to say that the Knights Templars did not really worship Satan, and that all statements that they worshipped Baphomet were manufactured. All Freemasons should instantly sit up and take notice, for they glorify and honor the Knights Templar, and defend them mightily ["Morals and Dogma", Albert Pike, Chapter XXX, p. 814-24]. This honor goes so far as to name an order for young Masonic boys, the "Order of DeMolay"; Jacques DeMolay was the bi-sexual leader of Knights Templar when they were attacked by the French King, Louis XVI and destroyed ["Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star", by Dr. Cathy Burns, p. 127-130]

"The Knights Templar .. had been masters of deception, experts in duplicity, appearing to serve Christ on the surface while worshipping Lucifer within their inner rites." ["Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star", by Dr. Cathy Burns, p. 130; Emphasis added]. Keep this excellent definition in mind, for so many so-called "Christian" churches, leaders and pastors are expertly keeping this type of facade, deceiving millions.

The primary feature we want you to focus on for this article is the set of horns on Baphomet. However, do take note of the crescent moon shape at the extreme upper left and lower right of this symbol, as you will see the Sun form a nearly perfect crescent shape at one point in the eclipse.

Now, turn your attention to the Greek god, Pan, one of the most evil symbols for Satan. Pan was so lustful that he was constantly chasing women in order to forcibly rape them. Women were said to be so terrified of him -- in such fear of him -- that his name has become the key portion of the word, "panic", exactly the feeling women experienced as they tried to flee from Pan's embrace.

Pan is also called the "Horned God", as you can see his horns; notice also that Pan is a goat, as you can see from his fur and his cloven hooves. The New Age Dictionary describes the "Horned God" -- "Consort of the Goddess, the lord of animals and forests, associated with hunting and the forces of death" [P. 86]. Since Pan is associated with the "forces of death", it is no wonder he is the favorite of Black Magick practitioners like the Illuminati.

Anton LaVey also takes note of 'Pan' -- "Greek god of lust, later relegated to devildom" [P. 59]

The symbol of the great Horned God is also depicted as a Pentagram with the two points upward, and the one point down, just as you see here. The two points upward represent the horns of Satan, and if you look closely within this symbol, you will find the goat's head of Satan filling the Pentagram. "The Pentagram with two horns in the ascendant represents Satan, or the goat of the Sabbath ... the demon, that is, intellectual subversion, disorder and folly." ["Masonic And Occult Symbols Illustrated", Dr. Cathy Burns, p. 53]

When the Horned God Pentagram -- Two Horns up -- are enclosed within a circle, the sign for the God and Goddess is formed [Ibid., p. 30]

In the lower right of this picture, you will discover the major symbol of the Masonic women's secret society, the Eastern Star. Study this colored Goatshead of Mendes carefully, meditatively, for this symbol should tell you of the deeply Satanic nature of Eastern Star.

Once again, we want you to focus on the two horns of this symbol, the horns of Satan.

This symbol is usually used to depict the occult belief in the Duality of Nature, Yin/Yang, Light/Darkness. However, this symbol was so drawn by Freemason Eliphas Levi in his book, Transcendental Magic, 1896, so that its dark shadow on the wall forms the face of Satan! Can you see the chin down below, the mouth and nose, and then the two horns on top?

Once again, you can see the importance of horns representing Satan to the Black Magick practitioner, of whom the Illuminati is the most powerful.

"Gestures in Wiccan ritual can easily become second nature. When invoking the Goddess and the God, the hands can be held uplifted with the fingers spread to receive their power ... The God is invoked with the first and fourth fingers up, the thumb holding down the others against the palm, to represent horns." ["Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner", quoted by Dr. Cathy Burns, "Masonic And Occult Symbols Illustrated", Dr. Cathy Burns, p. 225].

What is the importance of hand gestures to the Satanist? "Gestures are used in Magic. Each finger relates to a specific planet as well as an ancient deity. Since pointing is a magical act and is a part of many spells, the finger can be chosen by its symbolism. The thumb relates to Venus and to the Planet, Earth. Jupiter (both the planet and the god) rules the forefinger. The middle finger is ruled by the god and planet Saturn (Satan) the fourth finer the Sun and Apollo, and the little finger by the planet Mercury .... Gestures are magical tools as potent as any other ..." [Ibid., p. 226]

This hand symbol is known by several names: "Devil's Triad, Il Cornuto, Cornuto, the Horn, Horned Devil, Twin-horned Salute, Horned Hand, Devil Salute, and Devil Horn Salute. The Devil's triad is a recognition sign among Satanists and witches. Remember that Satan (or Pan) is called the "Horned God", and the hand signal is formed so as to resemble horns." [Ibid., P. 226-7]

President George W. Bush loves to flash this "Devil Horn Salute"; however, his supporters will tell you that he is merely flashing the symbol for the University of Texas, the old "Hook-em Horns" symbol. However, given his Masonic Skull & Bones lifetime connection, you have to think he is flashing the symbol to all fellow Illuminists!

Lastly, please consider this symbol for Odin, the Norse God and a favorite of Adolf Hitler! Odin is revered by so many Black Magick Satanists for his fierce, warrior personna. His symbol is formed by three interlocking horns! Look at them closely: they are horns shaped in the form of a crescent moon.

As you can see from the above study, Satanists love horns, using them constantly to refer to Satan. Since the Illuminist Antichrist is literally to be Satan's man on earth, just as the Bible says he will be, this symbolism of Satan's horns to Antichrist transfers easily and seamlessly. All depictions of the horn to represent Satan are transferred to symbolism of Antichrist. Remember the Bible prophecy:

"I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things." [Dan 7:7-8]

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns." [Rev 13:1]

Now that we have established the importance of horns to represent both Satan and his man, Antichrist, let us now briefly study the importance of Astrology to the Satanist.The Bible perfectly defines a pagan in Romans 1:25:

"... Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator." [Romans 1:25]

Occultists regularly worship Nature -- the Creature God created -- in a daily and in a mighty way. In many previous articles, we have studied how Illuminists worship numbers, ascribing great inherent power to them. The Illuminati believes that a good plan may fail if it is not carried out according to the numbers associated with the event. For example, consider the 9/11 attacks. Since the number "11" represents Antichrist, we should not be too surprised to learn that the number "11" completely undergirds the carrying out of the 9/11 attacks, since it was the first major blow struck to produce him. We list all 19 identified instances of "11" in NEWS1756, but we shall just give you a sampling below:

1. The first 11 is formed by the day on which this tragedy occurred, September 11.

2. The second 11 is formed by adding the 9th month, September, and the date, [1 plus 1], forming another 11.

3. The third 11 is formed by the airplane number that first crashed into the World Trade Tower. That plane was American Airlines Flight #11.

4. The fourth 11 is formed by the airplane number that crashed into the Pentagon. That plane was United Airlines Flight #77 [11 x 7].

5. The fifth 11 is formed by the North Twin Tower of the World Trade Center was 110 stories tall [11 x 10]

6. The sixth 11 is formed by South Twin Tower, the World Trade Center was 110 stories tall [11 x 10]

[NOTE: Girders of these towers were set 22" apart! -- 11x2; http://www.skyscraper.org/tallest/t_wtc.htm]

[Construction began in 1966. Not only is this the year in which the Church of Satan was founded, when you add the digits together, they equal another "22" -- 1+9+6+6 = 22; Ibid.]

[The first elevator "skyshaft" was set at the 44th floor -- 11x4 -- Ibid.]

[The towers were 1,368 and 1,362 feet respectively. "1,368" when added, equals "18", or a "6+6+6". "1,362" added equals "12", a "6+6", another "11x6"; Ibid.]

7. The Architecture of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center -- the Twin Towers formed an 11 as they stood before the attack


In like manner, Illuminists place great stock in the positions of the planets and the stars. Most fervent occultists cast their horoscopes daily, and the Illuminati has planned all their major "Controlled Conflicts" to occur only when the right stars and/or planets are in just the right relation to one another. In like manner, occultists study major events in the heavens, such as eclipses. This fairly rare Black Sun Eclipse of May 31, 2003, was no exception. We could see great excitement in websites devoted to New Age adherents and other occultists as this event drew near. Occultists regularly search such events, to ascertain whether they are a portent of some great and important event that is about to occur.

As we show you these pictures of this Black Sun Eclipse, bear in mind the importance to the Illuminati of the "Horned God", Satan and his man, Antichrist.

Let us review the words of former Witch, Pastor David Myers of Last Trumpet Ministries concerning this Black Sun Eclipse:

"... the sun rose in a very peculiar way, and something happened that has never happened before according to the scientists. It was visible primarily from England, the so-called 'holy land of the witches.' The sun rose in the east during an annular eclipse, and the appearance was exactly like two sharp horns of light rising out of the sea. The eclipse took place precisely at sunrise, and the horns, like a beast rising out of the sea." [Last Trumpet Ministries, July, 2003 Newsletter; Emphasis added]

Note the terms, "horns" and "a beast rising out of the sea."

Now, we offer you these pictures of this Black Sun Eclipse, offered without much further commentary:

"Time Lapse Photography of Eclipse"


This particular shot of the eclipse must have startled and thrilled the occultists watching it because it so clearly looks like an Ouroborus. In fact, this picture of the Sun Eclipse forms a nearly perfect Ouroboros! What is an Ouroboros, and why occultists revere it so? Listen to an occult author define an Ouroborus:

"This snake is biting its own tail and in the occult tradition, it is called the 'Ouroboros'. It is a complex symbol, for it represents many things ... However, its most obvious symbolism is connected with time -- with the notion that the passage of time is somehow involved with destruction ... Time devours itself." ["Magic Symbols", Frederick Goodman, p. 6; Note: This is an occult book]

The Illuminati is desperately seeking to know what "Prophetic Time" it is, for they are seeking to launch that World War III that will produce Antichrist. The symbol below demonstrates just how closely the Illuminati ties the Ouroborus into the Dragon -- Satan. In this symbol, the Dragon is forming the circle and is devouring his own tail.


Illuminists and Black Magick occultists the world over placed a great amount of significance in this May 31 Black Sun Eclipse. This belief is strengthened by the fact that this eclipse was best visible over Great Britain, Northern Europe and Russia, exactly the players leading the charge into the Kingdom of Antichrist, a.k.a., the New World Order.

With all the other prophecies coming true today and/or the stage getting set to come true, is this Sun Eclipse -- following a Red Moon Eclipse by 15 days -- a forerunner of a coming event occultists the world over believe to be highly significant to the future of the world? Occultists believe these eclipses foretell the coming of the Great One, the Masonic Christ, the foretold "11th Horn". Christians will call him Antichrist.

One thing is for sure: all occultists in the world got all the "horns" they could have asked for, and these horns did "arise out of the sea"!

Once again, we must be patient, as all of this is in God's timing. But, the End of the Age is certainly marching on its way.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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