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Subtitle: Now that the word is widely disseminated that photography of all types can be easily faked and so professionally re-printed that no expert can tell the difference, it seems time to change our Judicial System to disallow photographic "evidence" or at least allow a vigorous challenge to such "evidence".

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"Photos are very easily manipulated."

With this simple, but profound, statement, an amateur photographer then proceeded to demonstrate how easy it is for a photographer to manipulate pictures so that new photos are created depicting paranormal events; he chose to demonstrate this reality through creating fake photos of ghosts (http://members.rogers.com/roddydouglas/ghostmain.html)

Film technology has now reached new heights that allow for even greater deception than before. Now, both still photos and actual moving film can be doctored to make a person say something they never said, or to be somewhere he never was, or to be removed from a picture in which he really was present. This sobering technology raises the level of technology to the point that Bible prophecy declared it would be at the time of Antichrist. Listen:

"Let no one deceive or beguile you in any way, for that day will not come except the apostasy comes first [unless the predicted great falling away of those who have professed to be Christians has come] and the man of lawlessness (sin) is revealed, who is the son of doom (of perdition), who opposes and exalts himself so proudly and insolently against and over all that is called God or that is worshipped, even to his actually taking his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming that he himself is God." [2 Thessalonians 2:3-4; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

We know from this prophecy that Antichrist will walk into the newly-built Temple in fulfillment of Matthew 24:15, and will take the actions described above. He will proudly exalt himself against God and will say he is more powerful than God; he will demand to be worshipped as God and will take his seat in the Temple as though he were Divine.

However, another verse tells us something else Antichrist will do during this time:

"And he [False Prophet] is permitted also to impart the breath of life into the beast's image, so that the statue of the beast could actually talk ..." [Revelation 13:15a; Ibid.]

Therefore, at the End of the Age, the technological capability to fake a statute talking must exist. In other words, if the world is as close to the End of the Age as we think we are, we should expect that the technology would be on the world scene that would permit a technician to make a lifeless stone statue seemingly speak. Of course, just such technology exists, which is the purpose of this article.


Now let us consider another news article which graphically illustrates how unscrupulous leaders could utilize leading-edge technology to deceive us. For many, many years, people have accepted a photograph as positive proof of a disputed fact. Judicial courts have likewise accepted photographs as admissible evidence. This acceptance is so widely accepted that we have coined the phrase, "pictures don't lie". Current technology has now rendered that belief useless, at best, and dangerous at worst.

NEWS BRIEF: "When Photographs Lie", Newsweek Magazine, July 30, 1990, p. 44-45. Recent advances in technology have made it possible, even easy, for pictures to be altered in such a way that no one, even a professional film maker, could ever detect the alteration. "Simple alterations...can be accomplished with a series of key strokes on the widely available Scitex Response [Computer] system. The process involves giving 'pixels' -- electronic squares -- a binary code that makes them easy to adjust. Layout design, cropping, sizing, and other changes are made quicker, cheaper, and infinitely more flexible. More complicated matching of resolution and color, which once required a technically trained artist, now merely entails more elaborate digitized systems."

In other words, pictures are scanned so that the image is changed to computer pixels, the building blocks of the computer screen. These pixels are then rearranged to create a new picture. Then, the computer creates the new, false image electronically. The result is a perfect picture without any telltale lines or differences in color which would alert a professional that alterations had been made. To illustrate this point, Newsweek hired an advertising agency to create a dinner party photograph with the following people present:

* President Ronald Reagan
* Marla Maples, the model involved with Donald Trump
* Mohammar Khaddafi, Libyia's dictator
* Queen of England
* Elvis Presley

Obviously, since Elvis Presley has been dead for about 25 years, this particular group of people could never have actually gotten together for a dinner party. Ronald Reagan was not President at the time Elvis died. But you would never have realized it just from the picture described in this feature article. Every detail was perfect; there were no telltale lines where cutting and splicing had occurred; there were no variations in coloration, either of the people or of any part of the background. The computer rearrangement of the electronic pixels had been perfect in producing a false picture so realistic it could convince a courtroom jury.

Over 700 private companies now possess advanced similar electronic-imaging systems. We can no longer accept photographs at face value. Advertisements are regularly being altered, as are news stories and documentaries. (NOTE: When a news story is faked, the segment is called a "V.N.R.". -- "Video News Release")

Consider some well-known instances in which pictures were significantly altered so they no longer represented reality (the truth):

* In 1982, National Geographic utilized this alteration technique to move two Egyptian pyramids closer together so they could fit properly on the front cover.
* Time magazine utilized this technique in 1987 when it published a story about the espionage in Moscow involving Marine guards. Time shot a studio photo of a Marine and then utilized this computer technology to show him at the American Embassy in Moscow.
* In 1989, Newsweek recreated a photo making it appear that film stars Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman were together when, in fact, one was in Hawaii and one was in New York City at the time.
* ABC News recreated a photo showing accused spy Felix Bloch passing a briefcase to a Communist agent, knowing the picture to be a fraud.

The implications are staggering. Any person or private organization who wishes to discredit someone can now "create" their own false reality with a fraudulent photograph, depicting the victim doing anything they want him to do, and being somewhere he never was. Unsuspecting persons will now believe fake pictures because they still believe pictures always represent reality.

And if private companies now possess this technology, you can be assured that Governments across the world possess even more sophisticated technology. We have truly entered into very dangerous waters here. Jesus' warnings in Matthew 24 about being deceived now ring even more true than before. When the Anti-Christ arises, pictures can be created beforehand in a studio that make him appear to be doing things that he really could never actually do. He could be shown with God-like attributes in pictures so real that most people would be deceived. Remember that our story above involved only still photos.

Later in this article, we shall show that truly leading edge technology does exist and is in the possession of Governments that could accomplish the same feat with moving pictures.

We are literally facing such potential compelling photographic fraud that no one would ever suspect the depth of what is truly possible.


The high technology that would make this "talking beast image" (Rev 13:15a) happen seems to be the very technology which these articles, below, describe. Let us examine them.

NEWS BRIEF: "At MIT, they can put words in our mouths", By Gareth Cook, Boston Globe, Globe Staff, 5/15/2002

"CAMBRIDGE - Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created the first realistic videos of people saying things they never said - a scientific leap that raises unsettling questions about falsifying the moving image. In one demonstration, the researchers taped a woman speaking into a camera, and then reprocessed the footage into a new video that showed her speaking entirely new sentences, and even mouthing words to a song in Japanese, a language she does not speak. The results were enough to fool viewers consistently, the researchers report."

"The technique's inventors say it could be used in video games and movie special effects, perhaps reanimating Marilyn Monroe or other dead film stars with new lines. It could also improve dubbed movies, a lucrative global industry. But scientists warn the technology will also provide a powerful new tool for fraud and propaganda - and will eventually cast doubt on everything from video surveillance to presidential addresses."

Did you catch that phrase? "... will eventually cast doubt on everything from video surveillance to presidential addresses."

This last paragraph tells us what we need to know: this new technology is likely to be used for fraud by criminals, but it can also be used as propaganda by governments! What a terrible turn of events! We have gotten used to placing a strong belief in photographs and movie clips, believing them to be proof positive that an event really did occur, or that a person really said what it was reported that they said. Many a court case has been decided upon photographic evidence.

In our first section, we learned that still photography can be altered to include people not really present, or take out someone who really was present.

Now, we learn that moving video technology has progressed to the point where a person filmed saying one thing can be made to appear to say something completely different. Incredible! Further, the point will soon be reached where the background of moving video can be switched to a completely different background, so the person can also be depicted as being somewhere, at a particular moment of time, they were not. One expert in this article gives his opinion as to the potential fallout of this technology, and his choice of words are excellent.

"' 'This is really groundbreaking work,' said Demetri Terzopoulos, a leading specialist in facial animation who is a professor of computer science and mathematics at New York University. But 'we are on a collision course with ethics. If you can make people say things they didn't say, then potentially all hell breaks loose'.''

Indeed, all hell will break loose from this technology. How much of what we see on the television news channels is really real? How much of it has been shot in a film making studio and then presented as "breaking news"? How much of TV news is making use of this cutting-edge technology, where a public figure -- the President, for example -- is shown in a place he never was, making statements he never really made?


One of the very first thoughts I had when I read this article was that now the government could use this moving technology to discredit their opponents. Lest you think this thought is paranoid, let us listen to the next statement of this article.

"... as this and similar technology makes its way out of academic laboratories, even the scientists involved see ways it could be misused: to discredit political dissidents on television, to embarrass people with fabricated video posted on the Web, or to illegally use trusted figures to endorse products." [Ibid.]

This technology could be misused "to discredit political dissidents on television". An opponent of government policies could be made to appear to be making statements he or she never made. For example, a pro-life dissident could be shown making statements that appear to be pro-abortion, thus discrediting him/her to pro-life supporters. The incidents in which this technology could be misused are almost limitless. Only the imagination of the perpetrator would limit the types of embarrassing videos that could be made to discredit government dissidents.

Now, let us examine the next phrase in this paragraph, above:

This technology could be misused "to embarrass people with fabricated video posted on the Web". Some Christian leader whom the government wants to discredit could be shown speaking in a sexually suggestive manner, for example, and then this fake tape could be posted on the Internet to discredit him. As a matter of fact, a video shot in a studio could depict the Christian leader going into or coming out of a bordello, as the real picture of a dissident could be inserted into a bordello scene so that it appears he has frequented such a place. The movie, "Wag The Dog" depicts this capability perfectly.

This above article then quotes another expert in this field as to the type of damage such technology could do to the trust of the average citizen.

" 'There is a certain point at which you raise the level of distrust to where it is hard to communicate through the medium,' said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, dean of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania."

Since the wide dissemination of this information could cause people to totally lose faith in their government, in its institutions, and in Mass Media, you can bet this story will not be repeated very often. However, officials in Mass Media understand this principle very well, which is why you continually see advertisements centered on the news team, or the individual anchor, telling you how much credibility that news team, or that anchor, possesses. The rule of thumb is that, the more often a news agency or government official, talks about credibility, the more reason you have to question it.

When huge changes in technology occur, it can take two or more decades for the average person on the street to really comprehend the change that has occurred.

The court system is going to have to rewrite the rules on acceptability of photographs and moving video. Defense attorneys should be expected to start agitating on behalf of their clients as they seek to defend them against incriminating photos and/or videos introduced by the prosecution. Once newspapers start conducting this type of legal defense, then we can expect that more and more people will become aware of this new technology.


Before we go to the conclusion of this article, we need to mention one other area in which the government can deceptively discredit their dissidents. In the movie, "The Net", starring Sandra Bullock, a fraudulent company has marketed a "Security System" to private companies and to the government under the guise that it offers absolutely foolproof security. However, a secret "back-door" had been created in this security system so that this company could access the inner records of any agency and any company that had purchased this system.

I believe the government has just such a backdoor access to the inner computer records of any company in the Western World. This means that the government could access the phone records, or the records of video rental companies, and cause false entries to be made. Thus, dissidents could be embarrassed as their phone records could be re-created showing them making calls to people or organizations that were never actually made; video records could be entered showing a dissident renting videos he or she never really rented.

The very sad fact is that technology has rendered all records absolutely meaningless, for they can all be changed by a person working at a computer located at a remote location. False entries could be easily created on an existing bill, so that, when the company prints out the total record for a particular day, the printout will look absolutely legitimate.


Revelation 13:14-15 is literally possible now, with this new technology. Now, an image could be projected that can actually be shown speaking. Or, a statute could be erected that could be depicted as speaking. The technology is here, and it is now. We need to be aware of this latest avenue of deception, for it could impact us greatly at some point in history.

Truly, Jesus was correct when He said that at the end of the age unparalleled deception would rule the day. Listen:

"... be careful that no one misleads you [deceiving you and leading you into error." [Matthew 24:4]

"And many false prophets will rise up and deceive you and lead many into error." [Matthew 24:11]

"For false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect (God's chosen ones)." [Matthew 24:24]

Jesus repeated this warning three times in one chapter, leading us to understand that unparalleled deception is THE Hallmark Characteristic of the End of the Age. We are in this age, right here and right now. Propaganda techniques have gotten so good that most of the 300 million population of America is thoroughly deceived either religiously or politically, or both.

Truly, the development of this particular technology heralds the End of the Age.

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