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Subtitle: CIA said Saddam Hussein posed 'no imminent threat' in the months before last year’s invasion [George Tenet, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency]

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The proverbial cat is nearly out of the bag now. For many months prior to the March 20, 2003, invasion of Iraq, Cutting Edge Ministries continuously listed articles telling the truth in no uncertain terms, i.e., that both the Bush and Blair governments were lying, distorting facts, and exaggerating other facts in order to justify the invasion of Iraq. None of us should be surprised at the articles coming forth now which are telling us that Iraq never had Weapons of Mass Destruction -- chemical, biological, or nuclear -- for the fact is, Iraq apparently never had them. And, the world was told -- at least those people who were listening or reading the right news stories, whose minds were not so propagandized they could not see the truth, and who had the courage to believe the truth. We shall list numerous articles in the latter portion of this treatise and in Part 2, that we plucked from our Daily News Updates either before the invasion or shortly afterward.

As the English official inquiry -- known as the Lord Hutton Inquiry -- was under way, many facts were made public that illustrated the reality that Coalition Forces in Iraq are probably never going to find Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), no matter how long they were going to keep looking. Earlier in January, 2004, President Bush quietly pulled our forces out of the theater whose job it had been to locate Iraq's WMD, thus sending the message loudly and clearly that the United States and Great Britain had given up hope of ever finding these prohibited weapons.

However, when the Hutton Inquiry was publicized, knowledgeable Englishmen were aghast! Instead of reaching conclusions consistent with the known facts, Lord Hutton concluded that the reason WMD had not been discovered was that Western Intelligence was simply providing President Bush and Prime Minister Blair with erroneous information! If one accepts this official premise, neither President Bush nor Prime Minister Blair can be accused of lying.

You can also conclude that British and American intelligence sources were being called upon to "fall on the sword" for their commanders in chief.

Therefore, within days of this official Hutton Inquiry, both President Bush and Prime Minister Blair announced they were setting up official inquiries to determine how our intelligence could have been so flawed! By this contrived device, the blame is deflected from both Bush and Blair, allowing them to continue their policies! We shall demonstrate that this latest tactic simply is not true. We shall demonstrate that the CIA and British intelligence services knew the truth, tried to communicate that truth, but were politically stopped dead in their tracks. Clearly, President Bush acted as the Sovereign leader of the United States to order an invasion of Iraq, even though he knew Saddam possessed no WMD whatsoever! Also clearly, Prime Minister Blair acted as Great Britain's sovereign leader to order his troops to fight alongside the Americans, even though he, too, knew the truth.

Let us begin our study.

Current Revelations

NEWS BRIEF: "Blair under More Pressure after CIA 'Body Blow' ", news.scotsman.com, Fri 6 Feb 2004

"Tony Blair was today coming under increased pressure over the Iraq war, after the head of the CIA said Saddam Hussein posed 'no imminent threat' in the months before last year’s invasion. George Tenet’s assessment was described as a 'body blow to the Government’s case for war' by Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman Sir Menzies Campbell."

Did you catch the pertinent phrase? ".. the head of the CIA said Saddam Hussein posed 'no imminent threat' in the months before last year’s invasion."

Just a couple of days ago, George Tenet, CIA Director, spoke at Georgetown University. During his speech, he made this claim. He later tried to clarify his damaging statement by saying that he "thought" Saddam was "trying" to develop chemical, biological, or nuclear capabilities, but he offered absolutely no proof! Just how damning was Tenet's revelations? Listen to this Scotsman story again.

"Sir Menzies said that 'the wheels are coming of” the Government’s justification for war, based on Mr Blair’s claim that Iraqi WMD posed 'a current and serious threat. Labour simply can’t find a way to put this story to bed,' he said. 'Nearly 12 months after we went to war the Government’s case has never seemed weaker'.” [Ibid.]

Now, let us go to a current Denver Post story to see yet another angle to this most important subject.

NEWS BRIEF: "Administration's weapons views evolve along with Iraq conflict", DenverPost.com, February 6, 2004.

"The following are prewar views on Iraq's weapons programs, based on Bush administration statements and documents, including unclassified information from the October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate, and CIA Director George Tenet's views on their accuracy today. Tenet spoke Thursday at Georgetown University."

Let us succinctly examine the major points from this Denver Post article.


Before the invasion: "Iraq was believed to have stocked up to 500 metric tons of chemical warfare agents. It was also said to have concealed equipment and other items needed for continuing chemical weapons production."

After the invasion: "No chemical weapons have been found. Some sources say Iraq was conducting experiments to develop chemical weapons, but no physical evidence has been found."

Tenet on Thursday: "My provisional bottom line today: Saddam (Hussein) had the intent and capability to quickly convert civilian industry to chemical weapons production. However, we have not yet found the weapons we expected."


Before the invasion: "Intelligence agencies believed Iraq had biological weapons and facilities to develop more of them. Among the weapons believed to be in Iraq was anthrax, a deadly germ that could be quickly produced and delivered by bombs, missiles, aerial sprayers or covert operatives. Mobile laboratories were believed to be used for developing biological weapons."

After the invasion: "No weapons have been found. Inspectors have found facilities that could be used for biological weapons research and development ... There is no consensus about whether trailers located by inspectors were used for biological warfare or the production of hydrogen."

Tenet on Thursday: "My provisional bottom line today: Iraq intended to develop biological weapons ... And just as clearly, we have not yet found biological weapons."


Before the Invasion: "There was no evidence Iraq had ever abandoned its nuclear program. Hussein was trying to get fissile material to produce a bomb. He also made repeated attempts to acquire high- specification aluminum tubes that could be used as centrifuges ... it could produce one (a bomb) within a year if it acquired weapons-grade fissile material abroad."

After the Invasion: "... no evidence had been found of uranium enrichment facilities ... Saddam did not have a nuclear weapon, he still wanted one ...

Tenet on Thursday: "We have not yet found clear evidence that the dual-use items Iraq sought were for nuclear reconstitution. We do not yet know if any reconstitution efforts had begun."

The views of CIA Chief Tenet expressed on Thursday, February 5, 2004 at Georgetown University would not have provided either Bush or Blair with the ammunition they needed to justify an invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003. Had the American and British people been told prior to the invasion of Iraq, i.e., that our intelligence could not confirm that Saddam actually possessed WMD, neither Bush nor Blair could have commanded the popular support they needed to launch the attack.

However, you might make the argument that, perhaps, the CIA was giving us the benefit of hindsight, that they thought Saddam possessed WMD before the invasion. Thus, the most blame Tenet and his CIA could assume was of an "intelligence failure" -- good intelligence men who were just duped and therefore, advised the President wrongly.

We shall later demonstrate that this was not the case, so keep this thought in mind.

Let us now examine a few more current stories to gain more insight before we delve into stories that ran before the invasion.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraq Intelligence: Here's what Powell said", Peter S. Canellos The Boston Globe, reprinted by International Herald Tribune, February 4, 2004

"A year ago Thursday, Secretary of State Colin Powell stood before the United Nations and said: ‘Al Qaeda continues to have a deep interest in acquiring weapons of mass destruction. … I can trace the story of a senior terrorist operative telling how Iraq provided training in these weapons to Al Qaeda. Fortunately, this operative is now detained, and he has told his story. I will relate it to you now as he himself described it'.’’

"Powell’s original story came to light after President George W. Bush’s agreement Monday to reexamine intelligence on prewar Iraq, suggesting that intelligence failures alone were responsible for misperceptions of the Iraqi threat. Powell’s address to the UN last February was one of the rare instances in which an administration official offered a look at the raw intelligence used to make the case for war ... a day after Powell’s presentation, Bush flatly declared, ‘Iraq has also provided Al Qaeda with chemical and biological weapons training'."

Thus, you can see the close linkage between what Secretary of State Powell stated before the United Nations; just one day after Powell misinformed the entire Security Council of the United Nations, President Bush misinformed the American people. Still, we are not at the core of the problem: were Bush - Powell deliberately lying or were they simply misinformed by the CIA? Let us go back to this current article:

"Last week, Bush’s chief weapons inspector, David Kay, said that almost everything the United States presented to the UN was wrong, but that Bush, Powell, and the rest of the administration bore no responsibility for this: The failures were exclusively among the intelligence agencies and analysts. This week Bush endorsed Kay’s call for an independent inquiry into the intelligence failures. But the mistaken perception that Iraq provided biological and chemical weapons training to Al Qaeda was hardly an intelligence failure. A U.S. intelligence agent debriefed a captured operative and obtained the sketchy information that Powell related to the UN. But Powell and Bush provided the extrapolations. — and they included leaps of logic so big that any high-schooler could spot them." [Emphasis added; Ibid.]]

Did you catch that pertinent phrase? Powell and Bush took a sketchy CIA debriefing and "extrapolated" -- stretched -- the information so that they could then claim that our intelligence had provided firm evidence that Iraq provided Al Qaeda with chemical and biological weapons training. If Powell and Bush twisted and stretched this sketchy intelligence raw data to make it say something it did not say, and/or make it reach conclusions no trained analyst would ever make,then Powell and Bush are guilty of lying! Had any regular citizen in America been able to compare the sketchy intelligence briefing to the ultimate statement by Bush, they would have instantly realized that the conclusion "included leaps of logic so big that any high-schooler could spot them".

In other ways, Americans would have realized that Bush - Powell were lying to justify invading a sovereign nation without any provocation!

Why were Americans so easily mislead? The next section of this Boston Globe article tells us why:

"When Powell delivered his case, some UN weapons inspectors shook their heads in disbelief. But most Americans believed him. They trusted him not because the evidence was so persuasive, but because he was secretary of state, making emphatic statements that were echoed by the president. Three weeks ago, Powell conceded, ‘‘I have not seen smoking-gun concrete evidence about the connection’’ between Iraq and Al Qaeda, ‘‘but I do believe the connection existed.’’

Once again, we are left with the spectacle that the "firm assurances" we received from our leaders from President Bush on down prior to March 20, 2003 are now turned into "I do believe". Was it on this flimsy basis America and England invaded the sovereign country of Iraq? On the basis of deliberate lying, we went to war! We were sold a bill of goods, and yet too many Americans are too unwilling to recognize this fact; they do not have the courage to believe the truth.

Back to our current article from the Boston Globe:
"Now, leaders of the administration are pushing the idea that everyone was misled about Iraq because of failures in the intelligence agencies ... The extent to which leaders will extrapolate from intelligence to build a case for a war they believe in may be this administration’s contribution to history ... (Powell's statements) seeks to make up in emphatic language for what is not established in fact; this story would not pass muster in any mainstream newspaper." [Ibid.]

Recently, editors and reporters of the New York Times lost their jobs because their superiors learned that some of their material was not substantiated, and may even not be true! Why should not Secretary of State Powell and President Bush be held to exactly the same standard?

Let us examine one more current article whose conclusions are very accurate and can be proven when we examine these earlier articles. This last article addresses the issue as to whether the intelligence community failed, or whether their conclusions were stretched and/or twisted by their political superiors. This is interesting reading. Please read it carefully

No Failure of Intelligence

NEWS BRIEF: "There was no failure of intelligence: US spies were ignored, or worse, if they failed to make the case for war", The Guardian (London), February 5, 2004, carried in Daily News Updates 2/8/2004.

"The truth is that much of the intelligence community did not fail, but presented correct assessments and warnings, that were overridden and suppressed. On virtually every single important claim made by the Bush administration in its case for war, there was serious dissension. Discordant views - not from individual analysts but from several intelligence agencies as a whole - were kept from the public as momentum was built for a congressional vote on the war resolution."

Therefore, we see that Western Intelligence operatives certainly realized that they did not have convincing, incontrovertible proof that Saddam possessed WMD, or that he actually had such weapons in his arsenal. Yet, we were told time and time again that Saddam did have such weapons, as some of our articles below will prove. Who overrode the CIA analysts? Only someone in the Executive Branch could have done so, i.e., President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of State Powell and even CIA Director Tenet. We suspect, however, that Tenet overrode his analysts because he was told to do so. Otherwise, he would not now be stating that he knew from the beginning that Saddam Hussein "posed 'no imminent threat' in the months before last year’s invasion."

Now, let us return to this current Guardian article, to see "Smoking Gun" evidence that Bush was deliberately lying:

"Precisely because of the qualms the administration encountered, it created a rogue intelligence operation, the Office of Special Plans (OSP), located within the Pentagon and under the control of neo-conservatives. The OSP roamed outside the ordinary inter-agency process, stamping its approval on stories from Iraqi exiles that the other agencies dismissed as lacking credibility, and feeding them to the president. At the same time, constant pressure was applied to the intelligence agencies to force their compliance. In one case, a senior intelligence officer who refused to buckle under was removed." [Ibid.]

Now, let me get these facts straight:

1. When the CIA and other intelligence resources kept insisting that the evidence of Saddam possessing WMD in his arsenal was too sketchy and lightweight to reach the conclusion President Bush was demanding, Bush responded by creating a special " rogue intelligence operation" whom he named "Office of Special Plans"! This "rogue" intelligence group then set up shop within the Pentagon and stamped an official seal of approval on stories that regular CIA analysts would not touch with the proverbial "ten-foot pole"!

2. This rogue intelligence group was managed by "neo-conservatives" who were fully supportive of President Bush's plans. They knew he needed justification from our "intelligence sources" if he was going to be able to rouse public support for a pre-planned invasion, so they gave him exactly this type of justification. Stories began to appear that were either downright phony, or were exaggerations of very preliminary and unsubstantiated raw intelligence data!

3. Who was the "senior intelligence officer" who was removed from his post when he complained too heartily? He was Bruce Hardcastle was a senior officer for the Middle East for the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA). Now, that is a responsible position for which Hardcastle probably worked for many years. But, when he complained that "the way they (Bush Administration officials) were handling evidence was wrong", the CIA reorganized the department in such a way that his entire post was eliminated. Thus, he could be fired without it appearing that he was fired! He was simply removed, according to the scenario, because of a "reorganization"!

But, then, another real "shocker" kernal of information was revealed next in this Guardian story.

"Meanwhile, senior intelligence officers were kept in the dark about the OSP. 'I didn't know about its existence', said Thielman. 'They were cherry picking intelligence and packaging it for Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld to take to the president. That's the kind of rogue operation that peer review is intended to prevent."

How about that? The new OSP -- "Office of Special Plans" -- was kept so secret even CIA senior intelligence officers did not know about it! Thus, stories could be invented and passed off as "firm intelligence" and made public, without senior CIA officials knowing from whence the information was coming. When you read stories later in this article which were made public either just before war broke out, or during the hot combat phase, when you read that "our intelligence" stated "such-and-such", you will know that this "intelligence" was likely created by the "Office of Special Plans", not the real CIA!! When Joseph Farah claims that his G2 Bulletin is based on "government intelligence", did he get his information from OSP?

But, one man knew the truth: Director George Tenet. Listen as we go back to the Guardian article:

"CIA director George Tenet, for his part, opted to become a political advocate for Bush's brief rather than a protector of the intelligence community ... Tenet further ingratiated himself by remaining silent about the OSP. 'That's totally unacceptable for a CIA director', said Thielman."

We encourage you to read this full Guardian report at: http://www.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,3604,1141116,00.html


Now, let us go to our stories we culled from Daily News Updates Archives in the pre-invasion time frame (3/20/2003 was the invasion), for much truth can be ascertained from these stories. We shall discuss these stories in two sections. First, we shall review those news stories that backed the Administration's shrill rhetoric that Saddam possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction and had to be removed before he could launch them. Secondly, in Part 2, we shall review those stories in which different organizations and/or individuals were warning just as sharply as they could, that the evidence did not support the Administration's conclusions. Remember, these news stories were placed on Cutting Edge Daily Newsupdates in "Real Time", as they occurred daily; therefore, this review offers an excellent insight into the ebb and flow of charges and counter-charges as they were occurring!

Administration Rhetoric - Saddam had WMD in his current arsenal

NEWS BRIEF: "Powell Destroys the Last Illusion about Iraq", By Ed Offley, Soldiers For The Truth, February 5, 2003 12:41

"... Secretary of State Colin Powell's articulate and detailed presentation to the United Nations Security Council on the Iraqi threat earlier today was an unalloyed diplomatic triumph. Ironically, it appears that barring assassination, resignation or coup in Iraq, Powell's diplomacy has made war with Iraq inevitable. In an unprecedented display of U.S. intelligence capabilities, Powell presented the Security Council with radio intercepts of Iraqi military officials plotting to hide evidence of biological and chemical weapons from the U.N. inspectors. He presented video imagery of a Mirage F-1 dispensing mock WMD agents from a spraying tank. He showed before-and-after photographs of WMD sites being emptied of ballistic missiles prior to U.N. inspection visits and a wide-ranging litany of evidence confirming that Iraq never intended to abide by U.N. Resolution 1441."

"And he revealed in stark and chilling detail a nearly decade-old interaction between the Iraqi regime and the al Qaeda terrorist network. This latter presentation was the most chilling disclosure that the secretary of state delivered to the Security Council ... For most of the past 12 years, those who have urged caution and patience in dealing with Iraq's intransigence on its WMD programs have essentially argued that Saddam Hussein could be contained and deterred. That as the leader of a regime - however brutal and corrupt - the Iraqi dictator could be impelled by diplomacy and occasional, limited military force to behave rationally."

"Colin Powell demolished that illusion once and for all. Even French and German diplomats must know by now that today, any government that harbors and protects al Qaeda is a sworn enemy of the entire world. Powell summed up the U.S. position in the starkest of terms: 'The United States will not and cannot run that risk to the American people. Leaving Saddam Hussein in possession of weapons of mass destruction for a few more months or years is not an option, not in a post-September 11th world'."

"Prepare for war with Iraq."

We encourage you to read this article in its entirety, for only then will you realize the depth to which Powell was deceiving both the American citizens and the citizens of the entire world: http://www.sftt.org/dwa/2003/2/5/fte.html

When you read either this segment or the entire article, you will realize that Secretary of Powell was very explicit and very firm about his assertions that Saddam posed an unacceptable threat, both because he had an arsenal ready to fire filled with WMD, and because he had firm, unmistakable links to the Al Qaeda terrorist network. Yet, when you read the Boston Globe report from which we quoted, above, you will see Powell's recent statement:

"I have not seen smoking-gun concrete evidence about the connection’’ between Iraq and Al Qaeda ..."

If Powell had never seen such "smoking-gun concrete evidence", how could he tell the United Nations and all the peoples of the world that the United States possessed "intelligence" that very firmly and very strongly showed that these assertions were true? Powell obviously lied. Then, when President Bush followed up Powell's performance by stating that Saddam and Al Qaeda were linked, he also lied. And, now we know that this lying was made possible by the "rogue intelligence organization" that Bush set up secretly within the Pentagon -- the "Office of Special Plans"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraq's got secret arms, plans to use 'em on us: Intelligence: Facing certain defeat, Baghdad will have nothing to lose", WorldNetDaily, February 17, 2003.

"Iraq certainly possesses large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction and probably has produced some of its own nuclear weapons ... The only question in the minds of G2 Bulletin sources is whether Iraq has the capability, along with their terrorist allies, to deploy weapons of mass destruction on U.S. soil."

The "G2 Bulletin" of WorldNetDaily seems simply and only a mouthpiece for the establishment government. Therefore, when you hear WorldNetDaily speak of intelligence, you can just know that you are hearing the official government line. As we stated, above, did Farah get his "intelligence" from the rogue organization, "Office of Special Plans"?

And, note the verb tense: all in the past tense.

* "Iraq certainly possesses"

* "probably has produced"

Therefore, the reader is left to conclude that our intelligence possessed "unshakable evidence" that Saddam had these WMD weapons in his arsenal, ready to fire during the months before the invasion; indeed, the Blair government stated Saddam could fire such weapons in "45 minutes". In fact, let us stop here to review this British government report, also issued originally prior to the invasion. We quote here from a current news analysis:

"In September 2002 the government produced a dossier called Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction - the assessment of the British government setting the alleged threat posed by Saddam Hussein. The document claimed Iraq had 'a useable chemical and biological weapons capability' and had 'chemical and biological agents using an extensive range of artillery shells, free-fall bombs, sprayers and ballistic missiles'. The paper - the first of its kind ever produced by a British government - went on to say: 'Iraq’s military forces are able to use chemical and biological weapons, with command, control and logistical arrangements in place. The Iraqi military are able to deploy these weapons within 45 minutes of a decision to do so.'The dossier said these could be used with chemical, biological, or nuclear warheads and, with a range of 650km, could reach 'the UK sovereign base areas in Cyprus and NATO members Greece and Turkey, as well as all Iraq’s neighbours'." ["45 minutes is a long time in politics", The Scotsman, 7 Feb 2004; http://news.scotsman.com/topics.cfm?tid=132&id=150272004]

Notice the firm past tense in each of the sentences of this story! You can begin to see how much of a "done deal" that Bush and Blair were presenting to the people prior to the invasion. When you hear Bush and company state now that they "believed" he wanted to possess WMD and that he "could eventually" produce WMD, remember that we were told that such weapons were sitting on top of missiles, in artillery shells, and affixed to aerial sprayers! Once you make this firm mental note, you will understand the depth of the lies Bush and Blair foisted upon us.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pentagon: 'High Risk' of Iraqi Chemical Weapons Use", Fox News, March 18, 2003, http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,81466,00.html

Before we get started, note the date: this story was posted on Fox News Online just two days before our ground forces actually invaded Iraq.

"WASHINGTON — Intelligence reports indicate a high risk that Iraq would use chemical weapons during a U.S.-led war to topple President Saddam Hussein, Pentagon officials said Tuesday. The reports indicate Saddam has given field-level commanders the authority to use chemical weapons on their own initiative, without further directives from Baghdad. 'We continue to receive reports supporting the assertion that there is a high risk the Iraqi regime would use chemical weapons at some point during any conflict," Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said Tuesday. It was the first explicit statement from the Defense Department discussing the chemical weapons risk."

Notice again the firm verbs. Further, how could Saddam give orders to his commanders to use WMD unless WMD was already deployed on different delivery systems? Obviously, we were led to believe Saddam had WMD in his arsenal, ready to fire at a moment's notice, "without further directives from Baghdad"! We see this reality as we examine the next section of this false report.

"President Bush and other U.S. officials say Iraq has stocks of chemical weapons, including the deadly nerve agents sarin, cyclosarin and VX and a mustard agent like that used in World War I. Saddam has repeatedly denied having chemical or biological weapons ...Most of Iraq's chemical arsenal, officials say, is loaded onto artillery and rockets that have a range of about a dozen miles or less." [Ibid.]

Now, let us examine a story in which a Michigan lawmaker was caught repeating the official lie.

NEWS BRIEF: "Defectors: Iraq has bioweapons: Michigan lawmaker says Saddam has chemicals to aim at U.S. troops", Detroit News, Sunday, March 16, 2003, http://www.detnews.com/2003/nation/0303/16/a05-109695.htm

"WASHINGTON -- U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers says Iraqi military defectors have reported that Saddam Hussein has authorized use of chemical weapons in the event of war. Rogers also thinks Iraq has unmanned aerial drones already programmed for U.S. targets ... Rogers said Saddam possesses enough anthrax and potentially enough technology to send unmanned aircraft on spray attacks that "could wipe out a third of the West Coast."

Wow! That is quite the statement: Saddam could "wipe out a third of the West Coast."

Rogers continues:

"Rogers said Friday he is convinced that Saddam has the capacity -- and terrorist connections -- for chemical or biological spray strikes -- using small, aerial drones that could be launched offshore or 'from the back of a pickup truck'.Rogers, a deputy whip to House Speaker Dennis Hastert, said his conviction is 'based on conclusions I have drawn from classified briefings and declassified material'. He has information that Iraqi drones have a range of 310 to 360 miles and global positioning systems that have been loaded with mapping for U.S. targets. He said there is 'a high degree of likelihood' that Saddam would deploy such weapons through al-Qaida agents who have 'safe harbor' in Iraq."

Once again, notice the firm verbs used in this article which we now know was disinformation!

* "Saddam has the capacity -- and terrorist connections"

* "Iraqi drones have a range of 310 to 360 miles and global positioning systems that have been loaded with mapping for U.S. targets"

* "Saddam would deploy such weapons through al-Qaida agents"

Now, let us move one day closer to Invasion Day.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraq Arming Troops With Chemical Weapons", Fox News, March 17, 2003

"WASHINGTON — Iraqi troops south of Baghdad are armed with chemical weapons, Fox News has learned. Senior Defense and other U.S. officials confirmed that intelligence reports indicate that Saddam Hussein's troops are armed with chemical munitions ... Officials say it's hard to tell how many of these weapons are being distributed, but the intelligence reports indicate that "some chemical shells" have been provided to troops. Senior Defense officials say they expected the Iraqis to use these weapons ... "

Once again, note the verbs of firmness and certainty. Yet, Saddam again protests!

""We are not weapons collectors," Saddam said ... we had these weapons for purposes of self-defense when we were at war with Iran for eight years and when the Zionist entity (Israel) was, and it still is, a threat ... When Saddam Hussein says he has no weapons of mass destruction, he means what he says ... We have a real desire to rid our region and the whole world of weapons of mass destruction', Saddam said."

Isn't it sad when events have now proven that a "brutal dictator" like Saddam Hussein was telling the truth all along, when our "Compassionate, Conservative, and Christian" President has now been proven to be not telling the truth?

While we laughed on March 17, 2003, when Saddam made this statement, should we laugh today? Now we realize that Saddam was telling the truth, while Bush and Blair were not. Yet, this scenario where Bush and Blair are shown to be less reliable than Saddam is exactly what Cutting Edge has been saying for over 15 years now! Our leadership is Illuminist and thoroughly occultic, and certainly not to be trusted. Now you know.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraqi-terror nightmare scenario: Saddam has had time to plant weapons of mass destruction", WorldNetDaily, March 18, 2003.

"The long delays in getting international support for the war on Iraq have provided Saddam Hussein and terrorist allies a greater opportunity to plant weapons of mass destruction in Israel, the United States and elsewhere around the world, Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin reports this week. Iraq has long planned to take its revenge on Israel for any attack by U.S. forces, the premium online intelligence newsletter reports. U.S. military intelligence sources have been expressing deep concern for months that Israel is vulnerable to a dramatic attack, not only from missiles but from terrorists planting devices as well, according to the report."

Today, we know that this so-called "intelligence" information was purely bogus! It seems likely that Farah's G2 Intelligence organization was merely getting public feeds from the bogus, "Operation of Special Plans", not the real CIA.

Now we know that Saddam did not have Weapons of Mass Destruction, he did not hit Israel in retaliation, and no terrorist attack with WMD has hit the United States. While we know the Illuminati Plan calls for a hit against New York City with a nuclear device, ["Behold A Pale Horse", Bill Cooper], we also know that this particular scenario, painted above, was not really planned to happen.

Now, let us examine yet another statement made by WorldNetDaily that is a headline which has been repeated constantly since the immediate aftermath of September 11, 2001.

"Other likely targets for backpack nuclear devices or radiological weapons, reports G2 Bulletin, include the U.S. and military bases in Kuwait." [Ibid.]

In NEWS1888, we studied hundreds of headline news articles beginning with October 9, 2001, when Daily News Updates began. We could see a pattern of terrorist warnings that simply have never come true. One of these common terrorist threats is that of a radiological "dirty bomb". In our study, we saw this false story planted 15 times from 12/5/2001 through 1/182004. This statistic means that the "Dirty Bomb" threat was issued at least 15 times in 25 months. And, we are not sure that we caught them all! There may have been more instances in which this specific bogus report was issued.

Clearly, this headline was bogus from the beginning and was planned to be reintroduced at different points along the time spectrum.

This WorldNetDaily story also contained a warning we have seen repeatedly since the immediate aftermath of 9/11, and we wonder if this type of story is also planted and bogus. Listen:

"As WorldNetDaily reported last week (March, 2002), several Iraqi nationals recently have been caught sneaking illegally across the U.S.-Mexican border into Arizona, according to a U.S. congressman who is alarmed by the security breach and wants U.S. troops stationed on the border." [Ibid.]

We have heard many such stories about terrorist illegals crossing the border, and about American border guards being shot at by unknown or Oriental soldiers on the Mexican side of the border. Since this warning was issued within the context of an article about Saddam's WMD which we now know was bogus, is this threat from across the Mexican border equally as bogus?

Now, let us complete this section with the quote from President Bush that he was ordering this invasion based upon his position as the sovereign ruler of the United States of America. Even though he knew he was operating against the "will of the international community", he was determined to order the attack. In all of Illuminist rhetoric and literature, the concept of National Sovereignty is the most taboo subject. The Illuminati clearly wants to dissolve National Sovereignty so they can raise up the authority of the United Nations. To build up the sovereignty of the U.N., the Illuminati has fought two world wars and is about to fight a third [NEWS1056]. Therefore, it initially made no sense for Bush to fight the U.N. since he is completely Illuminist and is most definitely not a "loose cannon".

Listen now to Bush's statement.

NEWS BRIEF: "Administration Zeroes In on War", Fox News, March 19, 2003

"WASHINGTON — President Bush has made plans for war against Iraq without moral qualms because he is convinced that to do otherwise would create a far greater danger to the United States in the long run ... 'The [Iraqi] regime has a history of reckless aggression in the Middle East. It has a deep hatred of America and our friends and it has aided, trained and harbored terrorists, including operatives of Al Qaeda', Bush said in his ultimatum speech on Monday night. 'The United States of America has the sovereign authority to use force in assuring its own national security. That duty falls to me as commander-in-chief by the oath I have sworn, by the oath I will keep'."

You can see that Bush reiterated the major points used to justify his invasion of Iraq, points we now know were absolutely false! But we want you to zero in on the one sentence critical to our study at this point. Bush based his invasion squarely on his authority as a national sovereign.

"'The United States of America has the sovereign authority to use force in assuring its own national security. That duty falls to me as commander-in-chief by the oath I have sworn, by the oath I will keep'." [Ibid.]

Therefore, as we explain in NEWS1854, we believe this entire buildup to invasion was scripted according to the principles of the Dialectic, in which the United States was the Thesis power while the United Nations was Antithesis. Bush battled the UN over whether Iraq should be invaded. President Bush ordered the invasion over the protests of the UN, and even though UN documents were issued by the many dozens stating that Iraq possessed no WMD. Therefore, as Bush becomes discredited, the UN strengthens its credibility!

A following paragraph emphasized the role WMD played in Bush's decision. Listen:

"The administration also is concerned that delaying action will increase the potential for the spread of nuclear arms or other weapons of mass destruction, a fear that has motivated the White House since Sept. 12, 2001. Emphasizing the risk of another terror attack, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld recently described the imminent dangers of allowing chemical, biological or nuclear weapons to fall into the hands of those who would do harm to the United States." [Ibid.]

Now that we have studied the many warnings of the United States, all of which have now been shown to be wrong, let us examine the many warnings that people and organizations were issuing during the same time frame, telling the world that Saddam has no WMD and the US has no case! Once you study this portion, you will realize that, truly, the "Emperor Has No Clothes"!

Political Deception Foretold In Last Days!

Now that you can see clearly how President Bush and Prime Minister Blair mislead their respective nations into war, you can appreciate the prophetic warning of our Savior in Matthew 24:24. Listen carefully:

"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." [Matt 24:24]

While this prophecy is clearly related to Israel, the Jewish people, and the Antichrist who will arise to deceive them, we cannot help but notice that the Biblical goal of Antichrist arising is also the final goal of the Illuminati. Putting it quite succinctly, Antichrist will be Illuminist.

Now, please understand that when we look upon the word, "Christ" in this passage we do so with great interest. Most people think "Christ" refers to a religious person, such as Jesus the Christ. However, when we look at Strong's Dictionary, we see that the word, "Christs" here is very specific.

The Greek word here for "Christs" is Strong's Number 5580, "pseudochristos".

Literally, it refers to the "office and name" of Messiah. Thus, Jesus was referred in Matthew 16:20 as "Jesus the Christ". This designation is technically correct. Jesus was the Person Who fulfilled the office of "The Christ". Thus, in occult literature, Antichrist is said to take the name, "Maitreya" and is referred to constantly as "Maitreya the Christ", or simply "The Christ".

The office of "The Christ" is strongly political, which is why the prophet Isaiah foretold:

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this." [Isaiah 9:6-7]

Twice the word, "government", is mentioned, followed by governmental words like "throne" and "kingdom". The Jewish Messianic office of "The Christ" is strongly political, as will that ultimate Illuminist - Antichrist.

Thus, Jesus is telling us in Matthew 24:24 to be wary of false political leaders cut out of the same cloth as the Antichrist so clearly in view in this prophecy. Thus, we should expect our End of the Age Illuminist leaders to be false. We should expect that they will be able to present an illusory facade unequaled in all history. Indeed, this is certainly the case, as every President in the Twentieth Century followed the Illuminist drumbeat, with Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt being the most important. Since World War II, most Presidents have been members of the CFR ["The Unseen Hand", Ralph Epperson], with two of our last three Presidents being members of the "Brotherhood of Death" secret society known as "Skull & Bones" ["Behold A Pale Horse", by Bill Cooper and "Fleshing Out Skull & Bones", by Antony Sutton].

Genuinely saved, Biblically literate Christians should expect such unparalleled deception, not taken in by it. We should expect Presidents Bush - Clinton - Bush to greatly deceive us. We have just seen an example of such an unparalleled deception. Do you have the courage to believe it?

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

Finally, we would love to hear from you.

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God bless you.

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