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Subtitle: Since both President Bush and Candidate Kerry are lifelong adepts in the Black Magick Masonic secret society, Skull & Bones, we know their goals, values, and policies will be identical. America has been ruled by an invisible single party government for over 80 years!

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

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Cutting Edge Ministries believes each Christian should vote. We have all had loved ones in the past march off to war, believing they were fighting to preserve our liberties and our Constitutional government. It is true that hundreds of thousands of American soldiers died believing they were making it possible for our Republic form of government to continue. We respect every one of our former soldiers, airmen, and sailors who fought as loyal, patriotic Americans to keep our right to continue to vote.

We also realize that our days of voting for candidates for office are rapidly coming to an end. You see, in the coming New World Order (Kingdom of Antichrist), there is absolutely no room for a democracy or a Republic form of representative government. All countries in which citizens are now voting for candidates and issues have to be overthrown before the dictatorship of Antichrist can come into power. This is the Illuminati Plan.

A careful, but quick examination of pertinent Bible prophecies tells us that the above Illuminati Plan -- to establish a global governmental authority first so they can then just pass their newly-found authority directly to Antichrist -- is thoroughly Biblical. Let us review just a couple of important prophecies which tell us this fact. Please read carefully, for most preachers, teachers, and theologians today do not see these prophecies, nor do they see their correlation, nor do they see that these prophecies are coming true in our Daily News.

Prophecy #1 - Kingdom of Antichrist is to be a global dictatorship without equal in world history.

"And he (False Prophet) causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." [Rev 13:16-18]

This verse is one of the most quoted in all the Bible, and yet, most people miss its two most important elements:

1. This Kingdom presided over by the Antichrist (First Beast) and by the False Prophet (Second Beast) is a global kingdom.

2. This global kingdom will be the most dictatorial in world history.

In fact, these verses tell of a frightening scenario where the global dictatorship shall so minutely control every single person on earth that no single transaction can be carried out without the "Marl of the Beast". No grandfather can hire his son to mow his yard without this Mark; no person can buy anything at a flea market or a year sale without this Mark. Not only will cash be eliminated but every household will own one or more hand-sized computer which will "plug into" the global economy so that all purchases at any point on the globe at any point in time will be enacted through this computer system.

Further, these verses imply that this dictatorship will be coercive in that they will not allow anyone to carry out any type of transaction not a part of this global system. Additionally, authorities will know whenever a person or persons are attempting to circumvent the established system, thus implying an intrusive surveillance capability unprecedented in world history. Certainly, current surveillance capabilities come very close to this prophecy.

Now, let us take these prophetic global dictatorship understandings and couple them with the next pertinent prophecy.

"Also the ten horns that you observed are ten rulers (kings) who have as yet received no royal dominion, but together they are to receive power and authority as rulers for a single hour, along with the beast. These have one common policy (opinion, purpose), and they deliver their power and authority to the beast." (Revelation 17:12-13; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

Here is the process by which these final 10 rulers will hand their authority over to Antichrist.

"... And it was different from all the beasts that came before it, and it had ten horns [symbolizing ten kings]. I considered the horns, and behold, there came up among them another horn, a little one, before which three of the first horns were plucked up by the roots; and behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great things." [Daniel 7:7-8]

Since the Illuminati has long ago reorganized the world into 10 kingdoms (NEWS1002), we know that these prophecies are in the process of being fulfilled in our daily news. But, as you look closely at these prophecies, you will realize that God is allowing the final 10 rulers of the End of the Age to reorganize the world into a loose confederation of 10 super nations and then stage Antichrist on the world scene through the "Final Birth Sorrows" war as foretold in Matthew 24:6-8 -- all for the express purpose of handing him their authority.

This is the overall Illuminati Plan and because this Plan fulfills Bible prophecy, it will come to pass. It does not matter whether the President is Republican George W. Bush or Democrat John F. Kerry, the plan will be fulfilled. In fact, when you realize that both men are lifelong adepts in the Black Magick Masonic secret society entitled, "Skull & Bones", you can understand that both men are equally committed to this global Illuminati Plan. It does not matter one whit whether Bush or Kerry ascends to the office of President, for this global plan will go forward and will proceed according to God's Timetable.

But, how can this be, you ask? There is a world of difference between the Republican platform and the Democrat. We know there is a rhetorical difference, but is there really a substantive difference? We have spent hundreds of hours writing dozens of articles demonstrating that the policies of Presidents of both parties are the same. As Alabama Governor George Wallace once remarked, "There's not a dime's bit of difference between the two major parties".

We shall demonstrate this to be true.


Conventional Wisdom holds that the United States has two very different political parties that are constantly battling each other for the hearts and minds of the voters. This wisdom further says that about 42% of the voters vote traditionally Democrat, while Republicans control about 41% of the voters. The remaining 17% of the electorate are where each election is decided. Of course, you will always have the exception to this rule, as many localities and states one or the other party really has the edge, consistently. But, nationally, these statistics seem to hold true.

And, Democrats and Republicans really do battle don't they? The newspapers daily spew forth reports of constant political battling, some of it reaching really high pitches of volume and intensity. "Mud-slinging" has become a national pastime, it seems, in most elections.Conventional Wisdom states that the fundamental goals and viewpoints of the two parties are as different as night and day.

Republicans are said to favor private initiative, and risk-taking. Republicans favor the wealth accumulation so necessary to a Capitalist Economy, believing that, as private business prospers and grows, so do jobs and the wages paid for those jobs. Republicans are said to favor limited government, which intrudes into the lives of individuals and of companies only to prevent worst case scenarios of fraud, crime, and to ensure the smooth regulation of interstate commerce. The viewpoint of Republicans is best summed up by the statement in 1929 by the chief operating officer of General Motors, when he told a Senate subcommittee: "What is best for General Motors is what is best for America".

However, critics of the Republicans state that the private, Capitalist business runs roughshod over the little guy, that business is worried only about the bottom line. Further, since owners of private companies are only worried about the bottom line, they will not flinch to move manufacturing jobs overseas, where the labor is less.

The Democrat Party, on the other hand, favors government initiative, and believes that it is wrong for one individual to have more income than another. Therefore, they have devised all sorts of plans to take income by the force of government laws from those who make the money, so they can give to others. Thus, we have Income Taxes, Capital Gains Tax, the Great Society Welfare state, and the biggest of them all, Social Security. Illuminist and New World Order writers call this type of plan, the Redistribution of Income. Democrats make great noise that they are looking out for the little guy, and are really worried about keeping American jobs here at home.Critics of the Democrat party say that the Democrat programs are so close to Socialism as to be frightening; everyone knows that Socialism has failed miserably in every single country in which it has been implemented, from Communist countries to Europe. Further, critics will charge that large, centrally organized governments that take in lots of cash are inherently wasteful, since no one is handling their own money. And, lots of cash pouring in to a central coffer poses a perennial temptation to clever politicians wanting to enrich themselves at the expense of the taxpayer from whom the money was taken. Finally, critics charge that Democrats are not really that interested in the little guy, except in ways that will ensure that a lot of little guys who want government programs will vote Democrat during the election.

Therefore, Republicans and Democrats are continually pictured as being very opposite systems, and wanting to take the country down different paths entirely.

However, we are going to share a different picture with you, one that would never have been visible had we not studied the occult -- specifically Illuminist occult -- especially. We are going to show you that this country has really had only a one-party system for most the 20th Century, and that this one-party system has been masquerading as a two-party system, Republican versus Democrat. This massive, and most clever deception, has been worked out to achieve two major goals:

1. To make it seem to people that we are really free and that our vote does count;
2. To actually move the entire country gradually into the socialist, globalist, government and Fascist economy called the New World Order.

Dialectic Struggle - Thesis Battling Antithesis

To begin demonstrating this reality to you, we want to introduce you to an Illuminist German professor by the name of Hegel. In 1823, Hegel proposed a formula by which values and attitudes of a person or a nation could be gradually, almost invisibly changed, without that person or nation having any idea what was happening. When Hegel proposed this system, the concept took hold within the Academic circles of Europe, Great Britain, and the United States. And, it has been the guiding principle of our top leaders of most of the 20th Century history.

Hegel's concept has become known as Hegelian Doctrine, also known as the Dialectic Process. Briefly, this doctrine states the occult belief that all of nature is either positive or negative. Hegel postulated that when a Thesis force comes into existence, an opposite system called Antithesis is soon aroused into existence. Since these systems are opposite, they will not see eye-to-eye, so they will begin to battle one another. If this battling does not result in the destruction of one side or the other, soon the constant battling will result in a different system that is neither Thesis nor Antithesis, but is a brand new system altogether, Synthesis.

The dirty little secret within Illuminist circles is that Hegel did not create this concept on his own, but was exposed to it by an Illuminist Freemason, who was hoping Hegel would use the forum of his prestigious professorship to propagate this doctrine. The Illuminati believed in the Hegelian Doctrine completely, and is using it constantly to promote the change they desire so they can stage the appearance of their Antichrist.

A corollary to the Hegelian doctrine is that, since "Conflict brings about change, then controlled conflict brings about controlled change". American society at the turn of the 20th Century was so far from being able to accept the Fascist economy and globalist government of Antichrist -- not to mention the Witchcraft Religion of Antichrist -- that a major dose of controlled conflict was sorely needed. Fortunately this country had two major political parties with very different philosophical underpinnings that seemed tailor-made for the Dialectic Process.

Indeed, the Republican and Democrat parties have been staging constant battling scenarios constantly for the past 60 years! In the Dialectic Process, the Thesis system is seen as the Status Quo system, while the Antithesis system is seen as the active agent attempting to change the Status Quo. The Thesis system is the static defender while the Antithesis system is the active agent for change. Thus, the Republican Party was to be the static defender of the Capitalist small-government foundation upon which this country was founded, while the Democrat Party was to fulfill the role as an active attacker of this Capitalist system, urging the exact opposite system.

When Illuminist leaders of Europe and America considered the challenges of changing this country thoroughly so we could accept the system and religion of Antichrist, they were temporarily stymied by our system of elections. With Americans going to the polls every two years, a leader that would be courageous enough to make the tough, unpopular decisions needed to move the country into the New World Order could very well be voted out in the next election. Then, his successor might take action that would cancel out the decision of the previous leader and the impetus toward the global system would be lost.

How could this tremendous liability be overcome? The answer was unparalleled and very slick deception. But, we should not be too surprised, since our Lord clearly told us, three times in the book of Matthew, chapter 24, that deception would be the Hallmark characteristic of the Kingdom of Antichrist. After warning twice about deception in the End of the Age, Jesus then told us how slick and convincing this deception was going to be.

"For there shall arise false Christs, and … if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." [Matthew 24:24]

On July 29, 1921, a plan of deception was put into action that would overcome the problem with democracy and its elections. An institution was established called the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR]. Supposedly, this new organization was designed to be kind of a post-graduate training school for selected leaders who aspired to government "service". In reality, the CFR thoroughly trained these bright and energetic leaders in the ultimate goals of the New World Order. Then, these leaders were trained as to how they might work out this plan in their lives, in their chosen professions, to aid the move Americans and the American system into the New World Order.

Before they left the training of the CFR, these young leaders assumed labels that they would wear for the rest of their lives, and by which they would be known by the voting public. Some of them would be known as Liberals, and some Conservatives. Some would be known as Democrat and some as Republican. Some would be known as Liberal Democrat or Liberal Republican, and some as Conservative Democrat or Conservative Republican. While they would agree to strongly fight each other on many issues, they would cooperate whenever the issue was critical to the success of the New World Order Plan.

A good example of this cooperation, when the Plan dictated it, was the NAFTA agreement, which economically combined the United States, Canada, and Mexico. If ever there was an issue which should have been opposed by every Conservative in America, NAFTA was that issue. Yet, when President Bush began to push for NAFTA, and when President Clinton continued that push, Conservative leaders from both parties supported the issue. Many analysts were absolutely shocked that Conservatives were supporting such a treaty, when its political and economic tenets were so diametrically opposed to the values of Conservatives. Paramount among these violated tenets was the issue of the surrender of National Sovereignty. Further, Democrats would normally have opposed such an economic reorganization because the unions would have rightfully feared the loss of jobs. This was a great opportunity for the Democrats to demonstrate that they were really out for the good of the little guy.

Yet, in the end, Democrat Clinton seamlessly and effortlessly took the baton from Republican President George Bush; the Republican leadership of the Congress shepherded the bill through, with assistance of key Democrats. This NAFTA agreement is one of the most clear instances that demonstrates that the two major parties are really working together, not separately, for a common goal. Whenever you see Republicans and Democrats working together on an issue that one or both of them would logically oppose, you know you are looking at an issue near and dear to the heart of the Illuminati, and that you are seeing the outworking of the Dialectic Struggle.

The Vietnam War was just such a cause. President Johnson had no trouble galvanizing Conservative support for this war, because fighting Communism anywhere in the world was high on the Conservative agenda. Yet, enough Liberal Congressmen and Senators supported Johnson and Nixon that the war continued for 13 years. Congress could have cut funding for this war at any time, forcing American troops home. Yet, because this war was so critical to the success of the New World Order Plan, enough Liberals abandoned their normal position to support it, while Conservatives abandoned their support for the military in allowing the war to drag out, just as the Illuminati desired. In Seminar #2, "America Determines The Flow Of History", we detail all the social changes the Vietnam War produced. The Illuminati got their "protracted battling" in the Vietnam War, and it changed American society toward the occult like no other event in history.

Now, let us return to the CFR. When people "graduated" from this training school, they were familiar enough with the overall plan that they would be able to determine what actions they needed to take in their respective professions to enable the Plan to move forward. Further, these people formed a very tight "club" that constantly communicated with each other on various issues. People were "graduated" out of CFR to nearly every imaginable profession: Politicians, lawyers, professors, Mass Media, clergymen.

For this reason, the TV industry is filled with CFR members.

By the advent of World War II, the CFR endeavored to have both candidates in most races be CFR. Thus, it did not matter who got elected; the Plan would go forward. And, if the voters were angry over an issue and the candidate who had supported it, they could throw him out and elect the CFR candidate of the opposing party! The Plan would still go forward! The candidates, whom we have elected for President, the Congress, and most state governments, hasn't mattered one bit, because each successive candidate is as committed to the coming global government as was his predecessor.

Thomas Jefferson warned us that this pattern of behavior on the part of our leaders, over a period of time, is proof of a conspiracy! Listen.

"Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers , too plainly prove a deliberate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery." ["The Works of Thomas Jefferson", Volume 1, p. 130]

Haven't you noticed that it does not matter for whom you vote? Haven't you heard it said that there is not a "dime's worth of difference" between Democrat and Republican parties? Thomas Jefferson warned us that such a pattern is proof of a conspiracy!

We encourage you to go to NEWS1191, so you can see how many politicians and judicial appointees of President Clinton were members of the CFR. When you see this list, you can start getting an understanding as to how pervasive this Illuminist influence is, but remember that the number of CFR people serving in other presidential administrations is just about as long as this list, including former President, Ronald Reagan. Interestingly, George W. Bush has about 20 members of the CFR on his advisory team, which should tell you all you need to know about George W.

Clinton's Impeachment - Supreme Example

Let us look at the supreme example of how Republican and Democrats unexpectedly cooperated during a time of extreme national crisis. In this scenario, Republican leadership took a totally unexpected turn, which is exactly the sign for which you are looking when discussing the workings of the invisible One-Party system really operating in this country.

I am speaking of the Impeachment of President Clinton. Chicago attorney, David Schippers was appointed by Republican Congressman Henry Hyde to serve as the Chief Investigative Counsel of the House Judiciary Committee researching possible impeachment charges. In his book, "Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment", Schippers unwittingly captures the essence of the inner workings of the invisible single party system in America.

Schippers states the purpose of the impeachment. "Impeachment was not only the proper remedy, it was the only constitutional remedy available to correct some of the most outrageous conduct ever engaged in by a president of the United States. Mr. Clinton was impeached for obstruction of justice and for perjury, both federal criminal offenses … Repeatedly, we hear that the whole case was about sex and that everybody lies about sex … Once the truth is known, though, it becomes apparent that the President's transgressions were neither defensible nor only about sex. Evidence showed a far-reaching conspiracy to obstruct justice and to deprive Paula Jones of her constitutional right as an American … If sexual misconduct were all that could be shown, there would have been no inquiry or impeachment. No, the impeachable offenses were committed much later: perjury, lies, witness tampering, suborning perjury …"

Schippers would later list other more serious offenses of the President that were known to the committee, but never reported out of the office of Ken Starr, Republican Independent Counsel appointed by Janet Reno. We shall come back to this issue in a few moments, but first, let us listen to Schippers as he tells us who put the "fix" in place so that President Clinton got off scot-free, acquitted of all charges.

"… before we ever appeared on the floor of the United States Senate, the House impeachment managers and I knew we didn't have a shot to win. It was a flat-out rigged ball game, what we in Chicago would refer to as a First Ward election. No shot. No way … it wasn't all the Senators. But it was the ones that counted -- the leadership. And not just the Democratic leadership. The Republican leaders … Our own guys, selling us down the river!" [Page 7]

The Republican leadership of the Senate is the culprit that ensured that President Clinton would get acquitted. Schippers then zeroes in on Republican Senate leader Trent Lott as the point man in this effort. "Lott leaned back in his chair with a power lean that said, 'I am in charge'. I'll never forget the first words out of his mouth: 'Henry, you're not going to dump this garbage on us'. Stupid me, I thought everything was on the legit … but no … the Senate Republican leadership wanted to sink us … [Page 8-9]

Schippers continues: "Lott mentioned the importance of 'bipartisanship' … I learned that every time I heard the word 'bipartisan' on Capitol Hill, we were about to be sold out, because bipartisan meant doing the will of the Democrats."

This is a critical revelation in our discussion, because the Democrats have been given the role of the active agent constantly agitating against the Status Quo system, while the Republicans have been assigned the passive role of defenders of the Status Quo. The Democrats are supposed to win the battle most of the time, constantly battling in a "controlled conflict" to gradually move American government and the values and attitudes of the people, into the globalist, socialist system of Antichrist.

The Democrats must win the majority of the battles. When Democrats control one or both houses of Congress, the final decisions on a particular matter come from their top leadership, and the matter is usually public; however, when the Republicans control, the Democrat agenda still prevails, but the fact that the top Republican leadership was acting in the best interests of the Democrats is very much hidden from view.

Let us return to Schippers for even more detail on this subject: When the House impeachment managers realized they were not going to be able to present their case thoroughly, one congressman said, " 'We've got boxes of evidence here. We've got witnesses. One day? That's insane.' Congressman Jim Rogan of California added the exclamation point to the whole exchange: 'We're entitled to a trial. Why are we being sold out? You're double-crossing us. We've done our duty; it's up to you to do your duty. We are all Republicans." [Page 11]

Obviously, the knowledge of the invisible single-party system does not extend all the way down the ranks of the Congressmen, which is pretty typical of a secret society, where only the very top leadership knows the truth, while the remaining 95% of the members are duped.

Senator Lott made it quite clear that the Senate was writing its own rules in this trial, casting aside all written regulations. Schippers lamented, "The reality was that we had no Republican friends in that room. The Democrats ran the whole show." [Page 18] Schippers then listed the six Senators present at that meeting in which the House impeachment managers were informed that the fix was in, and what form it would take. Present at this meeting were three Democrats and three Republicans. The three Democrat senators were: Joseph Biden, Delaware; Carl Levin, Michigan; and Joseph Lieberman, Connecticut; the three Republican senators were: Fred Thompson, Tennessee; Pete Domenici, New Mexico; and Ted Stevens, Alaska.

The quote of the century belongs to Senator Ted Stevens, Republican, Alaska. Since House impeachment managers did not initially get the message, they pressed the fact that they had considerable evidence that Clinton had brutally raped Juanita Broaddrick. At this moment, an exasperated Senator Stevens said, "Henry, I don't care if you prove he raped a woman and then stood up and shot her dead -- you're not going to get sixty-seven votes [to impeach]."

The House congressmen were stunned into silence. Schippers then asked Stevens, "Senator, I just watched one hundred Senators raise their right hand to God and swear to do equal and impartial justice. I'm only a Democrat from Chicago, but are you telling me that the Senators are going to ignore that oath also?' Without batting an eye, and without hesitation, Stevens shot back, saying "You're [blank] right they are'." [Page 23]

Senator Lott is THE man who ensured the acquittal of Clinton. But, why should we be surprised, for it is common knowledge that, after Clinton and the Democrats lost the 1994 elections, Lott offered a dispirited Clinton his media expert, Dick Morris. Now, why would the Republican Senate Majority Leader off his supposedly bitter Democrat "enemy" his media expert? This incident proves our contention that America has only a one-party system in America. Republicans are battling Democrats in the truest sense of the Hegelian doctrine of "Controlled conflict bringing about controlled change". And, it has been very successful. America has moved consistently into gradually bigger government, more regulatory control, larger spending, and more murder of the innocent, both inside and outside the womb. It is most telling that President Reagan never rolled back any of this monstrous government, even though he had a mandate to do just that.

Now, let us return to the subject of Independent Counsel, Ken Starr. Mass Media made a great deal of smoke about Starr being a Republican, saying prayers before meals, and singing Gospel songs when he jogged. The first sign of the "fix" being installed should have been when Starr was appointed by Attorney General Janet Reno, Clinton's main Judicial watchdogs, charged with ensuring that no legal trouble get close enough to Bill to cause him serious problems.

But, you say, the law stipulates that the Attorney General is the one who has to appoint an Independent Counsel, and you are right. Therefore, we should have known from the beginning that whomever Reno appointed would be charged with getting the President off. Let us return to the subject of the really serious crimes with which Starr should have indicted the President. You will see that the crimes arising out of the Monica Lewinsky were the least serious of all the possible offenses.

Now, let us examine some more instances where Republican Starr ignored obvious Clinton crimes.

The I.N.S. Fraud -- Led By Al Gore

So bold and blatant was fraud perpetrated by the INS -- acting under the direct leadership of Vice President Gore -- that Schipper and his colleagues on the House Impeachment legal team were rock-solid positive that they firmly had Gore and Clinton on "Abuse of Power", and in ordering their own departments to act illegally, a very serious charge since President Clinton had taken an oath of office to "faithfully execute the laws" of the land.

Therefore, Schipper was shocked into silence when he learned that the 17 boxes of evidence coming over from Independent Prosecutor Ken Starr, was totally about Monica Lewinsky! Starr had ignored all the really solid evidence of wrong-doing by Clinton!

Vice-President Gore presided over the successful effort to blatantly break the law governing the procedures the INS must follow in processing any claim from an alien to become a U.S. citizen. Gore's effort was largely concentrated among the Latino immigrant population, because history has shown they traditionally vote very heavily Democratic. After breaking many laws, Gore successfully granted citizenship in 1996 to over 1 million Latinos in the states but, since the 1996 elections, Gore and the INS have granted citizenship to 5.6 million such people in selected states. In the 2000 election, Gore took 5 out of 6 of these states, giving him 124 Electoral Votes from these corrupted states. Now, if the Electoral College is abolished, the Democrats will be able to win almost every election from the corrupted popular vote out of the most populous states!

Therefore, when Ken Starr refused to hand down an indictment on this I.N.S. citizenship fraud, Schippers was not only stunned into silence, he know the "fix" was in.

Ken Starr's Interrogation Tactics With Clinton

Even though Clinton's testimony was one lie after another, Schippers could not believe they were sitting there like "bumps on a log", letting Clinton get away with the most transparent, provable lies after another. "I am an old prosecutor and it drove me nuts that Clinton wasn't pressed harder in the questioning before the grand jury. Starr's people were interrogating the President of the United States ... Whenever questions cut too close for comfort, he'd say, 'I stand by my statement'. The statement itself was false, but they never forced him to defend it ... Starr's team let him get away with that. Clinton would not have gotten away with it on the stand, on trial ... A witness has three choices: tell the truth, lie, or take the Fifth Amendment. There is no 'stand on my statement' in cross-examination." [Page 57-58]

Therefore, the very way in which Starr's people interrogated Clinton was setting the "fix".

How Selected Release of Lewinsky Material Actually Helped Acquit Clinton

Once the evidence arrived from Starr's office to the House chambers, Minority Leader, Richard Gephardt of Missouri began to put pressure on Schippers to release all of the material to the general public, and a number of Republican members of the Judiciary Committee agreed. Schippers said, "I thought they were crazy", since he knew a public release would doom their case against Clinton. A "compromise" was suggested by the Republican leadership that ultimately did doom the case. Selected portions would be released. Democrats used highly skilled "spin doctors" to convince the American people that Clinton was being railroaded by "partisan" Republicans. Schippers explains:

"It [the selected release] was a terrible mistake, as the spin doctors easily deflated its evidence by leaking wildly exaggerated stories about the tapes. Using a tactic that proved successful throughout the impeachment process -- lessening the impact of adverse information by anticipating it and making it sound worse than it was ... they missed the most important part of his [Clinton's] testimony -- the obvious lies." [Page 57] Thus, when the actual release of the tapes were not as bad as the exaggerated leaks, people felt Clinton was being unfairly treated, and they missed the fact that he had committed perjury. Schippers summed the disaster succinctly: "... whatever was leaked would lose its impact".

Clinton's Soft On China -- Treasonous Official Policy

Additionally, Congress and Starr knew of the many illegal campaign financing schemes of the Clinton-Gore team. They knew that Communist China had boldly funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars into the campaign coffers of Clinton-Gore. They knew; they had the hard evidence. Starr buried the indictment. This charge would have been far more serious than Lewinsky.

Congress and Starr knew that President Clinton seemed to be in collusion with Loral Corporation so as to transfer critically secret technology to China that enabled them to target their missiles so as to achieve a hit within 100 feet of a target; before this time, the Chinese would have been fortunate to have hit a continent with a missile. This treasonous activity was provable, and was known to Congress. Republican Senator Fred Thompson complained to Bill Gertz, in his book, The China Threat, "I keep hearing the Cold War's over. The most liberal Democrats and the most conservative Republicans who are trying to push the merchandise out the door are together in this 'the Cold War's over'. And we're going to have to get a [blank-blank] bomb laid on us in order to get anybody's attention any more." [Page 32]

It seems that Fred Thompson knows the real score and the real danger here. Yet, Schippers reports that Thompson was one of the Senators present at the meeting when the House impeachment managers were told that Clinton's impeachment trial was as rigged as any can get.

Bill Gertz correctly observes Clinton's official line that China is no longer a threat, and that it can be "liberalized" by constant "engagement" via economic trade. [The China Threat, p. 40-43] Clinton repeatedly is seen as rewarding China despite its despicable behavior toward dissidents and obvious military moves aimed at the United States. A.M. Rosenthal, retired executive editor of the New York Times, describes the end result of 8 years of Clinton's soft-China policy.

"Never before in American policy has this country been so influenced by a foreign dictatorship ... In fact, never to my memory has any country at all had so much influence in American political, economic, and academic life." [Ibid.]

But, then Gertz quite properly notes that the Chinese success "needed the support of major politicians in both parties". [Page 42] He noted that the GOP 2000 Republican Party national security platform nearly contained a definite pro-Beijing plank, until conservatives forced it out. But Robert Blackwell, who wrote the pro-China plank is director of the China Initiative at Harvard University, an academic organization that advocates the "China is not a threat" lie.

Further, Gertz notes that "the platform differences over China were a sign that the Republicans remain divided on the issue of China, with many of the leading figures adopting the shortsighted view that China poses no threat ... and seeing China as a business opportunity." [Ibid., p. 44]

Gertz then notes prominent Republicans who propagate this view: Note all are CFR:

Henry Kissinger -- Former National Security Advisor to President Nixon

Alexander Haig -- Kissinger's deputy, former NATP commander, and Secretary of State under Reagan

Brent Scowcroft -- President George Bush's national security adviser

Lawrence Eagleburger -- President Bush's Deputy Secretary of State

Therefore, you can easily see that the invisible single-party system in the United States is determinedly following the lie that "China is not a threat". Gertz ascribes this nonsense to the American penchant for greed and certainly that greed plays a part. But, Gertz was evidently not aware that China right now is a loyal fellow-soldier in the globalist Illuminati plan to produce Antichrist. As such, Democrat and Republican policy is following the directives of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

"In a word, to sum up our system of keeping the governments ... in check, we shall show our strength to one of them by terrorist attempts and to all, if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us, we shall respond with the guns of America, or China ..." [Protocol 7, "World Wide Wars", Paragraph 6]

THIS is the REAL reason America is following a policy of deliberately building up China! The armies of China and America are supposed to police the world of Antichrist, once he arises. And, both Democrat and Republican are following this plan.

You might complain, at this point, that history is full of examples where Republicans and Democrats were at each other's throats for very good reasons, and many of these battles resulted in the good of the nation preserved. You would be right. You see, the Dialectic Process envisions also that you never go immediately from Point A to Point Z, nor do you go in a straight line. Rather, you go two steps forward and one step back; you might zig-zag, going forward and then back a little. You might attack your opponent one year, and then secretly cooperate with him the next year. But, the progress is steadily forward.

One of the greatest shocks I received in studying hard-core Satanism was this realization that the Republican Part has been assigned the role of Thesis [Positive Force and Passive Defender of the Status Quo], while the Democrat Party has been assigned the role of Antithesis [Negative Force and Active Attacker of Status Quo]. America and her citizens have been consistently moved toward the ideal of larger government, a government cooperating with the global government of the United Nations, and of a people very in tune with the occultism of the coming New World Order.

In this Election 2004, do not waste any time, effort, or emotional energy agonizing over the obvious voter fraud and manipulation by the Democrats. Do not waste any heart-felt agony when you see Republicans passively caving in to the energetic and very public vote-grabbing by the Democrats. You see, it is all a scripted act, and a most obvious visible proof of the existence of the invisible single party system really running this country. Illuminist George W. Bush is running against an equally Illuminist John F. Kerry -- both Skull & Bones to boot.

It truly does not matter one bit for whom you vote. The deception just keeps rolling along.

Truly, this unbelievable deception fulfills Jesus' prophecy of Matthew 24:24. Truly, the End of the Age is upon us. Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

Finally, we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us by mail or email.

God bless you.

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