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Subtitle: Russia has reportedly completed construction from Syria to Iran of the same type of sophisticated anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense which currently defends Moscow. Undoubtedly, Russian advisers are helping man this defense.

An American attack on either Syria or Iran means an attack on Russia.

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On April 12, 2003, just days after Coalition Forces had taken Baghdad, Russian President Putin strode to a podium and drew a huge line in the sand against President Bush. No more, said Putin, no more will we allow you to invade a country and achieve a "Regime Change". With the Presidents of Germany and France behind him, Putin told President Bush to back off.

At the time, we wondered how a great power like Russia would back up its bravado with action, in order to keep America from taking action which would relegate Russia to backwater status.

Now, we may be seeing how President Putin was planning to back up his demand. Let us begin with the original news story.

NEWS BRIEF: "NEWS BRIEF: "No strike on other countries, Putin warns US", Sify News, April 12, 2003.

"Saint Petersburg -- Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday warned the US-led coalition not to attack other countries under the pretext of promoting capitalist and democratic values after having defeated Iraq's dictatorial regime. 'We are not going to export capitalist, democratic revolutions,' the Russian leader told reporters as rumours in Washington allege that some elements of the US administration are mulling launching military operations against other Middle Eastern states. 'If we do, we're going to end up on a slippery slope to non-ending military conflicts. We can't let that happen,' Putin said at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and French President Jacques Chirac after holding talks with them."

We saw several very important aspects to Putin's warning.

1) Even though the leaders of Germany and France attended this news conference, the spokesman was Russia's Putin. This fact speaks loudly to the reality that Russia may be the one superpower that is willing to actually stand up to the United States. Her military preparations speak even more loudly to this reality.

At the time Putin issued his strong warning, he had positioned Russian naval units on station in exactly the right areas the U.S. is planning to effect the next "regime change". The United States is planning to effect "regime changes" through military action in the Persian Gulf region -- Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia -- and on the Korean Peninsula.

This naval deployment in place at the time Putin made his remarks backed up his warning at that time. Therefore, we were highly interested in checking our Daily News Updates Archives during the Summer and Fall, 2003. Even though Bush officials were constantly breathing dire threats against Syria and Iran, our forces took no action. Now, as we shall see in a few moments, Putin was quietly taking another action which just might permanently put Iran and Syria permanently off-limits to American military power.

2) Even though the leaders of Germany and France attended this news conference, the spokesman was Russia's Putin. This fact speaks loudly to the reality that Russia may be the one superpower that is willing to actually stand up to the United States. Her military preparations speak even more loudly to this reality.

3) Putin used the descriptive language "slippery slope" to describe America's actions. This term is usually reserved for the very special circumstance in which national actions are seen creating an inevitable slide into all-out war. This terminology reminded me of the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand which started the world down a "slippery slope" to World War I.

Thus, the battle lines seemed to be drawn against the two world's military superpowers. Even though Russia has an economy dwarfed by the United States, she now fields the very modern force she began to bring on line in 1998. Further, Russia has EM interferometer scalar weapons that are so superior to anything the United States has, that Russia may really be the only true world's superpower [Read NEWS1776 and NEWS1776b, and NA670 for full details].


With this information as background, let us now delve into this most interesting story from DEBKAfile Intelligence. After examining this article, you might just conclude that Russia's Putin has just checkmated America's Bush. You might also conclude that, perhaps, Russia is beginning to move into the Middle East in just the manner necessary for her to one day march against Israel in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39.

NEWS BRIEF: "Syrian Missile Sale Slots into Secret Russian Air Defense System for Iran", DEBKAfile Exclusive Military Report, January 24, 2005

"Russian president Vladimir Putin and Syrian president Bashar Assad, who arrived in Moscow Monday, January 24, will sign a $70 million deal for the sale of 20 SA-18 Igla-S batteries mounted on Armored Personnel Carriers. One of the most effective missiles against low-flying aircraft on the market, the SA-18 is manufactured at the Russian KBM factory near Moscow ... The Igla-S is also effective against small targets like reconnaissance drones, helicopters and cruise missiles. Missile experts report that when fired against fighter craft an Igla-S has the effectiveness of two missiles fired in a single round – or five missiles when launched against a cruise missile."

An earlier DEBKAfile report on this issue stated that this anti-aircraft and ant-missile system was the same system protecting Moscow right now! Therefore, we can see how very serious Putin was when he originally warned America on April 12, 2003, not to attack either Syria or Iran. Before he stepped to the podium, Putin and his military advisers almost certainly had conceived this air defense system which could protect the Middle East from Iran to Syria from the enormous threat of Israeli and/or American air power.

Now, let us go back to DEBKAfile to learn more of this air defense system:

"Moscow’s objective is partly to secure its investment in Iran’s nuclear center at Bushehr on the Persian Gulf against the fate of the Saddam Hussein’s French-built Tamuz nuclear center which the Israeli air force bombed out existence 24 years ago ... Russian experts from the Raduga OKB engineering group in Dubna near Moscow had just completed the installation of two advanced radar systems around the Bushehr nuclear reactor on the Persian Gulf. These improved mobile 36D6 systems, Western code namedTin Shield, were custom-made to upgrade the air defense radar protecting Iran’s key nuclear facilities from American or Israeli aerial, missile or cruise missile attack." (Ibid.)

When Putin issued his "line in the sand" warning, he knew of the immense Russian effort then underway to build these nuclear power and enrichment plants in Iran. Not wanting to see a tremendous amount of money go down the drain, along with Russia's global credibility, Putin was taking these actions to protect his investment in Iran. For a while, Russia evidently was able to conceal their true intentions, until the last steps. Listen:

"... the fat hit the fire when the Russians were discovered to be building the same system at Iran’s uranium enrichment plants for military purposes in Isfahan in central Iran. It was taken to mean that Moscow has undertaken to secure all of Iran’s nuclear industry from top to bottom – from the installation of sophisticated equipment to military planning and operational cooperation - against American or Israeli attack. Moscow has thus placed a serious impediment in the path of any American and Israel military action to curb Iran’s nuclear armament. This Russian-Iranian cooperation looks like the harbinger of geo-strategic understandings in other places like Afghanistan, India, Iraq and the Persian Gulf." (Ibid.)

Now, you can see the outlines of the chess match between Putin and Bush. According to this article, Russia "has undertaken to secure all of Iran’s nuclear industry from top to bottom – from the installation of sophisticated equipment to military planning and operational cooperation - against American or Israeli attack."

Further, this giant military and diplomatic undertaking is seen as being part of new "geo-strategic understandings in other places" throughout the Middle East. President Bush has busily been enunciating his new vision -- "War On Terror" and "Unilateral Attack" -- since the attacks of 9/11. For the most part, Russia has either tacitly gone along with these new Bush Doctrines, or has not actively opposed them, as we would expect given prophecy at the End of Age.

However, Russia has to fulfill her particular date with prophetic history as the designated leader of the forces marching against Israel at the End of the Age. Is this departure with American policy the beginning of the long-awaited Russian incursion into Middle East politics?

Now, let us return to this featured article to gain insight as to possible Russian protection against Syria:

"Already, the Russian military umbrella over Iran is emitting diplomatic signals ... On January 12, the day Russian radar was finally installed at Bushehr and Isfahan, the Kremlin leaked word of a large-scale arms deal afoot with Syria ... What really worries Washington and Jerusalem is the possibility of Assad and Putin putting their heads together on the same 36D6 radar system Moscow has supplied Iran. Our military sources describe the Tin Shield 36D6 as a mobile radar system designed to detect air targets and perform friend-or-foe identification. It is highly effective in detecting low, medium and high altitude targets moving at almost any speed, including winged missiles and American or Israeli cruise missiles. It is capable of providing the target and bearing of active jamming, as well as integrated computer-aided systems of control and guidance of anti-aircraft missile complexes. Tin Shield can operate independently as an observation and air detection post, as part of computer-aided control systems or as an element in an anti-air guided missile complex, where it carries out reconnaissance and targeting. If Syria gets this sophisticated system, a Russian-coordinated Iranian-Syrian-Lebanese radar barrier will rise with three serious consequences that go beyond the balance of strength in the Middle East..." (Ibid.)

Did you catch the pertinent geo-political sentence in this quote?

"If Syria gets this sophisticated system, a Russian-coordinated Iranian-Syrian-Lebanese radar barrier will rise with three serious consequences that go beyond the balance of strength in the Middle East..." (Ibid.)

If this system does go up, from Syria to the West to Iran to the East, what impact might it have on American aerial operations?

"The 36D6 radar system deployment, if acquired by Syria as well Iran, will confine US aerial operations in Iraq to a narrow corridor hemmed in by sophisticated Russian radar and reconnaissance systems. Its deployment at nuclear sites in northern Iran near the Afghan border will obstruct any American air operation mounted from the north against Iran from Afghan bases, while the Russian radar system’s presence in Syria will hinder an American or Israeli strike against Iran from the west." (Ibid.)

Unless America and/or Israel has a sophisticated answer to this sophisticated Russian air defense shield, we will suffer a great loss in our ability to take action anywhere in the Middle East our commanders deem necessary. Furthermore, if American forces can defeat this Russian system, Putin will know that he cannot defend Moscow any longer.

Since the Russians have been talking to the Syrians -- and presumably the Iranians -- for almost two years now, you have to realize that America knew the basic outlines of what Russia was attempting to implement; is this the reason we have huffed and puffed since Summer, 2003, without taking any action?

With this two-year-old cooperation between Russia and Syria now reported publicly, this next story makes a lot of sense.

NEWS BRIEF: "Syria, Russia to restore Soviet-era ties", The Turkish Press, 01-25-2005

"MOSCOW (AFP) - Russia and Syria pledged to restore Soviet-era ties, striking an accord on Damascus' debts to Moscow and future military cooperation ... Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose visit to Moscow provoked a row between Israel and Russia over reported plans to sell advanced Russian missiles to Syria, signed a declaration with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on defence ties ... These are defensive weapons, air defence, to prevent aircraft from entering our airspace," Assad said, asked to comment on the reported contract for portable Igla anti-aircraft missiles ... Putin vowed to reinvigorate lapsed ties between Moscow and Damascus, a former Soviet client state which has traditionally been a major purchaser of Russian weapons."

If Russia's Putin is seeking to "restore Soviet-era ties" with Syria, you can bet he is intent upon restoring all ties with Arab states formerly allied with the old Soviet Union. Russia's entry into the Middle East maelstrom may be closer at hand than many have formerly believed.

Will we attack Syria and/or Iran now, even though we may take significant losses and possibly prompt a conflict with Russia? We shall have to wait to see, but the major fact today is that this Russian air defense system is now reportedly in place right now, protecting both nuclear power plants in Iran. Some weeks ago, the American commander of forces in Iraq became visibly upset, wondering aloud how Iran could actually threaten our powerful combined forces; perhaps this new Russian system and new Russian diplomatic support is the reason Iran felt so bold.

Events in the Middle East continue to move toward all-out conflict, just as the Bible prophesied so many years ago.

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