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Subtitle: Brilliant strategic move forces both Conservative Likud and Liberal Labor Parties outward toward the margins -- neutralizing both simultaneously!

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NEWS BRIEF: "Sharon seeks early election with new party: Bold political gamble - Even possible Shimon Peres might join him", 21 November 2005

"In a bold political gamble, the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has decided to leave his Likud Party, form a new political movement and push for quick elections. Sharon's decision redraws Israel's political map, formalising his transformation from hard-liner to centrist and increasing chances of progress in peacemaking with the Palestinians after March elections."

To most observers, Sharon's action came as a sharp surprise. In fact, numerous articles appeared soon afterward which used the word, "earthquake" in both their title and their article. In fact, the political landscape seemed to most to resemble the wreckage strewn about after a real earthquake.

Yet, why should anyone be surprised by Sharon's exit from Likud and his creation of a new political party? After all, Likud had bitterly opposed Sharon's Unilateral Withdrawal program. On many occasions, Sharon had to first put down Likud Party opposition before he could proceed toward his goal. In many occasions, the margin of victory for Sharon's policies came from the Liberal side, not the Conservative.

Matters finally got so serious that, before the withdrawals could begin, Sharon had to pause to take on a Coalition partner, Shimon Peres, who supported Oslo so completely that he was as sold on the need for unilateral withdrawal as was Sharon. Sharon - Peres is the combination government which carried out the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip -- not exactly what Conservative Jewish voters had in mind when they cast their ballot for the old war hero, General Sharon.

However, if Sharon is going to proceed with a withdrawal from selected portions of the West Bank, he is going to have to be in charge of a government very much more solid than the coalition government he now enjoys with Peres. After all, the demographics of withdrawing West Bank settlers is much more daunting than in the Gaza Strip. Israel withdrew approximately 9,000 settlers, but there are 240,000 settlers in the West Bank.

Even when you consider that Israel has redrawn the security barriers so as to keep 180,000 West Bank settlers within official Israel, that means the Israeli government must move 60,000 Jewish settlers, a far more monumental task than the withdrawal from the Gaza.

The reality is that Sharon probably did not have the firm bedrock type of support for the withdrawal of 60,000 settlers. The Likud Party was making life very difficult for Sharon. Therefore, that wily old military tactician decided to preempt Likud by leaving the part so he could form his own party, which he could characterize as "Centrist"! Such a designation would naturally force Likud to the position of "extremist" in the eyes of the electorate; at least, Sharon and his mass media friends could continually call Likud by that name. As all Cutting Edge readers will know, the Illuminati hates extremism in any degree in any part of this world, and are always attempting to destroy their influence.

Let us now return to our featured news article.

" Sharon's decision, to be formally announced later today, sent shock waves through Israeli politics, and set the stage for a dramatic election campaign. It would pit a smaller, hard-line Likud, possibly under former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against Sharon and the new Labour Party leader, former union boss Amir Peretz. One poll today said an alliance of Sharon's new party with the moderate Labour and leftist parties would command 74 seats in the 120-member parliament."

Before Sharon announced this decision, he undoubtedly counted his votes to ensure that his new party, along with truly Liberals who follow Shimon Peres, would form a majority in Parliament. After all, Sharon won nearly every single confrontation with Likud, and he did win every crucial struggle. This fact means that Sharon had strong support in the majority in Likud before he ever announced his new party plan.

When Shimon Peres joined with Sharon in a unity coalition government, he brought more numbers with him who were committed to the unilateral withdrawal demanded by the original Oslo Accords of 1972-1973. Let us now return to this featured news article, to see the part Peres might play in this new political party.

" Sharon is expected to take several prominent Likud Cabinet ministers with him into his new party, along with some from Labour. It is possible Shimon Peres - the ousted Labour Party leader - will join forces with Sharon."

Removed from the impediments of Likud, Sharon would be free to follow the more moderate line he has espoused in recent years - part of a dramatic turnaround from a strong supporter of Jewish settlements to the first Israeli leader to dismantle West Bank and Gaza communities. Truly, Sharon has been a "miracle man" in Israeli history, going from "hardline, Conservative", former war general, to a political Liberal in the mold of Shimon Peres.

Don't forget the convenience of Shimon Peres losing a squeaker of an election to Peretz. Analysts were stunned when Peres lost the election, as he was supposed to have done -- easily. However, now that Peres is no longer the official leader of the Labor Party, he is free to join Sharon in a new political party! Had he won the election, he could not have been free to now throw his support to Sharon, and take Labor members with him.

To make this new party work, Sharon now needs to dissolve the current Knesset Parliament, thereby forcing an election early than planned.

NEWS BRIEF: "Knesset Abuzz Following Sharon Earthquake", Israel National News, November 21, 2005

"As President Katzav considers PM Sharon's request to dissolve the Knesset and declare new elections, the Knesset is trying to pass its own law on the matter. Elections will likely be held in March. Sharon caused a political earthquake late Sunday night when he decided to quit his position as Likud Party Chairman, and run for Prime Minister as head of a new party. He arrived at Katzav's Jerusalem residence this morning, and informed the President that the Knesset 'currently does not enable the government to function normally'. Sharon therefore asked that the Knesset be dissolved and new elections be held in 90 days, in accordance with the law."

President Katzav took the matter under consideration, but virtually no one believes he will deny Sharon's request.

Early polls indicated that Sharon had made the correct decision.

NEWS BRIEF: "Polls show Sharon back in Premier's seat", Gulf News, November 22, 2005

"One day after Ariel Sharon quit the hardline Likud party, polls in Israeli newspapers show the 77 year old has gathered enough support to return the prime ministers seat at the head of the new centrist party he has formed ... he Labor Party, the poll said, would receive 26 seats and Likud would receive 15 seats if former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu replaces Sharon as party head, as expected. The Yediot Ahronot daily newspaper published a poll which said Sharon's party would win 33 seats, Labour 26 and a Netanyahu-led Likud, 12."

As you can see, Sharon's new party -- named "National Responsibility" -- would receive a majority in the new Parliament. During the election, Peres could very well chip away at Labor's support as the election draws near.

Watch also for current members of Parliament (Knesset) trying to delay the election as long as they can, while Sharon will try to stage the election as quickly as possible. Why is this the case? Sharon is seen to hold an early advantage with the electorate, who have still not awakened to discover that Sharon is leading them with false promises that withdrawal will bring about greater peace and security with the Palestinians. If the Knesset can put off the election date far enough, the Palestinians might just persuade the naive Israeli voter that Sharon's way will not lead to greater peace and safety.

However, at this time, we have to marvel at the political acumen of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Vice Premier Shimon Peres. They have just maneuvered their respective sides exactly the way they needed to in order to establish a new political party. Once this new party is established, Sharon - Peres should have enough political stability to carry out this most difficult withdrawal without having to worry about a fragile coalition.

This political maneuvering will bring Israel closer to the point where the IDF can begin to fulfill Obadiah 15-18 and Isaiah 34 -- the complete annihilation of the Palestinian people. Once Jewish settlers have been moved away from the zones of danger -- taken out of "harm's way" -- the prophesied genocide can begin. While we take no pleasure in the death of anyone, we are most interested that God's End of the Age prophecy seems about ready to begin.

For those not familiar with this prophecy, please take a moment to read the following articles:




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