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Subtitle: As the new Prime Minister Olmert aggressively pushes forced evacuation from West Bank settlements, he suddenly threw down the gauntlet, delineating specific plans to physically separate from the Palestinians -- an program full of specifics which even Prime Minister Sharon refused to allow.

Once Israel has removed her settlers from the West Bank who might be killed when Obadiah 151-8 is fulfilled, Israel will be ready to go to war.

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When Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered his debilitating stroke, Ehud Olmert took over as "Acting Prime Minister". Most observers expected that Olmert would act in a careful caretaker capacity, afraid to enact any bold plans, simply awaiting the outcome of the March 28 election. However, in the past two weeks, Olmert has been acting as his own man, to the point where one could be forgiven for thinking that he was "Sharon on steroids"!

For so many, many months now, Cutting Edge has been reiterating the prophetic fact that Israel is the key to the beginning of the planned Third World War which will produce Antichrist. Since this planned global war is only going to be 91 days long, all the elements comprising this plan will have to wait until Israel is ready to go to war against her Arab neighbors. This reality means that the planned terror attacks against cities of the nations whose citizens are still electing government will have to wait until Israel is ready to go to war against her implacable Islamic foes.

This prophetic fact means that an attack on Iran which will spark all-out regional war will have to wait until Israel is ready to wage war on the modern descendents of the "House of Esau".

What does "ready to go to war" really mean?

This term means that Israel will have finally removed her citizens from harm's way so that she can annihilate all Palestinians in fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18. We have written about this prophetic reality for a long time, but if you are not familiar with these facts, please take a few moments to read these most important articles:

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Over the past months, we have thrown cold water on the possibility of further terrorist attacks and on the probability of an attack on Iran, noting that these events could not occur until and unless Israel had completed her withdrawal of 60,000-80,000 settlers from the West Bank. We are telling you now that this withdrawal may now be underway -- at least in a limited manner -- before the March 28 election.

In fact, Acting Prime Minister Olmert and his Illuminati advisers seem so supremely confident that his Kadima Party can prevail in this election based upon a tough unilateral withdrawal platform that the P.M. has just announced the firm plan by which Israel will withdraw from the West Bank and force a settlement upon the Palestinians.

This is momentous news, so let us get started in properly digesting it.


Since full withdrawal from the Palestinian West Bank areas is the full and official plan of the Oslo Peace Accords, it makes sense for Israel's "caretaker" government to begin a token withdrawal which would set a firm precedent for full withdrawal. If the tactics used in this token withdrawal were brutal enough, the rest of the 80,000 settlers destined to be forcibly evacuated would be under warning that this fate will be theirs if they resist. Secular Jews would also be on notice that the withdrawal which they believe is necessary will indeed be carried out without serious delay, even if that means those detested Orthodox and Fundamental Jews will have to suffer at the hands of the IDF.

Such is the mood in Israel today.

Now, let us examine this beginning withdrawal from the West Bank. A portion of the tiny Amona settlement was the first to be slated for destruction.

NEWS BRIEF: "Amona Braces for Destruction of Homes Tonight", Israel National News, January 31, 2006

"Tensions are rising in Amona, where over 5,000 people have gathered to resist the planned destruction of 9 homes. "We won't make it easy for those who come to destroy our houses," one resident said ... The theme appears to be: The passive nature of the Gush Katif struggle will not repeat itself."

Public rhetoric was fiery before the planned destruction of only 9 homes began.

NEWS BRIEF: "Yesha Council: Olmert Provided Example of Civil War", Israel National News, February 1, 2006

"Yesha Council spokesperson Emily Amrousi said: 'If anyone was not sure how a civil war looks, today we saw an example of it. [Acting Prime Minister Ehud] Olmert sent his police and soldiers to clash with brothers, merely as a means of election propaganda. The violence seen here on the part of the various police units was unparalleled; they were instructed in advance to hit and use all means to bring about injuries and even worse ... Dozens of people were brought to hospitals, and mostly with head wounds. The sole person responsible is Olmert, who wants a civil war at any price.'

At this point, Amrousi revealed that the settlers had offered to relocate their town so the government would not have to tear it down -- and their offer was completely refused!

"We tried to reach compromises and arrangements, and we were even ready to relocate the buildings ourselves - all in the hope of preventing the violence and all the scenes that Olmert wanted to see, hoping they would help him in his election campaign."

Now, why would Olmert deliberately pick a fight with the Yesha settlers and how could that possibly help him in his election campaign?

NEWS BRIEF: "Israeli forces, settlers clash: Fierce fight at an illegal settlement in West Bank seen as a test for acting premier Olmert", Chron.com News, Feb. 2, 2006

"AMONA, WEST BANK - Israeli police on horseback charged the lines, swinging clubs. Rioters hit back with a volley of rocks. One young man whacked a horse's flank with a two-by-four. The fierce battle between security forces and protesters at this illegal Jewish settlement outpost in the heart of the West Bank was reminiscent of Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip last summer. Wednesday's clashes also were seen as a test for Israel's new acting prime minister, Ehud Olmert, who has said he would move against settlers violating the law. 'The behavior of the settlers cannot be tolerated', Olmert said."

The settlers fought back -- some of them fighting hard.

"Protesters fought back with sticks, stones, bricks and paint as riot police wielding clubs and water cannons dragged hundreds of them from rooftops barricaded in barbed wire and flattened empty, uninhabited homes with bulldozers and heavy machinery. Israel's rescue service said 219 people were injured, including 10 people in moderate to serious condition. Among the wounded were more than 50 police officers, one with serious head wounds, and two ultranationalist lawmakers who backed the protest."

Israeli lawmakers who had hoped that West Bank settlers would be as easy to remove and compliant were sadly mistaken.

"The fight was a likely harbinger of what lies ahead if Israel decides to leave other parts of the West Bank. Olmert, the front-runner in the March 28 Israeli elections, is widely expected to withdraw from more areas of the territory and dismantle additional Jewish settlements if he wins. Olmert has said he is ready to make painful territorial concessions as part of a negotiated peace agreement with the Palestinians, but has signaled he will act unilaterally if an accord is not possible."

We have long said that the mantra Sharon used to his great advantage in advocating unilateral withdrawal was that he "had no partner for peace". In other words, Sharon was throwing up his hands in feigned despair, saying that he had tried to reach agreement with the Palestinians, but sadly, events had shown him that "an accord is not possible." Therefore, he said he had no choice but to forge ahead with unilateral withdrawals.

Olmert has certainly learned these successful tactics from his old Master!

"The confrontation at Amona began Wednesday morning after Israel's Supreme Court ordered nine uninhabited houses recently built on private Palestinian land to be demolished. The remainder of the outpost — including a synagogue, playground and cramped trailer homes inhabited by about 35 families — was not affected. During the daylong operation, the rioters, most of them young Orthodox Jews, including girls, fought police from rooftop strongholds. Police burst into the homes, climbing ladders and riding in the shovels of bulldozers to reach the roofs. The protesters beat the police with sticks and set fires on the rooftops. Hundreds of protesters watched the melee from afar, occasionally scuffling with lines of riot troops. The houses were cleared out one by one before being razed."

The fact that only nine uninhabited homes were targeted for destruction instead of the entire illegal settlement lends credence to the probability that this destructive removal was a "test case", designed to enhance Olmert's standing with the secular Jewish electorate, to test the waters to see how difficult West Bank settlers would be to remove, and to see how secular Jews would react to police brutality.

Let us now turn our attention to how secular Jews view this confrontation with Prime Minister Olmert and how it may affect his candidacy in the March election.

NEWS BRIEF: "Poll: 63% say settler violence wrong", Jerusalem Post, February 2, 2006

"A Geocartography poll commissioned by Army Radio on Thursday morning found that 70 percent of those polled blamed Wednesday's violence in Amona on past Israeli governments who encouraged the settlement enterprise. Of those asked, 63% said that while they understood the settlers' sense of betrayal, their use of violence was unjustified ... The settlers and their supporters were held responsible by 39% while 19% blamed the police and 31% apportioned blame equally between the two sides. In addition, 64% blamed the leaders of the Council of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza (Yesha) for Wednesday's incident, 57% blamed the rabbis who educated the youths ..."

These are poll numbers which indicate that government propaganda for the past two decades has taken hold in Israel, especially amongst the majority secular voter. You see, these voters believe that the Palestinians will agree to live side-by-side with Israel in peace if they are only given their own nation. Therefore, Sharon's decision to unilaterally withdraw makes a lot of sense to these voters. In fact, these secular Jewish citizens have been getting increasingly impatient with Orthodox and Fundamental Jewish settlers for their insistence that these lands are Biblically given to Israel and cannot be handed over to the Arab enemy.

Such political activity just delays the inevitable and makes the achievement of "peace" that much more difficult and expensive to finally achieve -- or so secular Jews believe.

Thus, Acting Prime Minister Olmert is probably enhancing his own political fortunes in the March 28 election by acting so brutally toward the detested settlers! Let us now examine this reality. The Prime Minister feels so secure in his position and believes that his electoral standing will be enhanced by following Sharon's withdrawal plan that he just announced plans to fully withdraw from the West Bank.

Olmert has thus gone where Sharon dared not yet tread!

Now, let us examine this historic announcement:

NEWS BRIEF: "Israeli PM Discloses Separation Plan", Breitbart News, February 7, 2006

"Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Tuesday that Israel plans to separate from most of the Palestinians in the West Bank and this would require withdrawing from some of the territory. It was the first time Olmert, who took over from ailing Ariel Sharon a month ago, has spelled out his thinking for future policy if he wins March 28 elections. The Kadima Party he inherited from Sharon, who is comatose after a stroke, is far ahead in the polls."

Acting Prime Minister Olmert is being supported and advised by the same group of advisers which served Sharon; therefore, he must realize that this get-tough policy of forcing the settlers to withdraw will be popular amongst the electorate. Further, he must now feel confident enough with his standing with the voters that he can now admit what Sharon skirted for so very long, i.e., that further withdrawals from West Bank are planned.

Olmert then became much more specific:

" 'We will disengage from most of the Palestinian population that lives in Judea and Samaria', Olmert told Israel's Channel 2 TV, using the biblical names for the West Bank. 'That will obligate us to leave territories under Israeli control today'."

By referring to these territories by their Biblical names, Olmert seems to be serving notice that he cares nothing for the claims of the Orthodox and Fundamental Jew that Israel cannot give up territory to the enemy which God Himself had granted the Jewish state forever. Of course, Olmert knows the final end goal, which is to annihilate those Palestinians and then reclaim all the territory.

As I have stated so many times before, Israel is not really "dividing God's land", but is merely staging a "strategic withdrawal" so she can avoid killing her own citizens when she lowers the prophetic boom on the "House of Esau". This is a concept worth repeating again and again and again, until Christians finally understand the message.

Christians are lamenting that Israel is "dividing God's land", when they should be focused on the exciting reality that End of the Age prophecy is about to be fulfilled!

Olmert then reiterated what Sharon said late last year, that Israel is going to keep settlements which house about 180,000 Jews.

"Under questioning, Olmert listed four West Bank areas Israel would keep under his vision: Maaleh Adumim, a settlement of 30,000 next to Jerusalem; Gush Etzion, a bloc of settlements south of Jerusalem; Ariel, a settlement of 18,000 deep in the West Bank; and the Jordan River valley. About three-fourths of Israel's 244,000 West Bank settlers live in the areas Olmert delineated in the TV interview..."

Why would Israel keep these settlements while forcing the others to evacuate?

The answer is simple logistics. The withdrawal from The Gaza Strip of 9,000 people who showed no resistance demonstrated to the Israeli government that it will have great difficulty -- perhaps insurmountable difficulty -- in withdrawing 244,000 people. Therefore, Israel decided to keep the settlements fairly close to Jerusalem, and which can be militarily defended, thus allowing the government to avoid having to withdraw approximately 180,000 resistant settlers!

Whatever the cost and difficulty the government is going to experience in withdrawing 60,000-80,000 settlers, that problem pales into insignificance compared to having to forcibly withdraw 244,000!

Olmert then announced his support for a "united Jerusalem" and for the completion of the national security barrier, which will do a good job separating Jew from Palestinian.

"Olmert told Channel 2 that Israel would retain a 'united Jerusalem', a term understood as encompassing the eastern section claimed by the Palestinians for the capital of the state they hope to create. On Tuesday, Olmert toured construction sites of the separation barrier Israel is building in the Jerusalem area and said its completion is a top priority. The barrier will extend along the length of the West Bank, dipping into the territory to encircle the settlements Olmert listed ... Olmert also hinted that Israel might carry out further unilateral withdrawals from lands the Palestinians want for a state, like its summer pullout from the Gaza Strip ... We are going toward separation from the Palestinians," he said. "We are going toward determining a permanent border for the state of Israel." (Ibid.)

A separation of populations -- Jews separated from Palestinians -- is exactly the "sign on the ground" which we predicted in October, 2000 (NEWS1422), would occur if our theory was correct that Israel was "setting up" the Palestinians for fulfillment of the Obadiah 15-18 prophecy. Now, 5 long, dreary years later, the final stage of the population separation is about to begin -- probably after the March 28 election, which supporters of disengagement will handily win!

Once Israel has completed withdrawing these settlers, she will be ready to go to war -- against the Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians, Egyptians, and even the Iranians. Then, war can begin. We will be watching carefully, for this withdrawal is the key to the timing as to when the next phase is ready to begin.

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