Title:  Israel Is Preparing For Another Imminent War!

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Subtitle: The terrorist group, Hamas, has smuggled significant numbers of anti-tank rockets into the Gaza Strip, and is talking war! The IDF confirms that war seems close.

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Just weeks after Israel completed her 33-day war against Hezbollah, she appears to be moving toward another war, this time in the south, against Hamas in the Gaza Strip!

Let us review the news! Hamas is stockpiling both anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons!

NEWS BRIEF: "Hamas Obtains Anti-Aircraft Weapons in Gaza", Israel National News, October 16, 2006

"IDF Intelligence Research Chief Brig.-Gen. Yossi Baidatz disclosed Sunday that arms smuggling into Gaza by the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority includes even anti-aircraft weapons. Baidatz's assessment is that Hamas plans to use the weapons against Israeli fighter planes in future armed conflicts, and eventually aims to use them against civilian aircraft as well. The intelligence chief said that Israel must come up with a solution to protect its planes from the new weapons, or else imperil its entire aviation industry. It is known that PA Arabs are attempting to smuggle such weapons into Judea and Samaria as well, putting Ben Gurion International Airport within range of the missiles."

What kind of protection could possibly be implemented to protect civilian and military aircraft from these modern anti-aircraft missiles? To get that answer, we need only go to our next story, of Israeli protection surrounding their tanks.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hamas: Israel's tanks will be destroyed", YNET News, October 16, 2006

"Southern front heats up and Hamas signals they are ready for all-out conflict Monday evening. Spokesman for group says: 'Your destroyed tanks will become the eternal testimony of your failure.' Group is known to be accumulating advanced antitank missiles."

The key sentence here is "your destroyed tanks". Is this possible? Can Hamas destroy Israeli tanks now? After all, Hezbollah destroyed so many IDF tanks with Russian anti-tank weapons during the Lebanese War that the IDF campaign was blunted. Can Hamas duplicate Hezbollah's tank-killing effort? Perhaps not, as our recent article concerning tank outfitting with scalar protection systems clearly indicates.

Let us quickly list this article so you can read it, for the technology which it reveals is absolutely astounding!

NEWS2155 -- "Israel Seems To Be Outfitting Her Tanks With Scalar Tesla Dome Shields!"

Did Israel send her tanks into Lebanon without the available scalar shields because they underestimated the capability of the Hezbollah enemy? No matter, for these tanks are now back inside Israel being outfitted with Scalar Tesla Dome Shields which will protect the tanks from those very effective Russian-made anti-tank missiles and hand-operated projectiles.

Take the time to read this article in full, for it reveals the extent to which Israeli tanks are protected, even with a close-in shot which a soldier could deliver with a Russian shoulder-fired anti-tank weapon!

Now, let us go back to our featured article to see how Hamas seems to be preparing for war.

"The military wing of Hamas announced Monday evening that it had completed its preparations towards a possible all-out conflict with Israel should the IDF launch a ground offensive inside Gaza. A spokesman for the organization warns that 'the fighters of the al-Qassam brigades will not have mercy on your cowardly soldiers. Your destroyed tanks will become the eternal testimony of your failure and of your running away from the Strip'. The statement was made at a time when the IDF has evidence showing that dozens of advanced anti-tank missiles have been smuggled into Gaza. "

"According to the Hamas spokesman Israeli reports regarding the advanced weaponry that Hamas allegedly smuggled into Gaza are 'in preparation for an attack, an excuse for the planned invasion of Gaza and for the planned crimes (it plans to commit)' ... The spokesman, Abu Ubaida, said that his organization has the weapons it needs to withstand the Israeli arsenal: "We have the tools and ammunition to deal with the Zionist enemy and it is our right to have all the weapons means to defend our people in light of the enemy's intention to hurt civilians and innocents. We have a right to any arms we can get."

Going back to our original Israel National News article, we find that Hamas is also smuggling the same Russian anti-tank missiles so effectively employed by Hezbollah in Lebanon.

"The same anti-tank rockets that were used to disable many of Israel's tanks in Lebanon have also been streaming into Gaza on a daily basis, making an IDF ground invasion of Gaza a much more perilous task. Hamas has warned that if Israel attempts to enter Gaza, it will be 'greatly surprised'. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Miri Eisin said the weapons are being paid for and funneled into Gaza by Iran. Baidatz said that Syria has continued to smuggle weapons into Lebanon, and is making concrete preparations for an attack on Israel."

The Israeli Defense Force noted that a war with Hamas might be very close.

NEWS BRIEF: "IDF Warns: Hamas trying to create 'balance of terror' with Israel", Ha'aretz News, October 17, 2006

"Hamas wants to create a 'balance of terror' with Israel in the Gaza Strip, in order to deter the Israel Defense Forces from making a major ground forces incursion into the territory, IDF officers have concluded on the basis of the organization's greatly accelerated munitions acquisitions over the past few months. Since the beginning of the year, more than 20 tons of explosives, anti-aircraft missiles and antitank missiles have been smuggled into Gaza. Senior IDF officers told Haaretz recently that Hamas is working to improve its offensive capabilities, with an emphasis on Qassam and Katyusha rockets, while at the same time establishing a solid defensive position in order to prevent the IDF from entering built-up areas within the Strip. By increasing the range of its missiles, the deadly force of their warheads and above all, by using high-quality blast explosives, Hamas hopes to heighten the threat to the northern and western Negev from the direction of Gaza."

If this internal war breaks out, drawing IDF soldiers into the middle of the country, might we see Egypt, Syria, and Jordan attack from the perimeter of Israel's borders? That has been the Arab plan by which they hope to annihilate Israel, a plan drawn up over 10 years ago. Please take a few moments to read NEWS1056 and NEWS1057, posted in November, 1996! Quoting pertinent excerpts from NEWS1057 :

The plan calls for the war to begin with an uprising from Arafat's Palestinians, led by their heavily armed paramilitary police. These police will be fighting with heavy machine guns, with shoulder fired anti-tank missiles and shoulder fired ground to air anti-aircraft missiles. They will implant bombs at key roads and intersections, and they will attempt to prevent Israeli reserve civilian-soldiers from reaching their bases or their battle stations.

The Palestinians are also going to try to create such a fierce battle that Israeli armor and other heavy equipment will be drawn into the center of the country, and away from the border. At this point, Syria and Egypt will launch their Scud 3 missiles into Israel, possibly carrying a variety of conventional and unconventional weapons. Unconventional weapons are either nuclear, biological, or chemical. Therefore, Israel will face the most serious, and deadly, attack in her brief modern history. Since the Arabs have been equipped this time with Western (European) weapons, and Western tactics, and since they will again possess overwhelming manpower, they truly believe they can destroy -- annihilate -- Israel.

Are we getting close to this point? It is possible, for North Korea has just exploded her first real nuclear bomb and plans to explode more, a planned event which was scheduled in the Illuminati Plan "towards the end of the period"!

Surely, the End of the Age is nearly upon us.

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