Title:  Israeli Prime Minister Rabin WAS Not Killed By the Convicted Shooter! Video footage of an eyewitness standing one meter from Rabin when the shots rang out has now come public, destroying the official government story and strongly suggesting that Rabin died later, while in government "protective" security!

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Subtitle: Jewish journalist, Barry Chamish, was right in his most important book, "Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?", when he demonstrated the logical likelihood that Rabin was murdered by agent security agents after the assassination attempt, not by the poor Yigal Amir, who was convicted of killing Prime Minister Rabin.

As Cutting Edge has long taught, the truth of a matter is most often found in the exact opposite direction of the public rhetoric! ("BREAKING OUT OF THE MENTAL BOX -- LEARNING TO THINK IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF PROPAGANDA TO FIND THE TRUTH", NEWS1558)


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Israel National News just carried a most important -- and shocking -- article on the assassination of Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Let us go to that article now:

NEWS BRIEF: "Rabin Assassination Eye-Witness Video Emerges After 11 Years", Israel National News, November 2, 2006

"Footage of Miriam Oren's eye-witness account of the Yitzhak Rabin assassination was shown numerous times on the fateful night of November 4, 1995. But once Rabin's death was announced, it vanished. This week, it was made available to the public via the internet for the first time in 11 years. Miriam Oren of Ramat Gan was the director of a department in the Na'amat women's movement. She was on stage with Prime Minister Rabin during the Tel Aviv demonstration and escorted him to his car where convicted assassin Yigal Amir waited."

"She emphatically stated again and again to Israel TV that Rabin was not hit:

Oren: "…Suddenly shots were heard and…"
TV: "Was Rabin injured?"
Oren: "Rabin was not wounded. I saw that Rabin was not wounded… Yes, there were shots. They pushed him [Amir] up against the wall, and Rabin's car sped out of here… I was standing very close to Rabin's car. Rabin put one foot in the car, and we heard shots. Rabin's car sped away."
TV: "Was Rabin wounded?"
Oren: "Rabin was not wounded. [Shaking her head] Rabin was not wounded. Rabin was not wounded.
TV: "Was he wounded?"
Oren: "No! No, I saw that he was not wounded."
TV: "How far were you from him?"
Oren: "I was one meter away."

"Several months later on Jan. 26, 1996, Oren is mentioned in the Yedioth Acharonot newspaper as maintaining that Rabin was not hurt at the site of the shooting. In Yigal Amir's trial, Rabin's personal bodyguard, Yoram Rubin testified that after the shots, Rabin and he "jumped into the car." He told the court: "After the shots, from the force of the shots and from my jumping on him [to cover him], we fell to the ground… I was speaking with Yitzhak, and we jumped into the car'."

"Another witness in the Amir trial, S. Tiram, also testified that he "didn't see any injury." "I didn't see or hear that Rabin was injured at that time."

Eyewitness accounts of credible witnesses are still the most reliable in the field of Justice, and here, we see a women's leader with enough clout to be on the stage with Prime Minister Rabin, a bodyguard, and a third witness, all stating emphatically that Rabin was not hit or wounded in the least by any of the shots ringing out from Amir's pistol. In other words, the Prime Minister was hastily shoved into his armored car in completely good health, and then arrived at the hospital quite a while later grievously wounded! He died later in the hospital from wounds he did not suffer at the scene.

The government quickly arrested Yigal Amir for Rabin's assassination, and rather quickly found him guilty, even though numerous questions was constantly raised as to how this whole matter could have occurred the way that the official story insisted it occurred. In fact, the furor surrounding the official government position became as convoluted as the controversy surrounding the events of 9/11.

Many people in Israel have become convinced that the government killed Rabin and set Amir up to take the fall, in much the same way that Lee Harvey Oswald was set up to take the fall for President Kennedy's assassination.

One Jewish citizen convinced that the government killed Rabin was journalist, Barry Chamish.

Let us review the heart of the belief that Prime Minister Rabin was killed by his own people, and not poor Yigal Amir.

NEWS BRIEF: "Avishai Raviv: Expose This 'Agent Provocateur' Now!", OP-ED Column, by Uri Dan and Dennis Eisenburg, The Jewish Press, Friday, May 23, 1997, p. 4.

"Incitement, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. The recent purportedly objective TV documentary financed by David Mosevics and directed Michael Karpin harped constantly on one theme: that right-wing provocateurs, influenced by Binyamin Netanyahu, then leader of the opposition, created the climate for Yigal Amir to murder Yitzhak Rabin in November, 1995."

This theme of the Press seems to always carry the same tiring refrain: the right-wingers of any country are disastrously dangerous and must be stopped at all costs. Usually, these "right-wingers" tend to want less Government, and more accountability, conservative economics, favoring the old-fashioned notion that people should be willing to take responsibility for their actions, and old-fashioned Patriotism, to name just a few characteristics. The Press seems to hate these characteristics and wastes no effort attacking them. In this case with Rabin, I remember the situation well: during the campaign between the very Liberal Rabin and the Conservative Netanyahu, a extremely strident "right-wing" organization suddenly sprang up, verbally harassing and attacking Rabin for his many Liberal policies.

Of particular note was the public outcry by this new group against Rabin's leadership in the Oslo "Peace" Accords. Members of this organization trailed behind Rabin whenever he went out in public, verbally screaming slogans at him, opposing so many of his policies. Because this group so vehemently opposed Rabin, and since it seemed to never lack the money resources to attack Rabin and shadow him, it was soon assumed that this organization had to be acting on behalf of Netanyahu's campaign organization. Netanyahu vehemently denied these accusations. During the campaign, this new group became more and more publicly vocal, even accusing Rabin of "murder", of being accomplices in the murder of Jews by Arab terrorists. Rabin, on the other hand, began accusing Netanyahu of fostering the climate of hate towards him and his Government. Netanyahu's protestations that he had nothing to do with this new "right-wing" organization fell on deaf ears in the Rabin camp.

The public, also, seemed predisposed to believe that Netanyahu's campaign organization had organized and was supporting, this new group.

Then, Prime Minister Rabin was suddenly murdered. Let us pick up the OP-ED column at this point.

"... hours before the assassination, Rabin was fulminating against Benjamin Netanyahu and the entire national camp, accusing them of disseminating the 'betrayer, murderer' slogans hurled at the premier every time he appeared in public. Even before this, as Rabin's popularity sank ever lower in the polls, he and his ministers were calling Likud leaders collaborators with Hamas, whose suicide bombers killed some 200 Israelis during that period."

"In a bid to drive home the wickedness of the right-wing fanatics, Rabin said that although he personally was not bothered, they upset his wife, Leah, when they screamed their taunts on Friday afternoons outside the couple's Ramat Aviv apartment."

"A reasonable enough complaint -- except that the leader of those screaming banshees who gave Leah Rabin such a headache on Sabbath eves was a certain Avishai Raviv .... Raviv, for those who might have forgotten, was the obedient General Security Service operative who was ordered to create violence-oriented rightist gangs, preferably kippa-wearing."


Let us stop for a minute to thoroughly digest what is being said here.

The leader of this new group opposing Rabin's Government policies -- especially regarding the Oslo Peace Accords -- was a actually member of Rabin's Government? He was being secretly paid by Rabin's Government, to attack Rabin's Government in public? He was an employee of the General Security Service, who is paid to protect Rabin's life, just as our President is protected by Secret Service employees! Is that what we are saying here?

Yes, that is exactly what we are saying here. Rabin's Government wanted to discredit Conservative Netanyahu so much that he would lose the election. To discredit him this greatly, Rabin's Government created an "opposition group" who would vehemently and publicly attack Rabin's policies, even to the point of calling Rabin a murderer!! Because this group was, indeed, attacking Rabin and his policies, the average Jewish citizen would need little encouragement to believe that Netanyahu's campaign organization had created this group and was financing it!

Further, this new "opposition" group was to appear in these public protestations against Rabin wearing the Jewish kippa, which only Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox religious Jews wear. Thus, the average secular humanist citizen would further make the "connection" that Netanyahu was enlisting the aid of the Religious Right to attack Rabin. After all, we in America know the danger that the "Religious Right" pose to our system of government! We saw the "Religious Right" in Waco, Texas, didn't we? David Koresh was portrayed as a Religious Right-winger who also believed in Gun Ownership and in the Book of Revelation! Our Government considered Koresh so dangerous they attacked him with M-1 tanks and heavily armed Federal Agents, killing men, women, and children!

Let us return to our OP-ED column for more revelations:

"Raviv's creation, 'Eyal', specialized in chanting things like 'traitor, liar', at Rabin. Then GSS boss was Carmi Gillon, appointed personally by Rabin despite opposition from high-ranking security officials. As head of the organization, he surely knew about Raviv's dangerous game as provocateur. And Gillon's boss was the prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin."

"[Furthermore], the makers of [ the above mentioned TV documentary] 'Fact' program, which presented the film, were well aware of Raviv's controversial role [as Government provocateur]. Yet, they, too, ignored Raviv, a key player."

"Which leads us to an obvious conclusion: Mosevics and Karpin [TV producers] set out quite deliberately to mislead the public, on the basis that the bigger the lie and the more often you repeat it, the more people will believe you." [Italics in the original].

Before we go on with the OP-ED column, we need to stop right here and realize that the man who popularized this type of propaganda ploy was Adolf Hitler, the very nemesis of the Jews! Yet, here are Jews using this Hitlerian technique against fellow Jews, conservative Jews, however!!

"By inciting the Left against the man who is the democratically elected prime minister and leader of the entire Israeli national camp, Mosevics/Karpin are guilty of the very crime for which they condemn Netanyahu. Let us take our case one logical step further. Mosevics/Karpin are doing nothing less than inciting to murder -- of Netanyahu. If this sounds too harsh, let us look at the facts. 1) It's no secret that there have been warnings of attacks against the prime minister ever since he took office. 2) To forestall such an eventuality, extraordinary steps have been taken by the security services to protect him. Jerusalem motorists snarled in traffic have seen for themselves just how professionally the prime minister's body guards ensure his safety ... In recent months, left-wing journalists and politicians, mocking these super-safety precautions, have displayed the hypocrisy and myopia typical of our 'freethinkers'. These are the very same scribes who bitterly attacked the GSS for being so slack in guarding Rabin as to allow Yigal Amir to shoot him from point-blank range."

The assassin, Yigal Amir, was certainly aided in his goal of killing Rabin, when his boss in this newly formed "political action group" - Eyal - was a member of the General Security Service charged with protecting Rabin!! As a member of the GSS, Raviv could act to ensure that Amir would have the opportunity, the "opening" in which to attempt to kill Rabin, to get close enough to shoot him. This apparently is exactly what happened, as so many people commented later how remarkable it was that GSS security broke down at just the right moment to allow Amir to get close enough to shoot Rabin. How convenient! How "coincidental"!

In this case, the idea that Rabin's Government could have deliberately created a group to protest Rabin's policies in an unacceptable way so as to discredit Rabin's political foe, Netanyahu, begs several key questions, does it not?

1) If Rabin's officials created this fake "right-wing" opposition group, did Rabin know it?

2) If Rabin knew it, and we think he probably did, did he authorize his own murder, hoping that the resulting backlash would elect Perez and save the "Oslo Peace Accords"? We feel this is highly unlikely, since no normal person seems to have a "Death Wish". Rabin was a normal human being, from all outward indications, so we believe it unlikely that he would have authorized his own assassination.

But, he might have authorized a "murder attempt"!

3) If Rabin did not authorize his own assassination, who did?

4) Or, did events just "spiral out of control", with the gunman deciding on his own, to kill Rabin? Again, we find this highly unlikely, since the gunman, if he was acting on his own, could not have gotten past the very professional, and effective, GSS. In the weeks following Rabin's assassination, many people were loudly wondering how GSS could have let their guard down so completely, and at just the right time, to ensure that the gunman could have gotten close enough to shoot Rabin.

5) If Rabin had no idea that he was targeted for actual murder, then we reach the understanding that, in the shadowy arena of Agent Provocateur, some people within the provocative organization might not realize that they have been targeted for murder! If they did realize it, they just might not continue to play their assigned role in the scripted scenario . But, since they do not know they have been double tricked, they can most effectively act out their part of the plan, until the second comes when they are murdered!

This issue of Government Provocateur is one of the most scary, and least understood, of all governmental operations. People look to the government to protect them and to act in their own best interests; therefore, they will resist with all their might the idea that their principal enemy might be the government!! This new video, "Terror Storm" speaks eloquently to this subject, as it shows how certain events in history were really the work of government agents, carrying out the heinous deed, so that an enemy of the government might be blamed and so that certain changes might be instituted while the public is greatly upset by the planned event.

People will also resist mightily the concept that officials within their government might deliberately act in such a way as to overthrow the very government of which they are a part! Americans today, though, are especially handicapped in this regard, because we have no longer been taught history. Most of us do not, for example, know that one of the reasons the Ancient Roman Empire fell was because of traitors within the government, plotting to overthrow the existing government in order for them to seize control and enrich themselves. In the paragraphs below, we shall look at some of the instances in history in which government officials utilized agent provocateurs. Read these paragraphs carefully, because you will never understand the actions being played out in front of your eyes if you do not understand that governments regularly utilize agent provocateurs, and they always deny to the highest that they ever do so. Finally, very few citizens ever believe that a government could actually act against itself, because it just doesn't seem "reasonable"!! Yet, you will never understand the drama of the coming New World Order unless you understand this principle. Understand one thing about the leaders who are committed to the New World Order: they are Internationalists, not Patriots! In other words they believe that Patriotism is an evil that must be eliminated if the highest good can be achieved; and the 'highest good' is the global government of the Antichrist, called the New World Order. Therefore, many of our high Government officials smugly believe that they are committed to a higher "truth" than American citizens who believe in America's continued sovereignty, and who continue to give our total political allegiance to the United States of America! They smugly believe that the "ends justify the means", that the New World Order is such a good concept, that any means necessary to achieve it is, in the long run, in everyone's best long term interests. Thus, if they are really planning disasters and violence and deceit to achieve this goal, well, so be it! Or, "so mote it be!"

Now, let us examine some instances in history where Government agent provocateurs were utilized to carry out actions against the very government by which they were employed, with the full knowledge and compliance of their government!! And, remember, the objective is always to discredit some other group so that the existing Government is made stronger. In the past, Governments have used agent provocateurs to carry out assassinations, initiate riots and acts of rebellion, cause financial panic, carry out coups, and initiate terrorism, for the purpose of creating a sense of panic, of crisis, in the minds of the citizenry. Once the citizens of the country are convinced that their government is in imminent danger, they will not oppose the government when it suspends normal liberties and assumes tremendous dictatorial powers so that the "crisis" can be solved. In many instances, when the government is "temporarily" taking away civil liberties so it can "solve" the "crisis", it never gives these liberties back.

Suddenly, after the "crisis" has ended, the citizenry wakes up to the horrible revelation that their government has no intention of restoring their civil and political liberties. In too many instances, the government emerges from the "crisis" as a brutalizing force, delivering terror and political oppression to its citizens. America has never experienced this type of scenario before, thanks to Almighty God, but it could happen here as it has happened in history -- at least not prior to 9/11.

Let us examine a few instances in history in which government used agent provocateurs to create a crisis with the intent of discrediting someone else, and consolidating its own power.

1) In AD 64, Roman Emperor Nero was in a terrible mental state, and in some degree of political trouble, as well. Suddenly, in the heat of summer, on July 19, a devastating fire broke out in the vicinity of Rome's Circus Maximus. This fierce fire lasted for many days, and consumed most of Rome. Historians have debated whether this great fire was actually started by Emperor Nero, so much so that we have developed the popular saying, "While Nero fiddled, Rome burned". But, while historians cannot conclusively prove that Nero actually ordered the fire set, all historians agree that the Christians had absolutely nothing to do with it. Yet, Nero immediately blamed ALL Christians for this blaze and immediately began to persecute them en masse. Nero actually stated that the Christians were "enemies of mankind". Historians know full well the terribly cruel and unusual punishment to which the Christians were subjected during this period. Many Christians were burned alive on the tops of huge poles, after being inundated with hot, flammable tar. They burned like torches for hours throughout the long, dark nights. But, Nero had the opportunity, then, to act like a hero to his fellow countrymen, and was able to rebuild much of Rome.

2) In the early 17th Century, England was embroiled with a terrible struggle against the Roman Catholic elements within their country. On November 5, 1605, a Catholic, Guy Fawkes, was arrested with barrels of gunpowder in a tunnel under the House of Lords. Immediately, the government declared that the destruction of the House of Lords had just been narrowly thwarted. A sense of "crisis" erupted, as the people were led to believe that the Catholics had planned this dastardly deed. The hand of the government against the Catholics was mightily strengthened in England. However, historians now believe that Robert Cecil, the Earl of Salisbury, was actually the one who planned this scenario, and who made it possible for the Catholic Fawkes to get caught red handed. Anti-Catholic fervor raged over England.

3) Adolf Hitler made regular use of agent provocateurs in his rise to power. In early 1933, Hitler was Chancellor, but he planned to be dictator. On February 27, 1933, a terrible fire broke out in the German Reichstag [Congress]. Hitler immediately blamed the Communists for this fire, and claimed that it was the first salvo in a planned attack against Germany by Communist forces. Hitler was able to convince the old and feeble President Hindenburg to sign an emergency decree "for the protection of the People and the State". Constitutional liberties were "temporarily" suspended and the Government began to exercise dictatorial powers so it could restore "public safety". The death sentence was expanded to cover a number of crimes. [Do you realize our Congress has recently passed legislation that expands the number of crimes for which the death penalty can be imposed? Is this another instance in which our leaders seem to be following Hitler's footsteps as he prepared Germany for his New World Order?]

To "solve" this phony "crisis", Hitler proposed a program which he called, "Cooperation" in which the Federal Government would absorb all the power and political functions of the individual German states. Then, on March 23, 1933, the legislative Reichstag followed Hitler's "suggestions" and passed the "Enabling Act", which gave the responsibility for all law enforcement to the Federal Government, and which conferred on Hitler's cabinet total legislative power for four years. Of course, once the four years were up, there was no longer any functioning Reichstag to give these legislative powers back to!! This "Enabling Act" gave Hitler the legal basis to transform Germany to a total dictatorship, and the die was cast for both the Holocaust and World War II.

Later that year, Hitler felt it necessary to eradicate his Brown Shirts -- comprised primarily of radical gays -- who had been so helpful to him in toppling the Hindenburg Democratic Government. The Brown Shirts were threatening to compete with Hitler for power, at least in Hitler's mind. Suddenly, Hitler's Government announced that they had uncovered a planned "coup" by the Brown Shirt leader, Roehm, and announced, "The measures taken on June 30 and July 1 and 2 strike down the treasonous attacks are justifiable acts of self-defense by the state".

Hitler's attack against the Brown Shirts is known by historians as the "Night of the Long Knives"; estimates of dead Brown Shirts are 10,000 dead in that three day weekend.

4) On November 7, 1938, a Jewish refugee from Germany, Hershel Grynszpan, shot and killed a German diplomat in Paris. While there is absolutely no evidence that this unfortunate Jew acted in concert with the Nazi regime to create this incident, the reaction by the Nazis is fully consistent with the reaction which a government usually takes after an agent provocateur has performed his dirty criminal deed. The Nazis now had their excuse to unleash their planned murderous attack on the Jews. Just two days later, on November 9, 1938, mobs acting under the leadership of the Nazis, "spontaneously" rioted, destroying Jewish shops and synagogues, beating and killing Jewish residents. Historians call this attack, Kristallnacht, or the "Night of Shattered Glass". The Holocaust of the Jews began that night and did not end for 7 years, in May, 1945! Eight million Jews were murdered and 12 million "Others" considered inferior people or a threat to the Nazis were slaughtered!!

The important thing to remember here is that the Nazis painted the Jews with a very BROAD BRUSH in reacting to this incident. They claimed that ALL Jews were to be held responsible for this one murder of one diplomat by one Jew! When you hear an entire group being held responsible for the act or acts of an individual person, it is time to get concerned. Remember, the New World Order is simply revived Nazism! We "Right-Wing" Christians have already been held up as a group by the President and by members of women's pro-abortion groups as being responsible for bombings of abortion sites and of the murders of some of the doctors performing abortions. This is Hitler's proven tactic. Do not be deceived: we Christians are being "marked" as a "criminal" and "dangerous" element that may have to be "dealt with" by our Federal Government. Time is truly getting short!

5 ) On May 13, 1981, Pope John Paul II was shot and nearly killed in St. Peter's Square. Immediately, the Press worldwide announced that a lone gunmen, Mehmet Ali Agca, was responsible for this attempted assassination. Agca was reportedly a member of a much larger "conspiracy" by a Turkish, Islamic "Right-wing", "Fundamentalist" group! [Note that these labels have been applied to the Christians in America in the past 20 some odd years.] The Press made these allegations loudly and often in the days, weeks, and months after the attempted assassination.

Yet, later on, we found out that this scenario was not true! We found out that Agca was a paid Soviet assassin working under the leadership of the KGB! The KGB got Agca released from a Turkish prison, trained him, provided him with weapons and false travel documents, and then fabricated a false "right-wing" identity for him! Agca did not succeed in killing the Pope, because the Pope bent down to kiss a little girl just as Agca squeezed off his round. Yet, the main objective, to provoke a widespread public reaction against "right-wing terrorism", and "religious fundamentalism", worked just fine, thank you very much!!

6 ) From the early 1950's to the late 1980's, Western Germany was plagued by much anti-Jewish desecration and by Neo-Nazi activities. Jewish cemeteries were desecrated, swastikas were painted on synagogues, and a campaign of writing threatening letters to Jewish leaders was carried out. Then, some of the perpetrators were caught, and guess what??! They were not Neo-Nazis, after all! They were Soviet agent provocateurs! We have learned from Soviet defectors that Russian leaders depended upon this type of agent provocateur activity to stir public emotions, and to create hatred for Neo-Nazis, for conservatives, for Christians, and for anti-Communists, all of whom were lumped together in one big, wide label, "right-wing".

We can see that history provides examples of government agents acting to create criminal situations that can be falsely blamed on the key enemies of the government at the time. Today, American Christians, gun owners, and Patriots, are being falsely thrown into a big, broad category for the purpose of provoking public emotion and hatred toward us. Sadly, the end might just be the same for us here as it was for Hitler's Germany!

We are falsely being accused, as an entire group, of being responsible for creating the atmosphere in the following cases:

ABORTION -- Every time a clinic is attacked, or bombed, cries go out against ALL Fundamentalists and "Right-wingers".

WACO ATTACK -- David Koresch and his followers were portrayed as wacked-out, crazy Christians that literally believed in the book of Revelation. Soon after Koresh and all his followers were killed by Army M-1 tanks and other heavy equipment, I heard the President remark, almost offhandedly, "Maybe we should be concerned with anyone who literally believes in the Book of Revelation."! If the Government were really concerned about arresting Koresh and breaking up his group, they could have arrested him about two weeks before the attack when he went to town to buy supplies.

My inner heart tells me that David Koresh was playing the part of agent provocateur! He certainly was effective in discrediting those of us who believe literally in the Book of Revelation or those Americans were are concerned about Governmental efforts to deny our Constitutional guarantees to own guns.

But, if Koresh was an agent provocateur, did he know that he was about to die? I doubt it. I do not believe Koresh understood the fate which awaited him until he saw the M-1 tanks attacking his compound, firing its fire throwing guns into the buildings. At that moment, Koresh knew he was going to die, that he had been double-crossed, but it was too late.

OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING -- We are not attempting to discuss the guilt or innocence of Timothy McVeigh in this article. However, we do take notice of several elements that we do feel are appropriately disturbing to us:

#1 -- McVeigh was certainly not acting as you or I would have normally acted to evade capture. He was driving a rust-bucket car that was not registered and had no license plate, thus insuring that the first State Police Officer that looked at the car would pull it over for investigation.

#2 -- McVeigh was speeding through a restricted speed zone, thus ensuring that, if a trooper was present with a speed recording device -- as indeed he was -- he would pull him over.

#3 -- When the trooper approached McVeigh's car, McVeigh had a pistol on the front seat in full view, thus ensuring that the officer would become alerted enough to arrest McVeigh, at least on weapons charges.

#4 -- The destroyed building was quickly and completely demolished, before independent investigators could have the opportunity to examine it. This is completely against normal police procedure, but the quick demolition of the Federal Building did prevent any independent investigator from arriving at a conclusion that might be embarrassingly different from the official government version.

But, most telling is the immediate barrage from the Press and the Government against the American "Right-wing" and Fundamentalist Patriots, supposedly typified by the many Militias around the country.

At times, the entire "Right-wing" group in this country has been assessed some degree of guilt in this bombing. Just as Hitler said of the Jews, Clinton has accused the "Right-wing" of spreading "hate", and of approving "violence". President Clinton said in a speech about this bombing that "the forces of organized evil" were responsible for this criminal act. Then, he added, "they do practice and they do preach violence against those who are of a different color, a different background, or who worship a different God. They do feed on fear and uncertainty. They do promote paranoia ..." Do not be deceived: Born Again Christians are included in this group because we unwaveringly state that Jesus Christ is the only Way to Salvation, and that you must be Born Again. We are too narrow, and we definitely will not accept the claims of The Christ when he appears. Therefore, it is time to mark us, to set us apart from the rest of the American citizenry, to condition the public to the time when it may be "necessary" to round us up for elimination.

Then, later the President got even more strident when he said, "... these people attack our government and the citizens who work for it, who actually guarantee the freedoms they abuse ... They can certainly snuff out innocent lives and sow fear in our hearts. They are indifferent to the slaughter of our children. They threaten our freedoms and our way of life, and we must stop them."

This rhetoric was made even more powerful because the President was delivering it against the horrific backdrop of 168 dead men, women, and preschool children! The emotions generated by this attack are so horrific as to defy the imagination! The people who lost loved ones in this attack are ready to strike out at anyone whom they might be led to believe are responsible for this terrible bombing.

No one who is not familiar with the New World Order Plan, and is not familiar with the fact that the New World Order is pure Nazism, would even think to question the President when he is making these statements. Yet, we know that the New World Order, which the Clinton Administration is on record of supporting, will force Nazism on the entire global population. We know that our leaders, from President Roosevelt onward, were supportive of this drive to the New World Order, even though they knew of the horrific plans to subjugate the peoples of the world to the dictatorial heel of the Antichrist, even though they knew that the Plan called for the deliberate destruction of American Economy and our way of life, and even though they knew of the plan to eliminate two-thirds of the world's population!

But, we who know the New World Order Plan can look upon our government leaders and see a different picture of that individual. If Timothy McVeigh did blow up that Federal Building in Oklahoma City, he deserved to die. But, my inner heart tells me he did not act alone. My inner heart tells me that this bombing was part of the New World Order Plan to further discredit honest and hard working American patriots, Fundamentalist Christians, and gun owners in the eyes of the average American public.

The second question is, how much longer before the Federal Government begins the roundup of these marked groups? That question, friend, is in the hands of God, Who is allowing these terrible plans for the future of the world to succeed temporarily so that all men for all eternity will understand the inherent wickedness of the inner heart and mind of mankind. When the New World Order is fully established, and is led by Antichrist, the world will experience such unparalleled disaster and trouble that men every where will seek death, but will not find it. When Jesus Christ returns, survivors everywhere who love Him will welcome Him with open arms, being wonderfully glad that the ordeal of the Great Tribulation is finally over.

Friends, be discerning about events as they unfold. Be suspicious of every government and religious leader that is on record as supporting the New World Order. President Clinton, President Bush, and Pope John Paul II topped this list! Soon, very soon, we believe events will begin to explode that will give the Federal Government the pretext to seize total dictatorial control and suspend our Constitution and our present form of government.

When this happens, look up, for your Redeemer is drawing nigh. Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

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God bless you.

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