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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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February 21, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News!

U.N. Humanitarian Staff Leaving Iraq

Canada Withdraws Nonessential Mideast Personnel: From Israel, Jordan, Syria

Oil Refinery On Fire In Staten Island - MSNBC Audio-Video Feed -- Homeland Security officals already on scene

Explosion Sparks Fire at Edge of Oil Tank Farm on New York's Staten Island: No indication of terrorism -- More News

Fox News Picture -- Across NYC Skyline

NATO's Top Military Commander Orders AWACS Radar Planes to Turkey

Iraq - US Declared Ready For Invasion!

Rumsfeld Declares U.S. Military Ready For Invasion

US/UK Special Forces Already Attacking Iraq's Oil Fields! -- Shaded Relief Maps Show Locations of Attack

'One Million US Troops Could Die': If Iraq Successfully Uses Anthrax Against Our Forces

Arab Summit Set In Egypt For March 1: Iraq main topic

US 'War Machine' Must Be Stopped

Iraq Shipping Large Crude Cargoes, Violating U.N. Rules

U.N. Inspector Blix To Demand Destruction of Iraqi Missiles

Saddam Shifts Jets From Baghdad

New Iraq Resolution Lacks 'Timeline'

Inspectors Call U.S. Tips 'Garbage'

Saddam 'Will Hide Once Attack Starts'

Love At First Sight: Flashback to Osiris Nuclear Reactor - Saddam and French President Chirac Meet

Powell "Bounce" Fades: But majority of Americans still open to war with Iraq

Secret Saudi Plan: Crown Prince Floats Islamic Occupation Force for Iraq

U.S. Secret Weapons In Iraq War: Microwave bursts, incendiary bombs to target bio-chem arsenal

Jury to Decide Penalty in Regan Spy Case: Tried to sell critical information to Iraq, China

Nightclub Disaster

At Least 24 Dead As Fire Consumes Nightclub: Concert's pyrotechnics eyed as cause

Fire Engulfs R.I. Nightclub; At Least 25 Dead, 164 Injured

People React To The Terrible Fire

Stocks Fall Amid Downbeat Data

JC Penney, Target Post Solid Profits; Outlook Murky

Baby Bell Stocks Fall After FCC Decision

High Coffee Consumption Could Increase Risk Of Stillbirth - Just about everything we enjoy has been declared health risk at some time or other

Boston's 'Big Dig' Obelisks

Boston's Big Dig To Open New Ramp As Prelude To I-93 Northbound Ribbon-Cutting

Big Dig's Top Contractor Responds To Criticism of Cost Overruns

Big Dig Bridge Built With Obelisk At Each End!

Washington, DC Built With Pagan Symbols: Capitol established as 'New Babylon'

Importance of Obelisk To Practicing Pagan

Spotlight On Abuse Catholic Priests

Negotiations Intensify As Lawyers, Church Agree To Cease-Fire In Sex Abuse Cases

Pain of Abuse, Betrayal Endures: Church Releases File On Alleged Victim

Catholicism: Whited Sepulcher Christianity Video

Vatican Assassins: Details Rome's Drive For World Dictatorship Over The Many Centuries

Catholic Bishops Testify Against Bill Outlawing Abortion In North Dakota

After Two Centuries, Freemasons Are Going Public: "Invisible" society will remain hidden

Mobile Phones To Join War On Crime


Korean Peninsula

US Troops Start Front-Line Drill On Korean Border

Iran's Nukes -- North Korean Connection: Iran is more of a threat than Iraq! US may be planning to attack Iran after Iraq

U.S. Vows To Continue Food Aid To N. Korea

North Korea Tops Agenda as Powell Heads to Asia

North Korea Tests Nerves As Jet Zooms Over South

S. Korea's Kim Leaves Legacy on N. Korea: To Leave Office With His North Korea Policy Battered


Israel Beefing Up Military Presence Along Lebanese Border - Syrian Forces Begin Withdrawing From Northern Lebanese Positions: Possible positioning of forces to attack Israel

Israel Developing Drone Size of Credit Card: US already has such a drone and may use it in Iraq

Two Palestinians Killed In The Gaza Strip

Israel And Syria Trade Terrorism Claims At UN

Quartet Envoys Call For Immediate Truce In Isreali-Palestinian Conflict

Two Palestinians Killed In W. Bank; Rockets Fired At Israel Despite IDF Gaza Operation

Sharon, Mitzna Meeting To Discuss Unity Government

IDF Divides Gaza In Three (UPDATE)

Muslim Jihad

Florida Professor Charged With Operating Global Terror Organization

Pentagon Buys 80,000 "Escape Masks" To Protect Employees and Visitors

For First Time, U.S. Forces to See Combat in Philippines Anti-Terror Mission: Seen as major escalation by US

Terror Fears In Utah: Oil field worker reportedly attacked
by Middle Eastern men

Al Qaeda Said To Have Planned Fifth Attack On 9/11: Sink Warship In Strait of Hormuz

GAO: Justice Dept. Inflated Terror Cases

Moral Collapse Continues

British Government Urges Under-16s To Experiment With Oral Sex

American Toy Fair: Kids Mixing It Up as Toys Go Hip-Hop - Toys reflect status of popular culture, influenced heavily by MTV

Young Teen Who Took Abortion Pill Aborts Baby In School Restroom

Attorney Indicted On Charges She Stole $160,000 From Clients

Florida Woman Sentenced For Operating Bogus High-Yield Program

Transplant Teen Has Irreversible Brain Damage

Nation's Heart Goes Out To Transplant Victim

Massachusetts Bill Pushed To Ease Organ Donation Process

Flying To The US? Give US government all your personal data

Your Privacy Is Long Gone! - 'Mark of the Best' Is Here

Quietly Fingerprinting P2P Pirates

Needles Not Sex Drove African AIDS Pandemic

Prayers And The Presidency: Note article states that Bush does not claim to be "Born Again"

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - (Matt ???) -- Adolf Hitler claimed he was Christian!

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - (Matt ???) -- Doctrinal Disaster, Anti-Christian Morality In Office

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - (Matt ???) - Anti-Christian Politics, Establishing Police State

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - (Matt ???) - How Did King Hezekiah Handle His National Crisis?

Key Principle: People accept words for deeds and rarely pause to note whether performance follows words


February 20, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Iraq Suddenly Refusing To Comply With UN Inspectors! Could be basis for Bush to order war

Federal Indictment Charges Eight With Operating Global Terrorist Organization

Pakistani Religious Coalition Promises Million Man March Against War in Iraq

US Navy Boards Ships In Hunt For Iraqi Arms


Iraq - Without Further Delay?

Are the War Delays Over? Bush seems to be determined to attack without any further delays. DEBKA reports enough troops now in position

War's Start Said Pushed To Mid-March - Designed to deceive?

US Considers 'Mini-Nukes': Prophecy about to be fulfilled?

U.S., Britain Forge Ahead, To Submit New Iraq Resolution

Central, E. Europe To Stand With U.S.

France, Germany Protect Iraq Ties

Italy's Parliament Supports Pro-U.S. Stance On Iraq Crisis

Blix to Order Destruction of Al-Samoud 2 Missiles: Range exceeds UN allowances

Rumsfeld Warns Iraqis Against Using Human Shields

Stocks Pull Back On Iraq Uncertainty

Middle East/Iraq Weather Map

Iraq Prepares

Iraqi 'Terror Ships' At Sea: Sailing in "ever-decreasing" circles and observing radio silence

Saddam: Iraq Won't Accept Peace at Any Cost

Saddam's Military Preparing For Action In Northern Iraq

Is Water Saddam's Secret Weapon? Dictator could blow up dams near Baghdad to flood U.S. troops

Iraqi Intelligence Casing U.S. Embassy In Cairo


Turkey Plans To Invade Northern Iraq

Iranian-Backed Forces Cross Into Iraq

U.S., Turkey Dispute to End 'Within the Coming Days'

Mountains of Snow

Digging Out: On The Road To Recovery

Cities Grapple With Snow Pile Removal

Boston: Traffic Snarls On Messy Streets, Motorists Told To "stay away"

Flood Fears Rise With Temps: Snow-clogged drains and rain pose problem

Snow Storm Blamed For 44 Deaths

Blizzard of 2003 Snowfall and Storm Track

A Military Secret? Military Probes Claims of Rape at Air Force Academy

Police Conclude Search of Scott Peterson's Home

Catholicism In The News

One Priest Laments Lack of Leadership At Boston Archdiocese

Judge Refuses To Throw Out 400 Claims of Sexual Abuse

Catholic High School Girls Know Their School Is Latest Church Casualty

Europe Might Not Let Bill Gates Off So Lightly: A new antitrust complaint could double the trouble for Microsoft

Children and Woman May Not Survive Next 5 Years In Somalia

Young People Putting Their Patriotism Into Action Makes for the Best Civics Lesson


Terror Awareness Skyrockets

'Ready Campaign' Unveiled: Ads Urge Education and Preparedness Against Attacks

Ridge Announces 'Ready Campaign'

President Outlines New Terror Analysis Agency

Don't Worry, Be Ready, Ridge Says

Terrorism Preparations Cost Hospitals Millions

FBI Arrests Florida Professor Accused of Terror Ties

Israel Struggles

Man Wounded As Kassam Rocket Slams Into Sderot Factory

IDF Divides Gaza In Three After Kassam Missile Attacks

Netanyahu Nephew Refuses Military Service

Britons Advised To Avoid Israel, Leave West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Iraq

Bush Lacks Plan for Israeli-Palestinian Issues - Charles Krauthammer

Korean Peninsula

North Korean Fighter Jet Crosses Border

North Korea Warns of Nuclear War 'At Any Moment'

S. Korea Leader Confronted on Subway Dead

Britons Face Extradition For 'Thought Crime' On Net

New Donor Found for Teen Who Received Wrong Organs

Pakistan Air Force Jet Crashes: Air Force Chief Mushaf Ali Mir was aboard: DEBKA says he was killed

Panic At Hand If 'Gold Is Gone': Some analysts predict price will spike to $1,000 an ounce

Plane Crash in Iran Kills All 302 Aboard

Iran Discovers Uranium Reserves

Boston Logan Airport Cargo Area Closed by Tanker Truck Jet Fuel Spill

Bail Revoked For Suspect In Internet-Linked Rapes

Massachusetts Governor Romney Blithely Lets Go of Lifeline To The Mentally Ill

Online 'Suicide' Brother's Pain

War Spending Could Boost Tech Industry

Clear Channel's Big, Stinking Deregulation Mess

Gephardt Jumps Into 2004 Presidential Campaign: Jobs and foreign policy cited in his second try

Manufacturers Suffer In February

Retail Sales Show Unexpectedly Sharp Drop

But, Mortgage Lending Sharply Up!

Gasoline Prices at Pump Top $2 Mark


February 19, 2003

Iraq Heats Up

Iranian-Backed Forces Cross Into Iraq!

UN Gave Iraq 48 Hours Warning Before U2 Spy Plane Flights Began

Iraqi Inspections Just "Bad Theater": Can't anyone write a better script?

U.S. Orders 20,000 More Troops To Persian Gulf

Canada Says Will Not Join Solo U.S. Attack on Iraq

U.S. to Push Ahead for Second Iraq Resolution

Police Departments Strained as Military Calls Up Officers

NATO Approves Patriot Missiles, Radar Planes in Turkey

Hussein a 'Grave Danger,' Iraqi Scientist Says

Sea Lions Deployed to Patrol the Persian Gulf

Blair: British Public Opinion Will Change

Did Germany Sell Bio Labs To Iraq? Report says Saddam got 8 mobile facilities in 1980s

Turkey Wants Money In Exchange for Basing Troops: U.S. Balks At Money Demand

Eastern Europe Dismayed At Chirac Snub: French leader hints support for US may jeopardise EU entry

Powell: Anti-War Camp 'Afraid of Responsibility'

American Troops Prepare To Take Prisoners

McEntire Personnel Called Up: Air National Guard members going to Persian Gulf soon

Many Ships Enforce U.N. Sanctions

Iraq War Protests

Bush Not Swayed By Peace Rallies

Bush: Protesters Are Wrong

War Protests Help Bush Wage War!

Winnie Mandela To Be 'Human Shield'

Oil Mantra

German Minister: US Pursuing Oil Interests In Iraq

Debunking The "Oil Myth"

Oil Holds Just Off $37 as U.N. Debates Iraq

Oil Strategy

Strategic Oil Reserve Vital To U.S. Strategy

Gas Prices Hit Record High: Prospect of war with Iraq, unrest in Venezuela drive up costs

US Plan For New Nuclear Arsenal: Secret talks may lead to breaking Treaties - We have had these weapons for years!

U.S. Navy Fighter Jet Crashes in Pacific

Molecular Secret of Special Forces Toughness

Accident Investigation Board: Columbia Began Shedding Pieces Over California

Congo Ebola Outbreak Confirmed

Tuesday Marked 138th Anniversary of Burning of Columbia After General Sherman Torched, Occupied City

Russia On Edge of Unemployment Disaster

Russia Becomes World's Leading Oil Producer

ACLU Challenges Wire-Tap Decision: Government already wire-tapping

Unitarian Pastor Won't Sign Marriage Licenses: Protest in effect until state OKs homosexual unions

American Toy Fair! Refreshing Classic Toys With Tech

Activist: Rev. Jesse Jackson Compromised by Ties to Club Owners

Americans Just Say 'Non' to French Products

Inspector General Seeks Boston Big Dig Documents: Trying to recover design flaws in project

Federal Court Upholds Calif. Gun Show Ban

Lack of Federal Funds Forcing Veterans Shelter To Close 60 Beds

Bush - Religion

Bush Increasing Religious Allusions In His Rhetoric

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - (Matt ???) -- Adolf Hitler claimed he was Christian!

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - (Matt ???) -- Doctrinal Disaster, Anti-Christian Morality In Office

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - (Matt ???) - Anti-Christian Politics, Establishing Police State

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - (Matt ???) - How Did King Hezekiah Handle His National Crisis?

Key Principle: People accept words for deeds and rarely pause to note whether performance follows words

Fighting On Poisoned Battlefield

U.S. Not Ready For Chemical Attack - Strategy For Possible War Assessed

The Poisoned Battlefield: Bad Science Can Get You Killed

A Deadly Flaw in Nuclear Biological Chemical Defenses

FDA Ruling On PB Ignores Scientific Facts: Veterans groups, scientist and citizens outraged


Eleven Palestinians Killed In IDF Gaza Incursion -- Bullets fly `from all directions' as Israeli tanks roll into Gaza

Prime Minister's Office: Gaza raid an attempt to put terrorists out of business

Foreign Workers To Receive Gas Masks

Palestinian Mother Proud of Two Sons Killed On Suicide Attack Missions: This is reason peace is impossible!

Hamas Militant Blows Himself Up Near IDF Tank In Gaza City

Dow Rises 132 Points; Nasdaq Gains 36

Korean Peninsula

South Korea Inferno Horror: Riders couldn't stop man from firebombing trains

Stories of Courage Emerge From South Korea Train Disaster

South Korean Leader Opposes Attack On North

North Korea 'Facing Deadly Famine'

North Korea's Tantrums Can No Longer Be Publicly Ignored By White House

Bill Proposes Investigation Into 1968 Shootings: "Orangeburg Massacre"

Teen Near Death After Transplant Error: Given incompatible organs

Law Enforcement Disaster

Teen Shot By DEA Agents Dies In Hospital

Crowd Turns On LAPD Officers After Man is Shot to Death

Web Tobacco Buyers Get Taxed

When Illuminists Get Together

Prime Minister Blair To Meet Pope

Zoroasterism Protocol Followed: Pope Always Wears White, Visitors Always Wear Black

Bill Clinton: Next U.N. Chief?

10 Commandments To Be Displayed At Rio Carnival: Event draws 200,000 people

Lesbian Japanese Monkeys Challenge Darwin's Assumptions

East Digging Out Of Snow

Retail Stores Lose Big in Winter Storm

Hit By One of Worst Snow Storms In Decades

New York City Digging Out

Boston Cleaning Up After Historic Storm - Snowfall Totals

Airlines Take Financial Blow from Snowstorm

Storm Blamed for 37 Deaths Heads to Sea

U.N. Tribunal Convicts Rwandan Pastor of Genocide



February 18, 2003

Korean Peninsula

Personal Tragedy

Fatal Arson Attack On South Korea Subway - Paralysis Reason for Attack

Subway Attack Pictures -- Dozens dead

Official Confirms About 100 Bodies Inside Burned South Korean Subway Cars

National Developments

North Korea Threatens to Abandon Korean War Armistice

North Korea Ship Gets Arms In and Out

US Aims To Fight Nukes With Sanctions

N. Korea Says They Will Win


Turkey Doesn't Allow U.S. Troops In: Marines would be directed from Mediterranean to Persian Gulf

EU Buries Differences On Iraq - Interactive Maps of Deployment

U.S. Ponders Worst-Case War Scenarios - Marines expect bloodier war with Iraq

U.S. May Debut New Weapons In Iraq - Including devices still under development!

Ex-President Jimmy Carter Backs U.K. Daily Mirror Fight Against Iraq War

Bush Administration Plots Next Move In Saddam Hussein Showdown -- Arab leaders back Saddam

Pentagon Call-Ups Proceed -- 40,000 More

Bad Science Can Get You Killed: Pentagon's science is terribly flawed

American U-2 Plane Makes 1st Iraq Flight

Blair Pushes EU Leaders Towards War: Text of EU Statement

US Expelling Iraqi Journalist For Being "Harmful To US Interests"

Saddam 'Arrests' Defense Minister To Prevent Coup

Saudis Warn US Over Iraq War

Men 'Tried To Export' Missiles To Iraq

Final Screws Turned On Saddam

Applying The Biblical Standard

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - Part 4 - Adolf Hitler Claimed Jesus As "Lord and Savior"

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words - Part 3 - King Hezekiah compared to President Bush

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - Part 2 - Bush's Antichristian Politics and Actions

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - Part 1 - Doctrinal Disasters

Russia Becomes World's Leading Oil Producer

FBI To Snoop On Network Backbones?

Radioactive Materials Missing in Ex-Soviet State of Georgia

Nationwide Battle Erupts Over New Gun

.50-Caliber Revolver Debuts: Smith & Wesson rolls out 4½-pound handgun with power of rifle

Democrat Targets .50 Caliber Revolver for Nationwide Ban

Harry Potter Lives ... In Ukraine

"To Harry or Not to Harry" Video: Former Black Magick Satanist offers unique perspective into Harry Potter

Pokemon and Harry Potter: A Fatal Attraction

Marching For Saddam

If You Liked Patriot Act I, Don't Miss The Sequel

Losing Freedoms Under Guise of Protecting Freedoms

Hideous, Occult Face of Homeland Security's "Information Awareness Office"

UFO Convention Speaker Says We Must Become 'Galactic Citizens

Out of Phone Numbers? Add Digits

Northeast Buried By Snow

Snowstorm May Be Among Top Five All Time Storms

Paralyzing Winter Storm Will Finally Wind Down and Move Out To Sea

Some Snowfalls 44 Inches! Map of Storm

Presidents Day Storm Buries Northeast

East Blizzard Becomes New England Gale

Washington's Federal Government Offices to Remain Shut on Tuesday

Bush's Niece Warned Off Trip To UK: Iraq war may make trip too dangerous


Palestinians Fear Being Trapped By New Wall

Prophetic Significance of The Walls, Fences, Trenches Surrounding Palestinian Population Centers

IDF Commander Informs Residents of Bethlehem Partition Plan

IDF lifts West Bank, Gaza Strip Closure

Home Front Command: 200,000 still without protection from attack

Three Female Bombers Arrested In Bethlehem

Security Services Warn of 46 Terror Alerts As Hamas Vows Revenge

Huge Weapons Stash Uncovered In Gaza Strip Near Egyptian Border

Bush Sends Top Envoy To Mideast Talks In London: Talking 'peace' while preparing for 'war'

Repair of Bulge in Temple Mount Wall Causing New Israeli, Palestinian Dispute

Terror Threat

Endless Fake Terror Alerts: Is objective 'Fear-based Mind Control'?

New York Tunnels Fit al Qaeda Strategy

Osama bin Laden Urges Attacks on the U.S

Solution for the Shipping Container Threat

Disaster Family Planning From Red Cross

Al-Qa'ida Operative Reveals Code Words

Did Record-Setting Washington, D.C. and New York City Snow Storms Avert Major Terror Event?

Elder Abuse Demands Family Solutions

New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People Has Already Begun!

False Memories Can Be Planted Under Interrogation: US scientists

Why Being Abducted By Aliens Can Seem So Real

Bible Verses Regarded As Hate Literature: Canadian Court rules Scripture exposed homosexuals to ridicule

Mass. Court Set to Hear Homosexual Marriage Case

Energy Disaster Threatens West: Drought in Pacific likely to make electricity prices 'out of control'

Gas and Power Debt Approaching Critical Mass

21 Dead In Chicago Night Club Stampede

Nightclub Had Been Ordered to Close

Britain's Channel 4 Appoints Muslim As Head of Religion

DNA Exposé: All Your Genes

Implant in Scalp Can Zap Headaches

Only In California: Diaper tax proposed to finance recycling

Fetus or Baby? Boston Globe severely criticized for headline

Daimler-Chrysler Official Apologizes for Conservative Slur

White House Denies Greenspan's Future Is in Doubt

Sound Waves Help Shuttle Probe


February 17, 2003

"YE SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR WORDS" -- [Matthew ????] -- Part 4 -- Adolf Hitler Claimed Jesus Christ! "My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior"

Middle East - Iraq

Iraq-al Qaeda Partnership to Target Gulf Oil Fields

Rice Exhorts UN To Stand Up To Saddam - Saddam Has Weeks, Not Months Says Rice On Sunday Morning Talk Show

Flooding Could Be An Iraqi Weapon

Double Division: Issue of Iraq Creating A Surprising Double Division both within and without Europe

Iraq's Got Secret Arms, Plans To Use 'em On Us: Facing certain defeat, Baghdad will have nothing to lose - Remember, Iraq got all her weapons from us!

Speaker Targets Christian Right: Says Bush is under undue influence of Right Wing Christianity On Iraq

Saddam Said To Torch His Own Oilfields: Proof Positive that original Illuminati plans are still in effect!

UN Inspectors Comb Iraqi Weapons Sites

Is The Prophetic Clock About To Strike Midnight?

NATO Envoys Break Deadlock Over Aid To Turkey -- Turk PM Sees Delay in Vote on U.S. Troops

US Starts Transporting Military Equipment to Bulgaria On Way To War In Iraq

Call-Ups On Rise For S.C. Troops

The High-Tech Of Intelligence Revealed

Global Jihad

Are You Scared Stupid? Do Tell - Which "security measure" is the most stupid?

New Tape of bin Laden Accuses US Of Planning "Greater Israel"

The State of Our Defense: Members of Congress could be the targets of assassination attempts

Ridge: Terror Alert Likely to Be Lowered

FBI, Local Police Prepare For Attacks

President Outlines New Terror Analysis Agency: Terrorist Threat Integration Center -- More government!

"Bad Tip" Contributed to Orange Alert

Saudi Oil Industry Boosts Security

Iraq War Protest Aftermath

New Protests Planned In Bid To Bring Britain To Standstill

Washington Shrugs Off War Protests

US Says Protesters Strengthen Saddam: Protests Designed To Strengthen Bush

Millions On March Fail To Sway Blair

Monster Snow/Ice Storm!

Severe Snowstorm Tears Through Northeast After Hitting Midwest

DC Shut Down By Worst Snow Storm In Years -- DC Mayor Returning From Sunny Puerto Rico!

Midwest Digging Out of A Mess

President's Weekend Storm: New England Is Next Today

Map: Blizzard of 2003!

Storm Causing Beach Erosion, Flooding in Mid-Atlantic

Air Force Academy Assaults Investigated

Middle East - Israel

Israel Expects War In Early March

Arafat’s New Terror Weapon: Exploding Remote-Controlled Planes -- Six Hamas men killed while packing drone with explosives

Mofaz Vows To Hit Hamas Hard For Gaza Tank Attack

Expert: Hamas Attacks Fail To Turn Gaza Into Lebanon

Israeli Army Enters Gaza City, Captures Top Hamas Militant

Ethiopian Immigration Gets Green Light: 20,000 Ethiopian Jews waiting in camps to come to Israel

Industrial Development Bank of Israel To Post Huge NIS 400m. Loss For 2002

Government To Decide Whether To Ignore Belgian Supreme Court

Olmert Resigns As Jerusalem Mayor - New capital mayor is haredi leader

Analysis: Blair Hopes PA Parley Will Restore His Credibility

Arafat Funding Terror, Intelligence Shows

Pressure Builds Under Jordan's King

India Keen To Invest In Arrow Missile

India, Pakistan Agree To Grant Visas To Deputy High Commissioners

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Confident of Victory Over U.S. in Nuclear Standoff

North Korea Plans To Build Four More Nuclear Reactors

U.S.: Joint Military Exercises in South Korea Not Related to Nuclear Dispute


Taiwan Suddenly Feels China Threat: Chinese invasion of Taiwan is the planned third war that will comprise World War III

Taiwan On Alert Against Any Chinese Invasion During Iraq War: Phase 3 of World World III In The News Now

What are Russia, China expecting? Moscow boosts civil-defense budget, Beijing conducting air-raid drills for first time since 1950 - Taiwan jittery

China Expands Naval Power: Taipei alarmed, calls move a threat

Earth Monitors Recorded Explosions On Columbia: Experts won't say if infrasound readings coincide with 'electrical zap' on camera

After Liftoff, Uncertainty and Guesswork

US Special Forces Search For CIA Men Captured By Rebels In Columbia

U.S.: Tech Is Looking Up--but It Won't Kick-Start Recovery

Freedom From Fossil Fuels?

14 Die in Rush to Exit Chicago Night Club


February 16, 2003

China - Taiwan

Taiwan Suddenly Feels China Threat: Chinese invasion of Taiwan is the planned third war that will comprise World War III

Taiwan On Alert Against Any Chinese Invasion During Iraq War: Phase 3 of World World III In The News Now

What are Russia, China expecting? Moscow boosts civil-defense budget, Beijing conducting air-raid drills for first time since 1950 - Taiwan jittery


Iraq To Implemment "Scorched Earth" Tactics: Blow Up Oil Fields, Destroy Dams, Bridges

Torching Oil Fields: Proof positive Illuminati Plan still in effect on schedule

Israel Govt. Sources: US-led Strike Against Iraq Is Close

U.S. To Test Iraq Intentions: Diplomacy always buys time for military to get in place for attack

U.N.'s Blix Pours Scorn On Powell's Claims

Atomic Agency Head: No Proof Iraq Producing Nuclear Arms

Persistent Question Remains: Why Invade Iraq?

U.S., Turkey Discuss Aid Package Tied to Support for Action Against Iraq -- NATO hears compromise to okay Turkey aid if it's 'strictly defensive'

U.S., Britain Rework U.N. Resolution in Face of Anti-War Sentiment

Swiss Hold 'Secret' Conference On Post-Iraq War Relief

Case For War Eroded by Absurd U.S. Arguments

Aziz: Destroying Missiles Would Be 'Unacceptable': Iraqi envoy dismisses idea of peacekeeping force

Citing Gulf Tension, Air China Suspends Service To Kuwait

Multiple Nation Attack?

Bin-Laden Voice Accuses US of Preparing Israeli Expansion Into Arab Countries

Analysis: Numbers and Deployment of Forces Seems To Indicate We Are Going To Attack Multiple Nations, One After The Other

Iraq Lobbies Arab States To Help Avert War: Emergency Summit Held By Nations On Bush "Hit" List

Bin Laden Son, al Qaeda Terrorists Spotted In Iran

Military’s Abilities, Burdens Grow: Technological revolution and a constant call to do more

Japan Seeks To Reinterpret Pacifist Constitution

Proofs Of Our Illuminist Government

Operation Northwoods: JCS planned to kill Americans in order to start war with Cuba

Regicide: CIA, FBI, JCS, Lyndon Johnson Plotted Assassination of President Kennedy!

All-Seeing Eye Over Washington

Al-Qaeda Plotting To Hit Saudi Oil Installations

Bahrain Arrests 5 in Alleged Terror Plot

Troops Hunt For US Nationals Kidnapped By Colombian Rebels

Investigators Tour Fuel Tank Plant, Search for More Columbia Debris In New Mexico Mountains

New Technology Sees Through Objects

Bush Budget: Aliens May Be Out There

Globalism, Iron Mountain, and UFO's Video

Can You Turn That Down, Please? Hearing disorders on the rise

Hazardous Snowstorm Snarls Midwest

AntWar Protests - Typical Hegelian Tactic

Demonstrators Stage Massive Anti-War Rallies Across the Globe: Millions march

Blair: Deposing Hussein Would Be 'Act of Humanity'

Millions Join World Protests Against Iraq War

British: `Make Tea, Not War': Thousands march sending message to Blair, London peace rally called the biggest in nation's history

Protesters In Tel-Aviv Join Millions Worldwide In Anti-War Demonstration

Iraq Gloats Over Wave of Peace Protests


US Still Seems Determined To Act Against Iraq, Israeli Cabinet Told

We're Panicking Unecessarily: Retired General

Four Soldiers Killed In Tank Explosion: Defense Minister Threatens Retaliation For Gaza Attack On Tank

Palestinian Daily Reports Plans To Resume Terror Ceasefire Talks

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Celebrates Kim's Birthday With Calls for Hatred Against the U.S.

North Korea Has Launched Campaign Promoting 21-year-old Son of Leader Kim Jong Il As His Successor

Severe Winter Conditions, Lack of Food Plague N. Korea

N Korea Could Have More N-Weapons: Rumsfeld - 6 warheads by Summer?

North Korea's Horrific Gulag

Middle East - Pakistn/India

Indian Govt Prepares Plans To Face Nuke Attack

Foreign Mercenaries' Infiltration In Jammu - Kashmir Increases Three-fold

China's Prophetic Road Into Mid-East REAL Reason For India - Pakistan Conflict Over Kashmir

Coup in Pakistan? India Seeks To Exploit U.S. Distraction

Terror Alerts In America

FEARS: Americans Feeling An Acute Sense Of Vulnerability

FBI Alert Triggered by 'Mideast' Truckers: Pair reportedly tried to put unleaded fuel into 18-wheeler at Colorado gas station

Bin Laden Vows More Attacks On US

Bush: Gov't. Stands Watch Against Terror

Planned Terror

"Seeing Red" - Effective tool for spreading fear and panic

Terrorism Is Advancing New World Order -- Outworking of 1917 Plan!

Secret Arrests! New Death Penalties! Eliminate Judical Oversight: Losing Freedoms Under Guise of Protecting Freedoms

A Chilly Response to 'Patriot II' -- Need another terrorist attack to stampede passage

Cuban Torturers Hiding In Florida?

San Jose-Bound Jet Loses Cabin Pressure

As Man Died, Witnesses Turned Away: D.C. surveillance tape records indifference to killing

Secular Historian Recounts "Spiritual" Roots of Our Gambling Mania

Lung Disease Means Goodbye, Dolly

U.S. Denies Reports of Large-Scale Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan


February 15, 2003

Face of Global Terror

US President Announces Details of New Counter-terrorism Center: CIA and FBI effectively merged -- Terrible Threat -- Analysis

Al Qaeda Talks Back: Promises that painful terrorist attack is on its way

Bad Tip Contributed to Orange Alert

Bin Laden Son, al Qaeda Terrorists Spotted In Iran

Mexican Authorities Detain Iraqi Citizens at Border: Might be Chaldean Christians

Dirty Bomb: Facts vs Fictions

White House Releases Cyber Security Plan

New 'Status Symbol' In D.C.: Bodyguards

US Closes Consulates In Geneva and Zurich Over Terror Alert

US Bars Saudi Pilots From Flying

51 Florida Airport Workers Charged With Possessing Phony I.D.'s

Military Buildup Continues

82nd Airborne Paratroopers Depart for Kuwait

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Patrols Gulf

Special Operations Units Already Operating in Iraq

Aboard Fortress America: Massive 18-storey aircraft carrier now a staging ground for deadly dress rehearsal for war with Iraq `When the president says `G'

Sailors in Gulf Grapple With Call-up: Deployment Drags on for Homesick Sailors of the USS Abraham Lincoln in Persian Gulf

Korea - Asia

CIA: North Korean Threat Exaggerated

Taiwan On Alert Against Any Chinese Invasion During Iraq War: Phase 3 of World World III In The News Now

What are Russia, China expecting? Moscow boosts civil-defense budget, Beijing conducting air-raid drills for first time since 1950 - Taiwan jittery


Israeli Checkpoints Protect Lives: Palestinian children taught hate

Bomb Explodes Under Israeli Tank, At Least Four Soldiers Killed

Price Controls Imposed Ahead of Possible Iraqi Attack

Hamas: Will Stop Firing Rockets If IDF Eases In Gaza Strip

US Jews To Pressure Belgium To Reverse Sharon War Crimes Charges

Iraqi Snubs Israeli Paper

Proofs Of Our Illuminist Government

Operation Northwoods: JCS planned to kill Americans in order to start war with Cuba

Regicide: CIA, FBI, JCS, Lyndon Johnson Plotted Assassination of President Kennedy!

AOL Time Warner Execs Debated Dropping 'AOL'

Castro Bows Out of Berlin Film Festival: Was invited to attend Oliver Stone's movie, 'Commandante', whose star depicts Castro

Porn Charges Don't Hinder Grammy-Winning Star, R. Kelly

They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll

Armageddon Asteroids 'Best Kept Secret': Governments out to prevent global panic

Early Death of Dolly The Sheep Sparks Warning On Cloning

Comedian Burns US Flag On Live TV


UN Deadlocks On Iraq

Bush Faces Decision Whether to Delay War: Will not gain UN support for Iraq attack

U.N. Still At Diplomatic Deadlock On Iraq - Iraq Playing Same Old Game

U.S. Fails to Rally More Support on Iraq - Blix goes wobbly

Powell: 'More Inspections Not the Answer'

Inspectors Report No Smoking Gun, But Plenty Missing

Iraq Bans Weapons of Mass Destruction

Rumsfled Predicts Large US-led Coalition in Possible War with Iraq

Congressional Reaction Mixed Toward Blix Report

Other Iraq News

Saddam Said To Be Ready To Torch His Own Oil Fields: Proof Positive That The Illuminati Plan Is Still In Effect and On Schedule!

Vatican Reluctant to Support Iraq War

Japan Tells Her Citizens to Leave Iraq Immediately

State Department Issues Worldwide Caution To All

NATO Impasse Seen Slowing A US Attack From Turkey

Son of Saddam: Odai Hussein Brutal to Iraqis, Behind Torture of U.S. Prisoners

Anti-War Demonstrations Today

Asia Marches Against War

Worldwide Anti-War Demonstrations To Take Place Saturday

Massive Antiwar Rally In Australia

When Peace Isn't Worth the Price

Greenspan Remarks Most Welcome Outside Beltway

Wall Street In Week Ahead: Stocks to lag until verdict on Iraq

Vatican Opens Archives About Germany Early In Bid To Improve Image of Pius XII

Ivory Coast Facing Renewed Civil War Without Peace Deal

Laci Paterson Family: Hubby now our suspect as he is not acting like a man whose wife is missing

CIA Agents Killed Or Captured In Colombia

Colombian Assassination Plot Foiled

Md. Lawmakers Consider Nursing Home Cameras To Prevent Abuse of Patients By Staff

The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People Is Under Way!

Creator of "Leave It to Beaver" Dies

Shuttle's Flight Director Wept, Prayed at the End

Iran's Hardliners Renew Call For Rushdie To Die: 'Satanic Verses" book depicts all Muslims as demon possessed

Scientist Discovers The Secret of Kissing

Internet Smokes Put Out For Good As NYC Bans Sales

Mom Deserts Kids For Jaunt To Italy: 14-Year-Old Left In Charge

Woman Catches Knife Thrown by Would-Be Robber

FBI Arrests Internet Baby Broker

Snow Rollers Blanket Midwest



February 14, 2003 -- Pagan Celebration of Physical Love and "Orgiastic Rites"

Breaking News

Blix: Inspectors Have Not Found Any Weapons of Mass Destruction, but Banned Materials Unaccounted For

Taiwan On Alert Against Any Chinese Invasion During Iraq War: Phase 3 of World World III

Israel Imposes Price Controls Ahead of Possible Iraqi Attack

Italy Gives United States Use of Its Infrastructure In Iraqi War

France: Force Against Iraq Unjustified at This Time

Germany to Ship Missiles to Turkey

China: UN Must Do All It Can to Avoid War on Iraq

DC Journalists Have Escape Plans If Nation’s Capital Is Attacked

Iraq - Diplomatic Showdown Time!

Bush Challenges U.N. Leaders: Confront Iraq or 'Fade Into History'

Iraq Bans Weapons of Mass Destruction

Initial Ground Phase of War Under Way: Report: U.S. Special Forces already operating in Iraq

Pentagon Decides Against Cremation

First Defection from Top Rank of Saddam Regime

Showdown At The UN! Battle Lines Drawn As Inspector Makes Final Report

NYC on High Alert as Diplomats Head to U.N. for Iraq Talks

Experts Find Iraqi Missile Exceeding Range Allowed

NATO Cancels Meeting on Iraq Standoff

France, In Corner, Lacking Good Exit: Report by inspectors today at U.N. could allow Chirac to support Iraq war

France Accused of Oil-For-Peace Deal With Iraq

The Hajj Concludes For Muslim Pilgrims

Egypt Hiding Weapons In Tunnels: Evidence of WMD program concealed in area of Libya border. Will we "change regimes" in Egypt as well?

'Axis of Evil' Teaming Up? Will responses of these nations be coordinated once US attacks Iraq?

True Face of Islam!

Islamists Leave 'Killing Field' of Civilians: Team finds remains of unarmed villagers in southern Sudan - Many were Christians

Behind The Veil

Islam Connection As We Head Into 21st Century - Video


Sharon Calls For Calm As Threat of War Looms

30% Have Prepared Sealed Rooms

Tel Aviv Ready For War

Poll: Most Don't Trust Gas Masks

US, Israel Agree To Develop Next Generation of All-Purpose Jet Fighters

Arafat Set To Name Prime Minister

Three Terrorists Killed Near Netzarim

Slain Soldier Laid To Rest On Mt. Herzl

Iraq Says It Can't Hit Israel

Israel Afraid of "Dirty Bomb"

Israeli Expert Finds It Feasible Saddam Armed With 'Dirty' Radioactive Weapon

In October, 2001, Security Forces Discover Terrorist Armed With "Dirty Bomb"

Israel - World Court Battle

FM Netanyahu Charges Belgium With 'Blood Libel'

Arafat Is Next, Warn Belgian Jews

Israel Also Claims Universal Jurisdiction

Smallpox Vaccination Reactions Reported - Actual rate may be much higher than reported

Investigators: Shuttle's Skin Breached

Cupid Told To Go Fly A Kite: Muslim extremist

Scientists See No Asteroid Threat ... Yet

Soldier's Family Launches Friendly Fire Lawsuit: Wrongful death suit alleges reckless actions by U.S. pilots

Smith & Wesson Unveils New Pistol: Gun maker’s
.50-caliber Magnum the biggest ever - "Dirty Harry" now outgunned!

US Soldier Guilty Of Sexual Assault

What Symantec Knew of the Slammer Virus But Didn't Say

US Endorses Merging Telephone, Internet Numbers

Impacts of Ocean Noise On Mammals Called Ill Defined - Proposes a single government agency to "monitor" situation

Senator Ted Kennedy Successfully Steers the Pork To Massachusetts!

Secret Arrests! New Death Penalties! Eliminate Judicial Oversight! Police state apparatus arising from ashes of Twin Towers

Bogus Terror Threat

False Alarm? Terror Alert Partly Based on Fabricated Information

C/Edge Predicted Terrorism As Final Stage of New World Order Back In July, 1996!

Fire Departments Underequipped For Terrorist Attacks

Nation's Capital Takes Anti-Terror Steps

US and Canada Make Security Pact: US troops allowed on Canadian soil if terrorists attack

FBI Tracks Alleged al-Qaida In U.S.

Arabic Diary Found Near Mexico Border: Couple discovers book in backpack dropped on their property

Guard Said Not Ready For Bioterror Attack: Civil support teams ill-equipped to handle emergency, trainers say

Pair of 'Mideast' Men Try To Buy Crop-Duster: This is old false story we heard 16 months ago!

Heathrow Terminal Reopens After Bag OK'd: Terror alert stopped airport for 90 minutes

Four Arrested in British Terror Crackdown

Terrorists May Hit UK With Pakistani Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Korean Peninsula News

North Korea Accuses U.S. of Military Moves on Border: US armor reportedly moving into DMZ

U.S. Won't Seek Sanctions Against North Korea

Japan Threatens Force Against N Korea: Pre-emptive Strike

Graphic Showing Range of North Korean Missiles

S. Korea Opposes Attack On North

U.S. Might Move, Pull Troops From S. Korea

China Takes Delivery of Advanced Russian Fighter Bombers: Tipping scale against Taiwan

Virus May Block HIV's Destructive Power

Beijing Signs Up Son of Hitler's Architect To Revamp Capitol For Olympics

Corpus School Threatened On Eve of Sharpton Visit: Presidential Candidate?

'Al Sharpton Is Not A Catholic Priest': Ad campaign attempts to clear up issue for church leaders

House Clears Massive Federal Spending Package

GOP Begins Push to Pass Abortion Bill: It's about time!

Buyer Disputes Prediction of Big Layoffs At Beth Steel;
CEO of bankrupt firm warns of 4,000 job cuts; ISG says nothing decided

France Moves Artworks to Avoid Floods

2 Bodies Found In Colombia Airplane Crash: Survivors captured by leftist rebels?

Pair Get 8 Years For Serving Beer at Teen Birthday Party

Potted Principal Goes Potty: Cops: She drove drunk, urinated on school property -- Moral Collapse Continues

Cop Suspended Over Run-in: 'Intimidated elderly female neighbor in ill health' because she cut the hedge

Judges: Consider Racism In Sentences - Opens door for more lenient sentences

BBC Wants New National Anthem: Needs new anthem going into New World Order

Corning to Eliminate Products, Shut Plant

Preppie Killer Released After Serving 15-Year Manslaughter Sentence

U.S. Industry Pledges Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Cuts : Edging closer to disastrous Kyoto Accords

Kyoto Accords Will Shut Down Industrial Civilization!

California Rains Heading Towards Parched Area


February 13, 2003

Breaking News

South Korean President-Elect Says He Would Not Agree to Any U.S. Attack on North Korea

Lawsuit by Soldiers' Parents, Congressmen Challenges Bush's Authority to Launch War on Iraq

Right Combination of Wind, Cold Creates Strange Snowballs Called 'rollers' in Indiana, Illinois

N. Korea Can Nuke U.S.!

CIA: N. Korean Nuclear Missile Could Reach U.S

North Korea Warns of Capacity To Attack US

China Cautions United Nations Against North Korea Action

Flashback to 1995: Senate Intelligence Committee Warned N. Korean Missiles Could Strike U.S. by Year 2000!

U.S. Considers Cutting European, S. Korea Presence


Iraq Inspectors Find Banned Missile System - Iraq dismisses missile find as 'no serious violation'

List of Western Banks Who Have Bankrolled Saddam

U.S. Eyes New Iraq War Resolution, NATO Still Split

Saddam's Sick Plot To Ignite Own Oil Fields: Just as the War Plan calls for

Powell to Confront NATO Critics of Iraq War

NATO Remains Deadlocked on Protecting Turkey From Iraq

Yesterday's Iraqi Airstrike Reflects Shift In Targets

War Protests

Looming Iraq War Divides U.S. Vets: Group issues veiled call for GIs to refuse call-up

American Stars Slam Bush Over Iraq at Berlin Fest

Congress Considering Ban On French, German Products: Because These Countries Are Opposing US On Iraq

Actor Penn Claims Lost Movie Role Over Iraq Views

Military Buildup

40,000 More Reservists Activated

Marines Land As Buildup Quickens In Gulf

Hard-nosed General Set To Lead Next Gulf War

Latest Update of Military Deployments: Troops being pulled from Germany to Gulf

Troops Travel To Iraq In Style

Iraqi Forces: Order of Battle -- Iraq Map

Oil Price Tips Over $36: Why are we allowing our oil stocks to fall to lowest level since 1975?

FBI Destroyed Possible McVeigh Evidence: McVeigh has appeals pending! Justice not possible anymore

Moral Collapse Continues

"American Idol" Star Bounced For Appearance In Kiddie Porn:

"Joe Millionaire" Finalist Starred In Bondage and Fetish Flicks -- More Information

Iran Commits Stable Oil Supply To the Philippines

Catholic Priesthood: An Apology for the Sins of the Past

Actual Grand Jury Report On Rockville Diocese and Sexual Complaints About Priests: Warning - Stark Sexual Language Contained In Testimony

Catholicism: White Sepulcher Christianity

Vatican Assassins: Special Offer Book and 2 CDROM's

Full Coverage of Long Island Sex Scandal

President Bush -- Analyis

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - [Matt ???] - Part 1 - Doctrinal Disaster

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - [Matt ???] - Part 2 - Anti-Christian Politics

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - [Matt ???] - Part 3 - King Hezekiah Speaks To President Bush

Gay Republicans Chronicle Timeline Change From Gay Fears of Bush to All-Out Support! Read timeline carefully

President at the 2003 National Religious Broadcasters' Convention - "Jesus" not mentioned, but generic "God", "Lord Almighty" are, as are "compassionate" and generic "faith" - Quoted Old Testament, Psalm 139:17-18

Final Countdown Is Here!

Digital Angel Gets Federal OK for Implantable Microchip

"Mark of the Best" - Final Connections Video

Final Countdown: Video Series - Prophecies Coming True!

Taliban: Rule of Pure Islam - Truth About Islam

N.C. Congressman OK With Internment Camps

Barbed Wire Over America -- Gulag Concentration Camps!

Terror Alert

Nation Braces for Possible Terror Attack

Fake Terror Alerts -We're As Stupid As They Think - We may have another terrorist attack to justify launching Iraq war

Europeans Know More Than They Are Telling: Regimes in Tehran, Damascus, and Riyadh cannot permit us to win an easy victory in Iraq, and they hope to deploy their terrorist surrogates against us on a massive scale

New bin Laden Tape: "This year I will die as a martyr"

Ashcroft Cites 'Monumental Progress' In US War On Terrorism

College Students Drawn to Bioterrorism Classes

Tenet Repeats Terror Warning - Anti-terror program would comb personal information

Tanks Deployed In Britain's Heathrow Airport Amid Fears of Large-Scale Terror Attack

White House: Bin Laden Tape Links Al Qaeda to Saddam

Mideast Men With 'Razors' Yanked Off American Jet

Soda Spill On Lobby Floor of FBI Causes Commotion: Public set for panic!

Military Patrols Key US Cities After Terror Warnings: Jeeps armed with Stinger Anti-Aircraft missiles on patrol

Terror Threat In Britain 'On The Scale of Sept 11'

Terrorists Contacted Iraq Envoy After Blast

Has the Threat Come Home? U.S. Checks Reports That Saddam Has Operatives in America

Officials Consider Impact of Terror Warnings


Kassam Rocket Threat Sends Efrat Children, Parents, To Bomb Shelters

Special US Forces In Iraq Seek To Prevent Missile Fire At Israel

Palestinians Prepare For Quartet Followup Meeting Friday: Still talking "peace" while preparing for war

Likud: Sharon To Meet Mitzna Again Over National Union Government

Israel Furious With World Court

Israeli President Protests To Belgian King Against Ruling On Sharon: Court ruled Sharon could be tried for War Crimes

FM Netanyahu Calls Back Ambassador To Belgium For 'Consultations'

All Immigrants To U.K. To Have Compulsory HIV and TB Tests As Cases Rise Dramatically

Government Warns 'Patriot Hackers' Against Cyber Attacks On Iraqi Interests

Greenspan's Testimony: Economy does not stimulus now

Storm Drenches Southern California, Mudslide Closes Interstate: Photos

Environmental Truth! Policies are a "weird mixture of quackery, propaganda, supposition and wishful thinking



February 12, 2003

Breaking News

Archbishop of Canterbury Opposes Prince Charles 'Defender of Faith' -- Traditionally, Charles would be Defender of THE Faith, Christianity

Antichrist And A Cup of Tea Explains

Terror Alert -- Preparation

Hamas Leader To Muslims: Attack Americans the moment war starts

CIA: Al Qaeda May Strike as Early as This Week

Air Defense Missile Launchers Positioned in D.C.

Duct Tape Sales Rise Amid Terror Fears

Brisk Sales Of Supplies Show Warnings Have Hit Home
Safety Gear Snapped Up After Officials Recommend Precautions

Bin Laden, Unedited: After Powell's Disclosure, FNC Airs Tape

Bin Laden, in Audiotape, Calls on Muslims to Support Iraq

London Remains On Alert For Possible Terrorist Attack

Powell: bin Laden Is In Partnership With Iraq

Palestinian Religious Association Urges World's Muslims To Wage Holy War Against US, UK, Israel

FBI, CIA Chiefs: Possible terror attacks this week with "dirty bomb"

Israel, Islam: Biochemical and Nuclear Terrorism

Hussein Could Resort to Desperate Measures

Congress Reining In Bush - One More Terror Attack Will Silence Congress, Give Dictatorial Powers

House, Senate Agree To Prohibit Citizens' E-mail Surveillance

Amendment To Curb Pentagon Dragnet Advances

Justice Dept. Drafts Sweeping Expansion of Anti-Terrorism Act: Center Publishes Secret Draft of ‘Patriot II’ Legislation

A Chilly Response to 'Patriot II'

TOTAL POLICE STATE TAKEOVER: The Secret Patriot Act II Destroys What Is Left of American Liberty

Korean Peninsula

IAEA to Refer North Korea Dispute to Security Council

China Declines US Appeal To Increase Role In Standoff

Rethinking A Defense Relationship

School Board Bans 'Gun' From Spelling Tests: Action taken after 1st-grader's parents complain to officials

US to Create Audio-Visual Mosaic of Shuttle Failure

Wing Fragment Came From Columbia's Left Side

Evolution Nonsense In The News

Hiccup Mystery May Be Unravelling: Evolutionary leftover!

Evolution: Fraudulent Science - Video

Buried Alive

Leading Politician Gunned Down In Solomon Islands

French Court Clears Yahoo! In Nazi Case

Internet Link To Suicides

MIT Drops A Policy For Minorities: Only African-American, Hispanic, and Native American Students Admitted

The Feds Versus Ed: States Rights Gone

Nerve Drug Poses Its Own Risks

Rewilding - Human Activity The Culprit!

The Dwindling Heartland: America's New Frontier

"Rewilding" Is THE Plan!

Greenhouse Gases 'At Record Levels'

Brazil's Carnival Celebration Might Include Gun-Toting Christ Figure

Moving In On Iraq

Gulf States Gird for War as Arabs Lose Hope for a Peaceful End to Iraq Crisis

North Korea Has Untested Missile Capable of Reaching United States, Congress Told

America's 48 hours to kill Saddam - U.S. prepares troops to resist chemical attacks

American Public Support For Military Action Against Iraq On The Rise

Murdoch Praises Blair's 'Courage' and George's Correct Stance

Combat Checklist - Forces Much Larger Than Needed For Just Iraq, Going To Attack Other Countries In Region

Iranian President Warns US Not To Attack Iran

US Hits Ballistic Missile Launcher In Southern Iraq

IDF Chief: Israel will know how to use its "long arm" if attacked

China Stands With France, Germany, Russia On Continued Inspections In Iraq

Americans Blast French Embassy: 'It never stopped, it was crazy,' said diplomat after 1,000 calls

Australian Sailors Sent Home For Refusing Vaccine

Fears Abound Along Turkish-Iraq Border

RAAF Jets To Get Frontline Role In Iraq

Fear Spreads In China Over Mystery Lung Virus


IDF Officer Killed By Sniper Fire In Bethlehem

Terrorist Infiltration Thwarted In Gaza Strip

Defense Minister Mofaz: War in Iraq is not Israel's war -- Correct, prophecy says Iraq will be destroyed by troops from "a distant country"

Throwing Israel to the Dogs: God will have to protect Israel

Evacuation From Mid-East

India Prepares Plan To Airlift Workers From Middle East

Asian Countries Pull Diplomats Out of Baghdad

China Concerned At Citizens' Safety In Iraq

U.S. Starts Sending Staff Out of Country

President Bush -- Analyis

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - [Matt ???] - Part 1 - Doctrinal Disaster

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - [Matt ???] - Part 2 - Anti-Christian Politics

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - [Matt ???] - Part 3 - King Hezekiah Speaks To President Bush

Gay Republicans Chronicle Timeline Change From Gay Fears of Bush to All-Out Support! Read timeline carefully

President at the 2003 National Religious Broadcasters' Convention - "Jesus" not mentioned, but generic "God", "Lord Almighty" are, as are "compassionate" and generic "faith" - Quoted Old Testament, Psalm 139:17-18

Dozens of Children Died of Abuse In N.J. From 1998-2002

Boulder Police End Investigation of JonBenet Ramsey Killing

Moral Collapse Continues

Strange Murder At Karaoke Bar

Chat Rooms A Meeting Place for Risky Sex

‘Simpsons’ Hits 300 Episodes: They’re yellow,
but not mellow

'Gay Shame' Protests Arrests

No End To Our Expanding Universe As 'Armageddon' Is Cancelled

Anti-War Leader Launches Campaign to Impeach Bush

Anti-War Protests Staged According to Hegelian Dialectic, Planned To Increase Public Support For Bush Policies

Pakistan - India Conflict Heating Up

Pakistan Continues To Back Terrorists In J&K: CIA

West Must Halt Military, Financial Aid To Pakistan: India

India Now Has Russian-built Supersonic Missile!

Has Russian Supersonic Missile Doomed US Navy In This Planned Third World War? China has these weapons too

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