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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Monday, March 7, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Rule Change Lets C.I.A. Freely Send Suspects Abroad to Jails: Bush's secret program to transfer prisoners to foreign jails for torture continues

U.S. targets foreign spy services abroad: Before they can strike

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

You can thank Russia for Iran's Nukes, and Syria's Missiles: Possibly even a possible third world war

Powell sees no need to attack Iran

Iran won't halt uranium enrichment

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Women, children fighting with militias in attacking villages

Somali protesters reject foreign troops

Pro-Western Communists Win Parliamentary Majority in Moldova Elections

Bolivian President Offers Resignation: Warns Protest Calls Could Paralyze Country

Bangladesh destroys landmines

Israeli - Palestinian War

Shooting attack at Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron: Two Israelis wounded, one seriously

Suicide-Bomber Arrested in Hevron

Abbas Charges: Israel to blame for Tel Aviv suicide bombing

Iran funding for Fatah terrorist group tied to continued fight against Israel

Palestinian 'Badr' brigade nixed by Sharon: Will not allow them to patrol West Bank

UN Secretary-General Annan to visit Israel, Palestinians

Israeli cabinet expressed "outrage" over London Mayor Ken Livingstone's "anti-Semitic" remarks

Unilateral Withdrawal News

Israel's Mofaz and Chairman Abbas to meet on transfer of W. Bank cities to Palestinian Authority

Palestinians Admit: Israel to hand over west bank hometown of Tel Aviv bomber

Abbas: Bush Has No Right to Prejudice Peace Deal

Gaza´s Jews Rush to Accommodate Expected Influx of Residents: Trying to strengthen veteran Jewish residents in the face of expulsion

Son of Disengagement Commander: I Will Refuse the Order

Public Fast Day Declared to Spiritually Combat Expulsion Plan


South Australian judiciary official 'offered' son to paedophiles: People of significant standing in community were likely to have been involved

French town struggles to come to terms with pedophilia case

Scientists to make 'Stuart Little' mouse with the brain of a human

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Insurgents Attacks North of Iraqi Capital Kill at Least 12: Apparently coordinated attacks

US troops suspected of fatally shooting Bulgarian soldier

Cell-phone technology an explosive tool for insurgents

U.S. military assigns full control of tough Baghdad areas to new Iraqi brigade - First hand-off to Iraqi forces

Iraqi National Assembly to Meet March 16: Top Jobs to Go to Kurd and Shiite

Italy Mourns

Italy prepares for agent funeral: Trying to protect released Italian journalist

US to investigate hostage shots

Italy Doubts U.S. Version of Iraq Shooting

Italian Journalist Promises Intelligence Officer's Widow She'll Find Out Truth About His Death

Journalist suggests US targeted her

Italian journalist says car she was in was not speeding

Wounded journalist tells of her ordeal

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News - Syria

Syria prepares to start Lebanon pullback

Syria's President Assad Secretly Deploys Joint Iranian-Syrian Units in Lebanon

Large Map of Region Showing Syrian Deployment

Lahud, al-Asad meet to confirm Syrian pullout

Over 3000 Quakes Within 72 Hours Off US Northwest Coast: Volcano forming off Vancouver Island?

Nurse Contracts Bird Flu in Vietnam: Unclear Whether He Caught It From a Patient

White House Approves Pass for Blogger

Accuser's Family Set Jacko Up: Bad legal case against Jackson?

Real World Walks Into Jackson Trial

News From Russia

Russia Approves Construction of 3 New Baltic Sea Oil Terminals

Russia’s Natural Gas Monopoly Pledges to Double Natural Gas Production in 2005

Russian Central Bank Reserves of Gold and Hard Currency Hit Record $134.15 Billion: Higher oil revenues sparking increase

Russia To Beef Up Air Fleet at Kant Base in Kyrgyzstan: Part of Rapid Response Force

Two Militants Killed, Police Wounded in South Russia Raid

Woman arrested over 96 cents: Ohio mom jailed for '01 city income tax bill

Schools chosen for sex course in Montgomery, Maryland: Has riled parents and activist groups throughout the county




Sunday, March 6, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News - Syria

Assad Announces Two-Stage Lebanese Pullback: Does Not Address International Demands for Complete Withdrawal

Syria's President Assad Secretly Deploys Joint Iranian-Syrian Units in Lebanon

Large Map of Region Showing Syrian Deployment

Bush says Syria an obstacle to Middle East peace

Israel joins US in saying Assad vow on leaving Lebanon is insufficient

Bush gives Syria 'non-negotiable' deadline: Demands withdrawal of troops, secret service by May

Pakistan's Musharraf hints at reviewing Israel policy: Supports Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon

Israeli - Palestinian War

PA Chairman Abbas urges Israeli hand over of West Bank

Palestinian Authority Terrorists Plant Bombs: Abbas Demands Withdrawals

London mayor says Israeli PM Sharon should be in prison

Sharon vows Gaza withdrawal will go ahead

Palestinians to resume executions of prisoners

Government must demand that the PA immediately stop execution of those alleged to have collaborated with Israel

Violence stifles Abbas' attempts at order

New Elections Are a Possibility: Impasse over budget may lead to new elections

Rule Change Lets C.I.A. Freely Send Suspects Abroad to Jails: Bush's secret program to transfer prisoners to foreign jails for torture continues

China Warns U.S., Japan Not to Include Taiwan in Military Alliance

Bird flu would reach Scotland 'within weeks': After pandemic begins in Asia

50,000 Scots could die from Avian flu pandemic

United States of America: A Less Super Superpower

Will Europe Bring Chaos to the World Order by Dethroning America?

Gay - Lesbian News

Propaganda-Apologists Continue to Shill For Jeff/Jim Gannon/Guckert - Gay White House Scandal Continues To Unfold

Gannongate Swinging Open? New Move in Congress for Info

Virginia High Sschool Calls Off Talk by 'Gay Porn' Author

Assault on Christians Exposes Homosexual Movement's 'Violent Heart'

Former Homosexual -- Now Saved -- Simultaneously Battles AIDS and Sin

Blair Questions 'Needles Panic' over National Issues

'Nuclear Cowboys' Caused Dounreay Power Plant 'Disaster' -- Located In Great Britain

60 MINS: Prosecutor Says Probe Will Go On in Case Swirling Near House Majority Leader, Representative Delay R-Tex

China calls U.S. to start N. Korea talks

Dance with the naked aliens: Obsession with Aliens, UFO's reaches new heights

Al-Qaeda 'has 200 terrorists on UK streets'

Republican media adviser found dead - Mr. Stevens, an associate of the Washington powerhouse lobbying group Barbour, Griffith & Rogers



Non-Integrating States News - Iran

Iran warns Europe, US of oil crisis: If Tehran is sent before the UN Security Council

Iran Time Bomb: Ticking, Ticking

Former U.S. Secretary of State Powell says force not needed against Iran

Britain, U.S. trying to force Iran to end its nuclear program

Oil pipeline talks in a few weeks: India, Iran ministers invited

Hyundai wins $1 billion Kuwait-Iran ship orders

Iran, Ethiopia sign four economic cooperation documents

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Venezuela's Chavez says US plotting to kill him

Pro-Western Communists Favorites in Moldova Elections

Saudis in east, south vote in historic nationwide local elections

Thais slam Australia over travel warning

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Italian Hostage Crisis

Italian hostage tells of rescuer shielding her from bullets: US troops fired 400 shots into her car

'We were hit by a spray of fire'

Italy mourns the 'extraordinary' Calipari - Secret Agent protecting freed Italian hostage

US attack on Italians in Baghdad termed deliberate: Companion of freed Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena - Car had passed all checkpoints

Freed Italian hostage back home

Body of Italy agent returns home

Italians to stay in Iraq: Australi's PM Howard

No One Safe on Baghdad's Roads: Iraqis Say

War News

Depleted Uranium Fact Sheet: At least 7.9 trillion rems/year being released in Baghdad, Basra - Maximum 5 rems/year is safe level

11,000 US Soldiers Now Dead From DU Poisoning

Heads roll at Veterans Administration: Mushrooming depleted uranium (DU) scandal blamed

Key Iraq wound: Brain trauma

UN report identifies looted sites in Iraq

Shia leader seeks end to political stalemate

Allawi still in race as cracks appear in Shia bloc

Australian soldiers head to Iraq: For 6 month deployment

US Army needs more recruits as Iraq death toll officially passes 1,500

Soldier Who Reported Abuse of Prisoners Was Sent to Psychiatrist

Oil-rich Iraq has rough road to prosperity

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, Agrees to Implement VeriChip Implant Technology: Will Employ Readers in Emergency Department

Harvard Medical CIO's RFID Chip: Chief Information Officer touts benefits of implanted chip

Pope silent again for traditional Sunday Angelus prayers

'World being ruled by private military companies': Involved in Business of War and killing innocent people in 110 countries

Something must be done about sale of Russian arms: Recently, Russia sold China $15 billion worth of modern military arms

Scientists slam US plasma weapon: Intended to deliver an "excrutiating bout of pain" from over a mile away

Rapist let off due to 'important work': Judge lightens sentence on renowned brain researcher



Saturday, March 5, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


'Blogger fear' in Apple leak case: Judge rules Internet news not afforded same journalistic protection afforded traditional journalists

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

11,000 US Soldiers Now Dead From DU Poisoning

Heads roll at Veterans Administration: Mushrooming depleted uranium (DU) scandal blamed

Italy demands US answer as journalist liberation turns bloody: US forces open fire on vehicle, Italian secret service agent who shielded freed hostage from bullets

Five Iraqi soldiers killed in attack: Curfew in Samarra

Six Iraq police officers die in car bomb attacks

Anger against Iraqi insurgents grows as more people lose loved ones to attacks

Soldiers Who Captured Baghdad Back for Round Two in Iraq

Hawaii's 29th Brigade Combat Team officially began its year-long mission in Iraq yesterday

UN says 90 dangerous sites looted in Iraq

British PM Blair still took us to war on a lie: To insist that the ends now justify the means is morally disgraceful

John Pilger: Blair's Bloody Hands

Army releases 1,200 pages of documents in prison abuse scandal

U.S. Congress boosts military, cuts foreign aid budgets

U.S. Claims: Iraq Rebuilding Effort Accelerates

Parents battle over body of soldier slain in Iraq: Army reverses after remains sent to mother

China Vows to Block Taiwan Independence as It Prepares to Enact Anti-Secession Law

China continues to pump up its military budget

China wants peace with Taiwan

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Indonesia Claims to Have Killed 30 Rebels in Aceh Province in New Threat to Peace Deal

Massacre blamed on Colombian troops jeopardizes U.S. aid

Former Ukranian official's death may be linked to slain journalist

Vatican Says Pope to Make Another Window Appearance Sunday

Chicago slaying probe focuses on white supremacist hate group

Montana governor forecasts powder-keg wildfire season


Non-Integrating States News - Syria

Syria 'to announce troop shift'

Bush calls for full Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon by May

Syrian exiles group claims Syrian behind Hariri assassination

"People power" brings down Beirut gov't

Lebanon Opposition Demands Total Syrian Withdrawal

Arab leaders urge Syria to leave Lebanon

Israeli - Palestinian War

Unilateral Disengagement News

Possibility of civil war becomes a reality: Rabbis grant settlers permission to fire on non-Jewish evacuators, followed by order allowing Arab soldiers to kill Jews

Internal Security Minister Ezra: Settlers won't shoot at security forces

Likud Meeting: Sharon was Jeered, Netanyahu was Applauded

Likud has lost its way, angry members charge

Again, Sharon defies party decision to force referendum before retreat

77% of Likud voters back Sharon

London Mayor: Sharon 'War Criminal' - Charges he is practicing "ethnic cleansing" against Palestinians

Tiny video wrist-watches give IDF a "Rambo" edge in hunting terrorists

Other News

Violence mars PA Chairman Abbas’ bid to restore law, order

Egypt promises to help Abbas

Abbas hails 'new era of peace'

Europe Links Palestinian Aid to Peace

Censorship and democracy don't mix

Without Concrete or Wire: Israel's Third Wall

Yemen to Host Inter-Palestinian Dialogue

Lebanese troops thwart missile attack against Israel

Gunmen clash with PA police in Nablus

Canadians stunned over worst killing of Mounties in 120 years: Four Mounties were slain during a raid on a marijuana farm

Sister of Jackson's child sex accuser admits to lying

Accuser's Family Praises Jackson in Video

US abortion comments draw jeers at UN

U.S. drops anti-Abortion fight: Will support declaration at U.N. women's conference

French town struggles to come to terms with pedophilia case: Parents allegedly raped, abused and pimped children and even babies


Friday, March 4, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

New Cutting Edge Article: President Bush Seems To Be Driving Persia (Iran) Into The Arms of Russia and the E.U.: Just As Prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 Foretells

Iran Threatens: Attack by West risks all 'Middle East oil' -- "Teheran could easily block the Straits of Hormuz"

President reconsidering how to deal with Iran

Bush edges toward Europe on Iran - EU aims to be military superpower

Iran: The Force Bush Won’t Use

Diplomats: Iran building nuclear storage tunnels aimed at withstanding attack

UN's Blix urges nuclear-free Middle East

'Iran pouring foundation for Arak nuke reactor': 40-megawatt reactor at Arak, after the UN atomic agency had asked Iran to refrain from building -- Great Map

Who Wants the U.S. Intervening in Syria?

4-5 magnitude earthquake hits southern Iranian city Thursday night

Aftershocks jolt Zarand Friday: Southeastern province of Kerman

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Venezuela detects several US battleships near its coasts

US silent on Afghan warlord's promotion to army chief

Arab leaders urge Syria to leave Lebanon

Saudi Crown Prince demands Syria leave Lebanon

The shadow of another Iraq: Upheaval in Lebanon and the pressure for Syria to withdraw now threaten the survival of the Assad regime

Did Murder of Lebanese former PM Hariri Unleash ‘Cedars Revolution’?

Syrian withdrawal in Lebanon has risks

U.N. predicts AIDS toll in Africa: More than 80 million could die

Adopting Ethiopia's AIDS orphans

Haiti prepares for fall elections

Zimbabwe's Election of Mugabe will be fair, claims South Africa leader Mbeki

Argentina Gets High Acceptance in Historic Debt Swap -- Debt Default Era Is Over

Nepal produces test-tube baby

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas to visit White House: At end of month

Contrary to Sharm "peace, ceasefire" understandings, Israel hunting Tel Aviv bombers

Major Palestinian Authority media outlet labels Tel Aviv bomber a "martyr"

London summit glosses over Arab terror

Referendum Might Give Way to New Elections On Disengagement

'Sharon inciting against himself': Government is carrying out "provocateur" operation to discredit anti-disengagement settlers

Embarrassment as Expulsion chief admits only 1% have signed deals: Earlier said up to 50% will leave voluntarily

Fatah leaders resign en masse: To protest alleged mismanagement by senior members

Chinese Report details US human rights violations

Bush reassures CIA employees about agency

SHE Is The New President of the United States: In ABC's drama pilot "Commander in Chief"

Moral Collapse

Teacher Accused of Sex Abuse: Admitted having sex with three middle school students

Von Trier Cuts Donkey Butchery Scene from 'Manderlay'

Witness claims intrigue over Jackson catalogue deal with Sony: Associates trying to wrest control over Sony song catalog from Jackson

Sister of Jackson's Accuser Testifies



Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Bush makes rare mention of bin Laden in stark warning

Bali bomb plotter gets 2½ years -- Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir

C/Edge Archives: Was A "Micro-nuke" used in Bali Bomb Blast?

Indonesia calls for respect of its internal justice system in Bashir sentence

British PM Blair under pressure to give way on terrorism laws: Lawmakers want him to water down controversial anti-terror laws

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Roadside bomb kills two US soldiers in Baghdad

Suicide bombers kill 13 Iraqi troops: Attacks in Baghdad hit crowd outside army compound, then a convoy

Iraq Interior Ministry bombing death toll rises

2 Fort Carson GIs killed in Iraq Humvee crash

Iraq extends emergency laws by 30 days

Saddam's son was poised to topple dad: Journalist Peter Arnett

DU: Dirty Bombs, Dirty Missiles, Dirty Bullets - Death Sentence Here And Abroad

U.S. Army faces recruiting woes

Saddam Lawyer Seeks to Delay Tribunal: Says murder of two tribunal judges shows trial is too much of a risk

Iraqi leaders clear obstacles to new government

The British government attorney who passed the buck: Lord Goldsmith warned Blair that British participation in invasion of Iraq could be ruled illegal

Iraq must choose on oil - produce or repair?

American Jails in Iraq Bursting With Detainees

Deal with us, French PM tells kidnappers

Human rights abuses continued under new government in Iraq: U.S. discovers

Iraqi students protest day off on Jewish Sabbath

Indiana Man Charged With Trying to Sell Names of U.S. Spies in Iraq to Saddam Hussein

Prince Charles ready to charm Sydney

Prince Charles: The "Sustainable" Prince

Pope continues to improve

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

United Nations nuke board has ‘serious concern’ about North Korea

The ‘New’ Crisis with North Korea

Pyongyang to resume long-range missile tests

Former US Ambassador Denies Hostile U.S. Policy to Pyongyang

North Korea 'needs political reform'

South Korea's Roh urges Japan to heal bitter history

In West Virginia, Townspeople Await Martha Stewart's Release From Prison

Martha emerges from prison stronger, humbler

Newsweek gives Martha a new body

Canadian beef producers 'devastated' by latest mad-cow setback

Wireless networks don't click with some: Rep. Phil King, R-Weather, Texas, has filed massive bill which would prohibit Texas cities from participating in free Internet service

The Devil's Rocketeer: John Whiteside Parsons, an early innovator of rocket technology, founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratory

No war threat confronts Russia





Thursday, March 3, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- February 26, 2005

NEW LINK: CNN Reports No Plane Hit Pentagon

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Car bomb and mortars kill Iraqi forces: Killing 10 soldiers and wounding 30 others

Zarqawi group claims army base suicide attack

U.S. Troop Deaths in Iraq Rise officially to 1,500

Iraq Coalition Talks Falter over Kurd Demands

Saddam Case Judge, Son Shot Dead

After Judge Killing, Saddam's Lawyer Says Violence Likely to Escalate if Tribunal Held

Ukraine sets dates for Iraq exit: Between mid-March to October

U.S. navy SEAL officer reprimanded for letting men assault Iraqi prisoner: Man later died

US state department slams Interim Iraqi government's human rights record

French hostage seen in 'second video tape'

Why death is no big deal

Iraq funds questioned in Senate: White House request for $81.9 billion in emergency money

Oil-rich Iraq has rough road to prosperity: Oil infrastructure crumbling, rebels continue sabotaging pipelines

Iran holds confab on Iraq reconstruction

Lets Not Forget: Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Rising Hostility Drives Thousands of Syrian Workers Out of Lebanon

Lebanon issue looms at Arab meeting

Lebanon Opposition Demands Total Syrian Withdrawal

British PM Blair warns Syria the world is watching

Pakistan, Afghanistan 'at risk': US Expert

Gaddafi says freedom must bloom in Libya

Saudis vote in second round of polls

UN has warned peacekeeping forces operating under its banner to obey strict rules on sexual conduct

United Nations Defends Peacekeepers' Killing Up to 60 Militiamen in Congo

Indonesian cleric jailed for 30 months for "sinister conspiracy" in Bali terror bombing

US back in step with Indonesia

The threats looming over Jakarta, Indonesia

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

Iran must assist IAEA inspections: ElBaradei insists

U.S. must be in deal on Iran's nuclear program: British Foreign Secretary Straw

Iran's Defense Minister sees no potential threat: Even American statesmen regard an attack on Iran as ridiculous

U.S. Piles Pressure on Iran Over Atomic Plans

New Quakes hit Iranian towns: In the wee hours of Thursday

Maureen Dowd: Bush's Preaching To Putin Rests Upon shaky ground

Microsoft Creates Robots Who Will Watch Children

Las Vegas Mayor endorses gin to fourth graders

Two boys arrested after 87-year-old man's death: 13-year-old to be charged with murder by skateboard





Terry Shiavo - Adult Euthanasia

The spirit and the law: Lawyer for husband Michael Shiavo is extremely New Age! New Age = Pro-Death

The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People: America has been quietly killing people like Terri for many years now!

Broken oaths spell death for Terri Shiavo

It's your turn, Mr. President: Protect Terri

Please Help Us Rescue Terri Schiavo From a Horrible Death by Starvation!

Israeli - Palestinian War

Suspected Palestinian Car Bomb Explodes in West Bank City: Near Jewish shrine

Palestinians Recoiling From Suicide Bombs

Palestinian Chairman Abbas hails: 'New era of peace'

Sharon’s Bid to Prop Up PA Chairman Abu Mazen (Abbas) Fails

PM´s Office to Quartet: No Road Map Until PA Fights Terror

Bush's Road Map To Nowhere - Book

Abbas to reform security forces in return for international aid

Europe Links Palestinian Aid to Peace

London meeting's success questioned: Palestinians applaud "results"

Palestinian Authority's Terrorism Was Not on the Agenda at London Conference

Palestinian PM Qurie wants statehood talks within year

Arab Citizen Convicted of Driving Terrorists to Attack

Poll: Large majority believes Sharon is corrupt

Likud to Vote for Disengagement Referendum Tonight

'Money cannot fix' Palestinian woes

Non-Integrating States News - Korean Peninsula

Chinese Official: New dynamic now present in North Korea nuke talks

North Korea's Missile Threats not Consistent With Six-Way Talks: Washington

North Korea demands U.S. apology for remarks: Designated communist state as an "outpost of tyranny"

U.S. Army Deserter Robert Jenkins Visits American Embassy to Apply for Passport

Japan tests North Korea sanctions waters

China Plans to Pass Anti-Secession Law Aimed at Taiwan: Results Unpredictable

UN questions Iraq's former minister, Aziz, on food-for-oil scandal

GOP Jewish Group Critizes Byrd's Remarks: Made comparison between Adolf Hitler's Nazis and a Senate GOP plan to block Democrats from filibustering

Denmark to vote on EU Constitution in September

CIA Director Goss Amazed at His Workload

Greenspan: Economy OK But Watch Deficits

Warning!! Student Vouchers Invite Government Involvement

Reasons Home Schoolers Should Avoid Government Vouchers

Mitsubishi Electric to scrap mainframes for Unix




Wednesday, March 2, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Saddam Tribunal Judge Assassinated in Baghdad

Second Judge Murdered In Saddam Trial Tribunal

Saddam's Lawyer says tribunal illegitimate

Ex-Saddam Regime Members to Go on Trial

Baghdad blast kills 6 soldiers

Second Explosion Hits Baghdad -- Witnesses Report

Suicide bomb kills 125 near Iraq marketplace: Single bloodiest attack in Iraq

Battle-Rattled Army: Number of Iraq veterans having post-combat mental problems has more than tripled - scary 17 percent - no way any unit can sustain so staggering a loss

Pentagon must stop Iraq roadside bomb blasts: Army Gen. John Abizaid, commander of U.S. Central Command0

Human rights abuses continued under Allawi's new Interim government in Iraq, U.S. finds: Torture, rape and illegal detentions by police officers

ACLU, Ex-Detainees to Sue Rumsfeld Over Abuse: Will file a lawsuit in federal court

Peace in Najaf Tarnished by Police Feud

Shiites won't be baited, for now: Will not retaliate yet against Sunni insurgents killing them

French journalist hostage begs for help: First sign that she is still alive since disappearing in Iraq nearly two months ago

New Iraq Said Must Be Islamic State

Australian Federal Defence Minister Hill defends armour for Iraq-bound troops

U.S. Marines, sailors head home from Iraq

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Terror pushes Syria to breaking point

Rice increases pressure on Syria

Bush has clear run at Syria

Britain tells Damascus to cut links with terror

Some Arabs see beginning of new era in Lebanon: With Syria reportedly withdrawing

Syria's President Asad: Syrian pullout soon

Afghan drug production reported rising rapidly

Egypt rejects more N-safeguards: Unless Israel joins the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

WARS OF WEST ASIA: Fabrication of crises is part of the United States' imperial design to remake West Asia - Bush the "President of Fabricated Crises"

UN: Tougher Somalia arms embargo

U.N. Peacekeepers Kill Nearly 60 Militia in Battle in Northeastern Congo

Michael Jackson - Sex Abuse Trial

Jackson's Lawyer Says Pop Star to Tell Own Story: Teenage accuser ran wild at Neverland Valley Ranch while his mother hatched scheme to extort money

Jackson Defense: Accuser's DNA Not Found

British journalist Martin Bashir: First person to give evidence at Michael Jackson's child sex abuse trial

Bashir's silence a threat to trial

Jury views Michael Jackson TV documentary

Jackson may testify in his own defense

Executions barred for juvenile killers: In 5-4 ruling, High Court justices invoke global standard

High court considers Ten Commandments displays

Cutting Edge -- New Articles

Veteran's Affairs Secretary Reportedly Fired Because of "Mushrooming Scandal" of Depleted Uranium Munitions!

Freemasonry Now Publicizing Its Control Over Israel

Final Proof Is Now Conclusive! "Global Warming" Is Now Proven To Be Caused By Human Beings

The Clinton Global Initiative: To be held in New York City, September 22-24, 2005

Russia and Korea send US dollar plummeting


Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Iran rejects UN request to visit base for more inspections

Russia's Putin: I believe Iran on A-bombs

The oil factor in Bush's 'war on tyranny'

Israeli - Palestinian War

London Palestinian Conference

Blair sees promise, opportunity in Middle East: "A moment of promise and opportunity" for Israelis and Palestinians has arrived

London meeting to bolster Palestinian reforms

Palestinians, yearning for own state, win global support on reforms

PA Chairman Abbas pledges to unify security: 23 nations at Palestinian talks in London

UN makes billion-dollar appeal for Palestinian refugees

Citing ‘promise and potential,’ Annan pledges support for Middle East peace moves

Unilateral Withdrawal News

Likud putting pressure on Sharon for referendum to decide whether to unilaterally withdraw

Yesha Council Meets With Police Leaders: Protesting government's "lynch" atmosphere

Sharon’s thought police take aim at unilateral withdrawal opponents

Evacuation to be speeded up to reduce anguish: 4-5 week evacuation

Police fear foreign media blitz during Gaza pullout

PM Sharon: Settlements in places such as Hebron, Beit El, etc. "vital"

Maj.Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky Selected as Deputy Chief of Staff

War News

Palestinian Terror Building To Higher Levels

Israeli court reopens activist case: Shooting of a US peace activist two years ago

P.M. Office Tells Quartet: Lose Road Map Till PA Fights Terror

Terrorists Wound Two

Britain protested Israeli cabinet's decision to draw Ma'aleh Adumim and its satellite settlements inside rerouted security fence

Implanted Electrodes Combat Depression

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- February 26, 2005

Black Diplomat Attacked in Ukraine

Suspect Said to Admit Plan to Kill Bush - Ahmed Omar Abu Ali

Anti-gun activist arrested after firearm found at home

Supremacist tie probed in judge kin deaths in Chicago

Russian Expert Says Flu Epidemic May Kill Over One Billion This Year

Biometric security in the palm of your hand: World’s first biometric palm scanner

Russia, Baltics Should Work to Resolve Differences — U.S.

Please Help Us Rescue Terri Schiavo From a Horrible Death by Starvation! Horrific details as to how a slow death by starvation feels to the victim

Terri Schiavo's Life Extended to March 18

Alert: This kind of adult euthanasia is occurring all the time in America! The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People

Bush Pushes Faith-Based Initiative Agenda

C/Edge Archives: Warning! Bush's Faith-Based Initiative Is A Trojan Horse Designed To Destroy True Churches

Cornering the dragon - China

Prince Charles greeted with Aboriginal dancers in Alice Springs, Australian Outback







Tuesday, March 1, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- February 26, 2005

President Bush's Good Fruits vs Evil Fruits - Updated as of February 28, 2005

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian London Conference

British PM Blair Opens Global Conference on Palestinian Reform With Call for Mideast Peace

Blair meets Abbas at London summit: Pledges to help Palestinians create a "viable state"

Chairman Abbas Praises U.S. Return to Mideast Peacemaking: As World Gathers to Discuss Palestinian Reform

Hope versus history: There's a sense of having been here before many times

Road map to Damascus

War News

Israel Arrests Militant After Vehicle With Half-Ton of Explosives Found in West Bank

Terrorists Injure Two: Arab terrorists Monday night gunned down two security guards

U.N. Security Council Condemns Tel Aviv Suicide Bombing

Fifth Victim of Tel Aviv Terror Attack Dies of Wounds

Israel Blames Syria, Palestinians Blame Hezbollah: But Source of Tel Aviv Suicide Bombing Remains Unclear

Victims of Tel Aviv bombing were friends gathered for a surprise Army Reserve birthday party

Tel Aviv Suicide Bomber Helped by Israeli Arabs

Israel says Abbas will be tested on response to Tel Avivi terrorist attack

Rice Says Tel Aviv Bombing Need Not Derail Peace Process

Israel turns heat on Syria

Terrorists Caught Near Bethlehem

Meaningless Mantra: World condemns Holocaust in meaningless terms

'We’ll shoot Christians’: Druze group threatens to take revenge in northern village

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghan Government Seeks Long-Term Military Partnership With United States: US wants permanent bases in Afghanistan to secure its interests in the region

Abkhazian Premier Survives Assassination Attempt: Prime Minister of Georgia's separatist Abkhazia region

Syrian-backed government of Lebanon stepped down yesterday: Planned by Syria

Syria's bloody plans for Lebanon 'retreat': Damascus political shakeup signals Hezbollah terror to be turned loose

Developing countries reach compromise with EU

Wolfowitz on shortlist for World Bank top post: Now US deputy secretary of defence

U.S. life expectancy rises to record level

Moral Collapse

Oscar Party: 4:30 a.m.: Going Strong - "The place reeks of pot. It's like a free for all. There are people in the Jacuzzi, and it's just wild"

Nazi SS Trooper JLo!: Symbols Draw Attention to actress Jennifer Lopez

EU ministers decide against EU ban on Nazi and racist symbols

Another Marketing Barrier Falls: CNN to begin marketing liquor ads

Prosecution Portrays Michael Jackson As Molester

High Court agrees to review nation's only assisted suicide law: In Oregon

Pro-Family Activists Condemn Eastern Michigan University Domestic Partner Policy

President Bush's budget plans continue to face attack from many conservatives: Particularly when it comes to the funding of liberal causes

Scientists find new role for the swastika


Cutting Edge -- New Articles

Veteran's Affairs Secretary Reportedly Fired Because of "Mushrooming Scandal" of Depleted Uranium Munitions!

Freemasonry Now Publicizing Its Control Over Israel

Final Proof Is Now Conclusive! "Global Warming" Is Now Proven To Be Caused By Human Beings

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Are Europe and Russia Ganging up on America over Iran?

EU raises no objections to Russia's nuclear deal with Iran

Washington close to decision on whether to join Europe in Iran incentives

Iran signs nuclear fuel agreement with Russia, ignoring U.S. objections

Iran judiciary to soften stance toward journalists

British Petroleum not involved in oil projects: Iranian Minister

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Vermont Towns Wrestle With Iraq War Resolution: Going to decide whether to adopt non-binding anti-war resolution

Grieving Iraqi Families Bury Dead From Suicide Attack: Death Toll Rises to 120 -- Map showing location of suicide bombing

Deadliest attack of insurgency batters town south of Iraqi capital

U.S. Marines and Sailors Head Home After Months in Iraq's Hot Areas

First of Saddam's aides slated for trial

Local Interests Prepare to Fight to Keep Military Bases Open

Syria hands over Saddam's half-brother

Bin Laden Enlisting Top Operative in Iraq for U.S. Attacks: Intelligence Indicates

Terrorism News

Missile Launcher Installed in D.C. Suburb: on the lawn at the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center's Carderock facility

Federal Judge Orders 'Enemy Combatant' Jose Padilla Charged Or Released: Cannot continue to be held indefinitely as "Enemy Combatant"

Lighters to be banned on airline flights

FBI: Anarchists operating in Boston Hub

Former Advocate of Violence Now Law Professor at Northwestern
: Once held a leadership position in a notorious terrorist group, Weather Underground

New retroviruses jump from monkeys to humans

Trade in "Bush-meat" breeds new HIV: HIV virus has jumped from primates to people on at least seven separate occasions in recent history

Schiavo parents seek daughter's divorce from her husband: Accuses husband of adultery and not acting in her best interests

Mexican Border Tunnel Discovered In Upscale Neighborhood

President to work with states on Medicaid

Bush insists reform helps blacks: African-Americans would benefit more from Social Security changes

Driver's License Bill Concerns Groups: Conservatives, civil libertarians, gun owners and others

Pro-Lifers Push for Law Protecting Infants Surviving Failed Abortions

Croatia claims EU demands are impossible

No 'fatigue' between Turkey and the EU

America urges UN to renounce abortion as a right

British Government to announce bird flu protection plan in UK



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