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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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May 7, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Korean Peninsula - War News

N.Korea must first scrap nukes: Seoul's FM

N. Korea Told U.S. It Will Export Nukes: Someone is determined to cause war

South Korea's absence from nuclear talks brings frustration, relief

U.S. plans new approach to pressure N. Korea

Korean nuclear talks reach uneasy stalemate

Iraq -- War Aftermath

'Saddam audio tape' handed to newspaper
Newspaper reporters handed recording purportedly proving Hussein still alive

'Saddam' tape: Kick them out from Iraq

US To Contribute 20,000 Troops to "Stabilization Forces" But Wants To Keep UN Out of Iraq

US forces recover $800m of 'stolen' cash

Pentagon Adviser Richard Perle in Seminar Controversy: Charged with using secret information to advise clients on how to profit from Iraq war

Bush Names Bremer for Iraq Transition: Civilians, not military, will run Iraq

British PM Blair turns 50 and receives a positive poll

Ex-Baath Official Taken Into Custody

UN nuclear treaty a casualty of Iraq war

U.S. May Seek Work for Iraqi Scientists


Palestinians mourn fall of their hero Saddam after flow of dollars for 'martyrs' dries up

Israel celebrates its 55th Independence Day today

Memorial Day Contemplations: Memorials took place in 42 cemetaries

More Negative Reactions To The Road Map

Sharon: U.S. to discuss Israel's reservations on 'road map'

Minister Eitam: No Withdrawal In Golan

Settlers' Independence Day march will not go through Palestinian villages

IDF fears violence from settlers as illegal outposts removed

Terror Continues

Israeli killed, two hurt in West Bank ambush - Fatah claims responsibility

Young Father Gunned Down By Terrorists

Al-Qaeda Active In Terrorism Against Israel

Senior Hamas man killed in blast near Nablus

Mortar shells disrupt Neve Dekalim celebrations

1,100 Volunteers help bereaved parents cope

Pakistani Christian Found Guilty of Blasphemy After Trial in Court Filled with Islamic Religious Leaders

US soldiers should be moved east in war on terror

Cheney Says He'll Be Bush's Running Mate

Accident-prone '24' is torture for experts: Continuous violence is standard fare on TV to harden our hearts

Anonymous letter returns $7,000 ring to owner

Cold Virus Used to Fight Mice Brain Tumors

Separatist rebels have killed 22 Bengali villagers in India's north-eastern state of Tripura

India's Cabinet Okays Bill To Ban Cow Slaughter

Global shift drives US to rethink its military 'footprint'

$500 billion IRS lawsuit set for trial: Groups allege violation of members' civil rights

September 11 News

White House was al-Qaeda target

White House refuses to release Sept. 11 information

Terror Tape: Video of Al Qaeda Wedding Provides Key Clues for Investigators

Recap of Occult Signatures of September 11 Attacks

Hopes of Mexican migrants to US are chilled

Pro-Family Group Targets Supporters of Calif. Domestic Partnerships

Kennedy, Liberal Republicans Urge Protection for Homosexuals

Swedish Authorities Refuse To Allow Baby To Be Named "Superman"

San Francisco only California county to allow food stamp use in restaurants

K-Mart emerges from bankruptcy

Kmart looks to fill management holes: Firm seen lacking merchandise plan

Wal-Mart Pulls 'Racy' Men's Magazines From Shelves

Passage to India: Low labor, high skills making India favorable place for manufacturers

Churches Can Now Accept Tithes, Donations By Electronic Kiosks: Old-fashioned collection plate obsolete?

Hip-hop culture comes to gaming

Christian Right Talks of Bolting GOP in 2004


Chinese city quarantines 10,000 against SARS: Jail terms for any concealing symptoms!

Sars death toll higher than predicted: Killing over 50% of people over 60 years of age

SARS spoils Kodak's China moment: Vacationers urged to stay home, thus taking away opportunity for picture taking of vacation events

Spurious Chinese honey hits Indian markets: Contaminated with Chloramphenicol, affecting immune system

EU fails to agree on fighting SARS

WHO eases Sars fears after research results: Global death toll now 480

SARS casts cloud over student's day of joy in Georgia: 6,600 infected worldwide

Pets Are Fast Becoming Victims of SARS Panic

Experts tackle global SARS policy: Forever changing way governments react to emerging diseases

Sars forces closure of Motorola's Beijing office

WHO Team Goes to Chinese Area Hit by SARS

SARS Is Muddying Tech Production

Time to unlock American values in Guantanamo Bay Prison: 660 prisoners from 42 countries held without any legal protection

Pakistan - India

Pakistan presses for Indian accord: Premier restores cross-border transit service while asking for peace talks

India cools to Pakistan as Armitage visit nears

UN's Annan Welcomes Steps by India, Pakistan to Ease Tensions

Indian, Pakistani Prime Ministers Talk over Phone

India to Deploy Nuclear-capable Agni I, II Missiles

May 05 - Indian Occupied Kashmir : 10 Killed, Pakistan Claims

Pakistan Proposes Joint Monitoring of "Line Of Control" by 7 Countries

Pakistan, India Families Hope for Reunion

Pakistan to Tighten Relations with China: Foreign Minister

Pakistan's response on peace bid inadequate: India

Thirteen people, including 11 Pakistani militants killed in Jammu and Kashmir since Monday night

National Weather

Deadly Storms Rip Across American Heartland: Incredible Pictures

Storms linger as residents clean-up - Midwest copes with disaster

Another storm dumps heavy rain and hail

Safe Places During a Tornado

When Tornadoes are Most Likely

More Severe T-Storms Across Ohio, Tenn. Valleys

Why has the Weather Turned so Violent?

Cool Weather Continues on West Coast

Here we go again: Violent weather shows no sign of easing

S.C. Lieutenant Governor Bauer faces officer’s gun, ticket: Frisked, charged with reckless driving after officer draws weapon

Used-car prices fall as dealer incentives pick up

Senate Likely to Approve NATO Expansion

Can GOP stop filibuster with 51 votes? Legal report says Senate majority has means to clear judicial logjam

USA and Singapore Sign Free Trade Agreement

High-tech mosquito trap mimics a heartbeat to lure biting insects

Deputies sued over aborted-babies photos: Pro-life group files claim after billboard truck deemed 'disruptive'

Mortgages are bad for your health, say doctors

EU greenhouse gas emissions rise: How can this be? EU is observing Kyoto Accords!

Kyoto Accords Will Be Death Knell For Industrial Civilization: EU will discover this as they try to bring nations into compliance

Canada shifts missile defence position: May participate with US

Disinformation! HAARP Provides Nearly 100% Missile Shield

Missiles Are Obsolete!

Cuban Migrants Swim, Wade Last Yards to U.S.

Hillary '04 Speculation Continues Amid Declining Popularity in NY

Parent Hires Attorney Over Alleged High School Hazing: 5 Girls Hospitalized, 1 Suffers Broken Ankle

30-year sentence in Internet-linked sex death

That’s horsewash! Man scrubs horse in car wash

Government forces many from their homes: "Eminent Domain" being badly misused

Bill Gates Goes From Geek to Chic

Radio ID chips to come with kill switch that can be activated before customer leaves retail store

Internet Security Systems' Web Site Defaced: Hacker group splatters site with antiwar rhetoric


May 6, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military


Gorbachev slams U.S. over Iraq war, contends international law 'cast aside'

U.S. Expects Iraq Government 'Nucleus' by Mid-May: Iraqis running the government

General Garner to be replaced by former diplomat as Iraq's chief civil administrator

Britain says it expects to take over control of southeastern Iraq

Iraq: As the dust settles the questions arise

Iraq's 'Mrs. Anthrax' Taken Into U.S. Custody

Baghdad still restless as Bush claims victory

Body of evidence shows that it pays to cover up with body armor

No mass theft of antiquities

Saddam Son Took $1 Billion from Iraq Vaults-NYTimes

British envoys reclaim their dusty embassy in Baghdad

Iraqis looking for long-lost relatives dig up mass grave

Deadly peace: Unexploded bombs wreak heavy toll in northern Iraq

Rival Ethnic Groups to Vote in Iraq's First Ballot

Bush may lift sanctions on his own, despite opposition from United Nations Security Council members

Does America have legal rights to try Iraqi officials?

Baghdad Zoo in Tatters After Looting

France helped Iraqis escape

Jordan Breathes Sigh of Relief After Iraq War

Spin behind Jessica Lynch story? Discrepancies in reports of POW's capture, rescue raise questions

Palestinians evicted as Iraqis come home: Some families had lived in Iraq for over 50 years, now evicted

USS Kitty Hawk returns to Japan


Bahraini Society Against Normalisation with the Zionist Enemy Backs Palestinian Intifada

Road Map to Where? US protection of Israel knows no bounds, Arabs claim

Ben-Eliezer pledges to back Peres as temporary Labor chair: Peres back in the ruling mix?

Anger over bid to shun Arafat

How Britian's Labour line on Israel has shifted

Palestinian Terror Attack Claims Young Father

Resuming Talks With The Palestinian Authority

Israeli Doves Lose Leader on Rocky Road to "Peace" -- Bush 'set on Palestinian state'

God's Judgments On Anyone Who Attemps To "Divide" Israel

Fire, Anger In The North From Hizbullah

Israel Rebuffs Syrian Peace Overtures

Israel Arrests Palestinian Security Chief in Gaza

Israelis fire on parents of injured British peace activist

Alitalia pilot stuns passengers landing in Tel Aviv: "Welcome to Palestine" says the pilot

Palestinian women, girls killed for family 'honor': Fathers, brothers, sons murder scores of innocent females each year

55th National Anniversary News

Independence Day Message from PM Ariel Sharon On 55th Anniversary

Memorial Day Contemplations As Israel Prepares To Turn 55

55 Years of the State of Israel: Commentary

Steps Towards The Temple Mount

Israel's Memorial Day for its 21,540 fallen soldiers

Compulsory Dog microchips can wait - New Zealand Govt

Nightclub death toll rises to 100: 33-year-old woman succumbs to injuries

Apple sells over a million songs in its iTunes Music Store

In health, longevity, male is weaker sex, study says

Global Terror News

Threat from al-Qaeda remains serious: G8

Osama can be called as witness in Rome terrorism trial

Bin Laden Trail Grows Cold on South America’s Triple Frontier

Airlines fear new explosive used by suicide pair

Did they really close down militants' offices?

Blair adviser: 'We don't do God': Prime minister's handlers bar discussing personal faith in public

Viking Warriors Conquered, Pillaged Raped: Then did their ironing

Ohio Lottery Players Win Big: 555 On May 5

Woman Returns Library Book 94 Years Late: Found book in her attic

Turner sheds 60m AOL shares in after-hours deal

Sneaky software hijacks more browsers

Homeland Security Exercise

Huge Homeland Security Drill Planned: 'Dirty Bomb' in Seattle, Disease in Chicago Part of Scenario for May 12 Exercise

Feds to stage massive attack simulation

U.S. Planning Response Tests in Two Cities Next Week

National Weather -- Disaster

Midwest, South Face Tornadoes' Aftermath -- Deadly tornadoes hits several Midwestern States

Map Showing Location of Disastrous T-Storms and Tornados

What Caused the Destructive Storms Sunday -- Widespread damage

Tornadoes in Central U.S. Kill at Least 35

Tuesday to Bring More Severe Weather

Another Severe Outbreak Late in the Week?

Wind Shear vs Tornado Formation

Gulf War Syndrome soldier wins claim

Depleted Uranium Is Going To Cause Same "Syndrome" From This War

SARS Update

China reports 9 more deaths, 160 new SARS cases

House Flies Can Spread Coronavirus

UC Berkeley Bars Students From SARS Areas

Hard work needed on SARS: China

Singapore visitor arrivals plunge by 67pc because of SARS

Kuala Lumpur tries to allay fears among ethnic Chinese

China Villagers Riot Over SARS, WHO Renews Warning

Mutating SARS Keeps Docs Sweating

Korean Peninsula

US admits it cannot stop North Korea's nuclear programme

Bush Moves to Curb Korean Nuclear Sales

N Korea in new blast against US

N. Korea has '300 nukes', all locked on to American cities: Massive US intelligence failure?

U.S. refuses to rule out war with N. Korea

Turkish Quake school builder faces arrest

Home Not the Safest Place for Kids, Studies Say

Colombian President: Former defence minister killed by rebels

6.6 Quake hits New Zealand islands

Pentagon Frees 22 Guantanamo Detainees

Secret copy of fifth Harry Potter book found in field

'Rain water harvesting has immense potential'

Peterson Lawyer Argues for Sealed Records

Peterson judge won't recuse self: Appeals court keeps warrants sealed

Trial On for Mom Accused of Killing Baby

Annual 'Pig Book' unveiled: 2003 pork-barrel spending includes golf, preschool anger management

Extending hand of friendship to Pakistan absurd

Dollar weakens against yen: Weakens against Euro too

Libertarians cheer campaign-finance ruling: Call court's decision striking down much of law victory for 3rd parties

More Budget Woes Looming For New York State and City

Large-scale battle over a small cross in Mojave Desert

Moral Collapse Accelerates

Kennedy, Liberal Republicans Urge Protection for Homosexuals

Openly gay police chief battles crime and stigmas

Gay pair: Baptism involves faith, not politics: Cabarrus group has severed ties with McGill Baptist over ceremony

Thong-clad biker has some eyes sore

Energy bills seek to revive nuclear plants: Industry given bad rap

Amish: We're Already In Good Hands! Reject insurance

Roller coaster lovers get a new high — 420 feet high to be exact

Private eyes now on YOUR e-trail

Shoot To Not Kill


May 5, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Korean Peninsula -- Tensions Rise

N. Korea has '300 nukes', all locked on to American cities: Massive US intelligence failure?

U.S. refuses to rule out war with N. Korea

In South Korea, the Calm Before the Brink

Unique Kind of Nukes North Korea Has In Her Possession

Analysis of These 100 Nuclear Weapons

North Korea Will Nuke American Cities if Provoked

Report: US Aims to Deter Nuclear Sales by North Korea: This policy is tacit admission we were wrong about N.K. possessing nuclear weapons!

Missed opportunity on North Korea

Playing out Pyongyang's nuclear game: US' calculated 'chess moves' may be the wrong strategy as N. Korea raises the stakes 'poker-style'

Turkey: Another Military Coup in the Making?


Security Forces Go On High Alert For Memorial Day and Independence Day Celebrations

Honoring the Security Guards and Zaka For Fighting Terror

Tel Aviv bomb proves embarrassing for peaceniks

Fourteen Life Sentences for Murderous Terrorist

Fatah Still Calling For Destruction Of Israel

Prime Minister Attacks Elon´s Peace Efforts -- Original Elon Peace Plan

Defense Minister Mofaz: We´ll Fight Terror As Long As P.A. Does Not

Labor Party Leader Mitzna Resigns: Party has lost touch with voters -- Labor seeks to replace Mitzna

Making Israel Safe For Jews

"Road Map" News

Wrong Turn: The "road map" won't lead to peace if it bypasses the causes of war

US Delivers "Road Map" According To Occult Dates, Numbers

Arafat outmaneuvers Abbas on road map

Burns meets Abu Mazen: U.S. freeze on Arafat continues

Propaganda Wars

Tears in the shape of knives

Palestinian Propaganda War On Video

Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II Arrives in Madrid

Pope Always Wears White, Illuminist Visitors Wear Black: Ancient Zoroasterism observed by Illuminati - Symbolism declares him to be God

The Throne Room: Juan Carlos meets with Pontiff

Kissing The Pope's Ring: Symbolism declares him to be God and places adherent in obeisance

Stay Faithful, Pope Tells Spaniards

High Stakes, Low Visibility: 9 democrats try to stake presidential claims amid obscurity

Pakistan - India

Pakistan Offers To Get Rid of Nuclear Arsenal If India Does Likewise

India has given a "positive" reply to Pakistan's invitation

No change in Kashmir policy: Pakistan

Real Prophetic Reason Kashmir Is Important To China, India, and Pakistan

3 terrorists killed in fierce J&K encounter

Countries Discuss Global Terror Fight

Oil tankers slow to shift to anti-spill double hulls

Study: Violent Music Boosts Aggressive Thoughts: "Be careful, little ears what you hear"

May 15: Wesak Festival The Full Moon of the Buddha

California health advocates want signs warning of mercury in tuna

Grief counseling to 2,400 owners of poultry with Newcastle Disease

Mourners remember Laci Peterson: She would have been 28

California D.A. opts not to prosecute anti-war protesters


Syria -- "Next"?

Syrian Ballistic Missile Arsenal

Powell: U.S. watching Syria closely

Powell warns Syria of 'consequences'

Israeli Prime Minister turned aside secret Syrian appeal for peace talks

Syria shrinks from compromise


More World-First SARS Research: Evidence becoming clearer this may be a "bio-weapon"

Rumours Abound Of SARS Link To BioWeapons

SARS a tricky and hardy foe

As SARS outbreak spreads across China, it's make-or-break time for the leaders in Beijing

Is SARS Getting Deadlier? Scientists believe the virus is rapidly mutating

What is HTLV-1? How is it transmitted?

Russia and India Flex Their Navy Muscle In A Strategic Region of Middle East

Government Cover-up: To What Extent Can Government Be Believed? By Dr. Dennis Cuddy


Garner: Up to 9 Iraqis to Run Interim Government

Bush Declares A Cease To Iraq War: This war was fought according to occult considerations

Did Iraqi Army Take A Dive For The U.S.?

Iraqis Free to Search for Mass Graves

Is US Slowly Poisoning The Land of Iraq? If so, that would fulfill Isaiah 13 completely

Bush 'Certain' Weapons of Mass Destruction Will Be Found in Iraq

Al Qaeda may be rebuilding: Iraq war may spawn a new army of recruits

Saddam killed his top commander as Marines stormed Baghdad

New Pentagon target: State Dept. export of U.S. arms

Arab Views

Bush Doctrine will cause its own defeat

Bush The Despised: Utterly without morals, wild cowboy

Will Saudi terror link jeopardize kingdom? Riyadh threatened by U.S. pullout, radical opposition from militants

U.S. Hires Christian Extremists to Produce Arabic News

Demonic Realm Concerned

THE WAITING WORLD: Words From "The Master": U.S.A. Now Out of Control, Disaster Awaits, Only The Christ Can Bring Peace and Safety

National Weather

Midwest Tornadoes Kill an Estimated 29 In Three States

54 Tornadoes Hit Midwest: Kansas City tornado stayed on ground for three hours!

Facts About Tornadoes in the U.S.

T-Storm Threat Moves Into South, Ohio Valley -- Severe threat slides east

Fujita Scale Classifies Tornado Strength

Soaking Rain Pushes Into Northeast

Philippines Arroyo Condemns Muslim Rebel Attack

U.S. Pressures Russia Over Iran Nuclear Cooperation

O.J. to cover Blake murder trial?

Bomb Hidden Inside Koran Spark Airline Security Fears

Fear of 50 suicide bombers reaches Great Britain

Gas Prices Fall 6 Cents a Gallon, 18 cents in last 6 weeks

L.A. commuter train hits passenger car; no injuries

Profit-rich Toyota threatens Big Three: American sales push Asian automaker into $8 billion territory

Concern over laser eye surgery risks: Risk is as high as 10%

Woman: Refusal to pray results in discipline

Chinese submariners 'suffocated'


May 4, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Korean Peninsula

In South Korea, the Calm Before the Brink

100 N-weapons 'aimed at US'

Analysis of These 100 Nuclear Weapons

N. Korea has '300 nukes', all locked on to American cities: Massive US intelligence failure?

Japan mulls new missile defence on North Korea threat

North Korea WILL Use Nukes

The Unique Kind of Nukes North Korea Has Made

Global Terror War

Bush vows to strike US enemies first in terror war

Secret Rituals Performed Just Before 9/11 Attacks!

Putin Says World Order Needs Formation: US threatens to impose "Might Makes Right" type of world order

EU Ponders Handling U.S. Hyperpower: How to save an historic relationship

Pentagon readies rules for war crimes trials

Powell presses Pentagon on detention of prisoners held now in Guantanamo Bay prison

Iran is called Al Qaeda haven

Philippine Rebels Attack Town, Kidnap 20, Kill 3

Pakistani Police Nab Men With Explosives, Possible Al Qaeda Links


Bush Declares End of Major Hostilities In Iraq: War was bracketed by occult holidays, and occult considerations throughout

UN establishes permanent staffers in Basra

2,300 civilians may have died in battle for Baghdad

Depleted Uranium May Be Poisoning Whole Land - Looted Iraq nuclear site raises concern [Is case being made that nuclear radiation is coming from looted Iraq nuke site?]

US wants Indian troops for Iraq

On the trail of Kuwaiti prisoners of war

Iraqis Uncover Mass Graves of Civilians: Victims of 1991

Taking the 'Victory' Out of City's Victory Parades

Bush: WMD Will Be Found in Iraq

Revealed: Last moments before Iraq's propaganda chief succumbed to reality

Accident in Iraq Kills U.S. Soldier


Forgotten front in the war on terror: Afghanistan: Maryland guardsmen duty extended as al-Qaida regroups

Afghanistan's faltering rebirth: Failures to revive troubled country offer lessons for U.S. in Iraq

Roman Catholic Church News

Priests with troubled pasts: History of sexual abuse in Phoenix Diocese

Inheriting a legacy of secrecy, sex scandal -- Unsung judges lead way in priest investigations

Ex-priest sentenced in molestation

Understanding Catholic Priest Sexual Abuse History of Last 1,200 years

Pope preaches peace to 600,000 Spanish youths

Pope to Canonize 5 New Saints in Spain

Deputy pepper sprays 12-year-old jaywalker

Massachusetts Town Meeting Segregated by Scents: Perfume wearing separated from those not wearing any

Soyuz capsule found hundreds of miles off target

Oklahoma City Bombing News

Key hearing looms for Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols

Letter showing false testimony given doesn't change McVeigh case, Ashcroft says

Attorney General Ashcroft Is A 33rd Degree Mason!

Dozens killed in Kenya floods

World War II Ex-sex slaves slam Japan decision

Alabama fires head coach after just four months due to personal behavior including visit to topless nightclub

Turkish Kurds stone vehicles to protest shortage of quake relief supplies

Lawsuit raises blood pressure of members at women-only gym

Reporters Divulge Sources in Smart Case

Legislators draw up bills to aid fight for Holocaust insurance

"X-Men" Occult Movie Obliterates Competition: Rakes in $88 million

Over 110 forest fires rage in Russia Far East: 113 to be exact

DSL Firms Drop Prices to Compete Against Broadband Cable


US Asks UN to Make "Road Map" Call

Palestinian Terror Continues -- US Congress: No Talk Until Terror Stops

The Elon Peace Plan: Both Sides of the Jordan: Would recognize historic reality that Jordan is natural home of Palestinians

Strike Called Off - For Now

British MP charges 'Jewish cabal' guiding Blair -- Researchers report sharp increase in anti-Semitic incidents

New prime minister juggles powder kegs: Palestinian leader will try to hold trust of his people while working with Israelis

Bomb Fallout: Failure to stop terrorist attack in Tel Aviv creating major scandal

Bomb used in Tel Aviv suicide attack was smuggled into Israel: Very sophisticated

Pathologists to examine body of slain UK journalist: Palestinians may have shot him

Journalist’s Shooting Prompts Calls for New War Crimes Laws

Defense officials said delaying evacuation of outposts

Israelis hit weapons-smuggling tunnel


Mute on Syria's road map

Rice Denies Calling Off Syrian Attack: Did she want to keep US military from invading prematurely?

U.S. envoy Burns to meet Israeli leaders over Powell-Syria talks

Syria orders closure of Hamas, other extremist group offices

Powell urges end to Hezbollah border presence

SARS Said To Be Mutating

SARS virus can live on surfaces for days

China lets health experts visit Taiwan

SARS-Hit Ship in HK; China Keeps Schools Shut

While battling SARS, China neglects AIDS

Women's Cup pulled from China: SARS spurs FIFA to act, U.S. could get tournament

Two new SARS cases in Toronto

Qantas SARS infection alert

World SARS death toll reaches 435

Saudi Beheaded in Public for Murder

Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Clash in Fiery Debate

Why Gary Hart Wants to Blog

Poll: Bush Widens Lead Against Potential Opponents

Anglican Bishop shares blame after report of priest sex abuse

New sex claim hits Australian Anglican Diocese

N.H.'s 'Old Man of Mountain' falls, saddening locals

National Weather

Fujita Scale Classifies Tornado Strength

Where is Tornado Alley?

Warming Trend Underway in the Southwest

Powerful Thunderstorms to Rage in the Central U.S.

Joe McCarthy Secret Hearings to Be Unveiled Monday

Florence Nightingale had bipolar disorder: Founder of modern nursing

Dog Bites Sheriff Patrol Car, Twice

FBI's DNA lab subject of probe: Technician failed to follow proper procedures

Campus lifts limits on conservative political clubs

Goddess Worship Highjacks Christianity!

New Tech Stock Bubble in the Making?

Man Gives 30,000 Mice to Oklahoma City

Police close in on Maine church poisoning mystery: Gunshot victim now at center of probe

Racist? No, we just don't serve Asian customers, says Indian restaurant

Prince William To Live In US After Degree

Horrific venereal disease strikes African baboons

Globalization shows its dark side

Law firms in tobacco suit seek $1.2b more



May 3, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military


Rice Denies Calling Off Syrian Attack: Did she want to keep US military from invading prematurely?

Powell rejects Syrian weapon proposal aimed at Israel

Israel to U.S.: Now deal with Syria and Iran

U.S. Congressman: Syria's Assad ready to talk with Israel


Bush Declares A Cease In Iraq War: This war was bracketed at each end by an occult holiday and other occult considerations -- What about the "333-333"?

Video found believed to be Saddam's last wartime speech

Shia clergy push for Islamist state: Majority sect builds up power base and ridicules western 'liberty'

`No, no to America! Yes to Islam!'

Senior UN relief officials return to Iraq

Forming new Iraq proving difficult

Is US Fulfilling Prophecy In Isaiah 13 Against Iraq? Are we "nuking" our own soldiers?

10 nations agree to contribute combat-ready forces for Iraq

Power woes halt flow of Iraqi beer

Bush, Howard to Discuss Australian Role in Iraq Reconstruction

US to divide Iraq into three sections

America is really not nearly as powerful as people think

US army mechanics scrounging for spare parts in Iraq

Two more 'most wanted' Iraqis in US custody

Americans Would Support Fundamentalist Government In Iraq: Under certain conditions

Oil Ministry posts split between Iraqis, US

Ivory Coast foes sign ceasefire

Oil Worker Hostage Standoff Eases in Nigeria

Plight of the African superpoor

Korean Peninsula

Finnish astronomer snaps Japanese satellites spying on North Korea

EU, Japan close ranks on N Korea

N Korean patrol boat crossed maritime border: Tensions rise still further

N Korea accuses US of aerial espionage

China, S Korea discuss nuclear dispute

Mystery surrounds deaths of Chines sub crew: Sub in vicinity of North Korea

Informants warned of North Korean drugs ship: Australia's Downer

Mercury Transits the Sun beginning 5:13 UT: Rare transit occurring May 7-8, ending on Charleston, SC, 33rd Parallel

Religion taboo topic on public bus

National Weather

Hail, Tornadoes Possible Across the Plains

Severe Storms Advance Eastward Sunday and Monday

Cold Air Aloft Sparks T-Storms in California

A Look at Early Next Week

What Causes Lightning?

Severe weather leaves another trail of damage

Rain brings optimism to the fields

Homeschooled teen battles leftist agenda

Man of Virtues Has a Vice: Bill Bennett wagered millions in Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos

Leftist Intellectuals Launch Campaign to Defend Castro

States Face Lost Revenue from Tobacco Tax Hikes: Higher taxes backfiring on states

Cash-Poor California to Borrow Record $11 Billion

Jobless Rate Hits 6 Percent in April: Books are being cooked to keep official figure low

Boy, 12, pays child support

White cult on the move as doomsday approaches

Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica on this day


SARS Virus Mutating Quickly Into 2 Forms

Hong Kong Reports Nine More SARS Deaths

China Reports 181 New Sars Cases, Nine More Deaths -- Death toll now 191

Cases of SARS in Beijing seem to have leveled off: To stem virus' spread, limits placed on students leaving Chinese capital

Chinese leader on the brink

Sars outbreak worsens in Taiwan

Bush - Log Cabin Ties

Log Cabin leader tied to radical 'queers': Website urged murder of President Reagan, Christian leaders

Bush Is Helping Log Cabin Raise Campaign Money!

Log Cabin Trying To Overturn Texas Anti-Sodomy Law

Bush Selected "First Openly Gay" Evertz As National AIDS Coordinator

Bush Signals Support for Bad Global AIDS Bill

U.N. Seeks Criminal Sanctions Against "Gay Rights" Opponents


The Elon Peace Plan: Both Sides of the Jordan: Would recognize historic reality that Jordan is natural home of Palestinians

Road Map News

Voices Against The Road Map

PA, Israel working to schedule Sharon, Abu Mazen meeting

Palestinian council confirms Abu Mazen and his cabinet

US Congress: No Talk Until Terror Stops: Backed by 88 Senators and 313 Representatives

Arafat Accused of Already Taking "Low Road" Off Road Map

Hizballah rejects U.S. ‘road map’: Terrorist attacks will continue

U.S. asks U.N. to push ‘road map’: Palestinians protest prime minister’s drive to disarm militants

Other News

New Palestinian Music Video: "Kill Jewish Settlers"

U.K. police arrest 6 in connection with Tel Aviv suicide bombing

Public opposes strike, cuts

Japan criticized for picking Boeing rather than the European Airbus

Turkey quake toll reaches 140

No More Quake Survivors

Police, protesters clash over Turkey quake aid

Avoid private business on public computers

Pope to Canonize 5 New Saints in Spain

Partial-Birth Abortion: A Chink In The Pro-Abortion Armor

Man faces jail for killing rattler in self-defense: 'I'm stunned that the snake had more rights than a human being'

U.N. Wobbling

U.N. Fighting For Its Life Over Iraq

Senator Tom DeLay: U.S. Should Leave U.N.

Walking out of U.N.

Hazardous materials truckers to be checked: TSA taking next step in Patriot Act implementation

Man Shot, Killed Near Site of Maine Church Poisoning

United Airl Lines reports $1.3 billion quarterly loss

Democrats Link Gun Rights to Terrorism

Turkish Premier Visits Cyprus to Discuss Reunification

Drug resistance causes concern

With pot and porn outstripping corn, America's black economy is flying high



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